Ling Zhen was a little surprised at first, and then moved for a while.

The first chapter of being a kind person knows the beauty of being helpful. Ling Zhen thought with emotion, Wei Xi must have read the gifts she gave, and learned to help.

Although this is a small step in life, it is a big step for the villain to break away from blackening.

There was actually a safe distance between Wei Xi and her. Ling Zhen tilted her head slightly, just in time to see the man’s precise and perfect jaw angle, thick eyelashes and tall nose.

Although he frowned and looked impatient, the violent boss occasionally revealed so sporadic gentleness, which was quite lethal.

However, Ling Zhen quickly recovered, and the milk “hit”, and the rich fragrance was floating around. Wei Xi released her hand and stepped aside again.

Ling Zhen tried to put the spoon on the milk, and the firm and smooth jelly body really supported the spoon. She smiled happily, held up a bowl and handed it to Wei Xi “Taste”

Although Wei Xi helped in the last step, she squeezed the ginger juice and she cooked the sugar milk. She cooked several pots to control the temperature of the milk. The craftsmanship is a bit poor, but sincerity is there.

Wei Xi raised her eyes and looked at her, and she reached out and took it.

The milk in the air is very mellow, with a hint of pungent ginger, which is a very unique taste. In my memory, the last time someone cooked something for him was before his mother fell ill.

For ten years, no one has done anything for him personally.

The girl in front of me with curving eyes, looked at him expectantly, and immediately asked “how” after he took a sip.

Wei Xi took a sip, raised her eyebrows, and drank a small bowl without changing her face, “It’s okay.”

Ling Zhen had a sense of accomplishment after hearing this, and after Wei Xi left the kitchen, she cooked a bowl in the same way. After making it, I happily tasted it, “sizzle”

Okay a ghost

It’s so spicy that she’s about to cry

Sure enough, the big guy has a heavy taste

Days passed by, and seeing the closer and closer to the reception, Lingzhen felt more uneasy.

She wanted to do an experiment and observe Wei Xi’s state of mind every day. She felt that the boss was mentally stable, and there seemed to be no signs of being pushed by the plot.

Those who would cause him to blacken, in addition to the self who has changed the core, the best sister who covets the villain, and the male protagonist who must stand up with the villain, are currently not in contact with Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen worked hard and cultivated feelings with the big guys, while silently praying that these people would never have contact with Wei Xi.

But I didn’t expect someone to come up soon.

“Hey, I’m outside your community, come out and pick me up quickly”

When Ling Zhen received Ling Xuan’s call, she really felt speechless for a while.

She really underestimated the ability of the best sister to act, and the degree of dedication to her brother-in-law.

Ling Xuan knew their community, but didn’t know which building it was or the house number. At this moment, she is gorgeously dressed, and she is standing at the gate of the community with two boxes of gifts.

She also wore a pair of exaggerated sunglasses, passers-by thought she was a star and cast their eyes on her.

“I took a box of bird’s nest you like, and a gift for my brother-in-law,” Ling Xuan freed a hand, took off her sunglasses, enjoying the attention of the people around her, “Hurry up, someone on the side of the road photographed me. “

Ling Zhen sighed helplessly, “Then wait a moment.”

Yes, I don’t understand people online, so I have to say it in person, right?

She walked to the entrance with her slippers, Wei Xi just came out of the room, saw it, and asked, “You want to go out.”

“Well,” Ling Zhen thought for a while, then folded back, ran to the kitchen and took the garbage bag with him, “I’ll go downstairs and take out the garbage.”

Wei Xi glanced at her, “Can you help me?”

“No need, no need,” Ling Zhen quickly refused.

You don’t have to go out, you guys, I’ll take care of it

Ling Xuan was bored waiting outside the complex, knocking down on the ground with the soles of high heels. After a while, she saw a familiar figure coming out of the corner from a distance. She was just a piece of ordinary loose-fitting home clothes with the O of Rilakkuma printed on her body.

Ling Xuan sneered. She dressed like this every day at home. How could her husband put her mind on her body as if she was holding something in her hand? It was foolish for her to think that she was here to barter with her.

But as Ling Zhen slowly approached, Ling Xuan gradually realized something was wrong. Before Ling Zhen’s skin was yellow and dark, who was this fair and smooth person in front of her?

Not only has her skin improved, her complexion is also red from the inside out, her posture is light, and she looks better than before.

Ling Xuan felt sore, wondering if she was nourished.

Ling Zhen walked to the gate of the community, pressed the button, and the carved iron door bounced outward. Ling Xuan naturally wanted to follow up, but who knew Ling Zhen turned around and flexibly closed the iron gate back.

