Her hands are very soft. It’s warm, like there are no bones.

This is their first physical contact since they got married.

Wei Xi cast her eyes down and glanced at the hands that were shaking, stiffening for a moment. But then, he stretched out two fingers, pinched her wrist, and threw her hand aside.

Ling Zhen rubbed his wrists and gave him a peek, as if he was not angry.

Sure enough, the villain before the blackening, although his temper is a little bit worse, but he has not yet reached the point where he can’t get along, he still has the hope of transforming into a good youth.

There was no emotion on Wei Xi’s face, she stood up from the sofa and glanced at Ling Zhen, “You want a divorce”.

Ling Zhen’s legs softened and immediately said “I don’t want to.”

Don’t want qaq for now

When Wei Xi stood up, she was nearly a head taller than her. The little wife was almost shrouded in the shadow he cast, with her chin up, her eyes bright, and she looked very obedient.

Wei Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, there seemed to be a slight irony in her expression, and then said nothing, bypassing Ling Zhen and walking towards the door.

Ling Zhen glanced at the high-end skin care products in the hallway, and immediately guessed that it was the day when Wei Xi regularly visited her seriously ill mother. Wei Xi is paranoid and violent, and his feelings are very weak. But Ling Zhen knew that the only mother in the world who was kind to him was the only tenderness left in this man’s heart.

In the past, Wei Xi went to the hospital alone. The original owner will not accompany him, nor will he call her.

But this time, the moment Wei Xi stepped out of the room, his clothes were suddenly pulled slightly, as light as a small animal.

He turned halfway, lowered his eyes, and saw Ling Zhen lift up his small face, his voice was very soft and soft.

“I’ll accompany you and go see mom together.”

No words all the way.

Wei Xi didn’t drive, and sat in the back seat side by side with her, far away in the middle.

In the confined space, Wei Xi’s cold breath was slightly oppressive, and Ling Zhen turned on the phone in order to divert her attention.

There are many new messages on WeChat. Ling Zhen opened it and found that the top one was a chat group. She clicked in and looked at the group members, knowing that this was the group that the original owner had been asking for for a long time before being kindly pulled into by Jian Wenyi.

In order to integrate into the protagonist group, the original owner forwarded something that he found interesting every day, and responded to whoever said it.

The protagonist and his friends have never really accepted Ling Zhen, nor do they look down on the flattery of the original owner, so even if Ling Zhen is in this group, they can laugh unscrupulously.

The latest few records are like this.

Song Zhao “How come the Xiaoning people disappeared after posting the photos”

Jiang Mei, “That sister is still in operation”

Ding Ze “It’s rare to have such a funny thing, so why should it be reported in real time? Did Ling Zhen pad her nose or cut her bones”

Wen Xiaoning naturally did not appear.

She is now frantically arguing with the beauty salon, trying to get the money back from the black heart beauty salon, but obviously, it’s not that easy.

Several people in the group waited for a while and did not respond, so they had to turn off their phones dumbly. After a while, the phone lights up again. There is a new message in the group.

They opened with expectation.

The new message has only one punctuation mark.

Ling Zhen

Everyone in the group “…”

They discussed for a long time, who was supposed to be lying on the operating table, and actually sent a message.

So Ling Zhen didn’t write the whole article for a long time. Xiaoning was playing with them. I made them excited like a fool for a long time, and finally ran away.

Several people felt very shameless, and couldn’t help complaining about Wen Xiaoning.

At this moment, Shen Yanchu, who had not spoken, appeared.

Seeing his avatar, Ling Zhen felt guilty for a while, secretly glanced at Wei Xi, who closed her eyes beside her, before looking at the phone screen again.

The male lead deserves to be the male lead, and his demeanor is much better than that of the male lead. Shen Yanchu almost never took the initiative to speak to Ling Zhen. The message this time was also very simple, with only a few words, “You must cherish yourself.”

The hostess Jian Wenyi also appeared “Yes, don’t do stupid things.”

Song Zhao exclaimed, “Brother Yan and Wen Yi are so kind.”

When it was time to settle, as long as Shen Yanchu spoke in the group, Ling Zhen would reply to the news within seconds. Not to mention that Shen Yanchu deliberately told Ling Zhen today.

