Ling Zhen was woken up by a ringing phone in the morning.

She circulated the “Don’t Be Angry” song several times last night, and Wei Xi did not come to trouble her. It seemed very useful.

But the downside is that she had a dream for the whole night, and someone kept dancing and shouting, “You are the one who suffers when you are angry,” and she didn’t sleep well.

Ling Zhen rubbed his eyes and turned on the phone to answer. Before putting it to my ears, a sharp sound came out.

“Bad girl, your sister said that you ran to have a plastic surgery. The wings are really hard. I don’t know if you have the money to call home.”

Ling Zhen immediately took the phone away.

Ling Xuan was also in Shen Yanchu’s chat group, and she must have inquired about this matter. Today the mother of the original owner came to Xingshi to ask the crime, and she expected it.

Ling Zhen endured not hanging up, but interrupted her chattering reproach, “It didn’t fix it.”

“You don’t have the guts to see you” Ling Mu coldly snorted, “Now the beauty salon is deep in the water, and you don’t know if your brain is pitted.”

This is true, the original owner is indeed smashed.

Ling Zhen heard what she meant, but she just didn’t answer her words. Ling’s mother babbled and talked for a long time, but finally couldn’t help it, and directly pointed out, “Your sister is preparing a new drama recently, and she said yes. As long as you can win a role, it will be absolutely red in the future.”

This drama Ling really knows that Xianwen, national-level big i, spin-off radio dramas, comics, and mobile games are all very popular, and the Xianxia idol drama filmed is even more explosive.

In the original book, this drama is an opportunity that everyone yearns for, and the male and female protagonists naturally also participated in the audition. Not only was Ling Xuan jealous, the original owner desperately asked for an audition opportunity for four girls and five girls in order to get close to Shen Yanchu.

“So the director has to make arrangements in advance”

Mother Ling felt that her meaning was very obvious. The second daughter secretly saved so much spare money, not to mention marrying a rich man again. It’s not too much for her to be a mother. It’s not too much for her to be a mother. What’s wrong

Ling Zhen replied seriously after listening, “Come on.”

Mother Ling almost choked to death, did she mean that?

“Look, your money for plastic surgery is also idle. It’s better to call mom.” After all, Ling Mu pressed her temper to persuade her, “At that time, the director will be arranged and Xuan Xuan will be in front of the director. Mention you, maybe you can also play a small role”

Ling Zhen was panicked by her quarrel, walked out of the room, went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water, and drank while saying, “Don’t be so troublesome. It’s not more straightforward for me to use this money to manage my own money.”

Ling’s mother almost didn’t get angry with her, can it be the same?

Xuan Xuan was born in an acting department. Although she is not a major college or university, she was originally a choreographer and director. She started acting purely for chasing a shit male god. He has no talents, so what can he do?

Of course, I didn’t say this, otherwise, let the fairy Ling Zhen, who is famous for her amazing dance of the immortal world, listen, and may teach her to be a human on the spot.

Mother Ling always felt that the second daughter seemed to have become uncomfortable, she simply scared her directly, “Mom is now in charge of borrowing the money. If you don’t borrow it, don’t go back to this house in the future”

Ling Zhen was puzzled. Is there any indispensable value for a family that is eccentric and eccentric and uses his daughter as a tool for making money?

Ling mother forced to ask, “Do you want to borrow?”

“No,” she drank a glass of water, wiped her mouth, and replied righteously, “I want to keep the food for my husband.”

After speaking, she hung up the phone, leaving Ling’s mother on the other side of the phone, so her chest hurts.

When he turned his head, he saw the man leaning against the kitchen door with his arms in his arms. The thin black shirt made his skin extremely white. A sneer appeared on Leng Jun’s face, “Give me, buy groceries.”

Ling Zhen immediately persuaded the big villain, not to mention buying vegetables and cooking, neither of them seemed to have eaten at the same table.

She rolled her black eyes a few times, twisted her fingers, and whispered, “Would you like to have breakfast together?”

Wei Xi’s gaze rested on her for a while, moved away, and put it back again.

“What to eat”

High-end apartment in the city center.

