SFTAB: Ch 31

Lu Qiming was awakened and found the water on the ground, also very dazed.

    Jiang’s meat is low on the ground, his entire stomach is wet, and the dog’s hair sticks to his body one by one.

    Jiang Miaomiao quickly picked up the bags on the side and hugged them in his arms, fearing that they would get wet.

    Fortunately, the plastic bag is quite strong and no water leaks in.

    Lu Qiming took out the flashlight from his jacket pocket and took photos of his surroundings.

    The ground of the vault is completely covered by a layer of water, and the water comes from outside the door-because the lock of the vault door is damaged, there is no way to close it completely, leaving a gap. The water is still flowing in from the outside, and there is a tendency to rise.

    The originally closed environment became darker and damp due to the sudden change, which made them feel uncomfortable when they were used to the warmth.

    Their shoes were all wet, Jiang Miaomiao rolled up the trouser legs two times, looking worriedly at Lu Qiming’s legs.

    “You hurt not good, the water is very dirty, it will not be infected?”

    Lu Qiming gave Guannameduo now, looking at the door and said:

    . “You do not move here, I went out to look,”

    must get The source of clear water, or if it is allowed to keep rising, wouldn’t they have to drown in it.

    Jiang Miaomiao grabbed his arm, helped him and said,

    “Go together.”

    “It’s dangerous outside . What should I do if I meet zombies? It’s night now.”

    “I know, I have to protect you.”

    “Protect me?” Lu Qiming almost laughed.

    Jiang Miaomiao said: “You used to be better than me, but now it’s different. With your current skill and physical strength, you can’t even beat the flesh, how can you let you go out alone?”

    He thought about it, flashlight Give it to her.

    “It makes sense. You should investigate the situation. I will stay here with the silly dog ​​and wait for you to come back.”

    Jiang Miaomiao: “…No,

    let’s go together!” “I am the wounded.”

    “To die together, to live together Live, no one is allowed to fall!”

    He looked at her almost anxious, so he stopped teasing her and walked out half leaning on her.

    Jiang Rourou was afraid of this strange and dark place, he didn’t need to hold a rope, and he consciously kept up.

    They opened the door of the vault, took a picture of the opposite wall with a flashlight, and walked out without hearing any suspicious movement.

    The situation in the corridor was not much better than in the vault. The water flushed out all the rubbish in the corner, exuding an unpleasant musty smell.

    Jiang Miaomiao walked well, suddenly hearing a loud noise beside him, reflexively picked up the chainsaw, turned on the switch, and prepared to face the zombies.

    Lu Qiming listened with ears upright and shook his head.

    “It’s okay, it’s water.”

    She shone it with a flashlight, only to realize that there was an elevator door next to her, which was still clattering inside, and it was obvious that water had entered the elevator shaft.

    Where did so much water come from?

    Broken water pipe? Impossible, the water plant was damaged a long time ago and the water has not been supplied for a long time, otherwise they would not have to go to the lake to collect it.

    The two walked through the corridor and came to the fire exit.

    The sound of the water was louder, and when I looked up, the water flow was like a small waterfall, flowing down the stairs.

    This sensational scene made Jiang Rourou retreat, hiding in the corner and daring not to move forward.

    Jiang Miaomiao picked it up, held it with his arms, and helped Lu Qiming walk up against the current.

    When they came to the first floor, they saw the scene outside the window and finally understood how the water came.

    Rain, so heavy rain.

    It was obviously a drizzle before entering the vault, and now it was pouring down like no money, countless huge raindrops hit the glass, knocking it ping-pong, as if it would be smashed in the next second.

    The stagnant water on the road has rushed into a river, and the hall has also been flooded. Many small things like paper, pen and plastic bags are floating on the water, floating around with the ripples.

    Jiang Miaomiao suddenly woke up.

    “Does the zombies foresee heavy rain in advance, so they hide?”

    Animals often react abnormally before the outbreak of natural disasters. Zombies are more aware than humans, and probably have the same ability?

    How long will it rain?

    She looked down at the water level, and only reached her ankle before leaving the vault, and now she did not reach her calf.

    The sky suddenly flashed violently, followed by a loud and deafening noise.

    Jiang Miaomiao was so frightened that the dogs fell, and subconsciously hugged Lu Qiming, his heart beating wildly because of the sudden lightning.

    Lu Qiming picked up the dog, looked at the corridor and said:

    “We’d better go upstairs to hide.”