Ling Zhen was so excited that he might have to post a rainbow fart essay full of love.

Everyone waited for a while, but there was no response.

They thought, it seems Ling Zhen’s small composition will be very long

After waiting for a while, new news finally popped up

Ling Zhen has left the group chat

Everyone “…”

After leaving the group, Ling Zhen let out a long sigh of relief. She didn’t want to watch this group of protagonists twitter, it was not her who liked the protagonist. Moreover, her most important task now is to appease the villain who is in the incubation period, and it is even more impossible to disconnect from the hero.

So when she left the group, she felt a little relieved and finally became innocent.

The car stopped outside the hospital.

Ling Zhen obediently followed Wei Xi and walked all the way into the secluded ward deep in the hospital.

Pushing open the door of the ward, when Ling Zhen’s head came out from behind Wei Xi, she saw the eyes of the old man on the bed lit up for a moment, and she knew that she was right.

Wei Xi’s visit was quite simple and rude, so he put things down and sat quietly in front of the bed without speaking. After a while, Wei’s mother’s attending doctor came over and asked Wei Xi to have a chat. Only Wei’s mother and Lingzhen were left in the ward.

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have hardly been alone like this, because they are not like the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law of ordinary families.

The marriage of the original owner and Wei Xi was actually a bargain. Wei’s mother had asked an expert to calculate, Wei Xi’s extreme personality, he might cause catastrophe in the future. But there will be a noble person in his life who can change his unfortunate fate. According to the master’s calculation of the birth date and face, it was unfortunate that Ling Zhen became the “noble person.”

Wei’s mother originally took into account the wishes of the original owner, but the original owner’s parents were all on their eldest daughter Ling Xuan. As soon as they heard that they could earn a large amount of gift money from the second daughter, she happily sold her daughter apart from anything else. Now, the original owner didn’t have the guts to resist.

Sister Ling Xuan has been gloating for misfortune, thinking that she was married to a rich man of forty to fifty years old, but one time she happened to see Wei Xi herself, who was so handsome, and the Wei family was so rich. Ling Xuan suddenly became jealous. So after learning that Ling Zhen had plastic surgery, he sneaked up to Wei’s mother to file a complaint, wanting to replace him.

But she didn’t know that the original owner had plastic surgery, which was equivalent to breaking the pattern of facial features. The only “nobleman” who can change Wei Xi is broken. According to the master, there is only one dead end. Wei’s mother suffered a huge blow because of this. The fragile sickness could not bear the great compassion, and the person was gone.

According to the plot of the original book, Wei’s mother will die in a few days. Although Ling Zhen was absent from spiritual power, he could still observe a little breath. Now the old man’s face is indeed entwined with a cloud of twilight.

Mother Wei couldn’t move her body, she looked at Ling Zhen, she always felt that her daughter-in-law’s temperament seemed to have improved a lot. She no longer bowed her head and hunched back as before. When sitting still, she naturally straightened her back, showing her slender swan neck, with a calm breath on her body.

Ling Zhen sat in a chair obediently and asked her mother-in-law “How are you doing?”

There was a gentle smile in Wei’s eyes, her voice faint, “I’ll be cured when I see you and Axi come together.”

Ling Zhen smiled and held the old woman’s dry hand.

She came this time to convince Wei’s mother that she plans to live a good life with Wei Xi. In the original book, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were too unfamiliar, which caused Ling Xuan, an outsider, to easily get in.

Wei Mu is a gentle old lady, she shouldn’t suffer such a tragic ending of being pissed off.

What’s more, Ling Zhen couldn’t bear the consequences of Wei’s mother’s death.

“You must take care of your body and live a long life,” Ling Zhen said sincerely, “I will visit you often in the future.”

“Really, thank you,” Wei mother was very happy. “My old lady has nothing to look at. If you are not busy, please accompany Axi more.”

Ling Zhen smiled and nodded to make her feel relieved, “Don’t worry, he is my husband and I will live with him well.”

Hearing her saying this, a big stone fell on Wei’s heart, and she stretched her brows, her old face showed a gleam, and her eyes were slightly wet.

“Okay, okay, thank you so much, thank you so much.”

