GSBVH: Ch 10

Hot search for this thing Ling Zhen knows that it is equivalent to the list of stars in the fairy world, and the top things are all major events.

If Gu Wei hadn’t apologized to her on WeChat, she wouldn’t know that she had actually appeared on this list.

The video of Gu Wei’s likes seems to have nothing to do with her, but a little bit of entry is full of videos of her dancing that night.

Moreover, with Gu Wei’s traffic, that hot search was like riding a rocket, and it was ranked third from the end in just one hour.

So soon, the news spread in the circle of friends.

It just so happened that Shen Yanchu and the others were having a party, and a circle of people stopped singing or playing cards, all staring at their mobile phones.

Song Zhao clicked into the hot search and watched the dance video again by the way. As soon as he looked up, Ding Ze next to him started to watch it a second time. He covered his screen speechlessly, “Okay, it’s Ling Zhen if I am addicted to it.”

It’s Ling Zhen, who is inferior to the post, who is looked down upon by them.

Ding Ze was a little embarrassed, received his phone, and muttered to himself in a low voice after a while, “But it was a good dance.”

Among the people in this circle, Jian Wenyi is the one who is most worried now. Those in this circle all understand that Gu Wei’s hand-slid thumbs up is almost giving Ling Zhen enthusiasm for nothing.

During the dance, there happened to be a producer standing next to Jian Wenyi. When Ling Zhen danced, he showed a very amazing expression, Jian Wenyi could see clearly.

The anxiety in her heart grew stronger. To be able to send Hot Three in such a short time, there must be a team operation among them. If you guessed it correctly, it should be the official handwriting of Xianwen.

After going back and forth, Ling Zhen was too prominent.

Shen Yanchu naturally understood what she was worried about. He patted Jian Wenyi on the shoulder, and said softly, “Don’t be afraid.”

The little sisters also gathered around, rushing to comfort her, “What are you worried about, Ling Zhen is lucky with shit, and it’s still incomparable with you.”

Jiang Mei “Furthermore, what kind of cannon fodder role did she try, yours is the second female, not an eve.”

But they didn’t think about it. A month ago, they would never think that Ling Zhen could bring such a lot of pressure to Jian Wenyi.

Shen Yanchu said, “After the audition and the referendum, you have to believe in your own image.”

This is what they recognized, Jian Wenyi’s appearance is very pleasing, the passerby has always been very popular, and she can definitely stand out in the referendum.

With the consolation of everyone, Jian Wenyi finally showed an angelic sweet smile again.

Well, she should have confidence in herself

After all, Ling Zhen was on the hot search for the first time. She was a little scared when she heard that netizens would curse people in the hot search. She clicked in every few moments and then watched that the entry climbed up dozens of people.

She nestled on the sofa in the living room and rubbed her eyes. She didn’t know who she could share with, so she had to stop Wei Xi who had come out to drink water, “It looks like I’m very popular.”

She stretched out her white and slender arms and raised her phone to show him. Wei Xi leaned over a little, glanced at it, and read out inexplicably, “Mango Yu Ji Shen Pao, Gu Wei’s hand slid like, it looks like a mistake, but it is a secret expression of his heart.”

Ling Zhen: “…”

She hurriedly took her phone back. It turned out that she accidentally refreshed it. The first real-time Weibo account happened to be this unscrupulous marketing account.

She received her mobile phone, but Wei Xi did not straighten up. He put one arm on the armrest of the sofa, and the shadow of the whole person fell over his head, and his expression was like a smile but a smile, “What does it mean?”

Not knowing why, Ling Zhen somehow sensed a hint of danger. She curled up into the soft sofa like self-defense, her apricot eyes brightened, “Nothing, I, I have a husband, qaq”

Wei Xi straightened up, “Oh.”

The dangerous breath just disappeared again, Ling Zhen secretly took a photo of her heart, think it’s an illusion

Wei Xi returned to the room with the glass, closed the door, walked to the window, and made a phone call.

There is a voice across the earpiece

“Wei is always, Xianwen team took this opportunity to make speculation, what is that you?”

“Hey, don’t worry if you see this trouble, I will let them retract the manuscript. If they write anything messy, c can also fry it.”

After a few words, Wei Xi hung up the phone coldly.

Outside the window is the night of the city, the clear glass reflects his look, and there seems to be dark clouds in the dark pupils.

At this time, the door was knocked.


The door was pushed open, revealing a small head.

“Are you hungry?” Ling Zhen rubbed his stomach and smiled embarrassedly, “I’m hungry.”

This is a friendly invitation.

Although she didn’t know the reason, Ling Zhen was keenly aware of the change in Wei Xi’s mood, so she came to comfort him.

Wei Xi looked at her, lowered her eyes, let the dark emotions disperse a little bit, and then walked towards her.

“Well, I’m hungry too.”

Finally, this hot search lasted until the evening of the next day, and the popularity faded. After Gu Wei’s fans worked hard to wash the square and entries for a day, they finally faded out of the public’s sight.

Gu Wei said that he had to apologize to Ling Zhen face-to-face for this matter. Ling Zhen politely refused to invite her to dinner another day.

