SFTAB: Ch 49

 The small island covers an area of ​​16 square kilometers, and it only takes a few hours to walk around from south to north.

    The island is surrounded by the sea and there is a hill to the west.

    At the bottom of the mountain is arable land for growing potatoes and tomatoes, on the other is a small freshwater lake, and on the lakeside is the habitat of the aborigines.

    There are about a hundred houses, gathered together to form a small village with a street in the middle of the village.

    On both sides of the street, there are hospitals, schools, restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, churches, museums, etc., all kinds of places where sparrows are small and complete.

    Residents were all sent in by the British government in the last century, so the building retains a strong English country style.

    Most of them are built with logs and masonry, simple and natural, and integrated with the environment.

    The furniture in the house is made of simple and elegant walnut wood, decorated with broken flowers, stripes, and Scottish motifs, which looks full of vitality and interest.

    The scenery on this island is already beautiful, and with so many beautiful buildings, it must be a good place for leisure and vacation before the end of the world.

    It is a pity that Jiang Miaomiao didn’t come at the right time, and the tranquil atmosphere on the island was broken by the virus.

    The white walls of the hospital, the walnut tables in the dining room, and the checkered cloth in the shop were all splattered with blood, and they became black for a long time, terrifying and dazzling.

    Fortunately, they spent half a day patrolling the island and found no fish that slipped through the net.

    Apart from them, there are no people, not even living creatures, on the island.

    Because the cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, wild animals and insects on the island were all found and eaten by the army of zombies who were unable to leave the island.

    The sunny and beautiful island is covered with blood, there are no living people, and the pier is full of broken limbs and arms. It is a perfect place to shoot horror movies.

    The more Jiang Miaomiao thought about it, the more he felt oozing, and got goose bumps all over.

    Lu Qiming put down his gun, found a few barrels of cooking oil from the back kitchen of the restaurant, and walked towards the shore.

    Upon seeing this, Jiang Miaomiao also moved a bucket and followed him.

    After arriving, Lu Qiming splashed the oil on the broken body, splashing it as evenly as possible, and then took out the lighter.

    She asked: “Are you going to burn them?”

    “The decay of corpses can easily produce bacteria and cause plagues. It is safer to burn them, and it does not pollute the air and water.”

    “Well, you burn them.”

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t want to look at it. Not wanting to go back to the ghostly street, so he walked a little aside and stood far away with the dog in his arms.

    Lu Qiming lit the corpse, and with the help of cooking oil and sea breeze, the flames shot high and burst into flames.

    The air is full of the smell of burnt protein, which masks the original smell.

    If you don’t think about what those things are, it’s actually quite fragrant, like a barbecue.

    With his back to the flame, Jiang Miaomiao looked at the house in front, wondering where to live.

    It is obviously too much trouble to rebuild one by oneself, but with so many houses, how should I choose?

    It took three or four hours for the fire to go out, and the shore was completely black.

    Lu Qiming didn’t care about it, anyway, when the tide was high, the sea water would naturally wash it away.

    He walked behind Jiang Miaomiao, who was still struggling with his residence and did not notice his arrival.

    He looked at her tangled little face, suddenly wanted to scare her, learn to be a zombie, ho ho rushed towards her back.

    Jiang Miaomiao was really frightened. The screams broke through the clouds, picked up the dog and turned and smashed on him, using Jiang’s fat buttocks to smash him, a big man of nearly 1.9 meters, with no counterattack. .


    Jiang Rourou was the first to recognize his taste and shouted.

    She saw his face clearly in hindsight, panting with exhaustion.

    “Why are you? I thought…”

    Lu Qiming couldn’t laugh or cry, “I wanted to scare you, but it scared me too hard.”

    So cruel, zombies are scared when they see it.

    She suddenly realized and said with her arms akimbo:

    “Okay, I wanted to scare me, deserve it! Go and bite him twice.”

    Jiang Rourou didn’t bite anyone, standing between the two of them wagging their tails, and couldn’t wait to go to the new home.

    After a busy day, the setting sun slanted to the west, and the golden-red sunset had dyed the sky and the surface of the red sea. Even the air was faintly red.

    They are like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, no one else, only each other.

    Lu Qiming rubbed her sore nose and hooked her shoulder.

    “Go, go home!”

    Two people and one dog walked to the house and picked them up inside.

    The structure of the house is basically the same. There are two or three bedrooms in a two-story building. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are all available.

    After seeing many homes, Jiang Miaomiao chose a house next to the restaurant.

