SFTAB: Ch 33

 In the sun, his hair and eyebrows were wet, like a big dog that had just taken a shower.

    Jiang Miaomiao stared at him in a daze, and after a while he recovered and punched him in the chest.

    “Don’t make such a bad joke! Don’t you know the story of the wolf coming? Come a few more times. I will ignore you when you are really in danger in the future.”

    Lu Qiming nodded happily.

    “Okay, I promise I won’t do this in the future.”

    She was still puffed up, like a little pufferfish. Lu Qiming thought for a while, and suddenly pulled her down.

    She screamed quickly.

    “I don’t know how to dive!”

    “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

    Lu Qiming put his arms around her waist, and the two sank to the bottom.

    Jiang Miaomiao closed her eyes tightly because she was too scared, and suddenly felt that the other party was touching her eyelids, as if he wanted her to open her eyes.

    She settled, opened her mind, and was shocked by the scene in front of her.

    After several days of precipitation, the water quality has become much clearer, allowing them to see the scene underneath clearly.

    The whole city is soaked in water, like an underwater kingdom. They floated in the sky tens of meters high and looked down, and every detail was in full view.

    Houses, vehicles, shops… are as small as a bunch of models.

    Some buildings that were too old were washed down, and parked vehicles were rushed crookedly, but the city remained basically the same.

    How lonely is that there is no one in such a big city?

    Jiang Miaomiao was shocked and frightened, and couldn’t help but grasp Lu Qiming’s hand tightly, and would not let it go anyway.

    The holding of breath time reached its limit, and the two returned to the surface.

    Lu Qiming suggested to swim for a while. Jiang Miaomiao was worried about his injury and forced to go back immediately.

    But… how to go back?

    It’s unrealistic to go from the same way, three or four meters apart, they are not geckos.

    The two had no choice but to sink down again, and found a broken window on the lower floor. They went in and swam to the stairwell in one breath, emerged from the water, and stepped on the stairs to return to their small base.

    Lu Qiming wore a normal T-shirt. It was wet and uncomfortable to stick to his body, so he changed into clean clothes when he went in.

    Jiang Miaomiao wiped his body with a towel, standing by and watching him.

    She intended to see if his wound was damaged, but the other party took off the T-shirt and cast a sulky wink at her.

    “Aren’t you handsome? Do you love me more?”

    “…If narcissism can be eaten as a meal, you can feed all the survivors in the world.”

    “Why do I raise them? I just want to raise you, little stupid Pig.”


    “Old stupid pig?”

    ” Fuck you, let him crawl!”

    Jiang Miaomiao gave up communicating with this strange flower, returned to the recliner, picked up the unfinished Assam and shook it. Akira, his expression is very sad.

    Only half a bottle of milk tea is left, and there is not much drinking water and food left.

    There is no shortage of water in the city, but I don’t know if there are germs in the water, and I don’t have a filter on hand. If I drink it, I will die.

    Lu Qiming changed his clothes and looked up at the ceiling.

    “Let’s move today.”

    “Now?” Jiang Miaomiao sat up.

    “Yes, when the weather is good today, move to a supermarket on the 20th floor.”

    There are food and drink, tools and clothes in it, which can meet most of their needs in life and can save their lives. Can not be wasted.

    Jiang Miaomiao also agreed with him very much, tidying up the things on hand, and continuing to climb the stairs with him with the dog.

    Lu Qiming’s legs were almost healed, and his speed of movement accelerated a lot. It only took an hour or two for them to reach the target floor.

    Jiang Miaomiao was about to push the door open. Lu Qiming shook his head, took her small chainsaw, and walked ahead.

    She was very worried and followed him closely.

    The two of them waited for each other, pushing the door and entering… They were so stunned by the smell of the sky that they turned back three feet, and quickly closed the door.


    Jiang Miaomiao was almost stunned, coughing violently for a while before he was relieved.

    “It’s like a gas chamber in there!”

    The supermarket on the side of the road is okay. When the zombies broke out, some people took advantage of the chaos to grab food, making the area of ​​decay not so serious.

    This supermarket is located on the 20th floor of the building. Most people didn’t pay attention to it when they fled, causing a lot of decay.

    No one came in for half a year, the air was not circulating inside, and it was brewing repeatedly. Needless to say, the smell was stinking. There were still a lot of toxic substances in the air. They just took two shallow mouthfuls, and the white light immediately appeared in their brains, thinking of their mother and childhood. A lot of things.

