AR: Ch 14

   “Xu Yue, don’t be too much!” Song Yanting’s face was dark and solemn, and the fist in his hand was clenched.     Xu Yue met his gaze without fear, and the arc of his mouth evoked indifferent and presumptuous, “I’m too much, so what?”     Everyone knows that Xu Yue can’t fight for life.     And Song Yanting’sContinue reading “AR: Ch 14”

AR: Ch 10

 After one week of training, the dance teacher selected 18 people, including 2 substitutes.     “The choreography movements are basically taught to everyone this time. The next step is to arrange the formation to step up the training, and then teach you some difficult special movements.”     “Let’s come here today, and go to the training roomContinue reading “AR: Ch 10”

AR: Ch 9

    “Shabu shabu -“     bathing high overhead in the head, the cool water pouring from his head down over the body, bounce off the little drops of water on the ground.     Ji Yi’s voice still echoed in his ears.     She asked: “Xu Yue, have you ever thought about what kind of person you will become inContinue reading “AR: Ch 9”

AR: Ch 7

  Ji Yi didn’t know the way here, only knew to follow Xu Yue.     His voice seems to have an irresistible ability, which makes people feel…I believe he is right.     Xu Yue took her into a small clinic.     He seemed to know the boss well and led her directly into it.     Xu Yue pointed to theContinue reading “AR: Ch 7”

AR: Ch 6

  Xu Yue didn’t know Ji Yi, but he knew this person, who was notoriously rebellious in his first year of high school.     Of course, he can remember the name “Ji Yi” entirely because the group of clowns who wanted to overwhelm him said that it was Ji Yi who paid for him.     Those boring girlsContinue reading “AR: Ch 6”

AR: Ch 5

When that young man still had good intentions towards the world, there were always people with bad intentions who used deceit and insult to stifle that kindness bit by bit.     Xu Yue had stomach problems when he was young. Someone took the initiative to show him his food, but in fact he secretly added ingredientsContinue reading “AR: Ch 5”