    The reason is simple. The carpet in that house looks beautiful, embroidered with small pink flowers. Stepping on it is like stepping on a rose garden.

    Moreover, there are relatively few blood stains, so it is easy to clean.

    It was late, the electricity system on the island was damaged and there were no lights.

    So they didn’t do anything else for a while, took out a few bags of military rations to fill their stomachs, washed them casually, and were ready to go to bed.

    There are three bedrooms in this house, one on the lower floor and two on the upper floor.

    Jiang Miu Miu stood under the wooden stairs, asked: “? How we sleep ah”

    Lu Qiming understand “? How to sleep”

    . “Yes,

    care .” Lu Qiming nodded thoughtfully, and put her on his shoulder apart from anything else, and went straight to the master bedroom on the second floor.

    Jiang Rourou followed behind and was about to enter the room.

    The door closed against its nose, blocking it out.

    It stood alone outside the door, with its tail motionless, and soon heard a roaring noise from inside, with yearning in its eyes, and scratched the door with its paws.

    It’s a pity that the door still didn’t open. It was a bit boring after standing for a long time, turned around and found a corner to lie on its stomach, curled up into a ball.

    Inside the room, Jiang Miaomiao crawled out from under Lu Qiming’s body with difficulty.

    “Get out of the way, you are so heavy, it crushes me to death.” The

    latter asked: “Don’t you tell me about sleeping separately?”

    “Didn’t you insist on sleeping in two rooms before? You can only mention it, not me? “

    Lu Qiming eloquently said, “It used to be before, now is now.”

    “What’s the difference?”

    “The difference is…”

    He approached her, grinning, and there was light in his eyes.

    “I can’t live without you anymore.”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s cheeks warmed, pushing him away and sitting up.

    “Let me look at the fleshy go, it is afraid of sleeping alone, so it has to be let in.”

    “Come back.”

    Lu Qiming stretched his arms and pulled her back to her original position, hugging her domineeringly.

    “Don’t go, I’m also afraid of sleeping alone, I will cry

    if you leave .” “You cry, cry if you have the ability.”

    The little old man who is almost fifty years old, he is still acting like a baby and is not ashamed!

    He really hid his face and wept, rolling all over the bed, his legs were so long that he kicked the pillow.

    “Ouuuuu, my dog ​​doesn’t love me, I’m so sad…”

    Lu Qiming rolled around and returned to her side, resting his chin on her chest, blinking his eyes and said:

    “You have to be comforted I, otherwise I won’t get up.”


    “I won’t eat, drink, or sleep yet.”


    “If you don’t talk anymore, I will pluck out that dog’s hair and let it Become a bald donkey.”

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t bear it. “To be honest, did they inject you tubercle bacillus?”

    “Mycobacterium tuberculosis?”

    “Give you meningitis.” He

    became a mentally retarded person.

    Lu Qiming looked at her angrily, like a pufferfish.

    She chuckled, messed his hair, and stretched her right hand to his waist.

    Lu Qiming guarded his waistband.

    “What are you going to do?”

    “You don’t let me go out, and I can’t sleep, then do something else.”

    His body is completely healed, the two of them are full of food and drink, full of energy, and the environment is safe. Best for doing something shy.

    Jiang Miaomiao thought it was logical, but Lu Qiming shook his head.


    She looked worried.

    “Did you really fall there?”

    What should I do? Where did it fall? Where can I find it? How can I pick it up if I find it?

    When Lu Qiming raised his hand, his brain collapsed.

    “I just want me to become a eunuch?”

    “You didn’t fall?”

    “Of course not!”

    “Then why don’t you…”

    He said sternly: “I’m afraid of infecting you.”

    Jiang Miao thought about it and found out. It’s really possible.

    In the original text, there are humans infected by contact with zombie saliva, but the number is very small.

    There should be none infected by sexual contact. After all, with the appearance of a zombie, except for necrophilia, normal people can’t make their mouths.

    But Lu Qiming is now only suppressed by the vaccine, and he is still in an infected state, which is equivalent to a zombie.

    If they come in close contact, they might actually infect her.

    There are still vaccines in his hand, but there are nine in total, and Lu Qiming alone is not enough. Adding her will not be more troublesome.

    Finally escaped, but can’t do anything, alas.

    Thinking of this, she couldn’t help sighing.

    Lu Qiming kissed her on the cheek, “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay.” She retracted her hand and hugged him quietly, “Go to sleep.” After a

    tired day, there are still many things to do tomorrow.