    Lu Qiming also cough windy, open a bottle of mineral water pouring down half the remaining half a bottle handed her, said:

    . “Let’s open this gate, let it breathe”

    ? “That’s where we go”

    station It will really be alive and dead at the door.

    “Go and hide downstairs.”

    The two picked up their luggage again and were about to go downstairs. The door had to be opened before going downstairs.

    Given the horrible experience a few minutes ago, no one wanted to do this drudgery.

    Jiang Miaomiao: “You have great strength, quick response, and strong body. Come on.”

    Lu Qiming: “You are careful and have a strong sense of crisis. You can immediately feel danger when you come and come.”

    Jiang Miaomiao “You have long legs and a handsome face. You are most suitable for being a hero.”

    Lu Qiming: “You are beautiful and kind. You must be willing to dedicate yourself.” The

    two boasted each other a flower, but failed to convince each other to come. Do this.

    Jiang Miaomiao turned his gaze to the dog squatting on the ground and tickling.

    “Fulu, you…”

    Jiang Rourou yelled, turned and rushed downstairs, running without looking back, as if there was a ghost chasing behind him.

    Jiang Miaomiao looked at its fleshy little butt, helplessly, raised his head and said to Lu Qiming:

    “Come on, rock, paper, scissors.”

    This is the fairest method, Lu Qiming agreed, and the result will be obtained in a few seconds-he The scissors defeated Jiang Miaomiao’s cloth.

    The latter shrugged his shoulders, his face distraught, and handed him what was in his hands.

    “Woo, you go downstairs first, I’ll look for you later.”

    Lu Qiming raised his eyebrows and asked: “You really don’t want to open the door?”

    Jiang Miaomiao said, “I need to ask? Forget it. I’m willing to

    accept the bet, you go.” He stood still, looked at her for a while, and suddenly moved his face.

    She is inexplicable.

    “What are you doing? Miss my slap?”

    “You kiss me and I’ll open the door for you.”

    “…take medicine if you are sick.”

    “It seems that you don’t want to exchange. Okay, I’ll go downstairs and wait for you.”

    Lu Qiming shrugged, holding his things to leave.

    There was a “wait” behind him, then someone jumped on his back, pinched his waist, put his arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

    Everything happened so quickly that he didn’t have time to turn his head back.

    Jiang Miaomiao touched his head, jumped off him, snatched things and ran downstairs.

    “Thank you!” The

    voice was still in his ears, and the person ran downstairs.

    Lu Qiming couldn’t laugh or cry, touched his face, took off his clothes and folded them into a palm-sized square, covered his mouth and nose, and turned to open the door.

    The odor was gone for a whole night before it was barely cleared away.

    The two stayed on the 19th floor for one night, and the next morning they mustered up their courage and came to the 20th floor again.

    They were covering their noses and mouths. When they walked to the door, Lu Qiming let go of his palms and took a shallow breath, closed his eyes and felt for a moment. After confirming that there was nothing wrong, he put down his hands and said to her:

    “It’s okay .”

    Jiang Miaomiao relaxed. , Untied the clothes on his face and Jiang Rourou’s face, and looked inside.

    The supermarket occupies a whole floor, and there is an entrance outside the door.

    The sunshine today is as good as yesterday. The light comes in from outside the window, illuminating everything inside clearly.

    Countless tall shelves are filled with goods, and the closest to them is the food area.

    Jiang Miaomiao saw a lot of boxed bread at a glance, and ran over excitedly. After a closer look, he found that the bread in the box had long been moldy and rotten, and shrank into a black mass.

    There are so many breads, croissants, donuts, whole-wheat bread, sandwiches… There are hundreds of servings of various flavors, and they just rot.

    She was bleeding with heartache, and Lu Qiming followed.

    “Don’t separate, check the environment here, make sure there is no danger, and then consider taking something.”

    “Yeah.” The

    supermarket has always been a crowded place. In case there are a few zombies hiding here and not going out, enough for them to drink. Pot of.

    They put down the things in their hands and wandered around the supermarket with only chainsaws and flashlights, not letting go of every corner.

    The food in the fresh food area and the quick-frozen area has been completely rotten out and cannot be eaten.

