SFTAB: Ch 38

 The dazzling sunlight stabbed people’s eyes with pain.     It’s useless to stay here, so it’s better to find something to do for yourself.     Jiang Miaomiao remembered the pasta that Lu Qiming had made for her before, and he turned out a handful of noodles and fumbled for the taste in his memory to make it.Continue reading “SFTAB: Ch 38”

SFTAB: Ch 37

At night, the rain is still falling, pattering.     Jiang Miaomiao spread a summer mat on the big round bed and lay on it in a tank top and shorts, sighing from the heat.     Lu Qiming sat next to her, playing with a flashlight.     The light beams passing by her from time to time, and theContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 37”

SFTAB: Ch 36

 Jiang Miaomiao has coveted the private pool in the suite for a long time.     The swimming pool area is not very large, about 20 square meters, located in a fully enclosed balcony, three sides are surrounded by transparent to non-existent floor-to-ceiling windows.     The pool is made of sky blue tiles. When the sun is shining,Continue reading “SFTAB: Ch 36”

SFTAB: Ch 35

 Jiang Miaomiao was so ashamed that he wanted to get into the cracks in the ground, trying to squat down.     Lu Qiming pinched her waist and forced her to stand up straight. When he was about to continue kissing, there was a loud noise outside the toilet.     Both of them stopped, Jiang Miaomiao said hurriedly:Continue reading “SFTAB: Ch 35”

SFTAB: Ch 34

It’s impossible to steer dogs, you can only take away discipline like this.     Jiang Miaomiao topped Qiming’s terrible anger, and picked up Jiang Rourou, ready to take it to the corner to teach it alone.     But the other party was not ashamed of the name she gave her, and her weight increased very rapidly, andContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 34”

SFTAB: Ch 33

 In the sun, his hair and eyebrows were wet, like a big dog that had just taken a shower.     Jiang Miaomiao stared at him in a daze, and after a while he recovered and punched him in the chest.     “Don’t make such a bad joke! Don’t you know the story of the wolf coming? ComeContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 33”

SFTAB: Ch 32

Jiang Miaomiao sat by the window and watched the heavy rain for several hours.     There was movement behind her, and she quickly turned her head.     “Are you awake?” The sofa is very comfortable, and there is no need to worry about zombies. Lu Qiming rarely slept well, leaned on the back of the sofa and closedContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 32”

SFTAB: Ch 31

Lu Qiming was awakened and found the water on the ground, also very dazed.     Jiang’s meat is low on the ground, his entire stomach is wet, and the dog’s hair sticks to his body one by one.     Jiang Miaomiao quickly picked up the bags on the side and hugged them in his arms, fearing thatContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 31”

SFTAB: Ch 30

After reading it for a long time, Jiang Miaomiao really turned it over to the tutorial of making steamed buns.     The name fascinated her-zero failure lazy mantou (steamed buns).     Zero failure, lazy, just what she needs.     Jiang Miaomiao looked at it with interest, but only after reading the line of preparation materials, it wilted likeContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 30”

SFTAB: Ch 29

Lu Qiming insisted so much that Jiang Miaomiao had to hug the dog back to the room.     But it is impossible to sleep. If Lu Qiming dies, she can’t live alone.     Rather than continue to be frightened, it is better to fight to the death!     She found everything that could be used, kitchen knives, rope,Continue reading “SFTAB: Ch 29”