    Lu Qiming had two kinds of drugs fighting in his body, and he was physically exhausted. He closed his eyes and fell asleep soon after hearing the words.

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t sleep. After he fell asleep, he quietly opened the door and took Jiang Rourou in.

    The chubby dog ​​turned into a plush cushion under the bed and finally felt relieved.

    Jiang Miaomiao lay on the bed with one foot on Lu Qiming and one foot on the dog, like a female emperor hugging left and right, happy and contented.

    The night on the island is very quiet, with only the sound of waves hitting the rocks.

    The first night ended soon.

    In the early morning, sunlight came in from the window, through the floral lace curtains, and fell on Jiang Miaomiao’s face.

    She opened her eyes and looked at the strange room for a long time before remembering that they had left the refuge in the ice and snow and came to a safe island.

    Phew, that’s great.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a deep breath, stretched out a big laziness, and hugged the pillow to sleep longer.

    The people around her also woke up, crawled over, and kissed her on the tip of her nose.

    She waved softly.

    “Don’t make trouble, dirty, didn’t brush your teeth.”

    “I don’t dislike it.”

    “I dislike it.”

    “Is it?” In the

    next second, Lu Qiming blew into her nose.

    Jiang Miaomiao simply convinced, covering his face with a pillow, and the voice came from underneath.

    “If you have too much energy, go for a run and come back after running ten or eight laps. Don’t bother me, okay.”

    She was wearing a big T-shirt that was turned over from the closet at hand last night . She didn’t wear any pants.

    When he raised his hand, his clothes shrank up, revealing his white legs and slender waist.

    The panties are made of light pink cotton, with a circle of lace, which looks very cute.

    Lu Qiming pinched her waist, his expression disgusted.

    “You are really skinny.”

    Everyone obviously eats the same amount of food, but they don’t grow meat and don’t know where they are consumed.

    Jiang Miaomiao pulled her clothes down and hummed: “Rogue.”

    “This is a rogue? Come on, touch it for you.”

    Lu Qiming grabbed her hand and stuffed it into his clothes.

    The fingertips touch the smooth and healthy skin, the muscles are full of elasticity, and the touch is fascinating.

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t help but remove the pillow and opened his eyes to look at him.

    He smiled slightly, took off his shirt, showed her a nearly perfect body, raised his chin, and said frankly:

    “Please play hooliganism to me as

    much as you want .” So arrogant, do you think she dare not?

    If you can’t eat it, touch it.

    Jiang Miaomiao came down from the mountain with a fierce tiger and rushed to press him on the quilt. When he was about to put his hands on and off, there was a breath of breath from above his head.

    The two raised their heads in doubt, Jiang Rourou was lying on the bed looking at them, the dog’s mouth grinned in a brilliant arc, and the white hair all over his body was shining in the sun.

    Lu Qiming rolled his eyes.

    Jiang Miaomiao let go of him and ran to pet her pet dog.

    “Fulu, you’re awake, good morning.”

    Jiang Rourou licked her face and drooled, and she didn’t dislike it at all, her smile trembled.

    Lu Qiming compared his treatment with indignation, put on his clothes and went downstairs without complaint.

    The island originally had a tap water system, which pulled the water out of the lake, filtered it, and then sent it to residential houses.

    But the system has been damaged, and no water can be released from the faucet.

    So Lu Qiming took two buckets and went to the lake to fetch water.

    Much of the furniture in the room was dusty, so he found rags and mops and began to take care of hygiene.

    After more than an hour, he has finished the living room and kitchen, ready to clean the stairs.

    Jiang Miaomiao came down with a yawn and was stunned when he saw him.

    “You have already started to work? I thought you really went for a run, why didn’t you call me?”

    Lu Qiming said, “Who would call a pig to work.”

    “…Fuck you, give me a rag.”

    He shook his head.

    “If you have nothing to do, go get breakfast, I’ll finish it right away.”


    Jiang Miaomiao touched the dog’s head, “Routine, let’s cook.”

    One person and one dog ran to the kitchen, and Lu Qiming looked at her. Happy back, warm heart.

    There are pots and stoves in the kitchen, and the fuel for the stove comes from the gas distributed on the island.

    Since the gas pipe is buried in the ground, it can still be used up to now, and there is a fire when it is opened.

    There are many seasonings in the cabinet, such as olive oil, black pepper, salt, etc., which have a long shelf life and can be used normally.

    Jiang Miaomiao pulled out a few bags of flour and a sack of potatoes from the cabinet.

    The potatoes have all sprouted, and the leaves are bigger than spinach, and they cannot be eaten.

