“Look, look, Ling Zhen is going to dance”

It was Song Zhao who first spotted Ling Zhen standing on the dance floor and hurriedly greeted his friends to see.

“Fuck, it’s really her”

In order to watch the excitement, Ding Ze and the others got to the innermost part of the crowd and gave Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi the best position.

Sure enough, Ling Zhen still had to express himself where Brother Yan was there. Although she has been very peaceful recently, but you see, she still can’t hold back the chance.

Everyone has the mentality of watching jokes. After all, they knew that Ling Zhen had no talent for dancing, he would have performed countless times in front of Brother Yan before.

Besides, this guqin music is melodious, and you can’t even find the rhythm. It’s weird to be able to dance well.

The girl on the dance floor stood still for a few seconds, then slowly bent down, took off her high heels, and stepped on a pair of white barefoot on the pattern of the marble floor.

Shen Yanchu and they watched her because of the excitement. Other strangers looked at her only because she was exceptionally beautiful.

But in the same way, no one expected her dance. People just take this opportunity to get closer to chat, and wait for the next song that can join in the fun.

At this moment, the piano music made a clear vibrato, and the girl in the red dress on the dance floor moved

Her toes were taut, and she swept a circle slowly, her arms were soft as practiced, and she slowly lifted up in the air.

Ding Ze glanced at it casually, and suddenly felt something was wrong, why she looked like she was coming, and then she looked at Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi next to her, and they were actually staring at Ling Zhen carefully.

The voices in the hall were quiet.

As Lingzhen’s arm moves, the dark red draped sleeves float slightly. Immediately afterwards, her jaw raised, and her arms drew a smooth arc in the air one by one, and then there was a split-fork jump without stagnation.

The white and slender legs stretched out, and her dark red skirt was light and fluttering. At the moment when she was stuck in the air, everyone subconsciously held their breath.

Afterwards, the toes landed without a sound.

Everyone was astonished for three seconds, and then there was a huge applause.

Just two actions, but like clouds and flowing water, completely natural. At this moment, the eyes from all directions in the whole hall were all attracted by this red dress fairy.

Ling Xuan was hidden in the crowd, staring in shock.

How can it be

When did Ling Zhen learn to dance? She knew that there was this dance, so she prepared in advance

Ling Xuan twisted her skirt, almost torn the fabric.

She stared at Ling Zhen, praying in her heart to jump wrongly and let her fall to the ground

But the ancient music became more and more clear, and Ling Zhen seemed to be immersed in the music, and the state became better and better.

After a dazzling group of sucking and turning legs, she leaned over and spread her wings, and she lifted the weight with those difficult and complicated movements. The woman’s clear eyes were bright, her expression devoted, and her whole body as light as a surprise.

Finally, in the fading sound of the piano, it ended with a graceful backwards, and the eyes looked towards the unknown distance.

At that moment, the same idea surged in the hearts of all the viewers

She is a fairy left in the world.

The warm applause lasted for a full minute.

All the people present who knew Lingzhen had different looks. Ding Ze looked “fuckin”, turned his head to look at Brother Yan, and actually saw “amazing” in his eyes, and he was even more humble in his heart.

Jian Wenyi also looked shocked, but there was a little extra anxiety in that shock.

You know, she auditioned for the second female role has a lot of choreography, if it is seen by the director and producer

Ling Zhen did not stay on the dance floor, put on his shoes and walked out of the crowd. When passing by Ling Xuan, she gently patted her shoulder and smiled, “I said, I don’t need your guidance.”

Ling Xuan jumped so badly just now, she was hitting the pain point righteously, and her whole mentality collapsed.

Ling Zhen pushed down this sentence, and walked straight in one direction. As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, he was stopped by Gu Wei who had rushed over.

The surprise in his eyes was quite direct, and he said, “Are you a fairy?”

