“What” everyone was surprised.

A girl next to Jian Wenyi called out, “Wen Xiaoning, you owe Lingzhen money, I heard right, right?”

Wen Xiaoning shook off the water on his face, because Ling Zhen couldn’t even express his words, and his complexion turned from white to bright red.

As everyone knows, Ling Zhen is the one who posted their friends, he is very earthy and poor, and she and she actually owe Ling Zhen money.

Wen Xiaoning felt that Shen Yanchu’s gaze was looking right here. She couldn’t care about her embarrassment. She opened her mouth and explained indiscriminately, “It was she who blackmailed me. This is blackmail.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked at Ling Zhen’s eyes again.

Although they didn’t think Ling Zhen had the guts to blackmail, who knew that he was Ling Zhen’s kind of person after all.

The girl next to Jian Wenyi is named Jiang Mei, who is also a member of the female protagonist’s best friend group. She doesn’t like Ling Zhen to post Shen Yanchu, nor Wen Xiaoning’s posturing, and she is very happy to watch them bite the dog.

Jiang Mei said, “What the hell is going on, Ling Zhen, if you really blackmail Wen Xiaoning, you can get the police to talk about it.”

As soon as she spoke, Wen Xiaoning scolded her in her heart. This woman was obviously afraid that the world would not be chaotic, so she was picking things up here.

She quickly eased her face, “Well, I’m not in a hurry, but I’m not.”

Wen Xiaoning didn’t finish speaking, when a clear voice came in, “Okay.”

Ling Zhen at the center of the incident was the calmest. She even smiled slightly, “It just so happens that I have something to tell the police uncle.”

Wen Xiaoning looked at her expression, and somehow suddenly felt bad.

Ling Zhen took out his phone and turned on something. Then, a recording reverberated through the box clearly.

“After I have been busy for you these two days, I want to get such a big discount. If it were not for me, the operation fee could be so cheap.” This is Wen Xiaoning’s voice.

Then a voice asked, “Thanks for your hard work, how much does the hospital promise to pay you” This is Ling Zhen.

Wen Xiaoning answered her “only five or sixty thousand”

The recording stops.

Ling Zhen greeted Wen Xiaoning’s incredible expression, his eyes were bright and innocent.

Everyone in the box was silent, their expressions were difficult to express, but this time the object was changed.

Wen Xiaoning couldn’t think of how Ling Zhen would record those few words at the time. She regrets now that her intestines are going to be green. If she hadn’t been greedy for the tens of thousands of dollars, there would be no such things.

After Jiang Mei was shocked, she sneered, “Xiaoning, you really belong to you.”

Ling Zhen is very ominous, and even Ling Zhen’s money is cheated. Isn’t it even more ominous than Ling Zhen’s.

Wen Xiaoning panicked in the eyes of everyone, “This is because she lied to me, this was made by her in post-production, I”

At this time, Shen Yanchu, who was silent for a long time, said “Enough”

Wen Xiaoning suddenly felt like a bird pinched by his throat, completely silent.

Ling Zhen followed the voice and saw that he was a rather handsome man. An angular face has deep eyes because of the high brow bones.

Shen Yanchu felt very complicated since just now. She looked at Ling Zhen who was slim in a white skirt and felt very strange. He always hated Ling Zhen forever sticking to his eyes like brown candy.

But since Ling Zhen entered the door today, she didn’t even look at it.

Shen Yanchu stood up in his seat and walked to Ling Zhen, “Stop making trouble, go out and say.”

Everyone suddenly “oh”

At this time, they had an aftertaste. Isn’t Ling Zhen deliberately behaving in front of Yanchu, deliberately stabbing out the pitfall, but fortunately, he sold it badly in front of Yanchu and attracted his attention.

Take a look, this trouble won the male god to take the initiative to talk, isn’t it really 6 ah.

Ling Zhen actually realized that he was Shen Yanchu only now. She didn’t get a hint of excitement from what he said, and waved her little hand casually, “No, just stand here and talk.”

