SFTAB: Ch 34

It’s impossible to steer dogs, you can only take away discipline like this.

    Jiang Miaomiao topped Qiming’s terrible anger, and picked up Jiang Rourou, ready to take it to the corner to teach it alone.

    But the other party was not ashamed of the name she gave her, and her weight increased very rapidly, and she couldn’t hold it halfway through her arms, so she could only drag her away on the ground.

    After finally avoiding Lu Qiming’s sight, she pressed Jiang Rourou against the wall and said solemnly:

    “You will not be allowed to ride him again, have you heard?”

    Jiang Rourou seemed to be frightened , and she couldn’t move her tail between her feet. Dare to move.

    Seeing the pitiful cub she raised by herself, she calmed down a bit.

    “I know you couldn’t control yourself by inciting love, but you have to think about your own life. You can’t be refreshed for a while and ignore safety, right? You didn’t see him just like that. I want to throw you out. If I come here a few more times, maybe he will really throw you away while I’m away!”

    Jiang Rourou stretched out his long pink tongue and licked the back of her hand.

    She softened, let go of her hand, held it in her arms and touched the dog’s head.

    “Hey, don’t mess with him in the future. If you really can’t help it, use something else. Go, I will find you a new toy now.”

    Jiang Miaomiao put it on the ground and took it to the toy area. .

    After eating, Lu Qiming took a bath in the men’s bathroom alone.

    The weather has been very hot recently, and they have been taking a cold shower.

    There was a bucket in front of him with mineral water for bathing. The water in it was made up of ten bottles of mineral water.

    In the current environment, this is obviously a luxury. Fortunately, there are countless mineral waters in the supermarket, all of which are calculated for the whole box, and they can supply their splurge.

    Lu Qiming took off his clothes, took a handful of water and poured it on his body. When he lowered his head, he glanced across his chest and landed on a scar.

    The scar is under the collarbone, near the heart. It is about the size of a matchbox and is an irregular polygon.

    From the appearance of the scar, it looked like a new skin after the skin was dug out.

    He put his hand on it, closed his eyes, and countless terrifying and depressing memories emerged in his mind.

    The body suddenly became cold, the air was so heavy that it made people breathless, and the ceiling was covered with black pressure on the top of his head, as if he was about to fall down.

    He felt like he was in a quagmire, helpless, sinking constantly.

    Suddenly, a voice came in my ears.

    “Lu Qiming, are you inside?”

    Chaos broke open, and a beam of light came in.

    He rushed out of the water, breathing heavily.


    Yes .” “I was scared to death. I thought something was wrong with you. No one can be found everywhere. Next time I have to take a bath and say hello to me.” The

    woman was chattering outside, his chest rising and falling violently. He raised his mouth and smiled softly.

    “Okay, sorry.”

    “It’s okay, I’ll take a bath, too. By the way, I have taught you flesh, so don’t care about it, okay?”


    “Hee hee, I know you Very big.” The

    woman laughed and walked away, probably to move mineral water.


    Qiming no longer see the scars, speed up the bath, left the men’s room.

    If there is anything bad about being with her, it is that you are getting more and more unaccustomed to being alone.

    The next morning, the two were sorting things in the supermarket.

    Even if a lot of them are thrown away, the amount of remaining usable materials is still beyond their imagination, and it takes most of the time to manage them.

    In order to save time, they don’t have to take a bottle of soy sauce and have to run the supermarket all over.

    Jiang Miaomiao placed things according to the time remaining in the shelf life, placing the short-term items in the front and the long-term items in the back.

    This can ensure that every time they get something in the future, what they get is within the warranty period.

    Only one day later, she cleared out a batch of expired food.

    A few boxes of instant noodles, a few boxes of snail noodles, a few boxes of ham sausage, and her favorite chili sauce.

    Jiang Miaomiao pushed a cart of expired food and couldn’t bear to throw it away.

    Especially snail noodles, this is a good baby in the age when roadside stalls and hot pots were not available!

    She leaned on the handle of the cart to watch Lu Qiming.

    “Why don’t we take it apart and dry it and keep it for eating? I have read popular science articles before and said that the actual shelf life of many foods is longer than it is marked, so even if it exceeds the shelf life, it can be eaten.

    ” Do you eat yourself after drying?”

    Lu Qiming rode on a herringbone ladder, checking the top cargo.

    “I eat as long as I eat.”