    The food in the seasoning area and snack area is well preserved, only part of it is out of date.

    Most of the beverage area can be drunk normally, and boxes of mineral water are piled up into hills.

    These things alone are enough for them to live for a year or a half, and there is also a mother-baby area, which contains a lot of milk powder and nutrients.

    In the wine area, high-concentration liquor can be used for disinfection, and low-concentration alcoholic beverages can replace them when the drinking water is insufficient.

    The furniture area, smoking paper, pots and pans, blankets and quilts, can be used in daily life.

    A care zone, countless shampoos, countless shower gels, countless skin care products, not to mention the long shelf life, there are many brands for them to choose.

    The products in the home appliance area are temporarily unavailable because there is no electricity. It stands to reason that such large-scale shopping malls will always have generators, but the two have just arrived, and they don’t know where they are.

    Jiang Miaomiao extremely expected them to come in handy, because when she was passing by, she glanced at the price of the signature products, and almost refreshed her worldview.

    There are sixty-one single-door small refrigerators, one hundred-inch large TVs of 180,000, and the Dyson hair dryer and vacuum cleaner that she has heard of for a long time but has been reluctant to chop her hands.

    The two walked for a while and found a magical place-the walk-in cold storage area.

    The refrigeration function stopped as early as the power outage. They walked in expectantly, only to see a box of rotten eggs, rotten fruits and vegetables.

    The smell here is much heavier than other places. They didn’t dare to stay for a long time.

    Jiang Miaomiao shuttled between the huge shelves of five or six meters high, looking left and right, and suddenly saw a round object on the ground, stiff all over, grabbing Lu Qiming’s hand.

    The latter asked in a low voice:

    “What’s wrong?”

    “There seems to be…there is a human head!” The

    human head?

    He narrowed his eyes and walked over with the chainsaw.

    Jiang Miaomiao followed him closely and turned on the flashlight.

    The two came to the thing, took a closer look, and breathed a sigh of relief.

    Where are the heads? It’s just a moldy and leaky basketball.

    Lu Qiming put down the chainsaw and patted her shoulder.

    “It’s safe here, let’s stay.”

    Jiang Miaomiao wanted to do this a long time ago . During the month when they were trapped by the flood, they all ate biscuits, candy and lo-flavor every day.

    These are good snacks, but they can’t stand the gods even if they are eaten as a staple food for a month.

    After Lu Qiming said those words, she ran back to the snack area, looking for something new to make up for her stomach.

    Butter cake, nuts, waffles… There are a lot of things, but what she wants most now is a warm meal.

    Oh, there is pasta!

    Jiang Miaomiao’s eyes lit up and came over with a bag, but soon became frustrated again.

    What’s the use of having noodles? I can’t do it without fuel.

    Lu Qiming glanced at her a few times and asked,

    “Do you want to eat?”

    She nodded, then shook her head again, and put the noodles back.

    “Forget it, let’s eat cookies.”

    It’s better to have something to eat than nothing. Now it’s the end of the world, and she has no right to be critical.

    Lu Qiming held her hand and took the noodles over.

    “You are very dirty. There is a lot of mineral water here. Take a shower and wash your hair by the way.”

    “That’s a waste. Keep the mineral water for drinking. I just want to wash it in the diving water.

    ” Are you sure? If the sewer is broken, everything in it will leak into the water.”

    “…Don’t be nauseous, can I make it? You can swim by yourself.”

    “Go take a bath, listen to me, be good.”

    Lu Qiming She kept asking her to take a bath, making Jiang Miaomiao very curious, “What do you want to do?”

    He squeezed his eyes, “I’ll know when you finish washing it.” It was

    so mysterious, she wanted to see it. Look, what’s the good thing.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a box of water, found a basin and towel, and took a bottle of shower gel and shampoo, and went to the women’s bathroom to take a bath.

    Lu Qiming also took action. He brought a shopping basket filled with various seasonings such as pasta, oil, and black pepper sauce. He also took a full set of pots and pans, lifted it to an open area, and then removed a small one. The shelf is twisted into the shape of a bucket with iron wire, the upper part is large and the lower part is small.

    After doing this, he searched in the huge supermarket and moved all the cartons, packaging bags and other things that could be used as fuel.

    Lu Qiming took out the lighter he was carrying with him, lit a fire, buckled the iron stand upside down, and put a pan on top of it, the size of which was just right.

