A very important gimmick of this cocktail party is its theme. In order to cater to the atmosphere of Xianwen and to arouse discussion among the people, the theme of the cocktail party is “Xian”. In the original book, in order to attract the attention of the capitalists and filmmakers, actors from all walks of life have racked their brains to ingeniously dress and make up.

Among them, of course, the most prominent is the male and female. Jian Wenyi’s pure white gauze skirt was widely acclaimed, while Shen Yanchu was wearing a white shirt with a crown-like face and full of fairy spirit, which fascinated the original owner.

Ling Zhen still had an impression of the original owner’s dress, because the author was obviously also cruel, and the description was very exaggerated. In order to bulge out the word “Xian”, she hung a pair of feathered wings behind her, and the audience flew around Shen Yanchu like a big moth, her eyes very hot.

Ling Zhen imagined the scene for a moment, and felt that he was too sorry for his face. She didn’t intend to be eye-catching at the reception, not to mention that for her, this theme actually didn’t need to be emphasized.

After all, she is the fairy Benxian.

After being scolded by Wei Xi, Ling’s mother no longer dared to call and harass, and the 300,000 yuan was still in Ling Zhen’s hands. She is not stingy, she is very generous when shopping for clothes.

The shopping guide lady in the mall watched Ling Zhen try on her dress, and was as happy as a flower. This young lady is immortal, has a good body, and is almost a human-shaped clothes rack. She stood in the store for a while, and the passenger flow increased.

In the end, Ling Zhen picked a dark red skirt. The style was not complicated, but there were many ingenious designs hidden. The shallow v-neck reveals a snow-white swan neck, and the flowing draped sleeves reveal the stagnant forearms and slender wrists. The waistline is very thin, and it spreads downwards into a swaying dovetail skirt. The straight and slender calves were exposed.

Ling Zhen was also very satisfied with the mirror self-portrait. She usually wears too casually at home, either a big T-shirt or pajamas. It has been a long time since she cleaned it up. Dress up a little now, the person in the mirror has bright eyes and white teeth, and has a vivid look, about 80% of the appearance of Fairy Ling Zhen.

All the men in the store looked straight, hesitating to come forward to strike up a conversation, but the little fairy paid the money neatly, and left quickly.

When he got home, Ling Zhen put on a simple makeup, ordered Wei Xi dinner again, wrote a note, and then went out.

She had no agent or little sister, and went to the hotel lobby alone. The waiter at the door was about to stop her, when she lowered her head and saw a little fairy in a red dress, she was so surprised that she stammered.

“You, are you an actor?”

Ling Zhen showed him the invitation text message he had received.

The waiter blushed and asked her to come in.

Ling Zhen went in and saw that everyone had started socializing, and there were quite a few familiar faces among them. She saw the buddies of Shen Yanchu, as well as Jian Wenyi and the little sisters. Ling Xuan didn’t know when she became acquainted with them, and she was standing in the circle of people in a high-profile dress.

Ling Zhen didn’t want to interact with them, so he walked to the side of the cooking area and took a glass of plum wine and drank slowly.

Behind him is a small actor gossiping “I heard that the big boss of the investor is not coming today”

“Isn’t it normal for Qingxi to come here? Their president hardly participates in such activities.”

“But although the big bosses won’t come, the producers will come. And Gu Wei and Shen Yanchu will both come, ah, my god.”

“It’s also my Shen Yanchu drama I have done three times, so I look forward to it”

“Huh, I think Gu Wei is more handsome”

The two little actors went gossiping and left. Ling Zhen sipped sweet wine while remembering who Gu Wei was. At this time, a young man strode past her.

The man looked quite heroic and beautiful. He glanced at Ling Zhen in the corner, walked out a few steps, and glanced back again.

Ling Zhen””

He fixed this look for three seconds, then turned his head, walked over to Ling Zhen directly, and stretched out his hand, “Hello, little fairy.”