    “Will the water level rise so high?” It was too

    high to flood people?

    She has never experienced a flood and has no idea about it.

    Lu Qiming said: “Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case. The vault is too low to stay at the moment.”

    Jiang Miaomiao nodded, helped him back to the corridor, and continued to climb.

    A box of instant coffee floated by, she picked it up sharply and stuffed it into a plastic bag.

    A flashlight opened the way, and the two quickly climbed to the second floor.

    The second floor was not flooded, only some rain leaked from the damaged window, which was much drier than the bottom.

    This is a food city with a huge area of ​​several thousand square meters, which is invisible at a glance.

    The rain was too loud, covering up all the small movements.

    Lu Qiming worried that there would be zombies hiding here, illuminating every corner with a flashlight.

    When the beam of light scanned a certain place, Jiang Miaomiao suddenly said:

    “Don’t move!”

    He stopped, she walked over, looked at it carefully, and said in surprise:

    “There is a vending machine!” The

    light is too light. It’s dark, I can’t see what can be sold inside, I only know that there are many small boxes.

    If it’s snacks, it’s a big deal, just because she didn’t have enough to eat at night.

    Jiang Miaomiao tried to open the machine, but the thing was so firm that she couldn’t open it no matter whether she bit her teeth or kicked her feet.

    “Get out of the way.”

    Lu Qiming’s voice suddenly came from behind. She stepped aside and saw that he had brought a stool from nowhere, and slammed it on the machine, breaking the tempered glass outside.

    “It’s amazing!”

    Jiang Miaomiao praised him happily, reaching out to take it.

    He blocked her hand, shone the flashlight on the machine, and cleaned up the broken glass before he picked up a box and handed it to her.

    Jiang Miaomiao’s heart warmed, and he felt like a young cat, being cared for by the big cat.

    But now the situation is special, she doesn’t have time to think about something, so she hurriedly opened the box.

    After seeing what was inside, I was disappointed.

    Lu Qiming asked: “What is it?”

    “Oh, don’t mention it, it’s a lipstick.”

    She remembered the logo outside the machine, no wonder she was so familiar with it, it was a common lipstick machine before.

    This Dior 999 in her hand, she had wanted it before, and was reluctant to buy it.

    Now I finally have it, but the joy it brings is not as good as a pack of Mimi Shrimp Crackers.

    If only it was eaten, woo woo.

    However, Lu Qiming picked up the picks in the machine, unscrewed them one by one, and handed her another one.

    “This color suits you.”

    Jiang Miaomiao said, “…what are you kidding about.”

    “Take it, go ahead and see.”

    She had to accept it and follow him to move forward.

    They found a beverage vending machine, smashed them and took a few bottles of Red Bull and Assam milk tea.

    Needless to say, Red Bull is a little helper to replenish physical strength. And milk tea, a high-calorie, high-sugar drink that was once dismissed by people, may be life-saving for them who are seriously in short supply.

    There are many restaurants in the gourmet city, and there must be food in the restaurants.

    The fresh ones must be rotten, maybe there are some dry goods in the warehouse.

    Seeing that there was no danger for the time being, they searched nearby.

    It turned out to be a pity that the ingredients in the warehouse and the freezer were basically rotten. Some foods that are not perishable are also contaminated by the surrounding food and cannot be eaten.

    In one noodle shop, they found several packages of unopened flour. In addition, each shop had a lot of seasonings such as oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, which were still within the shelf life.

    It’s just that I don’t have a pot or stove, so I can’t cook it.

    Jiang Miaomiao stuffed many packets of ketchup and a few bottles of chili sauce into the plastic bag. When he was ready to be hungry, he licked it to relieve his hunger.

    The rain is still falling, getting stronger and harder, making people dizzy from the noise.

    She was hungry and wet, and couldn’t wait to rest.

    Lu Qiming closed the door of a store and used a table to form a small bed. The two huddled up and slept on it.

    As the saying goes, thinking day and night dreaming, Jiang Miaomiao also had a dream.

    The flood in the dream is like a disaster movie, chasing them like a beast.

    She ran desperately. Lu Qiming and Jiang Rourou were gone. She was the only one left.

    In the end, she was so tired that she couldn’t lift her feet. Looking back, the water level was tens of meters higher than her head, it was overwhelmingly pressed down, and she was awakened from a dream.

    I opened my eyes and found that the sky was already bright.