    When the pot heated up, he poured a bottle of mineral water down and began to cook the noodles.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a bath with cold water, because the weather was very warm, so it was quite tolerable.

    She wiped her hair half-dry with a new towel in the supermarket, stood in front of the sink and looked in the mirror, impulsively, ran to fetch her own cosmetics, and drew light makeup in the mirror. The more she looked at it, the more beautiful she became, and she felt beautiful in her heart Straight bubbling.

    She walked out of the toilet, smelled the smell of food, followed the smell and saw a small round dining table and two small chairs by the window.

    Two plates of steaming noodles were placed on the table. The dark green embroidered napkins were placed under the plates, and two silver forks were placed beside them.

    There is also an unopened bottle of red wine on the table, two goblets, and a bunch of dried aromatic flowers.

    Outside the window is a bright blue sky and white clouds, and inside the window are exquisite tables, chairs and tableware.

    Ignoring the flood in the city and the rotten food around, the picture is as beautiful as in the movie.

    Jiang Miaomiao walked over in surprise, and took a close look at the noodles.

    The pale yellow pasta is dotted with black pepper, peas, and a lot of beef. The aroma is emitted from here, which makes people move their index fingers.

    “It’s done?”

    Lu Qiming’s voice came. She turned her head and found that he also took a bath and changed his clothes.

    The black trousers blocked the hideous wound on his leg, and the white shirt set off his slenderness.

    The shirt cuffs are rolled to the elbows, the hair is short and clean, the beard is shaved, and the whole person exudes a fresh breath.

    Jiang Miaomiao nodded, pointed to the noodles and asked,

    “Where did this come from?”

    He looked at the sky outside the window, tilted his head and smiled slyly.

    “Maybe it’s some handsome and kind god.”

    Jiang Miaomiao ran over and took his hand.

    “How did you do it? Tell me!”

    If you can cook and eat every day in the future, that would be great.

    She even wants to wash the dishes all at once!

    Lu Qiming was so entangled by her that he took her to the fire.

    The fire hadn’t gone out yet, so he found a stainless steel saucepan and put it in to boil water, ready to make a cup of tea when he was full.

    Jiang Miaomiao studied around the shelf for a long time, then looked back at him with admiration, and gave a thumbs up.

    “Okay, you, your brain is pretty useful.”

    Their quality of life in the supermarket will be greatly improved in the future.

    Lu Qiming smiled proudly.

    “Are you particularly touched? Want to show your body?”

    “Keeping warm is only lust|desire, you didn’t eat this, and you started to make waves?”

    “Huh, what kind of pretense? Last time I had to pounce on me Clothes, who is the one who asked me to help her fulfill her wish before death?”

    She looked at him with the purest expression and blinked.

    “I don’t know, hey, don’t talk nonsense with you, I will eat noodles.”

    At this moment, what is happier than eating a bite of warm noodles?

    Jiang Miaomiao ran back to the dining table, pulled a chair and sat down, picked up the fork and started eating.

    Lu Qiming walked over slowly.

    “Look at how you are eating, I’m ashamed to say me, slow down, and have a drink.”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s mouth was filled with noodles, and he was moved to cry.

    “It’s delicious! Where did you get the beef? Isn’t the meat all rotten?”

    Lu Qiming conjured a corkscrew like a trick, and opened the bottle slowly while answering her questions.

    “That’s the meat in the can, it tastes braised, isn’t it?”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s head turned into a chicken pecking at rice, and he ate several more bites in a blink of an eye.

    The crimson wine poured into a beautiful cup, and he handed her a cup.

    “Taste it.”

    “Thank you, no need.”

    “The price is thirty thousand one bottle.”

    “Then I have to taste it.”

    Jiang Miaomiao wiped the corner of her mouth to take it, and when she was about to taste it, she saw Lu Qiming laughing and stopped.

    “What are you laughing at?”

    “Nothing, drink it.” He tried to reduce his expression, but after a few seconds he couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth, “You are so cute.”

    Cute? I’m afraid it’s a laugh that she has never seen the world.

    Jiang Miaomiao doesn’t care, thirty-one bottles of wine, even if she is allergic to alcohol, she still has to taste what it tastes like.

    Taking a brief sip, she followed the taste of the high-end people in the movie with her eyes closed.