Shen Yanchu was flipping through the script, with the words “Xianwen” written on the cover. This Xianxia theme big i can be said to be the most promising one in the industry this year. His agent helped him win the audition opportunity for the male number one. If he can win, he can basically be in the first-line niche.

“Ding Dong”, the doorbell rang. Shen Yanchu walked over and opened the door, with a smile “Wen Yi.”

Jian Wenyi walked in carrying two plastic bags, her voice was soft and clear, “reading the script”

Shen Yanchu took what she was holding, “Yes, prepare in advance.”

“I heard that the cast of this play will hold a national selection. After all, the costumes are very picky.” Jian Wenyi put her hand on the cooking table and looked at Shen Yanchu. “But I think you can definitely do it.”

Shen Yanchu waved his hand, “It also depends on my audition.”

But having said that, if the audition goes well, this role is basically the default. The so-called national selection is nothing but a disguised means of marketing and publicity, the ultimate goal is to attract heat.

Unless there is a big hit, the result of the preliminary audition is basically a foregone conclusion.

Jian Wenyi smiled shyly, “I plan to try it too, if I can act with you.”

Shen Yanchu “I believe in you.”

In his mind, no one is more suitable to play a fairy than Jian Wenyi.

“Right,” Jian Wenyi remembered something, “Xiaoning has been weird these past few days, and even borrowed some money from me.”

Shen Yanchu frowned slightly “borrowing money”

Jian Wenyi nodded, “I asked her what she used for it, but didn’t say it. So I thought, I will set a table at Junyue in two days, and everyone will gather to take care of it. Xiaoning also agreed.”

Shen Yanchu smiled softly, “Just do what you said.”

“Then” Jian Wenyi bit her lip and looked at him carefully, “I’ll call Ling Zhen up too.”

Shen Yanchu wanted to frown subconsciously. The incident of Ling Zhen withdrawing from the group yesterday simply slapped everyone’s face.

“I wonder if she was suddenly so abnormal because Aze and the others said too much,” Jian Wenyi said, “I was the one who pulled her into the group at the beginning.”

“Just call it,” Shen Yanchu helplessly, “you, you are too kind.”

Jian Wenyi smiled shyly, opened Lingzhen’s dialog box, and sent a message “Tomorrow at Junyue, I will have dinner with Yanchu and everyone, are you coming?”

The opposite hasn’t returned for a long time.

It took about ten minutes for the new message to pop up. It just so happened that Jian Wenyi went to wash her hands, and Shen Yanchu picked it up and took a look

Ling Zhen “not going.”

Shen Yanchu “”

When Jian Wenyi came back to see this news, she was also surprised. Before, Ling Zhen would do everything possible if no one asked her to be there.

At this moment, the other side sent another message.

“Wen Xiaoning is going?”

Jian Wenyi “Go.”

Ling Zhen “Then I will go too.”

Shen Yanchu “”

Suddenly wanted to smash the phone.

When replying to the news, Ling Zhenzhen was sitting in jeopardy and had breakfast with Wei Xi.

The reason why she agreed to go to the appointment was because she had forgotten the days, and tomorrow was the third day, so she could just go to Wen Xiaoning to get the money back.

When she has money, she can buy some small gifts for Wei Xi to increase her relationship. In case the situation changes in the future, the two have had a little friendship at any rate, and the boss will not be so merciless.

Wei Xi was very quiet when eating. Ling Zhen only glanced at it when Ling Zhen picked up the phone to reply to the message, and did not pay attention to Ling Zhen at other times.

Ling Zhen returned to Jian Wenyi neatly, and tried to start a dialogue with Wei Xi based on the principle of “communication is the first step in enhancing relationships.”

“That,” Ling Zhen was holding a cup of Reqiao, half of his face behind the rim of the cup, “Did you sleep well last night?”

Just after speaking, the temperature plummeted by three degrees.

The magical song echoed in Wei Xi’s ear again, and Ling Zhen repeated it ten times last night.

Ling Zhen shrank her neck, “not so good”

“Your song,” Wei Xi’s dark and narrow eyes showed a hint of irritability, “play it again, and I’ll throw you out.”