Ling Zhen thought to himself, I really am

“I’m really dumbfounded, really, it’s so beautiful,” Gu Wei showed great interest in her, “Let’s get to know her formally, OK?”

Ling Zhen had to exchange WeChat with him, and then she found an excuse and continued to walk upstairs without him.

Ling Zhen saw it when he did the first big jump just now. Wei Xi was on the second floor, watching her.

She didn’t expect Wei Xi to come, and she was a little scared for a moment. There were too many people at the scene who were the targets of abuse by the big boss. She was very worried that some people would not want to take the initiative to send them to find abuse.

As soon as Ling Zhen appeared at the top of the stairs on the second floor, Zhao Yan began to “fuck”.

He had no other people to talk about, so he had to say to the boss, “Fuck, fuck, isn’t this a dancing fairy?”

Wei Xi folded her arms, a hint of irritation in her eyes.

“Fuck, the little fairy is coming up” Zhao Yan was a little flustered, “she came over, she came towards us”

Ling Zhen approached while observing Wei Xi’s expression, seeing that he was really a little irritable, so he was more cautious.

So slowly, she finally walked up to Wei Xi and asked in a low voice, “Why are you here?”

Unlike just now, others watched her because she was standing with Gu Wei, and at this moment, after Yiwu, the red dress itself has become the focus.

All kinds of inquiring, admiring, and jealous eyes fell on her thin body, but she stood in front of Wei Xi.

She is a fairy in the clouds when she dances.

It’s over, falling back to the mortal world, but walking to his side.

Somehow, the restlessness in Wei Xi’s heart was strangely appeased.

Zhao Yan scratched his head to get to know the fairy, and interrupted, “Mr. Wei, who do you know this is?”

Wei Xi glanced at him with the tip of his eye and said three words.

Zhao Yan’s eyes rounded, and a huge “fuck” surged in his heart.

Ling Zhen smiled at him friendly, and then asked Wei Xi, “Did you encounter any annoying things when you just arrived?”

“Yes.” Wei Xi said.

Ling Zhen’s heart tightened, “What, what’s the matter?”

Wei Xi “A woman is here to toast.”

Ling Zhen didn’t need to think about who it was, but she didn’t expect that she would do a series of show operations this evening.

At this time, Zhao Yan has adjusted his mentality, corrected his identity, and said to the sister-in-law who met for the first time, “We, Mr. Wei, except you, are really not close to women. Of course, there was a beauty just now. Of course, I’m not as pretty as you. Just let her go hahaha”

Ling Zhen noticed that he called Wei Xi as President Wei, but did not ask much, smiled politely, and turned to ask Wei Xi, “Why do you know her give you a toast?”

Wei Xi sneered, “She is idle.”

Ling Zhen””

That’s right.

Now that Wei Xi is here, even though the villain and the male lead don’t know each other yet, Ling Zhen is always a little uneasy when they are put on one occasion. So she raised her face and asked Wei Xi, “Are we going home? There is nothing good here.”

Wei Xi lowered her eyelashes and slightly curled her lips, “Well, go home.”

Zhao Yan is on the side “”

Okay, I have nothing to do with me from start to finish anyway.

Ling Zhen obediently followed Wei Xi and walked to the first floor together, trying to leave the hotel through the back door.

Just walking between the first and second floors, suddenly a figure sprang out from the corner.

Zhao Yan was taken aback by “what is it?”

Ling Zhen took a closer look, and it turned out to be Ling Xuan.

She had already burnt her head with jealousy, her expression almost out of control, and when she saw Wei Xi and Ling Zhen standing together, she gave a weird smile, “Hurrying away so early”

After climbing the big tree of Wei Xi, I wanted to leave Shen Yanchu behind and treat it as nothing happened. Where can there be such cheap things?

Ling Zhen guessed her mind almost immediately, and sure enough, the next sentence Ling Xuan said bitterly

“Are you afraid of staying for a long time, let your husband know your bad things?”

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