MTL/N: First chapter completely translated

Drop. Drop.

“The line is here, the mandibular angle will be removed, and the buccal fat pad should be taken away.”

“Say, it’s not enough to look like this – why does she still need to do plastic surgery?”

“I heard it was to chase that Shen Yanchu.”

Isn’t Shen Yanchu the male lead of The Road to Obsessiveness?

There were some inexplicable conversations in her ears, and Ling Zhen felt that she was numb all over. When she was just about to move, suddenly a cold iron tool touched her face.

Anyone who is half-dreaming and half-awake will be scared to death by someone holding a knife on her face. Ling Zhen was so terrified that she opened his eyes instantly.

The plastic surgeon hadn’t cut the knife, and was caught off guard seeing the patient’s piercing eyes, and he took a big step back in fright.

“What the hell is going on!”

Ling Zhen sat up stiffly. The bed curtain of her fairy palace was gone, and the surrounding area was strange. And based on the information she quickly integrated into her mind just now, Ling Zhen is undergoing plastic surgery for “Shen Yanchu”.

The next thing naturally appeared in her mind – she would fail the plastic surgery and become ugly. Then the fact that she would get plastic surgery for other men would reach her mother-in-law’s ears, angering the seriously ill elder in bed. And her husband, who would have lost his only relative, would turn into a violent villain, and put her in a mental hospital and torture her to death.

It’s not that Ling Zhen can predict the future.

Rather, this is the plot in a novel, a dog-blood novel she just finished reading.

Ling Zhen was a dignified fairy, but she couldn’t escape the fate of having to transmigrate as a character with the same name. She opened her eyes and became the female partner Ling Zhen in the book. She really wanted to cry.

Because this female partner is really good enough to die.

She has a husband, but she still can’t let go of the protagonist Shen Yanchu, who she has been in love with for many years, but the protagonist and the entire protagonist’s friend circle don’t take her seriously. Therefore, she was jealous of the heroine Jian Wenyi, and stupidly thought that as long as she had Jian Wenyi’s sweet look, she would be favored by Shen Yanchu.

However, starting from this plastic surgery, her life has been miserable for thousands of miles, and she can no longer recover from it.

At this time, the doctors and nurses in the operating room looked at Ling Zhen tremblingly, “Ling, Miss Ling, how about you lie down first.”

Still lay a ghost!

(MTL/N: Lay, what lay!)

Fortunately she really transmigrated through before the scalpel fell, otherwise she would repeat the mistake of the original owner of “killing her mother-in-law, blackening her ex-husband, and being tortured to death”.

Fortunately, one: had no plastic surgery, two: had no divorce, and her ex-husband was not an ex-husband, nor was he the black villain. Ling Zhen felt that she could save him. Thinking of this, she didn’t want to waste any more time and walked out.

Outside the operating room, Wen Xiaoning enthusiastically sent a photo to the WeChat group with Shen Yanchu and Jian Wenyi. It was a candid shot, and the protagonist was Ling Zhen in a hospital gown. Then, she shared her location, “xxx beauty salon”.

As soon as the news was sent out, it immediately stirred up waves.

Song Ze: “Fuck, this sister did not go for the plastic surgery for Brother Yan, right?”

Ding Ze: “666 is really good enough to fight Wen Yi, but you have to be careful.”

Wen Xiaoning watched with satisfaction as the group became lively because of his topic, and just about to reply, only then heard a “bang” behind her, and the door of the operating room was suddenly opened.

When she turned her head, she saw Ling Zhen walking out, and frowned, “What are you doing?”

Ling Zhen looked at the woman in front of her and guessed who she was. After the original owner decided to undergo plastic surgery, she originally wanted to choose a regular hospital for surgery, but it was Wen Xiaoning who jumped out and said that she had a friend who opened a beauty salon. The technique was reliable and she could give her a discount.

Wen Xiaoning is Jian Wenyi’s little sister. The original owner fawns on their friend circle and transfers almost all of her savings to Wen Xiaoning with great trust, and she will then give it to the beauty salon, without knowing how many rebates have been swallowed.

Not only that, Wen Xiaoning said to keep her secret, turned around and stabbed Ling Zhen in the back with her plastic surgery, and also publicized that Ling Zhen used Jian Wenyi as the model for plastic surgery, which caused the protagonist group to ridicule the original owner.

Right now, this vicious cannon fodder was right in front of her, and Ling Zhen’s black eyes stared at her, “I’m not doing the surgery.”

“Not doing the surgery, ” Wen Xiaoning raised her eyebrows suddenly, “After I have been busy for you these two days, you want to get such a big discount. If you didn’t have me, the operation fee would not be so cheap.”

Before she could finish her words, Ling Zhen suddenly followed her words and asked, “Thanks for your hard work, how much will the hospital promise to give you?”

Wen Xiaoning was very emotional, was hit, and subconsciously replied “only five or sixty thousand.”

After speaking, she suddenly realized that she had been scammed, and her proud face just turned white. She knew.

But Wen Xiaoning immediately changed to Ling Zhen and there was no evidence. Even if she knew it, she didn’t dare to tear her face apart and say that they didn’t want to see her in the first place, and ruin their relationship, because no one would take her to play in the future.

Wen Xiaoning felt at peace, and pretended to affectionately pull Lingzhen’s arm. “Oh, stop making trouble, weren’t you trying to be beautiful at the beginning? Why do you persuade me? I’ll beg the dean, and then I will make up for you. One time anesthesia, no more money.”

In peacetime, Ling Zhen was already grateful for Dade, but this time she didn’t respond, and instead slowly pulled out her arm.

“I said I’m not doing it,” Ling Zhen said slowly, but clearly, “So, transfer my money back and leave it as it is.”