    “Okay.” He nodded, looking at the label on the goods and said casually: “At this time next year, I will go to your grave and put incense on the head.”

    “…Hey, I’m helping you all .” Save food. Don’t look at it a lot now, there will always be a day of sitting and eating in the sky.”

    Lu Qiming jumped down the stairs lightly, picked up the notebook in her hand and made a few notes, and touched her head.

    “Nobody needs to save you. You, I’ll thank God for feeding myself a little fatter.”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s cheeks warmed and he muttered.

    “Feed fat if you want to be fat. You should raise a pig?”

    “Just kidding, where do you have a high IQ.”

    The shyness in her heart disappeared suddenly, raising her fist to threaten.

    “Lu Qiming, I warn you not to get too far!”

    Lu Qiming smiled and waved at her.

    “Come with me and show you a good thing.”

    “What is it?”

    “You’ll know when you see it.”

    Mysterious, what’s going on?

    Jiang Miaomiao followed behind him, walked around a few shelves, and came to a wall.

    Lu Qiming raised his hand.


    Jiang Miaomiao stared at the things on the wall, shocked and speechless.

    One…a whole wall of aunt’s towel!

    Sophie, Kao, Hushubao, Le Erya… countless brands, daily use, night use, liquid models, as well as cotton slivers, relief pants, meet all her needs.

    The aunt’s towel has a long shelf life, and there are only two or three years, so she no longer has to worry about coming to her aunt!

    Lu Qiming said: “When the work at hand is finished, we will make a special room to prevent moisture and move all these things in.”

    Jiang Miaomiao’s eyes were


    “Why are you so good?”

    Lu Qiming has always been thick-skinned and boasted that he has never been unambiguous. Now being praised so heartily by her, he became embarrassed and coughed twice.

    “Don’t waste time, let’s check the supplies in our hands.”

    “Yeah.” The

    two came to the seat by the window and spread the book on the table.


    Fast food, 480 boxes.

    Snacks, 623 boxes.

    Staple food, 5 tons of rice, 2 tons of flour, and 3.5 tons in total.

    Beverages: 6.8 tons of mineral water, the rest total 7.6 tons.

    Nutritional products: 560 boxes of milk powder, 321 boxes of brewed beverages, and a total of 280 boxes of the rest.

    Daily necessities:

    289 packs of paper towels, 586 packs of aunt’s towels, 409 rolls of garbage bags, and a total of 1067 packs.

    Kitchenware: 189 pots, 96 kettles, 65 boxes of bowls and plates, 23 boxes of forks, spoons and chopsticks, and the rest total 305 pieces.

    36 cases of shower gel, 48 cases of shampoo, 45 cases of toothpaste and toothbrushes, and 40 cases of detergent.

    Personal care…


    home appliances…

    sports equipment…the

    two of them just got noon by the statistics, Jiang Miaomiao was dizzy, but he was extremely happy.

    Mom, she is rich! Hahaha!

    “I’m so hungry, which kind person would like to cook lunch?”

    Jiang Miaomiao asked pitifully, lying on the table.

    Lu Qiming closed the notebook.

    “If you want me to do it, just say it, why bother.”

    He also sells cute pretends and pitiful, but he just eats this set.

    Simply shameless.

    Jiang Miaomiao smiled.

    “That’s because you cook deliciously. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t eat, and I have other things to do.”

    “What’s the matter?”

    She ran to the shelf and tiptoed up, took out a large can of mung beans, shook him at him, and ran to find the washbasin.

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have vegetables. Give her a handful of beans and a bottle of water, and she can grow a small vegetable garden.

    Lu Qiming looked at her back, sighed helplessly, rolled up his sleeves and went to cook.

    In the morning, they soaked fungus mushrooms and dried shrimps in advance, and cooked three fresh noodles for lunch.

    Lu Qiming brought a few boxes of mineral water and stacked them up as a table, put on a cutting board and a kitchen knife, and started to cut vegetables.

    The weather was hot, and it was even hotter when standing by the stove, and his clothes were soaked with sweat shortly after the fire started. .

    Lu Qiming wiped his forehead with the back and continue to stir the pot dishes, suddenly feeling a cool breeze blowing behind.

    Turning his head to see, Jiang Miaomiao didn’t know when he would be back, holding a large cardboard in both hands to fan him.

    “Thanks for your hard work, keep working on it and leave me

    alone .” She smiled brightly and kept moving in her hands.

    The air volume is very small, inferior to air conditioners and electric fans, and has little effect on the environment.

