SFTAB: Ch 32

Jiang Miaomiao sat by the window and watched the heavy rain for several hours.

    There was movement behind her, and she quickly turned her head.

    “Are you awake?” The sofa is very comfortable, and there is no need to worry about zombies. Lu Qiming rarely slept well, leaned on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes, and hummed lazily.

    Jiang Miaomiao walked over.

    “Are you hungry? I’m going to have dinner.”

    There is no electricity here . You need to save a bit of electricity from the flashlight, so it’s best to do everything before dark.

    Lu Qiming had no objection, so he dragged the coffee table over and put it in front of him as a dining table.

    Jiang Miaomiao put the snack on the table. When he was about to take it, she suddenly said:

    “You close your eyes.”


    “You just close it.”

    Lu Qiming suspiciously, “You shouldn’t think about it.” Take the opportunity to punch me, right? I didn’t offend you today.”

    Jiang Miaomiao said in an angry tone: “Yes, you look so awful, it’s a pity not to fight.”

    He smiled and closed his eyes.

    She took his big hand and put the razor on it.

    Lu Qiming opened and tried, and was pleasantly surprised.

    “Oh, it’s really good. It’s much easier to use than my previous rags.”

    Jiang Miaomiao pursed her lips and asked, “Do you like it?”

    “Of course I like it. Come and come. I’ll give you a flat head and save money. I didn’t have water to wash my hair.”

    He hooked her neck as he said, trying to hit her head with the razor.

    Jiang Miaomiao was so frightened that she pushed his arm desperately.

    “Let go of me… Let me go…”


    Lu Qiming screamed, looking at the tooth marks on his arms.

    “It’s just a joke, as for?”

    She escaped, rather serious.

    “I warn you, don’t hit my hair.”

    She has lived a miserable life and can’t even lose her qualities as a woman.

    She flattened her head and wore big pants, and her skin was dark and rough. She didn’t want to be like that.

    Lu Qiming lowered her head and rubbed her teeth marks. She noticed something and stared at his face.

    “Why are you so pale?”

    “You bit

    me .” “Don’t be kidding, let me see your injuries.”

    Lu Qiming put away his long legs and reached for snacks.

    “You want to watch it slowly, I won’t wait for you anymore.”

    Jiang Miaomiao saw that his favorite food was taken away by him, and he lost his mind and began to eat dinner.

    After she was full, she went downstairs and checked the water level. It had risen to four and a half floors, and the fifth floor they were on was unsafe.

    Before it was completely dark, the two of them had enough energy to eat and drink, and moved up two more levels.

    The seventh floor is still the office area. Jiang Miaomiao turned on the flashlight to find a safe place to stay.

    Suddenly he heard a plop behind him, and turned his head to see that Lu Qiming actually fell to the ground.

    She was so frightened that she ran to help him.

    “What’s the matter with you? How did you fall well?”

    “It’s just accidental, nothing.”

    He waved his hand, “You don’t have to worry about me, do your business.”

    His body temperature is too low, and his skin is full of sweat, which makes Jiang Miaomiao very worried.

    She shone his face with a flashlight and looked closely. Her face was paler than before, and her lips were even more bloodless.

    “Don’t move!” She held him down and forcibly inspected his wound.

    Lu Qiming is still insisting.

    “I’m really fine, the injury is almost

    healed , you don’t need to do it for me…” Before finishing speaking, Jiang Miaomiao had already seen the condition of the wound, and his face suddenly sank.

    “Is that what you said is almost

    healed ?” The wound was festering, and the whole leg was swollen.

    The cotton thread was soaked with pus, and the surrounding skin showed a grayish color, as if it had gradually lost its vitality.

    Lu Qiming half-hanged his head.

    “In a few days, it will be fine in a few days.”

    “In a few days, you will only rot your whole leg and become completely disabled!”