Ling Xuan””

Ling Zhen looked calm and walked directly across from the community. Ling Xuan had to carry things to follow her, “Why are you going to pick me up?”

Ling Zhen lifted the thing in her hand, and Ling Xuan could see clearly that there was actually a big bag of garbage in her hand.

She came downstairs to take out the garbage

Ling Xuan was so angry that she almost threw the gift to the ground, but considering that there was a tea set that she carefully picked for Wei Xi inside, she was not willing at all.

She changed her mind and said proudly, “My agent has promised to introduce me investors at the reception.”

Ling Zhen didn’t sign the company, so naturally there was no one to help take care of this. She always envied her.

But at this time, Ling Zhen’s expression was very calm, and he threw the garbage across the road, and then glanced at Ling Xuan.

“You have a good mix, and Wei Xi and I are also good, so don’t worry about it in the future.”

Ling Xuan was beaten by this straight ball. She never thought that her stupid sister was so keen, her face suddenly became red and white. Gu Zuo said, “I didn’t bother much. Being an older sister just cared. a bit”

Ling Zhen politely and alienatedly thanked him, and began to walk back.

She walked fast, Ling Xuan was carrying her things, chasing her in an especially embarrassed manner. “I have no other meaning, I just want to guide you.”

“I don’t mean anything else, I just don’t need your guidance.” Ling Zhen returned to the gate of the community, swiped his card to open the door, walked in, and closed it.

Ling Xuan was locked out again.

She was favored by her parents at home since she was a child. She grew up with a younger sister as a foil. She has an arrogant and proud personality. Wherever she has suffered such grievances, she suddenly becomes frustrated.

“Xing Lingzhen, your wings are stiff, don’t you come to the reception if you have the ability, just wait to be ashamed when you come.”

However, only the passersby around listened to her shrew-like roar, and they all walked around the road. Ling Zhen had gone around the corner long ago and disappeared in the community.

On the tall building in the distance, a slender black figure leaned against the floor-to-ceiling windows, witnessing everything condescendingly. It wasn’t until Ling Zhen entered the building door that he retracted his gaze.

Ling Xuan did not even see Wei Xi’s shadow when she ran this time, instead she was furious to death. It took a long time for Ling Zhen to feel better when he came home and listened to his parents scolding.

Ling Zhen thinks who he is and has the face to refuse her guidance

She took out the high-definition dress she loved and took out from the closet, and recalled the movements taught by the teacher in the dance class in her mind, and her confidence swelled again.

Look, she’ll use these to slap Lingzhen’s face fiercely

It was the day of the reception in a blink of an eye.

Ling Zhen was worried for a long time, until this day he found an opportunity to ask Wei Xi, “Well, are you going out tonight?”

Wei Xi answered casually, “Not out.”

“Oh oh.” Ling Zhen turned around and let out a long sigh of relief quietly.

It seems that the plot is still changing. Wei Xi does not plan to attend the cocktail party this time, so this black spot can be skipped so that she can go to the party with ease. After all, she has been preparing for so long, all right. She didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Ling Zhen was very happy, “Then I will prepare in advance.”

Both of them have eaten together recently. Ling Zhen never asked about Wei Xi’s work, but he went home on time every day, and gradually, eating together became a habit.

Wei Xi lifted her eyes and glanced at her, without asking what she was preparing, “Yeah.”

in the afternoon. Qingxi Investment.

After arranging the work, Zhao Yan sneaked into the president’s office and knocked on the glass door, “Mr. Wei, are you really not going tonight?”

Wei Xi was dealing with official duties and did not look up, “Don’t go.”

“Most of the actors will go, after all, there will be a chance to meet with investors and producers,” Zhao Yan walked to his desk, “no interest at all.”

Wei Xi finished writing the last stroke, and said nonchalantly “No.”

“All right,” Zhao Yan also knew his character, and walked away with his coat, “then I will take Xiao Liu and go to see the beauty.”

Wei Xi put down the folder, glanced at the time, packed his things and returned home.

Go upstairs, open the door, and change your shoes. Walking into the house, there was silence all around.

Wei Xi only understood what Ling Zhen meant by “preparing in advance”.

There was no one in the house, and his dinner was set on the dining room table in the living room.

Ling Zhen thoughtfully left a note “I’m going to participate in an event tonight. I won’t have dinner with you. I’ll have dinner on the table. It’s cold and warm.”

Wei Xi””

After a while.

Zhao Yan received a text message.

Mr. Wei “Send me the reception address.”

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