Shen Yanchu’s expression changed, and everyone choked in his throat.

Jian Wenyi has red eyes on one side, a little at a loss. She set up this meal originally to connect with feelings, who knew that so many things would come out, but now she doesn’t know how to end it.

Shen Yanchu didn’t want Jian Wenyi to blame herself. He frowned and looked at Ling Zhen, then turned to Wen Xiaoning and said, “If you really owe her money, you should pay it now.”

By saying this, he was tantamount to indirectly admitting that he believed what Ling Zhen had just said. For Wen Xiaoning, this is tantamount to being sentenced by someone he likes himself.

The male lead spoke, and the others echoed. This time, the person who had no face in the circle became herself, Wen Xiaoning could not bear it, gritted her teeth and transferred the account with her mobile phone, and then ran out crying.

Ling Zhen looked down and took a breath of surprise. There were three hundred thousand transfers.

A lot of money

Ling Zhen’s mood suddenly improved, and he didn’t want to stay here to waste time, smiled and waved, “Excuse me, goodbye.”

The people in the room are very upset. A good party has created this situation. The instigator has no burden, so he just wants to leave.

“Don’t go,” someone said in a weird voice, “Isn’t it always the last thing before?”

None of their friends like Ling Zhen, and someone next to him immediately said, “Looking at this posture, I’m afraid there is a new love. I don’t know what new Gao Zhier is. They have the courage not to give us face.”

“That’s right,” Ling Zhen almost walked to the door. Hearing this, he stopped and turned around, “If you have nothing to do, please don’t contact me. I am married and very busy.”

Everyone “”

Is it the one they think is married?

When Ling Zhen left the scene, the woman in the corner who had been bowing her head finally revealed her face. This face is three points similar to Ling Zhen, and it is Ling Zhen’s sister Ling Xuan.

She finally caught up with a friend of Jian Wenyi’s to get to know their wealthy children. Usually, she didn’t dare to talk much in the group, let alone say that she was Lingzhen’s sister.

Just kidding, Ling Zhen was ridiculed by all kinds of ridicules in this circle, who wants to have a relationship with her?

But she didn’t expect that Ling Zhen actually took the initiative to explode that she was married now. Isn’t she not loving Shen Yanchu anymore or the relationship between her and Wei Xi has become better?

Ling Xuan thought of the man, that face that was more handsome than Shen Yanchu, and the low-key and luxurious clothes from head to toe, her heart jumped quickly.

Perhaps, she should be more proactive.

Although Ling Zhen loves to read human novels when he is okay, he has played secretly before and understands the human world quite well, but this is the first time that he holds human wealth and is as happy as a little bird.

She was walking on the street, saw a department store, thought about it, and walked in. Ling Zhen has a good body and temperament, and is very prominent among the crowd, and is frequently stopped by people in shopping malls for introductions.

Ling Zhen smiled and rejected some shopping guide sisters, and continued to look around. She actually wanted to buy a small gift for Wei Xi. After turning around, when he was about to change places to take a look, Ling Zhen’s eyes suddenly fell in one place, and a flash of inspiration flashed in his mind.

She knows what to give

On this day, Wei Xi went home very late.

Open the door, the house is quiet, but not as dark as usual, leaving a warm yellow light in the living room.

Since his marriage, his life has not changed at all. He is still alone, living in a big empty house. But now, it seems that the other person’s sense of existence is getting heavier.

Wei Xi lowered her eyelashes, pulled off her black tie with one hand, and suddenly had a meal when she passed the restaurant.

There was dinner on the table, single serving, obviously reserved for him.

He paused, then walked a few steps, and his slender fingers probed the temperature, which was still warm.

A place that would leave a lamp for him to heat up a table of food was so warm that it almost made him feel unfamiliar.

There is also a paper gift bag next to the dinner, with a sticky note pasted on the seal. On it is a beautiful traditional Chinese character “I want to eat the rice while it is hot. This is a gift from me. I hope it will help you.”