    He stopped talking, Jiang Miaomiao didn’t have the time to look again. In the surrounding environment, I found an office nearby, dragged him and his belongings in, and closed the door.

    She put her torch on the table, followed Lu Qiming, and searched for medicine and tools in the bag.

    The cotton thread must be removed and the pus in the wound must be released, otherwise it will be full of bacteria, which will make the injury worse.

    She planned well, but when she actually found a pair of scissors, sterilized it with a lighter, and was about to cut it off, she didn’t dare to start.

    Such a scary wound, she is not a professional.

    What if you mess up and make him disabled, or even more serious, and kill him directly? What should I do?

    Lu Qiming watched her hesitate and suddenly said.

    “You go.”

    Jiang Miaomiao was stunned, “Where to go?”

    “Climb your dog upstairs. The flood will definitely not catch up with you. You don’t have to climb to the 20th floor supermarket. Worry about eating and drinking.”

    “What about you?”

    There was light in his eyes, and he laughed mockingly.

    “I am a big burden now, I can’t help with anything, so I won’t drag you down.”

    He has seen her hard work these days, and ran up and down for everyone. No matter how many things are, they all move through gritted teeth.

    Even if she was a strong person, she was so skinny that sometimes he was worried that her arm would break.

    He didn’t feel much about many things by himself.

    But let her do it, it always feels like abusing her.

    “Let’s go.”

    Lu Qiming said again: “If I can survive this level, I will definitely go to you.” In the

    dark office, Jiang Miaomiao squatted in the only beam of silence for a long time and couldn’t help but yell. sound.

    “Why do you shut up for me!”

    He actually asked her to abandon the injured him? Are you kidding me? Who do you think of her? ? ?

    Jiang Miaomiao was so angry that he held up the scissors and said

    fiercely : “You talk such bullshit again, be careful, I will open another hole in you!”

    Lu Qiming did not expect that she would be so angry, and the swear words were forced out, as if he He really did something unforgivable wrong, and his momentum suddenly became much weaker.

    “If you don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t scold people…”

    “Swear you? I want to beat you, you don’t have the strength to fight back now.”

    Jiang Miaomiao said, patted his face, and said, “Close your eyes. .”

    He did so, and within a few seconds he felt a sharp pain in his leg, which made his body twitch twice.

    Jiang Miaomiao hugged him vigorously and whispered:

    “Be forbearance, it

    will be all right soon.” He gritted his teeth and held back, without opening his eyes the whole time, and handed her body completely to her for disposal.

    At the end, I was sweating profusely and was as wet as a cold shower, and my whole person died and lived several times, and my weak fingers couldn’t move.

    Jiang Miaomiao quickly filled him with a bottle of Red Bull, fed a few pieces of chocolate, and used all the anti-inflammatory drugs that were left on him.

    Lu Qiming lay motionless on the sofa after eating, not knowing whether he was too tired to fall asleep, or was painful and dizzy.

    She touched his cold forehead distressedly, looked at the empty pill box on the table, and decided to look around.

    They need medicine, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving or fever-reducing.

    Jiang Miaomiao shook off a coat to cover him, and walked out with a flashlight.

    Jiang Rourou, who was sleeping, raised his ears sharply, and followed him.

    “Shhh, don’t go, stay with him.”

    She pointed to the sofa and motioned for it to go back.

    Jiang Rourou hesitantly turned a few times before returning to Lu Qiming’s feet and lying on his stomach.

    “Well, really good.”

    Jiang Miaomiao praised it, opened the door, and walked into the darkness alone with the small chainsaw on his back.

    In one night, she searched almost the entire floor, and she found a lot of drugs.

    Cough, asthma, rheumatism plasters, cold spirits, and anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers that she urgently needs.

    After this incident, Jiang Miaomiao deeply realized the preciousness of medicines, took away everything that could be used, and returned to the office at the beginning.