Ling Zhen is dumbfounded, who misses you

The young man curled his lips and smiled, “I am Gu Wei.”

Ah, when the real person appeared in front of him, Ling Zhen suddenly recalled that Gu Wei was the actor who became the first man of Xianwen. The original Shen Yanchu was destroyed by the villain, and Gu Wei was replaced by Gu Wei. After the drama was broadcast, it became popular.

Ling Zhen stretched out his hand and shook him, “Hello, this is Ling Zhen.”

Gu Wei looks very cheerful “You are also an actor to be auditioned, have we never seen it before, which role do you want to try”

His tone was relaxed, but Ling Zhen was a little uncomfortable.

She could feel that eyes from all directions were gathering quietly. Gu Wei is a well-known actor with masterpieces and high popularity. He was originally a friend that everyone wanted to make. His location is naturally noticed.

This includes her sister. Ling Xuanzai looked carefully for several times before daring to be sure that the beauty in red dress standing next to Gu Wei was actually her own sister.

Not only she found out, but Jian Wenyi and the others also found out.

“When did Ling Zhen hook up with Gu Wei,” Jiang Mei dragged the person next to him in disbelief. “Didn’t Ling Zhen not have plastic surgery?”

She didn’t want to admit the last half sentence, but the people who listened to it also understood.

How come you look so good without plastic surgery

Ling Xuan gritted her teeth fiercely, pretending to say lightly, “This white foundation must be thick enough.”

Several people nodded in agreement, keeping their doubts in their hearts. Even if the face is thick, does it mean that the whole body is painted? Ling Zhen is clearly that the arms and legs are as white as porcelain

Jian Wenyi also had a complicated expression, but when she turned her head, she saw Shen Yanchu walking in from the door, her face suddenly flushed.

When Shen Yan first appeared, he immediately became the focus of the audience. Not only does he look outstanding, but his clothes are also ingenious, and he is as gentle as the old son.

The crowd immediately surrounded him, Ling Xuan was squeezed aside, her face was not very pretty. She couldn’t help but wanted to stare at Ling Zhen again. When she turned around, she happened to see the man in black standing in the corner of the second floor of the hall.

Ling Xuan’s eyes lit up, she glanced at Ling Zhen again, quietly left Shen Yanchu’s group of people, and walked to the second floor.

Zhao Yan didn’t believe Wei Xihui came when he received the text message. He didn’t believe it until he personally received the big boss from the back door of the hotel.

“Why are you coming again suddenly” Zhao Yan puzzled.

Wei Xi said faintly, “Come to eat.”

Zhao Yan “”

Okay, the boss is so casual, he is used to it.

Bringing the boss to the VIP area on the second floor, Zhao Yan obeyed and planned to let the hotel cook a meal for Mr. Wei.

At this moment, Wei Xi walked to the side of the handrail on the second floor and swept condescendingly, her eyes falling on a corner.

Zhao Yan followed, followed his line of sight, and saw the very famous Gu Wei, smiling and talking to a girl in a red skirt. He said, “Actresses are too beautiful nowadays”

Wei Xi looked over there, her eyelashes drooping to block the look in her black eyes.

His little wife is a very friendly person.

But it’s not just kind to yourself.

Zhao Yan was still praising the amazing little fairy in red dress, but was suddenly interrupted by a whining voice.

“Wei Xi” Ling Xuan showed a look of surprise, clutching her chest, “It’s really a coincidence that you met here.”

Wei Xi retracted her gaze and glanced at her coldly.

Zhao Yan grinned, “Oh, it’s rare for a girl to find us, Mr. Wei, who is still a beautiful woman.”

When Ling Xuan heard him say “Mr. Wei”, she felt even more sad about Ling Zhen. Wei Xi actually has her own company.

She smiled and pulled back her carefully crafted hairstyle, and moved a few steps closer. “I haven’t seen Mr. Wei for a long time. Today, it happens to be fate, so why not?”