    But the rain was still falling, there was no sun, and it was gloomy.

    Lu Qiming didn’t know where he was going, and was walking in through the door lamely, and saw her sitting on the table with her soul out of her body.

    “Awake? Are you hungry?”

    Jiang Miaomiao clutched her abdomen, unable to speak.

    She hasn’t been to the toilet since yesterday, and she is so urgency that she can’t hold her back.

    Lu Qiming saw her embarrassment and said,

    “There is a public toilet next to it. I’ll take you there.”

    She quickly jumped off the table and followed him to the toilet. After solving the “flood” in the body, she came out in a relaxed manner.

    “Did you also come to the toilet just now? I can help you without waking me up.”

    Lu Qiming shook his head.

    “I’m looking for breakfast.”

    “Did you find it?”


    “Hey, there are some steamed buns left. Go back and eat.”

    Lu Qiming laughed suddenly, cunning like a fox.

    “It’s lying to you, you see what it is.”

    He pointed his finger at a table by the window, Jiang Miaomiao looked intently, and the table was actually full of snacks.

    “…Where did you get this?”

    “There is a herb flavor in the mall, and there are so many things to eat.”

    Lu Qiming raised his face slightly, and said, “Come on and praise me” all over his face.

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t have any kung fu at all, and ran to the snacks in ecstasy.

    There are many types of snacks, including biscuits, nuts, and preserves.

    The most important thing is that there are also pork jerky, beef jerky, crab fillet and lo-mei.

    Spicy duck neck and duck wings, she was thinking about it all in her dreams!

    The two sat on the chairs by the window, watching the heavy rain and enjoying the rare food.

    Jiang Rourou was awakened by the fragrance and came over to beg for food with his tail wagging.

    Its hair was wetted by sewage yesterday, and after a whole night, it has naturally dried in the shade, but its hair has become gray.

    Jiang Miaomiao planned to give it a bath later, and suddenly thought that there was no water to take a bath now, and then thought that he would not be able to take a bath and wash his hair in the future, and suddenly felt that the duck neck in his mouth was not as delicious as before.

    She looked at the heavy rain outside the window and sighed faintly. The rain was so strong that she couldn’t even see the buildings next to her.

    The world is gray, like the world before the chaos.

    Lu Qiming said:. “There should be no zombies on this floor, we can temporarily be two days and so after dinner, put the store snacks are stored centrally and do not waste.”


    They accelerate the speed of eating, eat later Each drank a bottle of Red Bull and started to work.

    Jiang Miaomiao didn’t take a bath yesterday, and he didn’t wash his face or brush his teeth today. He always feels uncomfortable.

    There is water on the first floor, or… to wash it?

    She walked to the stairwell and found that she didn’t have to go downstairs-the water level had already risen to the second floor, and it was almost spreading in.

    She immediately notified Lu Qiming, and the two immediately made a new decision.

    Continue to move upstairs.

    There are too many snacks, there is no way to bring them all.

    They found a few cartons, and filled them with the ones they liked and the ones that were full.

    Jiang Miaomiao ran to the beverage vending machine again, took a lot of Red Bull, and the boxes were full after a while.

    Lu Qiming was about to carry the boxes, but she took them all and put them in her arms.

    “I’m coming.”

    “You can move?”

    “Don’t underestimate people. I have not eaten all these years of food for nothing. You take care of yourself… Oh, and my dog ​​will be fine.”

    She Put Jiang Rourou on the traction rope and hung it on Lu Qiming’s wrist, then piled several boxes together, took a deep breath, and suddenly hugged the boxes.

    Lu Qiming frowned.

    “Are you sure it’s okay? Don’t force yourself.”

    “Don’t talk nonsense, go.”

    She can’t hold her if she does n’t leave .

    Lu Qiming led the dog and headed for the second floor.

    Jiang Miaomiao followed behind holding the box, trembling every step.

    He looked back at her from time to time and couldn’t help but want to help.

    But as soon as he stopped, the woman would stick out her face from behind the box like a see-through eye, urging him to go quickly.

    The water level rose too fast and it was not safe to stop on the third floor. They climbed to the fifth floor in one breath. Both of them were so tired that they slumped on the ground and panted.

    Jiang Miaomiao’s hands kept trembling, and the pain was no longer like his own.

    Lu Qiming moved over and squeezed her arm, complaining in his tone.

    “I told you not to force it.”