    Putting things away, she lay down beside the sofa, looking at Lu Qiming who was still asleep, and muttered:

    “You are not allowed to die. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t live to endure this kind of hardship. If you insist on keeping me alive, you have to be responsible to me, and you can’t just let it go.”

    Lu Qiming made a few unconscious noises. croon.

    She smiled, rubbed her sore nose, and fell asleep next to him.

    It was squally raining all night, at 8 o’clock in the morning, Lu Qiming opened his eyes.

    The leg still hurts, but it’s obviously better than yesterday, at least I can move again.

    He was hungry, thinking of looking for something to eat, turned his head and saw the woman lying beside him.

    She slept very heavily, her hair looked greasy because she hadn’t been washed for too long, and her clothes were very dirty.

    The original delicate fingers, due to too much work during this period, are much rougher than before.

    But the more he watched, the more he felt that she was more beautiful, more charming than the clean look when he first met, making him want to give her all that he had, so that she could live a comfortable life of his dreams.

    However, he can only think about it. His only property is a relatively strong body. He is also tortured by illness and can’t do anything. She has to take care of him.

    A strand of broken hair stuck to the corner of her mouth, and Lu Qiming helped her pull it away and smoothed it behind her ears.

    Looking at her small mouth, there was an impulse in her heart. When she was ready to act, she remembered something, gently walked around her, opened the door and went out.

    Before long, Jiang Miaomiao woke up, and the first reaction was to see Lu Qiming’s injury.

    Unexpectedly, I saw nothing, and there was nothing on the sofa.

    She thought of what he had said last night and thought he had left by himself. She was so frightened that she looked for him everywhere, and finally saw a familiar figure in the stairwell.

    Lu Qiming was standing by the water with his toothbrush and cup, his mouth full of toothpaste foam.

    Jiang Miaomiao breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help but complain about him.

    “What are you doing here to brush your teeth?”

    Wounded so badly, and still thinking about the trivial things like brushing your teeth, do you want to kill you?

    Lu Qiming pointed to his mouth and made a gesture of waiting.

    She had no choice but to hold her back, standing by her arms and waiting.

    After Lu Qiming finished brushing his teeth, he washed his face, refreshed a lot, and came to her.

    Jiang Miaomiao asked the question again, really unable to understand his behavior.

    The other party hooked his mouth, lowered his head, and said in her ear:

    “Because I want to kiss you.”

    “…” Before

    she could answer, he had already covered her lips. Unlike the strong kiss of the last storm, he is surprisingly gentle today.

    Licking little by little, like a kitten drinking milk, licked her heart.

    Reason tells Jiang Miaomiao that he should refuse, but there is a voice in his heart saying don’t disappoint, just close your eyes and enjoy.

    She was constantly pulled by two thoughts, her eyes flew around, and she caught a glimpse of his arched back, holding his face and asking incomprehensibly:

    “Why are you in such a strange posture?”

    Lu Qiming unnaturally pulled her waistband.

    “Because it wants to kiss you too.”

    She didn’t understand, “What?”

    “Nothing, go on.”

    He held her head with one hand and kissed again.

    As the saying goes, the plan for a day lies in the morning, and the morning is the beginning of the day.

    So in the next day, Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t stand his heart because of this kiss.

    The water level didn’t seem to rise anymore and stopped at the height of the sixth floor.

    The two decided to live on the seventh floor for the time being, and when Lu Qiming’s injury became better, they would consider whether to move.

    Jiang Miaomiao asked Lu Qiming and learned that he found his toothpaste and toothbrushes from the staff lounge. He also went to the lounge to search in an attempt to find a bottle of shampoo to wash his hair.

    I can bear it without taking a bath, I can’t bear it without washing my hair.

    It was oily and itchy, and the hair loss became worse, which made her worry that she would have no hair to push her head flat in the future.

    She found a bottle of Qingyang from the staff locker, for men only, but in this case it didn’t matter, she immediately went downstairs to wash her hair.