    But Lu Qiming’s heart calmed down inexplicably, no longer irritated by the heat, concentrated on cooking, trying to achieve his highest level.

    The three fresh noodles are out of the pot, and the snow-white

    dried noodles are decorated with black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, and bright red shrimps. The soup is clear and oily, and it is pleasing to the eye.

    Jiang Miaomiao finished a bowl in one breath, and then served it in the pot.

    “It’s so delicious.

    Can you make this at night?” Lu Qiming smiled bitterly, “You really use me as a cook.”

    “Do it, do it, I’ll help you make a fan by the side.”

    Where can he return it ? Can you say a word of rejection? Can only nod in agreement.

    After lunch, the two of them took a nap and started to work again at two o’clock.

    Things have been sorted out. Lu Qiming proposed to find a generator yesterday, which became their goal in the afternoon.

    The two searched the entire floor without gaining anything, so they went upstairs.

    As soon as they entered the lobby, Jiang Miaomiao was stunned. They lived upstairs in the supermarket for almost a month, and it turned out to be a luxury hotel!

    The hotel occupies a full four floors, with restaurants, meeting rooms, indoor swimming pools, saunas, gyms and other facilities. There are hundreds of guest rooms, and the decoration is beyond her imagination.

    Knowing that the above conditions are so good, why should she huddle with Lu Qiming and sleep on the floor of the mother and baby room for a month?

    Jiang Miaomiao was as excited as a bird escaping from a cage, and couldn’t wait to see the level of the guest room.

    Lu Qiming followed behind her, holding a small chainsaw, and reminded: “Go slow and pay attention to safety.”

    She stopped and waited for him, when he walked to her side, affectionately pulled his arm forward together.

    The hotel has been power out long ago, and the backup battery of the electronic door lock has been exhausted in the past six months. Therefore, the door of the guest room is in an unlocked state and can be opened with one push, unless it is manually locked from the inside.

    The two visited one by one.

    The twenty-first floor is the lobby, meeting room and restaurant.

    The 22nd and 23rd floors are ordinary guest rooms.

    The twenty-fourth floor is divided into two parts, one is a fitness room, a swimming pool, a sauna, and the other is a high-end suite.

    The facilities of the ordinary rooms are already very good, better than all the hotels where Miao Miao Jiang has stayed before the end of the world.

    When they came to the suite area and saw the furnishings inside, they were even more reluctant to move their stunning feet.

    “Is this a guest room behind this door?”

    Jiang Miaomiao noticed another room. The door was not the same as the others, it was very luxurious and upscale.

    She pushed away, went in and went around, covering her mouth in surprise.

    This, this… Is this the legendary presidential suite?

    Gilded sink, huge jacuzzi, big round bed with tulle bed net.

    Independent swimming pool, piano, private library, office, reception room, full set of Hermes bath products.

    She walked to the window, opened the heavy silk embroidered curtain, and wanted to experience the feeling of standing in the presidential suite overlooking the city, but found that the floor-to-ceiling glass in front of her was different from what she saw elsewhere.

    Lu Qiming walked over and knocked on his knuckles and said,

    “It’s bulletproof.” The

    bulletproof glass was spread from floor to ceiling, enclosing the entire suite, and its strength was comparable to that of the vault in the basement.

    Jiang Miaomiao excitedly said, “Isn’t it safe here?”

    Lu Qiming raised his eyebrows.

    “Why, do you want to live here?”

    She did not hide, she said bluntly:

    “There are no decent beds in the supermarket. We lay on the floor every day. For safety, I have to squeeze in a small mother and baby room. I sleep. We are about to have lumbar spondylosis. We can go back here to sleep at night, eat and work in the daytime or at the supermarket. There is also some food and water here. If we are in danger, we can come here to hide. Isn’t it good? “

    Lu Qiming thought for a while and nodded.

    “Yes, which room are you going to sleep in?”

    Is this still optional? Of course it is the presidential suite in front of you.

    But there are three bedrooms in the suite, which one should I sleep in?

    Jiang Miao made a circle in every bedroom. The largest one should be the master bedroom, which is estimated to be 50 square meters in size, with its own bathroom and bathtub.

    The other two are smaller, so I won’t pick them anymore, just the master bedroom.

    Jiang Miaomiao jumped onto the round bed that was very comfortable and rolled around.

    The quilt has been left unattended for half a year, and it has a musty smell. It doesn’t matter, just put it in the sun.