Wei Xi unconsciously rubbed the lines of the handwriting with her fingertips, then took off the memo, opened the gift bag, and took out a real gift from it.

It’s not a watch, or a belt, or other things that he has been given too much.

But two books.

A book called, be a kind person.

The other is called, don’t let your temper ruin you.

Wei Xi squeezed the book with her fingers slightly hard “”

At this moment, the wooden door of the bedroom creaked, and Ling Zhen walked out of the room rubbing his eyes.

She is also wearing a white cotton nightdress, with long black hair draped over her shoulders, her figure is bumpy, and she has a pure and lustful feeling.

She seemed to have just woke up, not as afraid of him during the day, and yawned and asked, “Have you eaten dinner?”

Wei Xi still held the unique gift in her hand “Hmm.”

“Then rest early,” Ling Zhen said softly with a nasal voice, “Good night.”

Wei Xi did not speak.

Ling Zhen didn’t want his response either, she was very sleepy, and after speaking, she staggered back to the room.

Wei Xi stood in place, the light falling from the top of his head, casting a shadow on his brow bones, her deep eyes could not see clearly.

After a long time, there seemed to be a chuckle in the room, followed by a “good night.”

It is very low and light, dissipating in the air.

Ling Zhen returned to the room, but couldn’t sleep anymore. She simply leaned on the head of the bed, flipping through the Xianwen script that the original owner had placed next to her pillow.

The plot related to Xianwen is an important node in the novel The Road to Heartthrob. In the original book, there are detailed descriptions of the preparations of the male and female protagonists, their brilliance during shooting, and their success after the broadcast.

According to the current plot line, Xianwen Film will first hold a cocktail party in two months, inviting the media and management to the scene, as well as all those who participated in the audition, to create a lively gimmick.

After that, it was a formal audition. However, there are a lot of things in the Xianwen film. The audition does not directly determine the candidates, but selects a few candidates, and uses their fixed makeup photos to vote on the whole network.

In the original book, such a full exposure marketing method was a great success.

But for the original owner, that cocktail party was an opening button for her bleak ending, and the second blackening point of the villain boss.

At that time, Wei’s mother was critically ill, and Wei Xi took her abroad for treatment, but only Wei Xi came back. The original owner had not yet fully recovered from the plastic surgery, so he didn’t want to miss the opportunity of Xianwen, so he hurriedly went to the reception. After returning home, the blackened boss Wei Xi directly killed the reception.

There he had a panoramic view of what the original owner had done and knew who she was doing plastic surgery for, so he counted the mistake on Shen Yanchu. The black villain is unreasonable and suppresses Shen Yanchu very hard. It was time to sign the contract for the male number that was originally scheduled, but was suddenly changed, and then all the announcements were not received, ushering in a hard winter in the career.

As for the culprit, the original owner, and Ling Xuan, who was owed a whistleblower, in the next few months, one was tortured half mad and the other half maimed, unable to escape.

Ling Zhen recalled the plot line in the book, and couldn’t help but shudder. The blackened Wei Xi is actually like the author’s tool man. The role of the male and female protagonist is to let the male protagonist fall into a trough, and the female protagonist will always accompany and encourage her, and finally promote the sublimation of the emotional line.

The effect of such cannon fodder on her is to torture the best products to death and bring a sense of refreshment.

Therefore, for the sake of the plot, at the time point in the original book, the villain Wei Xi may still be blackened.

Just thinking about it, the phone on the bedside table rang abruptly.

For some reason, Ling Zhen’s heart jumped for no reason.

She picked up the phone, and it was a text message from an unknown person.

The content is “Are you coming next week”

Ling Zhen is a bit confused, did you send it wrong?

She didn’t reply, but another text message came after a while, “There are many employers coming at the reception, don’t blame my sister for not telling you. If you don’t know anything, I can go to your tutor to teach you.”

This piece of information is relatively large. First, this unsaved account belongs to Ling Xuan, and the relationship between the original master and sisters is indeed not good.

Second, the timeline is advanced.

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