AR: Extra 6

A video popped up on Ji Yi’s mobile phone, but before she clicked it, she recognized Xu Yue and Zhang Wenhao from the small picture.     She couldn’t help but click, and the video opened. It was Zhang Wenhao who was lying at Xu Yue’s feet and “betraying” her.     “Heh, you? I just want to knowContinue reading “AR: Extra 6”

AR: Extra 5

  Ji Yi slept peacefully, and didn’t realize the consciousness of awakening until dawn.     Squinting his eyes? Consciously raised his hand to rub his eyes, but something hit his face, Ji Yi suddenly opened his eyes and touched his hands? There was a hard necklace in his heart. Can’t it? It’s too clear, but from the feel,Continue reading “AR: Extra 5”

AR: Extra 4

  It was a sea of ​​roses that could not be seen. The girl in a white dress stood in the middle of the sea of ​​flowers with her hands shouldered.     She looked back suddenly, the corners of her mouth raised, and a bright and warm smile appeared on her face with countless tenderness.     The morningContinue reading “AR: Extra 4”

AR: Extra 3

    “Tsk.” Xu Yue remained unmoved after listening. “The story is very novel, but you are very stupid.”     He is a demon who crawled out of the mud hell, and what so-called? “Love” has nothing to do with it.     Ji Yi spoke dryly, but he still didn’t believe it, so she could only rest and watchContinue reading “AR: Extra 3”

AR: Extra 2

 “Master Qin, you brought all the girls you want? They are all outside.” The     potbellied Qin Shan leaned on the golden chair and beckoned, “Let them in.”     Several young and beautiful, and Young girls of different styles were led in and stood in a row in order.     The subordinate stood aside to ask for aContinue reading “AR: Extra 2”

AR: Extra 1

    “Tick—”     The sound of water drops falling, very soft.     The air was filled with a faint smell of disinfectant.     A tear fell from the corner of the pale girl lying on the hospital bed.     ——     Ji Yi opened his eyes with difficulty, and his eyes were blurred. After a long time, his vision gradually becameContinue reading “AR: Extra 1”

AR: Ch 98 【END】

 There is still a week before returning to school to receive the graduation certificate, Zhao Yingfeng suddenly contacted her and said that she would take a photo creation.     In the past few years, although she has been in City B, the cooperative relationship with Zhao Yingfeng has never been broken. The shooting always depends onContinue reading “AR: Ch 98 【END】”

AR: Ch 97

 The real touch made Ji Yi feel safe, and her mood gradually calmed down.     She cried for a while, but she became energetic.     Xu Yue blamed himself very much.     One must be that she does not have a sense of security so that she can suffer from gains and losses.     Ji Yi felt that sheContinue reading “AR: Ch 97”

AR: Ch 96

The four-person travel ended successfully, and thought of going home soon, but still with a different mood.     Su Xiaomiao suggested: “Hey, let’s finally come out and play, do you want to buy some special products to take back?”     Someone echoed: “Yes, it just so happens that I also want to buy some to send backContinue reading “AR: Ch 96”

AR: Ch 95

 How could Ji Yi never expect that Ji Guosheng’s phone calls, and Zhao Shuyi’s voice on the phone? The tearful “missing” is to coax her back-a blind date?     Mingwan is not called a blind date, just take advantage of a small banquet, let her get dressed, take her over, and introduce everyone to each other.Continue reading “AR: Ch 95”