Apart from that, Ling Zhen’s life has not changed, except that Weibo fans have increased by 200,000, and some people comment on private messages every day to ask her to dance.

The audition is still a week away. Ling Zhen devoted himself to the practice, memorizing the entire book thoroughly. Although she hasn’t studied professionally, she is better than her aura and a vivid expression.

It was the day of the audition in a blink of an eye.

Ling Zhen put on makeup, dressed in a drape white shirt and trousers, carrying a messenger bag, and dressed very casually.

When we walked to the living room, Wei Xi was looking down at her phone, and Ling Zhen waved to him, “Then I’m going out.”

Wei Xi put down the phone and got up to “show you off.”

Ling Zhen was a little flattered, “Are you okay today?”

Wei Xi brought home, “Yeah.”

When arriving at the audition location, Ling Zhen and Wei Xi bid farewell, got off the car and walked into the building. Wei Xi watched her disappear, hit the steering wheel, and drove the car to the underground parking lot.

Here, Ling Zhen just arrived at the place where the audition was waiting, and suddenly felt a few beams of sight shooting over.

She probably looked around, Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi were all there, and the heroine girlfriends and heroine buddies gathered around, but they didn’t see Ling Xuan. Some little-known actors were also surrounded there, and the two of them naturally became the center of this space.

Ling Zhen didn’t mean to say hello. He found a bench and sat down to read the script.

Jiang Mei stood beside Jian Wenyi and sneered, “Look at her hard work.”

“She’s not a subject, can you not work hard?” Another girlfriend said.

Because of the previous hot search, more than half of the people at the scene regarded Ling Zhen as a strong competitor, with hostility in their hearts. As a result, Jiang Mei and the others gave them a thorough understanding of the truth in two or three sentences, and the expressions of the people around them were much more relaxed, and they were a little despised in their hearts.

After a while, the audition for the male number one was about to begin, and then the star Gu Wei appeared in a hurry. As soon as he appeared, there was some commotion at the scene.

Gu Wei walked in a stride, and suddenly passed Ling Zhen for a moment.

“How are you preparing?” Gu Wei smiled brightly.

Ling Zhen is “okay”

“Come on,” Gu Wei made a fist, “I hope we can cooperate.”

Ling Zhen glanced at behind him, and a group of people looked over here, especially Jiang Mei, glaring at her so that they could spit fire.

Ling Zhen sighed, thinking that I hope you won’t say a few words.

The audition process is very long, 90 of which are waiting. Important roles are arranged forward, the more cannon fodder, the more backward. After a while, Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi entered the audition room one after another.

Ling Zhen leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and rested, and heard Jiang Mei and Song Zhao talking in a low voice.

“Although it is not very good to say that, but I think it should be Gu Wei, after all, it is my male god.”

Ling Zhen understood why she stared so hard.

“It’s not necessarily, I heard” the man on the side lowered his voice, but he couldn’t escape the real ears. “Today the boss of the capital is also here, so the trial is very strict.”

“Brother Yan Wei is fine,” Jiang Mei yearned for a while, and slumped back in her chair, “but it’s really too long, how long will it take to get to us, I’m so thirsty”

As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t know what she saw, suddenly straightened up, straightened her chest and abdomen, and pulled her hair.

Then, everyone saw the man in the black shirt who came out of the corner.

His complexion was cold and pale, his face was delicate, and a cold glance made him blush and heartbeat.

I’ve never seen this person in the circle. Did he come to audition too? He’s so handsome.

Therefore, the men on the waiting stage are all facing the enemy, but the women are all shy.

Ling Zhen heard a faint commotion, she slowly opened her eyes, but a bottle of mineral water appeared in front of her.

Looking up along the mineral water, she met Wei Xi’s dark eyes.

Ling Zhen was dumbfounded, and subconsciously took the water “Why are you here?”

Wei Xi didn’t answer, but flicked her forehead lightly, “Let’s go.”

Ling Zhen covered his forehead, and watched the big guy come and go like wind. Before he could react, a sour voice came from the other side, “Oh, all show is here.”

Ling Zhen followed along and looked at Jiang Mei again, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Mei couldn’t help being sore. A Gu Wei was especially uncomfortable with Ling Zhen, and now there is another handsome guy who specializes in delivering water.

Ling Zhen He De He Neng

“The meaning is to let you relax, don’t show off.” She didn’t believe that it was Ling Zhen’s “husband” who suddenly appeared. He was so good-looking and considerate, and 80% had a little white face.

Ling Zhen ignored her, unscrewing the mineral water and drank it.

Jiang Mei looked even more angry.

She died of thirst too.

After a while, the assistant called Jiang Mei’s name. She gave Ling Zhen a last look, sorted her clothes, and walked with her head high.

She is not like Ling Zhen, she is professional, and she is bound to win this role.

Jiang Mei pushed in and greeted the panel of judges with a smile, “Hello teachers.”

Without speaking, she is suddenly petrified.

The young man in a black shirt was sitting on the judges’ bench with an impatient look.

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