AR: Ch 94

 When I was a semester, Xu Yueyong? Actual action tells everyone what is meant by husband singing and sing.     Although the two majors are different, he has all reported all the elective courses that Ji Yi has signed up for.     When other students started to download software online to brush elective courses, Xu Yue onlyContinue reading “AR: Ch 94”

AR: Ch 93

When she walked down the stair railing, everyone except Xu Yue was stunned.     Where did this girl come from!     She was wearing a loose coat and cotton clothes wrapped her up. Although she could not see her slender waist, she knew that this person was absolutely slim.     Jiang Zhou and Jiang Ying raised their headsContinue reading “AR: Ch 93”

AR: Ch 92

Originally, even if it was home in Nanyang City, it was no different from Yancheng.     But they didn’t pay much attention to sleeping until night? Question…     This? A deserted apartment, so? So many rooms? There are no spare rooms? !     According to Xu Yue’s explanation, “No one is here, I’m too lazy to do it.”     UsuallyContinue reading “AR: Ch 92”

AR: Ch 90

 When I went downstairs? Hou Jiyi was still saying to his roommate: “I’ll wait a while? There are other things. I can’t have lunch with you today.” A     few people just stepped out of the teaching building and suddenly rushed out. Five people, stop them.     The tall and big boy standing in the middle isContinue reading “AR: Ch 90”

AR: Ch 89

  She also knew more or less about those things in the dormitory. Since the day Li Ruoqing dropped his shoelaces, Li Ruoqing had squeezed her out in the dormitory intentionally or unintentionally.     But Ji Yi has a good temper, and the other two roommates are not fools, knowing who is right and who is wrong.Continue reading “AR: Ch 89”

AR: Ch 88

The hot summer has not passed yet? The September school season has arrived.     On the playground outside the boulevard, different clubs move out every three meters. The table is put together to form a club, and the club’s signboard is hung in the front. There are also works related to the original club on theContinue reading “AR: Ch 88”

AR: Ch 87

The watch he personally made for Ji Yi has always been equipped with a tracker, which means that since then, he can control Ji Yi’s whereabouts at will.     If it wasn’t because of this incident, he would keep hiding this secret.     Ji Yi, who was still in high spirits, disappeared little by little from theContinue reading “AR: Ch 87”

AR: Ch 86

 How many people walked in lightly and saw that the person lying on the bed was the Ji Yi they were anxiously looking for.     The independent ward is clean and tidy, and the overall color is mainly blue and white. The boy in black lying on the bed is particularly prominent.     He stood in frontContinue reading “AR: Ch 86”

AR: Ch 85

  Soon, news came from Ji Guosheng that the license plate number sent by Xiao Li was a fake message in disguise.     This is the real guess that Ji Yi was kidnapped.     He Xuxu still? Before leaving school, she and Xiao Li met soon.     About ten minutes later? Song Yanke also drove over from another schoolContinue reading “AR: Ch 85”