GSBVH: Ch 11

Jiang Mei was dumbfounded.

For a moment, her thoughts were, what is the relationship between Ling Zhen and this man? He is sitting on the judges’ bench. Could it be that Ling Zhen walked through the back door or did she know some big guy?

Jiang Mei immediately made a big mess. If that’s the case, she just ridiculed Ling Zhen outside. What should Ling Zhen do when she turned her head to complain?

“What are you doing on the 23rd, don’t you come in?” Seeing Jiang Mei froze at the door, a screenwriter urged her impatiently.

“Oh, oh” Jiang Mei was frightened by herself, her self-confidence just disappeared, and she stubbornly introduced herself, “Hello teachers, I am No. 23 Jiang Mei, I, I come from Midsummer Entertainment”

In the middle of the judges seat is the main producer this time. He first glanced in the direction of the man in the black shirt, and then nodded at Jiang Mei, “Let’s start.”

As a result, Jiang Mei was distracted to pay attention to the man’s reaction throughout the whole process. When the audition was in the middle, he frowned and changed his sitting position. Jiang Mei was shocked, and finally forgot the word in the next sentence.

“Production, production, sorry, I will come back soon”

“No need.” The producer interrupted her.

The whole performance was lackluster and the image was not dazzling. The big boss on the side hadn’t looked up from the beginning to the end, and there was no need to watch it anymore.

Jiang Mei’s face turned pale, her lips trembled, and finally walked out of the audition room with a sullen expression. She didn’t dare to look at Ling Zhen at all, she just felt that everything she just said was hitting her in the face.

Ling Zhen saw Jiang Mei coming out from a distance, his face was pale, and he hurriedly left without staying much. The audition results did not seem to be very good.

Is it really strict? Ling Zhen has no experience and couldn’t help but feel a little worried and nervous.

At the end of the 23rd, there will be lighter and smaller roles from now on.

The main producer and casting director in the room were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. The big bosses suddenly arrived today, and they were also shocked. The whole audition process was not watery at all, and the more stringent the audition, the more exhausting it was.

At present, the most prominent actors are Gu Wei and Shen Yanchu, and the actresses are Zheng Qianqian and Jian Wenyi, especially this Jian Wenyi. Although not many others are famous, but there have been works. They are beautiful and gentle, giving a good impression.

They talked a few words in a low voice, then looked at Wei Xi at the end of the long table, with a little drumming in their hearts.

Mr. Wei of Qingxi was notoriously difficult to get along with. Today he sat here with a cold face for two hours, went out from the side door with a bottle of water in the middle, and then returned to sit again.

The audition process was long and boring, and his expression looked grumpy, but he didn’t go away.

Although not sure, the producer still tentatively asked “Mr. Wei, if you have an actor you want to see, do you want her to advance”

Wei Xi glanced at him, “No need.”

“Okay, okay.” The producer wiped his sweat and felt crazy and had nothing to take care of the actors, so why on earth are they here?

After a few more young actors, the producer turned to the next resume, and suddenly his eyes lit up, “This is the day.”

The assistant has already gone to the door to shout “Next, No. 26, Ling Zhen”

The casting director’s originally lacking interest also revealed a light “I also remember it, it was that”

The voice faded, and the man at the end of the long table suddenly stood up, left the judges’ bench, walked to the back corner and sat down.


The room was silent for a few seconds.

Don’t everyone know that the actor below is very special?

It’s not obvious at all.

After Ling Zhen was called, she tidyed up her clothes, rubbed her face, smiled, and then opened the door and walked into the audition room.

There were a lot of people sitting in the room. The first row was the producer and other judges, and there were some staff members behind, but Ling Zhen didn’t look carefully.

She was a little nervous, Xing’s eyes opened slightly, and she smiled and said, “Hello teachers, I am Ling Zhen on the 26th, and the role I am auditioning for is Junior Sister.”

For some reason, Ling Zhen felt that the expressions of the judges were extraordinarily kind, as if they were not as harsh as she had imagined.