Wen Xiaoning saw that it didn’t make sense, and immediately lowered her face, “Dream on, even if you don’t do surgery, don’t want that money back and I tell you, don’t think about playing with us ever again.”

Surprisingly, Ling Zhen didn’t care about her threat, but added the condition, “Transfer it to me within three days.”

Wen Xiaoning was completely embarrassed into anger, and reached out to push her “I gave you face, right!”

Unexpectedly, as soon as she moved, Ling Zhen’s arm was flexibly grasped, and a low and calm voice pierced her ear, “Otherwise, I will expose the matters about your crush on Shen Yanchu, secretly photographing Jian Wenyi, and hacking her on the Internet to your friends.”

“Hey, Eon in the wind” This is the id of Wen Xiaoning’s black post.

Wen Xiaoning disappeared instantly, her pupils shrank suddenly, and her face paled.

She, how does she know!

Ling Zhen grabbed her arm and pushed with a little bit of dexterity, and Wen Xiaoning sat down on the ground. But she forgot to scream, and there was only panic and disbelief on her face.

Wen Xiaoning is also prestigious in front of the original owner. In fact, she is just a small cannon fodder in the protagonist’s circle of friends. The most feared thing is to be kicked out. Once these things are exposed, she will never get along with them.

Ling Zhen had read the original book, knew what Wen Xiaoning had done secretly, and knew how to get her out of the circle, so she was very confident that she would definitely be able to get the money back.

Wen Xiaoning sat on the ground embarrassedly, squeezing out an ugly smile, “Well, we still have something to discuss about the money, I will help you pay for the beauty salon, how, how can I have your money?”

Ling Zhen wouldn’t believe her nonsense, and the corner of his lips twitched, “That’s your problem.”

“You-” Wen Xiaoning was choked with heartache, but didn’t dare to scold her a word.

Ling Zhen glanced at her and left with the words, “just three days.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

After taking the phone and bag of the original owner and changing clothes, Ling Zhen went out and drove the car.

Then she found that the biggest problem right now is…

She doesn’t know where she lives.

In response to the increasingly suspicious look of the driver’s master, Ling ZhenFu was in her heart and remembered that there is something called “takeaway” in the mortal world. She found the address of the house number from the takeaway software, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But the closer she gets to the destination, the more her heart is lifted.

Because the person she is about to face is her biggest survival challenge in this world.

Ling Zhen was deeply impressed by the fate of the host in the original book.

“Ling Zhen was locked in a snow-white room. Her face was ruined by plastic surgery, her eyes were like black holes, and her throat was hoarse. Her fingers dug out blood on the wall and dyed the pillow and bedding red. The people coming and going turned a blind eye.

Because she is a madman, and someone made her a madman, it must be so. “

This is the description of the original text.

And this “someone” is obviously her ex-husband, Wei Xi.

Ling Zhen shuddered involuntarily, trying hard to think better.

The marriage between the original owner and Wei Xi is completely useless and they do not care about each other, so perhaps Wei Xi did not know that she was going out for plastic surgery, nor did he know that she was planning to divorce.

As long as she goes out and strolls around the street, and return home like she usually does, maybe she will pass this villain’s blackening point safely.

In fact, Wei Xi, the villain, had a very unfortunate childhood. His biological father was glamorous and wealthy, but he abused his wife and children in private. The deformed growth environment has created Wei Xi’s character to be paranoid, violent, and intolerant of betrayal, but at the same time, he is also lacking in love.

It is precisely because of this that the death of his only mother who has loved him will stimulate Wei Xi to become black.

As the villain’s first dish after the blackening, if Ling Zhen wants to live well in this world, she must disarm the blackening bomb, influence him with love, and change him.

And at that time, leave him peacefully and safely.

After thinking about this, Ling Zhen also stood in front of the door of the takeaway address.

She clenched her fist, took a deep breath, carried her small bag, and raised a smile full of love and peace.

Well, just like that, as if everything hasn’t happened, as if plastic surgery, divorce, has nothing to do with her.

She opened the door.

In the spacious living room, she saw the man at a glance.

He had a very delicate profile. The dim skylight outside the window came in obliquely, and the man’s mandibular angle was as precise as the dividing line between light and shadow. The complexion is cold and white, with thin lips, towering from the root of the mountain to the tip of the nose, forming a straight peak line. Under the deep eye sockets, the eyes are half closed, and the eyes are dull and unclear.

His slender fingers were pinching a thin sheet of paper.

It was originally a pleasing picture, but when Ling Zhen saw the paper, there was a “boom” in her mind.

She suddenly remembered that when the original owner left the house, with the heart of chasing love and freedom, she left a divorce agreement on the table in the living room.

Between the sparks and the fire, Ling Zhen seemed to see the miserable picture of her being locked up and beaten up, and her desire to survive immediately ignited, and rushed towards the man.

She rushed to the table in a few steps, snatched the divorce agreement and hid it behind her back.

Because of this gesture, she met the eyes of the villain for the first time.

Wei Xi folded his eyebrows and raised his eyes slowly. Those dark eyes seemed to be condensed into a thick dark cloud, and impatience and irritability were like faint lightning in the dark cloud.

The woman in front of him lay down on the table and shrank into a ball. Her hair is slightly messy, eyes are round, and she is trembling.

His hands are just as empty, like a delicate sculpture, propped in the air.

Ling Zhen’s heart beats so fast, she actually snatched something from the villain!

But why doesn’t he take his hand back? Is he going to hit someone?

Ling Zhen’s wry eyes blinked twice, observing Wei Xi’s reaction, and then boldly, carefully handed her little hand to Wei Xi’s empty hand.

Wei Xi froze.

“You follow me,” The girl held his hand, took a long and slow breath, and puffed her cheeks slightly.

“Don’t, don’t be angry, and take a deep breath.”

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