    The water was a bit cold, but fortunately the temperature was not low. She washed it happily, dried her clothes, and went back to the office to let it dry naturally.

    Lu Qiming was sitting not far away, eating a pack of raisins.

    Jiang Miaomiao quietly glanced at his face, looked at it, and his eyes fell on his lips involuntarily, remembering the morning kiss.

    What does he mean?

    Because I was idle and had nothing to do, I played with myself, or…

    Lu Qiming noticed her gaze and raised his chin.

    “Do you think I’m particularly handsome now?”

    Jiang Miaomiao sneered.

    “Handsome, I haven’t seen anyone in half a year, even if I come to Song Xiaobao, I feel handsome.”

    “Who is Song Xiaobao?”

    “…Big brother, did you crawl out of the ancient tomb?”

    Lu Qiming touched his nose and continued to eat. raisin.

    “I don’t care about things that have nothing to do with me.”

    “Well, you like to play with people.”

    He didn’t like to hear these words, and he immediately refuted.

    “Who fooled you?”

    “Isn’t it? Every time I want to kiss, you kiss me as if my mouth sucks jelly?”

    Lu Qiming blinked, “but you obviously enjoy it too.”

    Jiang Miaomiao blushed and said sternly, “Anyway, this is not allowed anymore. We are not lovers. Why do we come and go? Because there is no other person to choose, do we use each other to vent our physical desires? It’s not a beast. It’s so sad.”

    She hates ambiguity and irresponsibility.

    Hate that the other party is only for fun, but she easily moved her heart.

    Lu Qiming couldn’t understand her words.

    “I didn’t use you to vent my desires. I would like to sleep with you because I like you. Isn’t that clear enough?”

    “Don’t you…what are you talking about?”

    Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t believe her ears, thinking she was Misheard.

    Lu Qiming put down the raisins he hadn’t finished eating, walked in front of her, and pulled away the wet hair on her face.

    “I like you, this is the truth, you don’t need to doubt it.”

    She looked at him in a daze, dreamlike, and her body fluttering.

    Lu Qiming said:

    “I told you a long time ago, why can’t you figure it out? Are you a fool?”

    “…You are a fool, don’t take the opportunity to scold me.”

    He chuckled, touching her and getting hit by the hair Wet cheeks, leaned over and kissed.

    “Do you hate it?”

    “Rogue, get out.”

    “I didn’t know who rushed to pick up my clothes, but now call me a gangster? Huh?”

    He kissed again.

    Jiang Miaomiao was too shy, drilled into the sofa, trying to escape his blockade.

    “Okay, okay, no more trouble. Let’s talk about business.”

    Lu Qiming asked seriously: “Who is Song Xiaobao?”

    “Song Xiaobao…”

    Jiang Miaomiao leaned on his shoulder and said with a smile: “He is a big star, handsome and long legs, and very humorous. I really like him.”

    Lu Qiming raised his eyebrows, “Longer than my legs?

    ” Hmm.”


    “If you don’t believe me, forget it.”

    Jiang Miaomiao wanted to walk away when he finished speaking, but was pulled back by him.

    “Say, do you like him more or me more?”

    She rolled her eyes.

    “Who said I like you? Narcissist, just a little bit.”

    Jiang Miaomiao pushed his hand away, walked briskly out of the office, and went to other companies to find useful things.

    The rain is still falling and the sky is still gloomy.

    But her heart has suddenly opened up, no matter what she is doing, she is very energetic.

    Before going to bed at night, Jiang Miaomiao changed Lu Qiming’s dressing.

    The latter looked at her cautiously, and remembered what he had said before-he wanted to build a house to live with her, and the yard was full of vegetables and flowers.

    It is true to like her, and it is also true to want to live with her.

    She is lazy, so he should do more work.

    She is greedy, so he will practice cooking more and learn to cook all the dishes she likes to eat.