The producer in the middle of the long table looked at her with a smile. It was this little girl who performed a classical dance at the ball that day, and it was amazing for everyone in the audience to see.

Looking carefully now, I found that the girl’s appearance conditions were exceptionally good, she was immortal all over her body, and she looked like an ancient costume.

He clicked on a snippet “Try this one.”

Ling Zhen obediently nodded “Okay.”

Little Junior Sister is an arrogant little cannon fodder in the play. In this section, she insists that Senior Brother Xianmen buy her sweets, but when she is rejected, she cries wildly. Ling Zhen figured out the script and took a deep breath before substituting into the role.

“Brother, did you go down the mountain again?” Junior sister Ling Zhen raised her hips and raised her chin. Her bright black eyes were full of resentment, “Where’s my candy?”

Her expression was so good, she was so beautiful, and the judges couldn’t help laughing at the way she asked for sugar in the air.

“Okay, you didn’t buy it for me, you just go down the mountain and have a good time.”

“Little Junior Sister” said a few words aggressively, then curled her mouth and began to rub her eyes and cry falsely. No lumps of sugar.”

After the performance, everyone in the room laughed.

I really want to buy her candy.

Her acting skills are not the best, but her aura is compelling, and she is so cute that she is crying and a little bit thief.

The producer and the director exchanged glances. There is also a character in Xianwen, which is also a strange and strange character. The most important thing is that there are many dance scenes.

So the producer smiled and looked at Ling Zhen, and ordered another period for her to try. Ling Zhen knew that this was not the part of Junior Junior Sister, but she knew everything very well, and she performed it immediately without hindrance.

This time the filming party is more satisfied. It seems that this girl is not only beautiful and pleasant, but also works very hard.

After the audition, they were not in a hurry to let her leave.

Although the boss in the back row did not make a sound during the whole process, the special action he had just made the filming party have to pay attention to. They guessed that maybe the big guy was also impressed by the little girl’s dance that day, so they paid extra attention.

So the producer coughed, pretending to be intimate and cue, “How about you who danced at the ball that day, do you want to show it live?”

Ling Zhen was dumbfounded, thinking that this might be an additional opportunity for display “it’s okay.”

Behind the judges, there were people cheering and applauding. Most of them have only watched the video in the hot search. They haven’t seen the scene yet, so they are looking forward to it for a while.

The assistant quickly played the theme song of Xianwen’s radio drama on the speaker, which was a very melodious ancient song.

Ling Zhen listened for a while, found the feeling, and jumped to the rhythm of the dance steps she choreographed when she was in the fairy palace.

The arms are soft, turning the shoulders and legs, her dancing posture is as tough as practice, and as soft as a puddle of water. She doesn’t have that red dress, but she is still like a fairy when she dances.

Then, a dazzling string of leg turns, let the drape shirt on her body fit on her body with the rotation, and outline an amazingly slender and flexible waistline.

A room held his breath, watching without blinking. At this moment, there was a sudden “bang” in the back row, as if something had been smashed.

The producer was still immersed in the dance of the fairy, and was shocked suddenly. At the same moment, the phone on his hand turned on the screen.

He only glanced at the content of the letter, and hurriedly stopped “it’s okay.”

Ling Zhen took the action and stood in place obediently and helplessly.

“Ahem,” the producer wiped cold sweat, “Thanks for your hard work, just wait for the announcement and you can go out.”

Ling Zhen blinked, bowed and thanked, and then left the room.

As she walked slowly out the building, she wondered a bit nervously whether she had jumped something wrong just now.

As soon as she walked out of the building, she suddenly saw Wei Xi standing at a distant intersection, with one hand in her trouser pocket, frowning, like a handsome sculpture.

Seeing her coming out, Wei Xi beckoned.

Ling Zhen ran over and asked in a low voice, “Why are you still here?”

Wei Xi’s eyes were very dark and heavy, and she looked at her with her eyelashes down for a while, “stretched out her hand.”

“Yeah,” Ling Zhen stretched out her white palms subconsciously.

Then, in her hand was put a small candy.

“Give you candy.”

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