    She hugged a pillow and said to Lu Qiming, who was standing next to the bed:

    “At night, you sleep on the left side and I sleep on the right side, okay? I want to lie in bed and watch the sunrise.” The floor is so high and the view is unobstructed, the scenery must be beautiful.

    Lu Qiming was slightly surprised.

“Shall we sleep together?”

    She was stunned, not understanding what he meant.

    “Didn’t we sleep together all the time?”

    “Yes, but that’s because there are no extra beds.”

    Jiang Miaomiao seemed to be splashed with cold water, and the excitement disappeared instantly, very disappointed.

    “Which room do you want to sleep in?”

    Lu Qiming said: “Just next door to protect you.”

    “… Then I can thank you, nothing else? You go back to your room, I want to remove the quilt Go to the balcony to dry, and then go to the supermarket to get things.”

    He hmmed, turned and left.

    She started to move the quilt, but stopped halfway there, as if she lost her soul.

    Lu Qiming, who had already reached the door, saw this scene and turned around and asked:

    “What’s wrong?”

    She shook her head, did not speak, and speeded up her pace to walk away.

    Lu Qiming’s eyes flickered, turned his head, and went to the next door.

    The two cleaned up their respective bedrooms and went to the supermarket to move things.

    Shower gel, quilt and towels are available in hotels, you don’t need to take them, you need water and food.

    It was almost dark without moving a few boxes.

    They had to suspend work, go to the supermarket to eat and take a bath, and then return to the hotel to rest.

    Jiang Miaomiao also brought Jiang Rourou, ready to let it be his companion.

    But this bastard was so excited in recent days that she didn’t sleep at all. She scratched the door shortly after coming in to go out, so she had to let him go to the living room to play.

    Lying alone in the huge master bedroom, it stands to reason that it should feel comfortable, refreshing, and safe.

    Before the end of the world broke out, this kind of room cost at least tens of thousands of yuan a night.

    But she looked at the curtains above her head with the goose down pillows, she was totally unhappy, and her mind was full of what Lu Qiming looked like when she slept in two rooms.

    I used to sleep with her because I didn’t have two beds?

    This scumbag! Obviously I said I love her not long ago, I love her ass!

    Jiang Miaomiao became more irritable as he thought about it, and sat up abruptly, rushing to the next door to ask him to understand.

    But when both feet stepped on the ground, they retreated.

    If you don’t sleep together, you won’t sleep together. It’s not that she can’t sleep without him!

    She lay back on the bed, endured the heat of midsummer, and forced herself to fall asleep as soon as possible.

    The next morning, the two went downstairs.

    Jiang Miaomiao was sluggish, Jiang Rourou was sluggish, and only Lu Qiming was normal.

    Breakfast is scallop mushroom porridge, accompanied by a cup of instant soy milk, full of nutrition and delicious.

    After eating, they went on to do yesterday’s work, transporting food and water to the bedroom.

    Lu Qiming offered to suggest:

    “You don’t seem to be in good condition, or go back to the room to catch up.”

    “What about that thing?”

    “I’ll move.”

    Hey, bewildered, doesn’t he know why she is in bad condition? ?

    Jiang Miaomiao shook his head, refused his help, and walked upstairs with a box of mineral water.

    A box of 24 bottles of water adds up to 20 or 30 catties.

    She had never moved before, and now after half a year of exercise, she can walk on her shoulders and walk like flying fast, even climbing four floors in a row.

    They carried many trips back and forth. At first, Lu Qiming followed her closely, but she didn’t want to see him, so she moved far behind, so she only met in the corridor later.

    She went upstairs and he went downstairs.

    Glancing at each other, no one said anything and passed by.

    Jiang Miaomiao deliberately angered him, trying to let him know that he was angry.

    However, no matter what she did, the other party just didn’t take the initiative to mention yesterday’s affairs, which made her even more sad, like a big rock on her chest.

    A dozen times up and down, she was too tired and decided not to move while lying in bed.

    Isn’t he rushing to do it? Then let him do it, she just saves some energy.

    Jiang Miaomiao closed his eyes and planned to sleep, but the weather was so hot that he could not fall asleep over and over again, and his sweat left a humanoid mark on the sheets.

    She couldn’t stand it, so she picked up a box of mineral water and planned to take a cold shower in the bathroom.

    When I passed a small cabinet, I saw what was inside and stopped curiously.

    The cabinet is with glass doors, and there are many colorful boxes inside.