    She grinned, pulling her hand back.

    “Don’t squeeze, it hurts…”


    Let’s endure the pain.” Don’t say it, Lu Qiming’s technique is very effective.

    After the initial pain passed, it became sour and refreshing, very comfortable, she didn’t want him to stop.

    “I don’t know when the rain will stop. What if the water keeps rising?”

    Lu Qiming said in a relaxed tone.

    “It keeps going up, then keep going up. Eighty floors are enough for us to climb. Such a good building shouldn’t be washed down immediately. It really won’t work. We dismantled a few doors and put it together into a boat, and we rowed out. “

    Jiang Miaomiao’s worries alleviated a little when he said this, thinking of something, and suggesting:

    “I just passed by the third and fourth floor and I glanced at it. It seems that it is a clothing seller. Let’s go before it is flooded. Go shopping?”

    Since it started to rain, I’ve been sticky and I can’t take a shower.

    If you don’t change your clothes and you might get sick, it’s even more troublesome.

    Lu Qiming was too lazy to move.

    “Sister, my legs are like this, do you have the heart to let me climb up and down?”

    “Well, I will go by myself.”

    “What should I do if I go and meet zombies and can’t come back?”

    Jiang Miaomiao: “…you Do you have to scare me?”

    He couldn’t help but poking her forehead.

    “Coward, help me up.”

    Jiang Miaomiao pouted his lips and helped him stand up, and a family of three went down to the fourth floor.

    Entering the shopping mall area, Lu Qiming shone a circle with a flashlight. She saw the surrounding shops clearly and almost cried with excitement.

    Mom, she’s in heaven…

    Dior on the left, Armani on the right, Chanel in front.

    There are also many luxury brands that were only dared to be seen online, and now they are all displayed in front of her.

    Because there is no light, the specialty store does not look as luxurious as usual.

    But it’s okay, the clothes are still pretty!

    Jiang Miaomiao walked into a store and touched the dress skirt on the model, marveling at its gorgeousness and exquisiteness.

    Lu Qiming said:

    “The water won’t come up for the time being, try it.”

    She shook her head and sighed.


    “It’s inconvenient to wear and move.”

    Lu Qiming was injured. She is the largest labor force right now, and she has to do any heavy work.

    The long skirt looks good, but how does she carry the box when she wears it on her body?

    forget it.

    Jiang Miaomiao walked out regretfully and said,

    “The following are common brands. Let’s find some T-shirts and sweatpants.”

    Her shoes are also soaked, so I need to get a few more pairs of shoes.

    Lu Qiming didn’t follow, jumping around with one foot inside.

    Jiang Miaomiao waited for a long time without seeing him, walked back again, and found that he had found a few large bags and packed all the good-looking clothes, shoes, bags.

    She was surprised: “What are you doing?”

    “Good-looking things should be kept for appreciation. They are also flooded here, so it’s better to take them away.”

    When he was speaking, he stuffed a pair of high heels again, Jiang Miaomiao looked at him in amazement, and after a few seconds he started to act, pretending to take away everything he likes.

    She ran up and down between the fourth and fifth floors, bringing back a dozen sets of clothes.

    The last two people went down to the third floor and found light clothes and shoes.

    The water level has risen to the top of the stairs on the third floor. Jiang Miaomiao is holding a few bags and looking at the dazzling array of goods, very heartbroken.

    So many things have been overwhelmed like this, and how much resources and labor have been spent to create them.

    Their creators don’t know how many are still alive in the world.

    “Miaomiao, hurry up.”

    Lu Qiming stopped and called her.

    She retracted her gaze and ran a few steps to keep up.

    Above the fifth floor is the office area, where many company headquarters are located.

    They were exhausted, afraid that they could not deal with the zombies. They did not search for the time being. They found a small company nearby. After checking that there was no danger, they closed the door and hid inside to rest.

    The general manager’s office has a large and comfortable sofa. Lu Qiming lay on it to rest. He wanted to smoke a cigarette, but his pockets were empty.

    A pack of cigarettes flew over and fell into his arms. Jiang Miaomiao said,

    “It’s better to smoke less. If you get lung cancer, no one can save you.”

    He smiled.

    “I only smoked half a packet a day.”

    “Half a packet is not too much? If you change to white sugar, you will have high blood sugar early, and it will make Furou and I also smoke secondhand smoke. I don’t care, such meat is so You are small, you can’t grow up.”

