AR: Ch 84

    Time goes by, time flies.     The hot summer is coming, and the college entrance examination that makes senior students nervous and exciting finally arrives as scheduled.     People in the same class may be divided into different campuses. How many people have checked the process, depending on the location arrangement, only Song Yan can be uncomfortable.Continue reading “AR: Ch 84”

AR: Ch 83

   “Hurry up? Call     me and let me know?” “Oh oh oh.” Song Yanke took out his mobile phone to call Ji Yi, but the ringtone rang? No one answered for a long time. The same is true for Xu Yue’s number. .     Song Yan can with his hands? He Xuxu with machine across pairs, “Hey may playContinue reading “AR: Ch 83”

AR: Ch 82

 Ji Yi trembled all over, and suddenly felt that Xu Yue in front of him was a bit dangerous.     She swallowed with a guilty conscience? Drooling, “Can… What can be the consequences…”     No… didn’t she just touched it twice? Mao…     Xu Yue suddenly got up and took away the hair dryer from her hand. AfterContinue reading “AR: Ch 82”

AR: Ch 81

  There were still two white glutinous rice balls left in the bowl. Ji Yi bit the white porcelain spoon and stared at Xiao Li for a second time.     “What do you want to say? Just say it.” Xiao Li was stared at her uncomfortably.     “Da——” She put the white porcelain spoon back into the bowl?Continue reading “AR: Ch 81”

AR: Ch 80

 All the red exclamation marks on the screen were sent again. Ji Yi finally let out a sigh of relief, “It’s finally sent.”     Xiao Li put his hands in his pockets naturally, and stepped to follow her. Seeing her frowning just now, until the news was sent. Unwind before going out.     He was brewing forContinue reading “AR: Ch 80”

AR: Ch 79

   After the video call ended, he stared at the phone screen until the screen light naturally turned off.     He clenched a fist to his lips, coughed for several times, and his throat hurt. The exposed fingers were cold and stiff. I held the water glass tightly and took a glass of water in front of theContinue reading “AR: Ch 79”

AR: Ch 78

   “Let’s fall in love with Zhuo Yihang…” Ji Yi’s expression showed a distorted state, as if the sentence just now?, which made people feel incredible.     And He Xuxu quickly took out the drawer from the drawer, pulled out several tissues and handed them to him, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”     Xiao Li’s face turned black.Continue reading “AR: Ch 78”

AR: Ch 76

 The boy leaned against the wall, and the corridor lights outlined his perfect face. He bowed his head slightly and put one hand in his shallow pocket, with a chic and unrestrained temperament.     Hearing the slight footsteps, he turned around, raised his chin slightly, raised his other hand, and hooked his finger. The simple posture was madeContinue reading “AR: Ch 76”

AR: Ch 75

   He Xuxu and the others hurriedly pulled the two apart, and there was still someone in the chaos that stepped on the hand watch.     “Stop arguing!” Ji Yi yelled suddenly and waved away the four-week old.     The aisle was originally not wide, everyone? Seeing that the situation was not right, they spread out and stoodContinue reading “AR: Ch 75”