    Jiang Miaomiao kept them and planned to plant them in the yard when he was free, focusing on the flour.

    So far, her only skillful pasta is pancakes. It takes half an hour to bake seven or eight original flatbreads, with the curry sauce in the army rations, and eat an Indian flavor for breakfast.

    After eating a full meal, the two of them each held a glass of drink and discussed the work to be done.

    After changing to a new home several times, they have already done these things very skillfully, and quickly set their goals.

    The first is to collect supplies.

    Although the entire island is theirs right now, it’s more secure to put food in front of you, and you should put everything you can eat and use in one place.

    If any category is not enough, you have to find a way to add it.

    The second is to filter drinking water.

    The groundwater in freshwater lakes does not circulate, mainly from the accumulation of rainwater, and there may be bacteria and microorganisms in the middle.

    There is no doctor around, and if drinking water causes diarrhea or infection, it is likely to kill half of my life.

    The last thing is to enjoy life.

    Such a beautiful scenery, not much to appreciate, is simply a violent thing.

    After the two drank their drinks, they set off energetic.

    The first target is the warehouse set up by the government on the island.

    According to information that Lu Qiming had heard during his previous travels, there would be transport ships coming here every two weeks to deliver food that is not available on the island to the islanders.

    Such as beef, milk, rice, fruit, etc.

    The warehouse remains full all year round and is managed by a dedicated person.

    The person in charge has become a zombie, burned into ashes and rushed into the sea, the warehouse door is locked tightly, and the key is nowhere to be found.

    Lu Qiming found an axe and slammed it at the big lock on the door. It had no effect except for sparks splashing around the tiger’s mouth.

    Jiang Miaomiao circled the warehouse, found the vent, and hurriedly called him over.

    The two pry open the iron railings on the vents, and work together to climb in, almost swallowed to death by the poisonous gas generated when the food inside rots.

    The air was choked with tears, and Lu Qiming took off his jacket and tore it in half to cover his mouth and nose.

    The two squinted their eyes and searched inside. Among the piles of air-dried food debris, they found dozens of boxes of beverages, dozens of bags of rice, and many rolls of paper, towels, clothing quilts, etc., daily necessities imported from outside the island. .

    The door cannot be opened and the vents are small.

    They took apart the box and the sacks and sent them out a little bit.

    About one-third of it was given away, and it was estimated to be enough for a while, so I hurried out and sat on the ground to take a breath of fresh air.

    Jiang Miaomiao touched the supplies next to her, feeling beautiful in her heart.

    After resting for a few minutes, Lu Qiming found a trolley and transported these things to the new home he chose yesterday, and piled them up in an unused room.

    The two continued to work, and the second stop was the hospital.

    The countless experience of injuries before made them deeply aware of the preciousness of medicines, especially the commonly used medicines for colds, fevers and anti-inflammation, and they want to wear them next to their bodies.

    The island has a small population and a small hospital, which is equivalent to a township clinic.

    There are only two floors, four wards, four offices, a large row of spots, and a small warehouse.

    After the zombie broke out, the islanders probably habitually ran to the hospital and asked the doctor for help.

    Therefore, the hospital has become the most tragic place, and a large area of ​​black blood on the wall is like a post-modern art painting.

    They went straight to the warehouse, and Lu Qiming kicked the locked door. There were many medicines on the shelves inside.

    Jiang Miaomiao shook the bag and prepared to take it, and was dumbfounded at the pill box.

    The names of the medicines on the box are all in English, and many words are not common.

    She died at a level four level and couldn’t understand it.

    Lu Qiming, who has worked abroad for many years, stood out proudly.

    “Give me a hand, little illiterate.”

    She refused, “You are ashamed to say me as a

    sports student ?” “What’s wrong with a sports student? You don’t know the difficulty of going to university decades ago. Those who can pass the exam are all selected from thousands of miles. One.”

    “Cut, just blow it.”

    Jiang Miaomiao said, honestly, according to his instructions, put the necessary medicine into the bag.

    She caught a glimpse of a box on the shelf next to her, feeling a little familiar, and shook it when she picked it up.

    “What is this?”

    Lu Qiming glanced, retracted his gaze, and said quickly.

    Jiang Miaomiao did not hear clearly, “What?”

    He cleared his throat awkwardly and repeated it.

    “Short-acting contraceptives.”


    She has irregular menstruation. I heard that this medicine can regulate the regularity of menstruation, so I can try it.