    The first taste was sour and astringent, after a while, it tasted a rich fruity aroma with a touch of sweetness.

    When she swallowed the wine, she recalled the taste between her lips and teeth, and it seemed to taste some caramel, which was fleeting and no trace.

    Generally speaking, it is not good, not in line with her taste, and not as happy as a three-dollar bottle of Coke.

    She shook her head, put down the cup, and prepared to concentrate on enjoying her beef noodles.

    Lu Qiming said: “You only drink this? One sip is worth hundreds.”

    “No way, I have no blessings to enjoy. Drink more if you like.”

    He is also not interested in drinking, thinking about it, and going for a drink. The district brought a bottle of coconut milk over.

    Pour the red wine, pour the milky coconut milk, the two happily drank.

    Jiang Rourou came over, smelling it, Jiang Miaomiao found a small bowl and gave it some noodles.

    The family of three had a full meal, sat comfortably by the window and soaked in the sun, feeling their stomachs and didn’t want to do anything.

    “How long do you think we will stay here?”

    Jiang Miaomiao asked suddenly.

    Lu Qiming speculated: “Looking at the momentum of the flood, it is impossible to retreat in less than ten and a half days. Even if the flood recedes completely, other shops, supermarkets, and warehouses in the city have been submerged for so long, and the food inside is early. We won’t be able to eat anymore. We’d better stay here to be safe. So…maybe we have to stay until the food is finished before leaving.” The

    supermarket is so big, and some foods have a long shelf life. If nothing happens in the middle, they can live for two or three years.

    Jiang Miaomiao is looking forward to a quiet and stable life too much. It has only been half a year since the end of the world broke out. She has changed her residence twice, every time she escaped from the dead.

    She picked up the coconut milk and said:

    “I wish us peace and health forever, eating and drinking!”

    Lu Qiming also picked up the cup, thought for a while, raised his head, dark eyes gleaming with longing.

    “Then I wish Guang Guang to return to the earth.”

    Let the city come back to life, let the factory resume production. Let the school resume its excitement and the hospital resume its busyness.

    Let him realize his wish and live a plain life with her.

    They have a lot of things to do, but they decided to give themselves a day off and enjoy the short tranquility.

    Two people and a dog sat by the window and watched the sunset. The gorgeous sunset covered the entire sky, and the sun went down a little bit and disappeared behind the mountains.

    As night falls, it always feels dangerous at night.

    Several doors of the supermarket were open. They didn’t dare to sleep like this and find a maternity room.

    There are sofas, toilets, and sinks inside, which are very suitable as temporary bedrooms.

    They took a thick blanket and went in with a basket of snacks and drinks, ready to spend the night here.

    There was no light in the maternity room, and they were reluctant to waste the power of the flashlight, hugging each other in the dark.

    As long as Jiang Miaomiao moved forward a little bit, the tip of his nose could touch Lu Qiming’s chest. The distance was so close that he couldn’t help but feel swayed.

    It was not that the two of them had not slept with each other before, but the situation is different from now.

    In the past, they were helpless and cuddling with each other, but now they are considered to have a certain relationship. They are both adult men and women. They are full and there is no danger. Is it time to happen?

    Jiang Miaomiao used to take his clothes off impulsively, but now he is shy, not daring to pant too loudly.

    Is Lu Qiming asleep? What was he thinking about?

    She raised her head cautiously, trying to see him, when the other party suddenly touched the back of her head.

    “Hey, don’t do it first, it’s important to rest.”

    “…Who wants to do it.”

    “Yeah.” After

    that sound, he didn’t speak again, and fell asleep holding her.

    Jiang Miaomiao’s blush was hot, pushing away his hand, and digging out a bottle of Coke from the basket. He calmed down after drinking half a bottle, then lay back and went to sleep.

    A safe night passed, and the next day, they began to work.

    Now that I am going to live in the supermarket, I have to clean up my living environment.

    Throw away the rotten food, or you may get sick if you live next to them for a long time.

    There is no place to dispose of rubbish in the building, so you can only choose to throw it into the water, just to take them away when the flood ebbs.

    This is an arduous task. The rotten food is calculated in tons, and the two have only two hands. It is very laborious to do it.

    Jiang Miao changed into clothes that are convenient for work, tied his hair, and prepared to start.