Ling Zhen pursed her lips, why suddenly became fierce again qaq

There was no response from the other side, Wei Xi raised her eyes and faced the panic in the girl Xing’s eyes.

Wei Xi frowned.

Scared again

Is he so scary.

If this is said, Ling Zhen might throw several pages of descriptions on his face.

More than scary, you can be more scary

The dinner table became silent again, Wei Xi was a little irritable, and was about to get up when she was suddenly grabbed by someone.

Ling Zhen’s face was serious, and he held one of his hands in both hands, turned it over, and pressed his palm with his slender fingertips.

“Here, it is Laogong Point,” Ling Zhen pressed twice and carefully raised his eyes to look at him. “Calm down and calm your mind. You can massage it when you want to get angry.”

“Don’t get angry, okay.”

Her delicate fingertips rubbed his palm lines, a kind of inexplicable and secret intimacy. Wei Xi stiffened, but did not withdraw her hand.

In fact, he didn’t want to be angry.

But somehow, I didn’t say it in the end.

Ling Zhen slept very well that night. Looking at herself in the mirror early the next morning, her eyes were bright and energetic, and her complexion was obviously a few degrees paler than a few days ago, and she looked very energetic.

Under the warmth of Lingzhu, he was probably restored to 50% of Fairy Ling Zhen’s appearance. Ling Zhen was in a good mood, and before going out in the evening, he chose clothes specially.

The original body was originally a screenwriter, but in order to chase Shen Yanchu, he changed his career and became a small actor. All the money he had saved from working in the industry for several years went into the beauty salon. She doesn’t buy a lot of clothes, most of them are the kind of clothes with many patterns and bright colors that attract people’s attention. The taste is really not good.

Ling Zhen was so happy, picking for a long time, finally found a simple white dress. The straight neckline reveals a pair of slender clavicles, pressed by a lustrous and translucent bead, and down are quite design lantern sleeves and a half-length skirt.

The skirt is an ordinary skirt, but when worn on her, the swan neck, right-angled shoulders, and the slender waist line maximize its beauty, and it is graceful when walking around.

Ling Zhen arrived at the place, walked into the magnificent Grand Hyatt Hotel, and found Jian Wen Yiding’s box under the guidance of the waiter. She arrived a little late, and before she opened the door, she heard the conversation in the box first.

“What did you say that Ling Zhen took a picture of Wen Yi to get plastic surgery”

Ling Zhen raised his eyebrows slightly.

Then Wen Xiaoning’s voice came out, “Isn’t it, you say disgusting is not disgusting”

Ling Zhen knocked this pen out, and her friend in the beauty salon also tore her face in order to ask for money. Her heart was full of resentment, so she naturally wanted to scold her.

“Fuck, fuck”

“This is disgusting, isn’t this woman having a psychological problem?”

Shen Yanchu didn’t say a word, but his face was very ugly. Jian Wenyi was even more uncomfortable, she felt awkward when she thought of someone trying to be like herself.

Wen Xiaoning watched their reaction, and there was a distorted joy in her heart. She would never let Ling Zhen happily take the money back and she would not want to mix in their circle of friends.

“So you must avoid Lingzhen in the future, this woman has psychological problems”

Before he finished speaking, the door of the box was suddenly pushed open.

The crisp sound of high heels sounded, and a slender figure walked in from outside the door.

The noise in the box stopped abruptly, everyone watched her walk in step by step, and it took a long time for someone to say “Ling Zhen” in surprise.

The woman had a calm expression and a tall and straight posture. When she walked over with her skirt flickering, she felt a kind of fairy air.

Is this the rustic, humble and flattering Ling Zhen

I saw this woman gracefully walked in front of them, gracefully took away the wine glass in Song Zhao’s hand, and then gracefully

With a sound, it splashed all over Wen Xiaoning’s face

It’s already very hard for the fairy to go down to the earth, and it’s not too wrong to tolerate the slander behind this kind of villain.


“Ling Zhen, what are you doing?”

Ling Zhen threw the wine glass back on the table, and looked at Wen Xiaoning with a slight smile, “Apologize and avoid it.”

“Trouble you, pay the money quickly.”

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