    Jiang Miaomiao dropped a few boxes into the bag, and Lu Qiming’s eyes suddenly widened. He wanted to ask but was not too embarrassed to ask, so he had to pretend not to see it.

    Hundreds of boxes of various drugs were taken, and several bags of alcohol, sterilized cotton, gauze, etc. were also packed.

    The two went back to the house, passed by the door of the church, and walked in curiously to take a look.

    A picture of Jesus hung in the wide hall with ten rows of seats in front of the picture.

    Since the main body of the building is white, it feels a little holy at first glance.

    Jiang Miaomiao asked,

    “Do you believe there are gods?”

    Lu Qiming shook his head.


    “If so, how could he let his believers die one by one?” After

    he finished speaking , he lowered his head and asked: “You believe?”

    She smiled: “I don’t believe in gods, but I believe in fate.”

    Ming Mingzhi In, it was fate that brought them together.

    Before meeting him, she was an ordinary young man.

    But after seeing him, her whole world lit up, becoming meaningful and pursuing.

    “Go, go, let’s cook lunch.”

    Jiang Miaomiao took Lu Qiming’s hand, crossed the deserted street, and returned to his beautiful new home.

    You have rice on hand, you can make rice and eat it.

    Lu Qiming went to the farm and dug a few potatoes and tomatoes, cut them into the pot and boiled them with rice.

    An hour later, a pot of fragrant vegetable risotto came out.

    The rice is dyed red by tomatoes and dotted with green parsley leaves. It looks pretty.

    The taste of potatoes is also very fragrant, Jiang Miaomiao can’t wait to scoop a spoonful into his mouth, and thumbs up with satisfaction.

    “It’s delicious.”


    “Well! Don’t you think it looks particularly like seafood risotto in a restaurant? It’s a pity that there is no seafood.”

    Lu Qiming: “…What do you want to suggest?”

    She was embarrassed. Smiled.

    “We rely on the sea now. The people on the island are living on seafood, so you see…”

    He said blankly, “Those ashes are all rushed into the sea.”

    “It’s okay, the sea is so big .” , Such a little stuff gets mixed in, it will not poison people.”

    “The fish in the sea have no food to eat, they will eat the remains of zombies, maybe you will eat a finger out of the fish’s belly.”


    “Some fish Small in size, they will use the corpses of the zombies as a nest and drill around in their intestines.”


    “Large lobsters like to eat animal carcasses. When encountering zombies, they will probably swim over to have a good meal. You are sure to eat. Such seafood?”

    Jiang Miaomiao was almost vomiting when he said, his face turned blue, and he was defeated.

    “All right, I will continue to eat potatoes.”

    Lu Qiming couldn’t help but laugh. “But I think shellfish can still be tasted. They mainly eat aquatic plants and microorganisms. Why don’t you go to the reef in the afternoon to see?” The

    shells are good. , Oysters, scallops and mussels are all Jiang Miaomiao’s love.

    I found a few packs of fans from the warehouse today, maybe I can steam the scallops with fans in the evening.

    The two accelerated their meal, and after solving the pot of risotto, they pulled out fish baskets, rubber shoes, buckets and other items from the house and ran to the coast not far away.

    Since the corpse was burned at the dock yesterday, they chose another direction, far away from the sea.

    The shore is covered with huge dark rocks, covered with moss, looking hairy.

    As for the shells, at first glance, there will be no one at that time.

    Jiang Miaomiao had never lived by the sea, and was a little suspicious when he saw it.

    “Are you sure there are shells in this kind of place, you don’t need to go into the water to fish?”

    Lu Qiming threw the rubber shoes to her and walked to the reef with bare feet.

    “Let’s wait and see.”

    Jiang Miaomiao saw this and hurried to change his shoes and ran over.

    A whistling voice came from behind, and when he looked back, Jiang Rourou followed.

    “Fuck, go back, don’t come here.”

    The waves here are big, and it’s stupid. If a wave swept it away, she would have nowhere to cry.

    Jiang Rourou refused to turn his head and ran over persistently, stepping into the water with his paws.

    Jiang Miaomiao planned to hug it, but saw it dive into the water and swim up like a decent dog. The dog’s posture was more standard than hers.

    …Well, it still has this technology, it almost buries its talents.

    Jiang Miaomiao walked safely to Lu Qiming, who was already squatting on a huge reef and began to look for shells.

    “Huh, is this this?”

    She caught a glimpse of a round and dark object, and when she picked it up, it was just a small stone and threw it back into the water disappointedly.

    “Are you stupid? The shell must be sucked on the stone, how can you get it on the ground?”