    Lu Qiming brought five small carts, piled up the food to be thrown in them, and Jiang Miaomiao pushed them to the window and threw them away.

    The two cooperated with each other and spent three days in a row before throwing out the fresh food area. There were countless expired snacks and beverages waiting for them to deal with. It took time to separate the expired and unexpired food from a pile of food.

    It’s not going to work like this. They work all day, and they are not cows.

    The two held a small meeting in the evening to discuss future work arrangements.

    Do two rest and one rest, work two days, and rest one day. Work hours are eight in the morning and six in the evening, and sleep at night.

    Only by combining work and rest can sustainable development be achieved.

    After such a rotation for more than 20 days, the supermarket was finally cleaned up.

    At the same time, the flood outside the window has also receded a lot with the naked eye. It was originally the eighth or ninth floor, but now it has only reached the first floor.

    It is estimated that in two days, they will no longer be trapped by the flood.

    This is something to celebrate, and each person opened a bottle of Frappuccino during dinner.

    Most beverages have a shelf life of twelve months. This one is only nine months. There are very few unexpired products on hand, so you usually drink them separately.

    Jiang Miaomiao took a sip, feeling a drop of sweat slipping from her temples, took out a paper towel and wiped it, and asked Lu Qiming,

    “Do you think the weather is getting hotter?” The

    sweat wetted her shirt collar and skin. She was also covered with a thin layer of sweat, making her white as a tender lotus root, who had not been out for many days.

    Lu Qiming looked away, looked out the window and humbled.

    “It’s already July.”

    “What should I do, the floor is so high, it will be more difficult in the future.”

    She couldn’t stand the heat, and stuck out her tongue on the table.

    The arms are thin and white, and the elbows are faintly red, like rouge.

    Lu Qiming coughed twice, pulled the hem of his clothes down, and changed his sitting position.

    “Let’s look for a generator tomorrow.”

    “If there is a generator but no diesel, it can’t be used? Alas, I really miss the solar energy in my last home. I think it was all damaged by the blisters.”

    Jiang Miaomiao curled his lips and looked at it. His profile was dyed yellowish by the setting sun, and suddenly he was in a daze, and the words he had said before echoed in his mind.

    -Don’t do it first, rest is important.

    How long has it been rested, hasn’t he rested enough?

    Jiang Miaomiao was the most annoying, and it felt like a sticky chewing gum, not sticky and crisp.

    She pinched the palm of her hand, suddenly got up and threw herself on top of him, lifting his clothes to take off.

    Lu Qiming jumped away with the scent of the shower gel on the woman’s body.

    “What are you going to do?”

    She raised her face, “Didn’t you say you would like to sleep with me? You want to regret it?”

    “Of course not, but I’m a little tired today, can I do it another day?”


    She said I was disappointed and didn’t want to look at him

    anymore , turning around and shouting: “Meat, meat! Come to eat!”

    Today I made canned luncheon meat fried rice with some olives, and it tasted like a stew with plums and vegetables. ,good smell.

    Jiang Rourou has been lingering in the toy area these days, playing with a rubber doll in full swing, reluctant to think about it, and never follow their buttocks again.

    She shouted several times before the other party ran over.

    After several months of feeding, it not only became fat, but also taller, reaching Jiang Miaomiao’s knees.

    The lanugo hair faded and new hair appeared, which seemed to be a Samoyed string. But because the whole body has changed to long hair, only a short lanugo on his face is left, which looks like a monkey at first glance.

    It was ugly, not at all comparable to when Lu Qiming was disgusted to death when he first came.

    Jiang Miaomiao divided a bit of rice into his bowl. He sniffed, not too interested, turned his head to look, and suddenly threw himself on Lu Qiming’s lap.

    Two hind legs stepped on the ground, the front legs embraced him, arched passionately and boldly.

    Lu Qiming’s face turned black in an instant.

    Jiang Miaomiao was also shocked, and explained embarrassingly: “Uh… it may be a bit precocious. Rourou, come down quickly!”

    Jiang Rourou ignored her words, completely oblivious to her, lusting|wish|wish|death.

    Lu Qiming picked up a table knife and grinded his posterior molars gloomily.

    “I saw the time when it was time to castrate the puppies.”


    Jiang Rourou: You only need your state officials to set fires, and my people are not allowed to light the lights? protest!

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