Originally, Xianwen’s reception would take at least one or two months later. Could it be that as she changed the plot, the original timeline also moved forward?

Does that mean that the next possible blackening point has also been advanced. After all, Wei Xi’s personality has not changed, and he is still paranoid and violent. For the sake of the plot, he may still be blackened.

Hold steady, you must hold steady

Ling Zhen bowed his head and glanced at the text message, first of all to prevent the best cannon fodder from angering Wei Xi. Ling Xuan obviously has bad intentions towards Wei Xi. Although Ling Zhen has no jealousy as a wife, she does not want to be dragged down by Ling Xuan.

So I replied with a text message, “Don’t bother.”

Ling Xuan stayed up all night and waited for a long time before receiving these four words, she was dizzy with anger. She heard her mother say that Ling Zhen had stiffened her wings recently and dared to talk back. Originally, she didn’t believe it.

Is it because the relationship with Wei Xi has changed, and I have confidence

Thinking about this, Ling Xuan became even more anxious.

“After passing this village, there is no such shop. I am usually very busy and I don’t have time to teach you.”

Ling Zhen remained motionless, “It’s okay.”

When Ling Xuan received this text message, she dropped her phone with anger, and her “Pala” voice was extremely clear at night. Mother Ling’s caring voice “What happened to Xuan Xuan” immediately rang out of the room

She ran into the girl’s room, and Ling Xuan took advantage of the situation and filed a complaint, “I really wanted to teach her acting, but she actually refused to treat me like a donkey.”

Ling’s mother quickly calmed her, “Xuan Xuan is not angry, she is crazy now, just so don’t waste time on her, no matter how good it is, the director will not want her.”

Ling Xuan bit her lip unwillingly. Why did she want to teach Ling Zhen?

Mother Ling was still comforting her, “Don’t be angry, go to bed early, there will be dancing lessons tomorrow morning”

The reception next week is very important. For this reason, the family spent a lot of money to buy a set of high-end dress for Ling Xuan. When the money was transferred, Ling Mu couldn’t help but scold Ling Zhen as a wolf.

They have inquired about it in advance, there is a dance in the middle of the reception, which is a very precious opportunity for display

You know, Xianwen has many choreography designs in this drama. If you can show some dancing skills at the dance party, it will be helpful to audition later.

Thinking of this, Ling Xuan finally felt comfortable. Naturally, she would not tell Ling Zhen this news. After all, Ling Zhen had been physically uncoordinated since he was a child, and it was useless to tell it. When the time comes, she can only watch her dancing lightly

“After you have a good rest, you can learn to dance well, and then use dance to surprise those investors”

Amid the roar of Ling’s mother, Ling Xuan smiled and fell asleep as if she saw her fairy-like dancing posture and everyone’s amazing eyes.

Qingxi Investment.

“Through the preliminary market research, including the analysis of the original works, radio dramas, and mobile games of Xianwen, the market acceptance of Xianwen is about”

“The screenwriter hired by the filming script has served as the chief writer of the 18-year blast drama xxx. The script is of high quality and the main characters are basically not separated from the original work.”

The large conference room has a formal and serious atmosphere. The speaker faced the man sitting on the main seat in the distance, and he didn’t even dare to make a mistake.

The man wore a black shirt and loosened a button at the neckline, making his complexion ice white, and the mole on his neck was very sexy. Slender fingers rested on the wooden tabletop and tapped gently.

People are stunners, and there are countless people in the company who secretly think about it, but the cold aura is daunting.

But senior officials like Zhao Yan know that although they have never held a wedding or brought anyone out, Wei is always married.

Zhao Yan is very sympathetic to the sister-in-law who has never met and marrying this kind of pervert, what life is it like to live?

However, life is life, and their boss never makes mistakes at work. Several major decisions seem to be thrilling, but no one misses, and Qing Xi is firmly pushed to the throne of the industry.

This time Xianwen is also very promising. Qingxi, as the most important investor, will account for 70% of its investment, which is a key project this quarter. Not surprisingly, they will launch another hot drama this winter.

The meeting finally ended, and most people walked out of the meeting room in relief. Being pressured by the boss is a bit out of breath, and must go out slowly.

Zhao Yan and Wei Xi have known each other for many years, and get along fairly easily. They stayed and said, “This is basically the propaganda strategy. The most recent focus is whether Mr. Wei will go to the reception next week.”

“Don’t go.” Wei Xi rubbed her eyebrows, and picked up the suit jacket, “Go now.”