    She likes jewelry, so he works hard to make money and gives her all the good-looking jewelry.

    Lu Qiming raised his head and looked at the torrential rain outside the window. He sincerely hoped that this kind of day would end soon and give him a chance to realize his wish.

    The torrential rain continued for more than a month.

    During the period, the water level rose again, and the two had to move to a higher floor, accidentally finding the reason why the city was flooded.

    Lu Qiming saw a map of the city in the office of the chairman of the board of directors. The two studied together and found that the topography of the city was very low, and it was at the lower reaches of a big river.

    In the past, in the rainy season, the state would send people to organize flood discharge and diversion, so that the flood would be diverted.

    Now that no one manages it, it is likely that it has been raining for many days upstream.

    When the cumulonimbus cloud floated over the city, the flood also broke the dam and poured into the city.

    Due to the special terrain, there is no human force to intervene, and I don’t know when to wait for the natural flood retreat.

    If they are unlucky, they might have to hide in this tall building in the future.

    Safety in high-rise buildings is safe, but the quantity of food is limited, and there is a shelf life.

    They can hide for a month or two months. What if the flood does not recede for a year or two?

    Eat up all the edible food, can’t chew on the desk.

    Many problems lie ahead, and the prospects are still difficult.

    But Jiang Miaomiao is still very happy, always feeling that there is no way out of the sky, and there will be a solution.

    With Jiang Rourou and Lu Qiming, she felt hopeful.

    No, she was still sleeping one morning.

    Lu Qiming suddenly covered her eyes with his hands and asked her to follow him.

    Under his guidance, she walked in the dark for a while, touched the cold glass, and couldn’t guess his intention.

    “Why don’t you want to kill someone because I ate all the duck necks last night, and didn’t leave any of them for you?”

    “You are ashamed to say that because you are thin and small, you have a better appetite for eating. I’m old.”

    “I’m so hungry, oh, what are you doing?”

    “Shh, listen to my countdown, three…two…”

    Lu Qiming stood behind her, with his lips close to her ears, exhaling warm air and counting down the time.

    When the word “one” blurted out, he removed his palm.

    The light penetrated the eyelids, and the entire field of vision was red.

    Jiang Miaomiao rubbed his eyes subconsciously, then slowly opened it, and found that the window was full of bright sunshine.

    The city was completely submerged by water, and the water was sparkling.

    Some tall buildings were flooded with only one roof left, and they stood here as if they were standing on an isolated island.

    The vision is wide, quiet and peaceful, but also helpless.

    “The rain stopped.”

    She said, looking at the blue cloudless sky.

    Lu Qiming held her shoulder.

    “It was too damp some time ago, and the clothes were sticky. Take advantage of the fine weather today and move everything out to dry.”


    Where to put it?” There is no balcony here.

    Lu Qiming looked around and pointed to a damaged window. Sunlight poured in from the outside and fell on the floor.

    The two fetched water to wash, ate breakfast, and moved all their belongings under the sun.

    Lu Qiming was not idle, Jiang Miaomiao paid special attention to his legs.

    Since the last time she helped him remove the cotton thread and clean the pus, the wound has improved day by day, and now it has scabs, it is estimated that it will be completely fine when the scabs are finished.

    But the wound is so big, it will definitely leave a very serious scar.

    She doesn’t mind, but it’s a pity that his leg is gone.

    After the two moved their things, Lu Qiming didn’t know where to get two recliners and placed them side by side in the free space.

    The weather is too damp, and people have to bask in the sun.

    Jiang Miaomiao lay down on a chair, closing his eyes and fantasizing that he was on the beach in Sanya, enjoying the beautiful sea view.

    By the way, the last time she went to the clothing area to clean up, she also brought back a beautiful swimsuit.

    How about replacing it now?

    She sat up, ready to move, but looking at Lu Qiming, she felt uncomfortable again.