Wei Xi frowned, a trace of hostility appeared in her eyes, “Who are you?”

Ling Xuan smiled stiffly.

Wei Xi showed no mercy to her, “I know you go away.”

When he was violent, Zhao Yan didn’t dare to say more, and hurriedly stepped forward, “This is the VIP area. Come and be a beauty, I will take you down.”

Ling Xuan looked at his delicate but temperatureless face, her face was red and white, her fingers twisted the expensive skirt, and finally she ran down the stairs.

Zhao Yan breathed a sigh of relief, just about to say something, soft music sounded in the hotel lobby.

The prom began.

Agents who are well-connected have brought their own artists to dredge the relationship, and male top-seeded players like Shen Yanchu are shuttled between the various senior directors.

Gu Wei was also taken away by the agent. Ling Zhen regained her freedom and walked into the crowd in the middle of the hall to watch people dance.

The piano music at this moment is very suitable for ballroom dancing. Ling Zhen glanced around and saw that many actresses were eager to try, including her sister.

All the big guys are here at the moment, if you can use the dance to attract anyone’s attention, some people said during the audition later. Soon, Jian Wenyi walked to the middle of the dance floor with a white gauze skirt and danced with Shen Yanchu.

The handsome and beautiful women are particularly seductive, and everyone around them is applauding.

Ling Xuan had long known that it would be a ball, and she had prepared a ballroom dance for a long time. But Jane Wenyi is more beautiful than her, she can’t end when Jane Wenyi jumps.

After finally waiting for the two of them to finish dancing, Ling Xuan quickly stood on the center of the dance floor and performed a professional dance step.

Who knows, the soft piano music suddenly becomes a passionate waltz

Ling Xuan was immediately silly.

She is still standing in the center, under the crystal lamp, which is eye-catching, but she is stiff like a piece of wood.

She even heard Jian Wenyi’s little sisters laughing at her

Ling Xuan’s face was flushed. Soon, a young girl danced off the dance floor, and she wriggled a few times before she hurriedly exited the dance floor.

Ling Zhen watched it interestingly.

She also liked singing and dancing most when she was in the fairy world. It’s just that their movements are too complicated and difficult, and they are a bit too grand compared to the easy and simple modern dance steps.

Ling Xuan lost her face and didn’t know where she went. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the accompaniment has changed from waltz to the popular hip-hop style, and there are also young guys who dance hip-hop.

Then I changed the piano music, and then, the genre changed, and it became a melodious guqin music.

The high mountain stream fruit is high and low, and everyone is at the level of social dance. After all, there are no classical dance professionals. When such an elegant ancient song came out, the dance floor suddenly became empty.

Everyone was talking with the people next to them, waiting for the next suitable accompaniment.

Ling Zhen shook her head lightly in accordance with the rhythm, and at this moment, her back was suddenly pushed hard.

She was unprepared, this push was directly pushed to the middle of the dance floor

Unbeknownst to the audience, they thought she wanted to challenge such a difficult piece, and they applauded.

Zhao Yan stood on the second floor, and when he saw this scene, he immediately called Wei Xi, “Mr. Wei, the little beauty is going to dance.”

Ling Xuan stepped back quietly in the crowd, and no one around realized that she had pushed her.

How can she be ashamed of herself so that everyone will remember her embarrassment

Ling Xuan looked at Ling Zhen’s slender figure with jealousy, and she felt a burst of joy in her heart. Since she was a child, Ling Zhen’s limbs were out of coordination, let alone dancing, she even did ugly radio exercises

Just let Wei Xi and Shen Yanchu look at them. Even if her face looks better, she is still a clumsy ugly duckling, not a white swan.

Amidst cheers and encouragement, Ling Zhen stood firmly in the middle of the dance floor.

Don’t look back to know who did it.

She sighed.

How could she be afraid of dancing

Ling Zhen slowly bent over and took off her high heels.

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