    Lu Qiming was speechless, so he put away the cigarette case and stopped smoking.

    Jiang Miaomiao squatted on the ground to check the contents of the bag. He turned back helplessly as he kept sighing.

    “You smoke, let’s talk about the other things when the injury is healed.” There is

    so much pain in the body, there is nothing to comfort and comfort, it is really difficult.

    Lu Qiming was as happy as a one-hundred-sixty-jin eldest child. He took out the cigarette and praised her.

    “We Miaomiao is beautiful and sensible, and we are so distressed. We will definitely find a good man in the future.”

    Old Jiang Miaomiao blushed and scolded him: “Who is looking for a good man? Crazy, don’t talk about such crazy things.”

    He shrugged, took a puff of cigarettes, comforting the gods.

    She turned her head back, decided to ignore him, looked down at her clothes, but couldn’t help but think about it.

    Lu Qiming is handsome and tall. Although he is sometimes annoying, his character is decent.

    The most important thing is that he is strong and able to work, which fully meets the requirements of his boyfriend now.

    In addition, there is no other choice between the two. If they have been alive, when it is time to choose a marriage partner, will they have to choose each other?

    Will they have boys or girls? What does it look like?

    Lu Qiming has a high nose, which is good for boys. But the sharp chin of the face is good, and it is also good-looking for girls.

    She likes girls. If she really gave birth to a girl, who should she give her last name?

    She doesn’t like her surname. If her surname is Lu, what should she call Lu?

    She squatted on the ground holding her chin, and was dissatisfied after a few thoughts.

    Just as Lu Qiming called her, he turned around and said: “Your last name is not

    easy to choose a name.” Lu Qiming: “???”

    Jiang Miaomiao retracted his gaze, covering his face and howling.

    Lu Qiming didn’t know what she was having cramps again, and he was already familiar with it, and asked,

    “Where is the food?”

    She brought him a box directly, looked at his dirty T-shirt and big pants, and said,

    “I took clothes for you.”

    After that, she brought a big bag and took out the contents. It was a set. Brand new checkered tulle suit.

    This is Armani. He is in good shape and he must be very handsome to wear.

    Lu Qiming lost a smile and pointed to his nose and said, “Give it to me?”


    “I can’t bend my legs, how do I wear it?”

    “Then keep the injury, there is always a chance.”

    “All right .” , I borrow your auspicious words.”

    He stretched out his hand to pick it up, and said suddenly: “Or else you still keep the boyfriend for you in the future…”

    Jiang Miaomiao interrupted him fiercely, “You say these three more Words, I won’t serve you anymore!”

    “…If you don’t tell me, what do you do so fiercely?”

    He muttered and put away the bag, lying on the sofa and rumbling through the box to eat.

    Jiang Miaomiao just saw his perfectly curved buttocks, and finally his calm mood was disturbed, so he quickly looked away.

    Lu Qiming rested after eating. She couldn’t sleep, searched the office with Jiang Rourou to see if there was anything that was useful.

    This is a trading company, not very large, it looks like thirty or forty people.

    Several walls divide the company into several parts: a large office that can accommodate dozens of people, several independent small offices, and a pantry.

    The office is filled with regular office supplies, such as printers, computers, paper and pens.

    But each workstation has its own little secret.

    Jiang Miaomiao saw family portraits of many people, a group photo of couples, and a sticky note pasted on the computer screen, which read in powerful handwriting, “The chance must come before death.”

    She saw coffee and tea bags in every work station, and some of them belonged to girls at first sight. They were neatly packed, and there were spare lipsticks and shoes in the drawers.

    Some locations are messy, hiding photos of favorite cars, hand-made models, and even small diamond rings in boxes.

    She closed her eyes and could imagine what they looked like when they were busy.

    It was so vibrant, it seemed like a dream now.

    The snow-white walls were stained with many shocking blood stains, and the situation when the zombies broke out must be very tragic.

    Jiang Miaomiao sighed, returned to the general manager’s office, opened the desk drawer, and found a good thing.

    A razor that looks very expensive and works very well.

    She glanced at Lu Qiming, the other party was still asleep, and a light blue stubble grew on her chin.

    She hid secretly, ready to wait for him to wake up and give him a little surprise.

    The rain was still falling outside the window, and the city became a vast ocean.

    Only here is a safe haven for the time being.


    Lao Lu: It’s great, I can push a flat head.

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