    Take a closer look, there are Jissbon, lubricants, erotic underwear, and…the legendary Viagra.

    Jiang Miaomiao: “…”

    This hotel is really thoughtful.

    She retracted her gaze, continued to walk forward, and stopped after two steps. A guess came to her mind.

    Lu Qiming rejected her repeatedly, which is really not like a normal adult man’s behavior.

    After confirming the relationship, he refused to even live together. Isn’t it… he can’t? That’s why I avoided her?

    Jiang Miaomiao looked back at the things in the cabinet, and had the urge to give him a box.

    But if there is nothing wrong with others, it would be embarrassing, this can hurt self-esteem.

    But letting it go, she was not reconciled.

    After much deliberation, she decided to test him.

    The next morning, Lu Qiming waited for Jiang Miaomiao in the living room after washing up. The two agreed to go to work together today, and the tools were all ready.


    as time is eight in the morning to six in the evening, usually she is very punctual, seeing today has more than half an hour, her door is still shut.

    Lu Qiming held a Casio electronic watch in his hand, which he found on the previous office floor, and took it with him to see the time.

    The sun was getting more and more venomous outside, and he wondered if he should knock on the door to remind her.

    Think about it or give up, put the table below, and drank saliva.

    The door opened before the water was swallowed.

    Jiang Miaomiao stepped out of the door with ten-centimeter stiletto heels, dressed up as gorgeous.

    She put on makeup, her eyeshadow was shining, and her lips were full of raspberry red.

    She was wearing a big pink skirt from the Dior store, with a tube top and her shoulders exposed. The

    high-heeled shoes are green and look like a huge pink peony dotted with two small green leaves.

    A complete set of diamond bracelets, necklaces, and earrings was worn to brighten the eyes of the blind.

    Lu Qiming’s eyes widened, his mouth opened, and the water choked in the intake pipe, his face flushed with cough.

    Jiang Miaomiao trot with her skirt and ran to him and patted him on the back.

    “Happy it, this dress is that you and I choose it.”


    He picked the time, really did not expect to wear out is this effect ……

    Lu Qiming finally stopped coughing, looked up and asked:

    “Why are you dressed as So?”

    Jiang Miaomiao shook his hair, “I like it.”

    “…Do you remember that we are going to work today?”

    “Remember, what’s the matter?”

    “It’s okay, just remember.”

    Lu Qiming panted well, picked up the tools and walked downstairs.

    Jiang Miaomiao quickly followed, rubbing his arm with his shoulder intentionally or unintentionally.

    He is 26 years old. He hasn’t touched a woman for half a year. If he has a normal sexuality, he can’t be unresponsive, right?

    But the other party just went so fast without looking back, she had to trot to keep up with him.

    The fire exit was very narrow, and Jiang Miaomiao had a hard time walking inside wearing a tuxedo and high heels.

    When he got down to the tenth floor, Lu Qiming stopped, turned his back to her and said:

    “You go back, I can do it alone.”

    She walked over and hooked his arm.

    “That won’t work, I’ll be with you.”

    Lu Qiming’s body was obviously stiff, he took a deep breath, and continued to walk down until he reached the first floor.

    The flood has completely receded without a trace.

    A layer of silt was left on the ground, which was dried up and cracked by the sun in the past few days.

    The city is empty, no people or zombies can be seen.

    They stepped on the mud and came to the green belt.

    Lu Qiming put down the bucket in his hand, took out a large spatula from the inside, shoveled the silt on the surface, digs out the moist soil from the bottom, and put it into the bucket.

    They now have everything but vegetables and meat.

    Meat cannot be resolved for the time being, but so many rooms are empty, it is a waste not to grow vegetables.

    Jiang Miaomiao also took a spatula and wanted to help, but she couldn’t bend her waist because the skirt got in the way.

    Lu Qiming helplessly watched her


    “I told you to go back, and I will lift the mud upstairs later. Are you sure you can do it in this way?”

    Is she dressed like this for digging? It’s to show him!

    Who would have thought that he would be woodier than this pile of mud, and annoyed!

    She decided to go all out, concealing him from behind, her chest pressed against his back.

    “If I can’t do it, you will help them, right?”

    Lu Qiming: “…”

    “Brother Lu, guess what the smell of other people’s lipstick is?”

    Jiang Miaomiao put red lips in his ears , Breathe in.

    With a bang, Lu Qiming plunged straight into the mud.

    She was taken aback, and quickly let go of her hand and helped him up.