    Lu Qiming teased the dog with a bag of dried bean curd, and said

    without looking up : “If you want to see me, I just look at it openly, why bother to sneak in every time? It seems very insignificant.”

    “…” The

    two have been together for so long. , I’ve seen each other in the most embarrassed look a long time ago, what’s the embarrassment?

    She will change now.

    Jiang Miaomiao pulled out the swimsuit from the bag, ran to the bathroom to change it, and took a picture in the mirror on the sink. He was satisfied, and stepped on the flip flops to drag him back.

    Lu Qiming accidentally caught a glimpse of her, stayed still, and kept his eyes on.

    She subconsciously covered her chest.

    “What to look at?”

    He made a deliberate joke at her, but he was dry and unable to speak. He shook his head and looked away.


    Jiang Miaomiao spit out, took the last two bottles of Assam milk tea from the bag of food, and threw one of them to him.

    He reached out to pick it up, but when he didn’t continue, the milk tea slammed on his chest, making him almost vomit blood.

    Lu Qiming was lying on the chair and coughing. Jiang Miaomiao took a sip of the milk tea and glanced at him, and couldn’t help asking:

    “Why are you so strange? Could it be…”

    She blushed, “I was surprised by me? Oh ha ha.”

    Lu Qi understood that he rolled his eyes to the sky, “What’s so amazing about this figure? Your chest is not as big as my pectoral muscles.”

    “Who knows? Anyway, it’s strange that you are not me.”

    She shrugged and went to the chair to dry sun.

    Sun drying on the reverse side and sun drying on the front. If you are thirsty, drink milk tea, not to mention it is more comfortable.

    Lu Qiming forcefully resisted not looking at her, the line of sight always moved involuntarily over her, and finally couldn’t help but rushed in front of her.

    Jiang Miaomiao was taken aback, “What are you doing?”

    “Let’s dive into the competition!”

    “What? It’s so high here! Hey, don’t you jump!”

    She tried to block, but Lu Qiming had already rushed to the window. On the edge, a fierce boy pierced down.

    The calm water exploded white spray, Jiang Miaomiao was extremely worried.

    It’s still three or four meters away from the water, is he okay?

    Just thinking about it, the other party has come up from the water and waved at her.

    She only knows how to shovel, not daring to swim in such deep water, and immediately shook her head.

    Lu Qiming retracted his hand and started swimming in a skilled posture.

    Butterfly stroke for a while, backstroke for a while, very flexible.

    “Sand sculpture…”

    Jiang Miaomiao cursed softly, but couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth. Within a few seconds, she thought of a serious question and shouted: “Come back!”

    Lu Qiming had already swam 100 meters away and asked from a distance. “What?”

    “Come back! I’m afraid your legs are inflamed!”

    He floated on the water, tilted his head and listened for a while, and blew her a kiss.

    “I love you too!”


    What is this?

    Jiang Miaomiao was speechless, but the milk tea he drank seemed to be sweeter, and he was eager to try it when he watched the water.

    Lu Qiming swims so smoothly, he should be fine, right?

    Her dog shaver has spent two summer vacations training.

    Jiang Miaomiao put the milk tea aside and stood by the window to cheer for himself.

    Lu Qiming caught a glimpse of her and suddenly fluttered.

    “Help! I have a cramp in my leg!”

    What? !

    There was no time to hesitate now. She stared at the position and jumped down. Finally she came up, but saw that the surface of the water was vast and there was no trace of Lu Qiming.

    Jiang Miaomiao was frightened, and swam to his position just now and shouted:

    “Lu Qiming! Where are you?”

    Could it be that it has sunk in the water? She can only do dog planing, she can’t dive!

    She was so anxious that something suddenly held her ankle, and she screamed in fright.

    Lu Qiming came up from below, hugged her, kissed her on the face, smirked.

    “Do you want a hero to save the United States? I won’t be able to agree with my body.”


    Overbearing president Miao: Man, you have no room for rejection. . .

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