GSBVH: Ch 12

After Ling Zhen on the 26th, the audition was much faster, and the little actors with little characteristics were able to brush up quickly one by one. After all, they can finally relax after the big bosses in the back row of the town are gone. After all the auditions were over, the staff beganContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 12”

GSBVH: Ch 11

Jiang Mei was dumbfounded. For a moment, her thoughts were, what is the relationship between Ling Zhen and this man? He is sitting on the judges’ bench. Could it be that Ling Zhen walked through the back door or did she know some big guy? Jiang Mei immediately made a big mess. If that’s theContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 11”

GSBVH: Ch 10

Hot search for this thing Ling Zhen knows that it is equivalent to the list of stars in the fairy world, and the top things are all major events. If Gu Wei hadn’t apologized to her on WeChat, she wouldn’t know that she had actually appeared on this list. The video of Gu Wei’s likesContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 10”


Ling Zhen frowned. There are some people who will destroy other people’s if they don’t get it. Ling Xuan has this kind of twisted psychology. Ling Zhen was not guilty, because nothing happened between the original owner and Shen Yanchu. Her only concern is that if this matter is known to Wei Xi, will his wife’s tendencyContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 9”


“Look, look, Ling Zhen is going to dance” It was Song Zhao who first spotted Ling Zhen standing on the dance floor and hurriedly greeted his friends to see. “Fuck, it’s really her” In order to watch the excitement, Ding Ze and the others got to the innermost part of the crowd and gave ShenContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 8”


A very important gimmick of this cocktail party is its theme. In order to cater to the atmosphere of Xianwen and to arouse discussion among the people, the theme of the cocktail party is “Xian”. In the original book, in order to attract the attention of the capitalists and filmmakers, actors from all walks of life haveContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 7”


Ling Zhen was a little surprised at first, and then moved for a while. The first chapter of being a kind person knows the beauty of being helpful. Ling Zhen thought with emotion, Wei Xi must have read the gifts she gave, and learned to help. Although this is a small step in life, it isContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 6”


Originally, Xianwen’s reception would take at least one or two months later. Could it be that as she changed the plot, the original timeline also moved forward? Does that mean that the next possible blackening point has also been advanced. After all, Wei Xi’s personality has not changed, and he is still paranoid and violent.Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 5”


“What” everyone was surprised. A girl next to Jian Wenyi called out, “Wen Xiaoning, you owe Lingzhen money, I heard right, right?” Wen Xiaoning shook off the water on his face, because Ling Zhen couldn’t even express his words, and his complexion turned from white to bright red. As everyone knows, Ling Zhen is theContinue reading “GSBVH: Ch 4”


Ling Zhen was woken up by a ringing phone in the morning. She circulated the “Don’t Be Angry” song several times last night, and Wei Xi did not come to trouble her. It seemed very useful. But the downside is that she had a dream for the whole night, and someone kept dancing and shouting,Continue reading “GSBVH: Ch 3”