    “Are you all right? Are you hurt?”

    He wiped the mud from his face, shook his head, grabbed the spatula and worked silently.

    She looked at his back, knowing that she was busy for nothing, and stomped her feet to go back upstairs to change clothes.

    Because of walking too quickly, Jiang Miaomiao’s body tilted, and a heart-piercing pain came from her ankle.

    Lu Qiming didn’t pay attention and was still digging the mud. She resisted calling, took off her high heels, limped barefoot and climbed over twenty floors, and walked back to the room.

    Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, she looked at her face, unable to understand why Lu Qiming was not tempted.

    Isn’t it tempting to dress enough?

    She turned her head and looked at the erotic lingerie in the cabinet, her cheeks gradually turning red.

    A few minutes later, Jiang Miaomiao changed her clothes and came to the mirror again.

    Staring at the figure inside for a few seconds, she covered her face and screamed in shame.

    Jiang Miaomiao made lunch early and lay down at the window to watch Lu Qiming.

    He worked until 11:30 noon and never went out after entering the building. He was so dirty that he probably went to take a bath. It was a good time to start.

    She took out her clothes and put on them. After several minutes of mental construction, she mustered the courage to go out.

    Unexpectedly, when he met Jiang Rourou in the corridor, the other person looked at her in horror, and he didn’t dare to shake his tail.

    Jiang Miaomiao did not dare to stay, hid his face and fled, rushing to the supermarket in one breath.

    The food on the table hasn’t moved yet, and there is a sound of water in the men’s bathroom, and it is really taking a shower.

    She clenched a fist and walked in silently.

    Lu Qiming turned his back to the door and was pouring water on him.

    Jiang Miaomiao raised his hand on his shoulder and was about to speak. The other party raised the bucket and splashed her face, then turned and pinched her neck and pressed it against the wall.

    The speed is surprisingly fast, almost subconsciously.

    She didn’t react until her back was stuck to the cold tiled wall, her face pale in fright.

    “It’s you?” Lu Qiming saw her face and released his hand apologetically. “Why don’t you say hello when you come in? I thought it was a

    zombie …” The corpse character lost the opportunity to export because he looked down and saw it. Her clothes.

    The thin fabric was soaked in water, and the curve of the body was exposed.

    She was frightened, her breathing was very rapid, her chest undulated violently, and the curve moved with it, which was a fatal temptation.

    Lu Qiming’s mind was clouded, and he suffocated a sentence for a long time.

    “Do you like this kind of dress too?”

    Jiang Miaomiao still had lingering fears. Hearing these words, she decided to do nothing, come to a happy pose, and wink at him in what she thinks is the sexiest pose.

    “Am I good-looking?”

    Lu Qiming: “…Go out and change clothes, don’t catch cold.”

    Playing stupid again?

    Jiang Miaomiao glanced back, opened a compartment door, dragged him in and locked the door, blocked it with his body, then grabbed his hand and pressed it to his chest.

    “What’s it feeling?”

    Lu Qiming: “I feel a bean stalking me.”


    Jiang Miao was so angry that she rolled her eyes, but when she saw a certain place, she realized that he was lying.

    The dog man who pretends to be calm, obviously likes it very much.

    She breathed calmly, curled up the corners of her mouth, and guided his hand to take off her clothes.

    Lu Qiming tried to pump his hands several times, but was dragged back by her. Seeing that the spring light was venting more and more, his breathing became quicker, and he couldn’t refuse any more.

    Jiang Miaomiao has no experience at all. He did this on impulse, but didn’t know what to do next.

    Lu Qiming’s black eyes flashed with dim light, like a wild beast that opened his appetite.

    Suddenly she was a little frightened, pressed her back against the door, and whispered:

    “I…I’m going out to change clothes…”

    She said that she was leaving, but when her hand touched the doorknob, she was pulled back and kissed aggressively. Up here.

    He was so anxious that his lips seemed to be broken by her teeth, and there was a smell of blood between his lips and teeth, but he kept moving.

    The situation was completely beyond Jiang Miaomiao’s control. She was forced to endure his enthusiasm. She reflexively wanted to push him away, her fingertips touched his hot chest, and she immediately retracted like an electric shock.


    He kissed off the drops of water on her eyelashes, and effortlessly held her hands and pressed them against the wall.

    “You are really too bad, too bad.”

    </> The author has something to say: Dirty~ The little train is about to depart (*^▽^*)

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