    Lu Qiming turned his head and laughed at her naked|nakedly.

    She sneered, “Don’t laugh at me, did you gain after looking for a long time? I am also a layman, half a catty.”

    “What anxious? There will be soon.”

    Lu Qiming continued to search, not letting go of every gap. He found one and shook it in his hands.

    “Let’s see what this is.”

    Jiang Miaomiao was about to go over. Unexpectedly, the soles of her feet slipped, her body slumped and her legs were upturned, her tail vertebra knocked on the stone, causing her tears to surge in pain.

    Lu Qiming hurriedly came to help her.

    “Are you okay?”

    She took off her rubber shoes and threw them away.

    “What kind of

    broken shoes, they are not slip resistant at all.” “Is the skin broken? Go back and wipe some medicine?”

    She shook her head, her mind rested on his hands.

    “What did you find? Show me.”

    Lu Qiming handed over a dark thing, which looked like a stone at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it was found that there was a seam in the middle and the surface was uneven.

    Judging by Jiang Miaomiao’s years of barbecue experience-this is an oyster.

    Lu Qiming found a rock and slammed it hard.

    The hard shell cracked open, revealing the plump and tender meat inside.

    Woo, it’s really an oyster!

    One is not enough, she still needs it.

    Jiang Miaomiao stood up like a chicken blood, and climbed on the reef barefoot, about to wipe out the shells here.

    However, the other party couldn’t make it through with her, and searched hard for a long time, except that the feet were stained green by moss, and nothing was found.

    Lu Qiming found another one and proudly showed it off to her.

    “Do you think I’m like a great father.”


    “Use your hands to make money to support the family, bring food back, and feed your own stupid daughters and greedy stupid dogs.”

    “…Less narcissism. Now, it’s possible to feed whom.”

    Jiang Miaomiao cheered up and kept looking.

    Suddenly a wet black nose arched into her hand, Jiang Rourou’s hair was soaked, his mouth was open, and a small scallop was placed.

    Jiang Miaomiao: “Look at Lu Qiming! I found it!”

    She raised it excitedly, and the latter glanced at her with disdain.

    “It’s so small, is it enough to stuff your teeth?”

    Jiang Rourou turned his head and dived into the water, and came back after a while, holding an oyster almost as big as a palm in his mouth.

    “Lu Qiming, look! It’s so amazing!”

    Lu Qiming looked at the little crab in his hand, and when he was angry, he threw it into the water and continued searching.

    Jiang Rourou exerted his true strength, and then picked up things three times in a row.

    Oysters, scallops, conch, and even a large lobster.

    The lobster was so fierce that it broke its mouth.

    It was placed in front of Jiang Miaomiao in a naive manner, grinning.

    “Woo, my good meat…”

    Jiang Miaomiao was moved and happily hugged it and touched the dog’s head.

    “Don’t look for it, go play, let’s do the rest.”

    It wagged its tail and ran to dig a hole on the beach to play.

    Jiang Miaomiao came to Lu Qiming with the bucket that was almost full, glanced at his pitiful harvest, and bumped him on the shoulder.

    “Great father? If your daughter only depends on you to raise her, I’m afraid she will starve to death.”

    How could Lu Qiming endure such humiliation?

    He got up and said: “You wait for me.”

    Then he jumped into the water and swam far flexibly.

    Jiang Miaomiao shrugged and continued looking for shells.

    Time flies quickly. In the evening everyone stopped work and went back. Jiang Miaomiao filled both buckets, and Lu Qiming only harvested salt and sand all over his body.

    Back home, he took a towel and went to the lake to take a bath.

    Jiang Miaomiao washed his feet with water, stepped on the original owner’s 46-yard flip-flops, pattering around in the kitchen, tinkering with dinner.

    There are too many shellfish to eat at once.

    She picked out some and kept the rest in a bucket.

    There are three dishes in the evening.

    Steamed scallops with black pepper vermicelli, tomato conch soup, pan-fried large lobster.

    She hadn’t done it before, all of it was fooling around, but because the ingredients were fresh and the process was simple, the taste after coming out was actually quite good.

    Take out the beautiful plates from the cupboard and bring the dishes to the table.

    Jiang Miaomiao opened the lid of the other pot, and the rice inside was already cooked.

    “Routu, Lu Qiming, it’s time for dinner.”

    She yelled a few times, but no one answered, went to the second floor window and looked towards the lake.

    Under the beautiful sunset, her man and dog are walking back home slowly on the green lawn.

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