On the weekend of this week, the two went to town together.     The fetus gets bigger day by day, no matter how inexperienced they are, they also know that they have to prepare some clothes and pants in advance.     There is only one large maternity and baby shop in the city with many customers.     AfterContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 58【END】”

SFTAB: Ch 57

 Jiang Miaomiao and Lu Qiming are busy now.     I have to get up at six o’clock every morning.     After waking up, let the chickens and ducks out first, and let them go around in the yard, so that they don’t have to linger in the shed.     Then fetch water, pour feed, and feed them breakfast.Continue reading “SFTAB: Ch 57”

SFTAB: Ch 56

 After Gu Changzhou finished speaking, he really found a hoe and hatchet from the house with those hands that once carried the gun and went to weed the ground.     Seeing what Lu Qiming meant, he had no intention of helping.     This is their future home after all, not Gu Changzhou’s.     Jiang Miaomiao was embarrassed toContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 56”

SFTAB: Ch 55

To be precise, Lu Qiming escaped.     The laboratory has moved to the city. He has completed all the tasks agreed at the beginning and could have left directly, but the government is preparing for a post-war commendation meeting to boost morale and praise the heroes and affirm everyone’s efforts.     He who dedicated his body andContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 55”

SFTAB: Ch 54

Jiang Miaomiao hissed quickly.     “Be quiet, everyone is sleeping, don’t wake them up.” Lu Qiming pouted, “Are you with a lot of people?”     “Well, there are more than a dozen team members, haven’t they told you yet? “     That’s it.” He jokingly said: “But I thought they would throw you back to the base when they foundContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 54”

SFTAB: Ch 53

The time to meet is limited, so you can’t waste it in silence.     Jiang Miaomiao asked what she was most concerned about.     “Are you okay these days? What did they do to you?”     Lu Qiming lowered his head to clean up his emotions, and finally could speak.     “Fortunately, I did some simple tests first. TheContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 53”

SFTAB: Ch 52

 According to Yuan Mubing’s statement before coming, and the description in the original text, in this impenetrable underground fortress, every survivor has an equal right to accommodation.     The size and level of the house are no longer different due to identity, and are only allocated according to needs.     What Jiang Miaomiao has seen and heardContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 52”

SFTAB: Ch 51

 The two had a feast by the lake, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and seeing that the sun was about to go down, they went home holding hands.     As for the dining table and leftover dishes… Today is a good day for them, of course they have to fish with confidence.     Those things you didn’t do,Continue reading “SFTAB: Ch 51”

SFTAB: Ch 50

 After a full meal, the bowl returned to Lu Qiming to clean up, and Jiang Miaomiao used the water he brought back to take a shower in the bathroom.     The climate on the island was warm, and they did another day’s work. They didn’t feel cold even after taking a bath in cold water. OnContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 50”

SFTAB: Ch 49

 The small island covers an area of ​​16 square kilometers, and it only takes a few hours to walk around from south to north.     The island is surrounded by the sea and there is a hill to the west.     At the bottom of the mountain is arable land for growing potatoes and tomatoes, on theContinue reading “SFTAB: Ch 49”