As her mood changed, the twilight on Wei’s mother’s face had obviously dissipated a lot, Ling Zhen breathed a sigh of relief.

This blackening point should be considered past

At this moment, outside the ward, Wei Xi leaned against the pure white wall and bowed her head slightly.

Broken hair pressed his eyebrows, his eyelashes covered his dark eyes, and the expression on his cold white face was a bit complicated. The laughter from the ward came in my ears, very clear in the quiet corridor.

There has been no laughter in this ward for a long time.

At night, the house is quiet.

The day of war and chaos was finally over, Ling Zhen took a good bath and looked at herself in the mirror seriously.

Apricot eyes, a natural and beautiful silkworm, with long eyelashes, a small nose tip, and full lips. These facial features are exactly the same as the fairy Ling Zhen, who was voted the most beautiful in the fairy world for three consecutive times, and indeed responded to the words of the cosmetic surgeon.

Grow up like this, what kind of face still want surgery.

However, the original master’s complexion is too bad, the skin condition is not as breakable as the fairy’s blow, and the complexion is a bit dull. Moreover, the original owner’s personality is inferior and sensitive, and his posture is not good-looking, and he always gives people a sense of cringe.

Ling Zhen raised his hand and touched the small bead hanging from the thin thread between his collarbone. She suddenly wore it here, and only this life spirit orb came with her. Ben Mingzhu is equivalent to her, seeing what she sees and hearing what she hears, so she deliberately defrauded Wen Xiaoning and recorded the evidence when she was in the hospital.

In addition, Lingzhu is warm and nourished in the immortal realm, and contains the aura of the immortal realm. Based on Ling Zhen’s observation of this world, the aura of her bead almost caught up to half of the aura’s stored value in the entire world.

So in a short time, she is not worried, being raised by Lingzhu, her skin color and appearance will quickly adjust back to the state of a fairy. After the villain’s blackening incubation period, she can rest assured to find a way to return to the fairy world.

Ling Zhen calmed down, dried her hair, and walked out of the bathroom wearing a white cotton nightdress.

To the left of the bathroom is Wei Xi’s large bedroom. To the right is a slightly smaller room with some original owner’s things.

Ling Zhen was suddenly uncertain about how the original owner and Wei Xi slept.

Although the relationship between the two is obviously cold, it is very likely that they slept in separate rooms, but in case, they slept on the big bed and they are not related to each other.

Ling Zhen was a little bit frightened, for fear that she might step on the wrong foot. With a slender calf bare, she walked back and forth along the corridor a few times, and finally plunged into the room on the right.

Two minutes later, she came out again and continued to wander back and forth hesitantly. She was wearing slippers, rubbing on the wooden floor, and finally swayed to the door of the large bedroom, with her forehead resting on the door panel.

Or go in and say good night and then go back to the small room to sleep.

Ling Zhen made up his mind, raised his little hand and was about to knock on the door.

Suddenly, with a “click”, the door opened from inside

Ling Zhen was still leaning against the door, falling forward along the way, “Pachi” hit a hard chest.

The girl had just finished taking a shower, her wet hair was scented with warm flowers, and she came over with her warm body temperature. She bumped against his chest, a soft ball, and the corners of the cotton nightdress rubbed against the back of his hand.

Wei Xi lowered her head, frowning clearly visible.

Ling Zhen hurriedly propped himself up, and took a step back like an enemy. The description of how Wei Xi tortured her in the original text once again came to mind, and the hairs on Ling Zhen’s back stood up.

Wei Xi spoke, with a slight hostility, “It’s so noisy.”

The sound of her going back and forth in the corridor was so noisy.

After saying that, as soon as Wei Xi raised her hand, the girl in front of her ran back to the opposite room with a “wow”.

Wei Xi””

He just wanted to rub his forehead.

Women are really troublesome.

Ling Zhen rushed back to the room in a panic, circling around the room to think of a solution. Wei Xi raised his hand just now, is it necessary to do it? How can I calm him down?

Outside the room, Wei Xi frowned and was silent for a few seconds. After all, she raised her foot and walked to the door of her room, “You”

Before the voice fell, an audio was suddenly played in the room, super loud, loud and loud.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry”

“Anger gives place to the devil”

Wei Xi: “…”

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