“So anxious,” Zhao Yan showed a gossip, “Go home and find my sister-in-law.”


Wei Xi cursed, but did not deny it.

It is indeed home.

Although Ling Zhen straightforwardly rejected Ling Xuan’s false kindness, she planned to seriously prepare for Xianwen.

The reason is simple, she will not stay at Wei Xi’s house all the time, she always has her own job to settle down. The money on hand gave her some sense of security, but it was not enough. Moreover, after reading through the Xianwen script, she felt that it suits her well.

Not to mention anything else, just talk about the degree of adaptation to the ancient costumes of the Xian Xia, there is no more comfortable person in this world than her.

Therefore, even though she was only interviewing for a small role like female fourth, Ling Zhen was still preparing very seriously. She flipped through the costume dramas of recent years, studied the eyes, tone, and expression of those actresses, and chanted lines at home for several days, and Wei Xi asked a few more questions.

After being bored at home for a few days, she finally remembered the matter and took an afternoon to go out.

Counting the days, it has been a while since the last visit to Wei’s mother. She bought a box of nutritional products and brought a bunch of elegant daffodils to the hospital.

Ling Zhen made a coincidence, Wei Mu was in good spirits, and she felt even better when she saw her here. With lingering eyesight, we could see that although Wei’s mother was still sick, her expression was much better than when she saw it last time, and she could see her spirit in her eyes.

Mother Wei smiled and looked at her, “It’s really more beautiful than last time.”

It’s not her illusion. My daughter-in-law is really getting more beautiful every time. This time I saw her skin is fairer and more tender, her facial features are more hydrated than before, her apricot eyes and red lips are like pink jade, and her whole face glows indescribably Light.

Ling Zhen knew that this was the effect of Ling Zhen’s accumulation. In fact, it had only recovered to about 70% of Fairy Ling Zhen’s, but there was already a kind of compelling beauty.

She smiled, “You look at your spirits a lot better.”

Mother Wei held her hand, old and gentle, “Hello, I’ll be fine.”

Ling Zhen used to be a junior when she was in the Immortal Realm, and the elders around her spoiled her, so she has been eccentric since she was a child. Now facing the well-meaning mother Wei, Ling Zhen has recovered the feeling of being a child, and couldn’t help feeling a little bit coquettish, “Wei Xi has a bad temper, and I sometimes fear him.”

“I know,” Mother Wei squeezed her hand, “Axi is different from other children, she has a very biased personality, and I have wronged you with him.”

Ling Zhen heard this, and thought of the death of her mother-in-law in the original book, and Wei Xi, who had blackened his revenge because of this, suddenly felt a little sour in her heart.

Mother Wei shook her hand, “Tell you a secret, Axi doesn’t know it herself.”

Ling Zhen cooperated with a curious expression “What is it?”

“Axi likes things made by other people’s hands,” Wei Mu said nostalgic. “No matter what you do, as long as you make them with your own hands, he will accept them.”

Ling Zhen opened his eyes wide.

So, when Wei Xi returned home that same day, she heard a jingle in the kitchen.

He frowned, walked to the kitchen, and saw Ling Zhen scrambling about a pot of milk.

Seeing others, I was still a little panicked, and the slightly round apricot eyes flickered twice, “You, why are you back?”

Wei Xi leaned on the kitchen door, holding her arms “What are you doing?”

Ling Zhen held a pot of hot milk, raised his arms hard, and pointed it at the small bowl of ginger liquid on the chopping board, “Ginger hit milk.”

She thought “bumping” was very simple, until she started to find out that it was actually a difficult technical job.

Wei Xi looked at the messy cooking table and found it troublesome, “Is there no one nearby.”

“But I am” Ling Zhen controlled the angle of the pot with difficulty, “made it for you.”

Wei Xi had a meal.

She was pleased, out of some attempt he didn’t know.

Temptations, gifts, and supper all seem to please. Wei Xi couldn’t understand the feelings of many ordinary people, and he hated this kind of hypocritical behavior.

But this was the first time he accepted such a clumsy flattery.

It’s clumsy, a bit real.

Ling Zhen never felt that her hand was clumsy, but after “bumping” three bowls in a row, she really doubted her hand.

“Wait a little longer, I think I will be soon”

Before she finished speaking, Ling Zhen was stunned when her left wrist was pinched.

Subsequently, the right hand was also raised. The man approached from behind, and a little distance away, the whole half circled her.

Then, Wei Xi held her hand and steadily slammed the hot milk into the bowl of ginger juice.

“Too stupid,” he said.

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