Jiang Ning once thought about meeting again, Yan Yixie would hate her, would ignore her, would be indifferent to her, but he had never thought that he would grab her abruptly and go to the Netherlands to get a marriage certificate, and he would say Putting a wedding ring on her finger without saying a word would have already set the password of the door to her birthday.

    Why did Yan Yixie set the password to her birthday, and what was her mood when she set it?

    Is it out of habit? Or was it to warn him that he must not fall into her trap again? Or is it subconsciously hoping that one day, she can step into his door again?

    Jiang Ning didn’t know.

    Jiang Ning only felt slightly sour in his heart.

    In the past three years, although she has been able to guess a little bit about what Yan Yixie has experienced, what she has tossed about, her thoughts and thoughts, she can’t really empathize with her after all.

    She finds these three years difficult. But he would only be more desperate and painful than her.

    When Xiao Sun came out with his suitcase, he saw that the door of Yan Shao’s house was wide open. Jiang Ning was standing in the hallway slightly lost. He couldn’t help but reminded: “Miss Jiang.”

    Jiang Ning came back to his senses.

    She smiled and took the luggage, and

    said, ” Thanks for your hard work, you can put it in the hallway for me, and I will pack the rest.” Xiaosun heard his father say that Yan Yi has a weird temperament and likes to live alone, even if Jiang Ning Not to mention, he didn’t dare to step into this door easily, so he smiled and gave Jiang Ning the luggage box by box and put it at the entrance.

    After Xiao Sun left, Jiang Ning began to arrange his luggage.

    With hope for a new life, she happily put her coffee cup on the dining table and her slippers next to Yan Yixie. Then he went into the study room and put the books he had brought neatly in the free space of the bookcase.

    On the way back, Jiang Ning also bought a vase and some dried gypsophila. She inserted the gypsophila and put the vase on the coffee table.

    The house was large and deserted. Originally it had only three colors of black, white and gray. At this time, when the flowers were placed, there was a little more life.

    After doing all this, the next step is to own clothes.

    Jiang Ning pushed aside the master bedroom first, leaned in and took a look.

    The master bedroom is very large, and the bathroom and cloakroom inside are also very large. The decoration is more inclined to the hotel’s marble design, with rows of tables lying on the glass display.

    Now that Yan Yixie is not here, Jiang Ning feels that if he puts his own things in the master bedroom without authorization, it seems a bit too stinky and shameless.

    And she doesn’t know what Yan Yixie thinks. Now that he has no gap with himself, he enters the room directly, is he too anxious to get it done?

    Later he thought he had other plans.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Ning first moved his luggage to the room where he slept the night last time.

    Although this room is not as big as the master bedroom, it has everything you need.

    Jiang Ning took a bath, changed into a bathrobe, and rested for a while before humming and hanging his clothes in the cloakroom one by one in a very good mood.

    At this moment the phone rang.

    Jiang Ning wiped his hands, walked over, picked up the phone from the bed, and swiped to the right to pick it up.

    “It’s me.” Yan Yixie’s voice was as cold and low as before.

    Jiang Ning chuckled with the phone in his arms: “I know.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Since the reunion, the two have hardly spoken calmly.

    Mobile phone numbers were exchanged on the plane after marriage registration.

    When I was young, I talked on the phone every night. Yan Yixie read “Pride and Prejudice” to Jiang Ning. The young boy’s clean voice was gentle and low.

    But now, it is the first call after three years. Several scenes flashed back in their minds, and they were silent for a while.

    Yan Yi paused, with a somewhat unnatural tone: “Are you hungry?”

    Jiang Ning thought he was going to have something tonight, but he wondered whether he was eating, thinking that he had just gotten married, and he still had to act as a considerate new wife. So he hurriedly said: “Don’t worry about me, I have eaten.”


    Yixie : “…” Jiang Ning noticed that the mood had become weird there, and asked: “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s okay.” Yan Yixie looked at it. Looking at the restaurant he was about to arrive, he frowned, simply turned the steering wheel, turned around, and said faintly: “I just called and said, I have something tonight, and I can’t go back to eat.”

    Jiang Ning had known that he had something. Not surprisingly, she decided to continue to be well-behaved and sensible, and nodded seriously: “It doesn’t matter, you are busy.”

    Yan Yixie: “…” I

    don’t know if it was Jiang Ning’s illusion. She felt that the air pressure on the phone was lower.

    She wondered what went wrong, but didn’t think about it for a while, so she said: “I’m packing things, it’s almost finished, I will wait for you to come back tonight.”

    Yan Yixie heard the phrase “I’ll wait for you.” , His face finally eased.

    It’s just a dinner, it’s not enough.

    The future is long.

    Although Yan Yixie didn’t know what Jiang Ning was thinking and what he was plotting this time, three years later, he finally heard her voice on the phone again and heard the phrase “I’m waiting for you” that he longed for countless times in his sleep. .

    This moment of warmth made him addicted, like an antidote, so that he could be slightly relieved from the pain of the year.

    He tilted his head and looked at the busy traffic outside, the setting sun was falling from the distant sky, and the warm orange afterglow was shining on his snow-white face.

    He squeezed the steering wheel silently, watching the smoke and firework along the streets.

    At this moment, he deceived himself and wanted to let go of those entanglements of the year, and wanted to try… at the risk of being overwhelmed, and believing in Jiang Ning again.

    … When

    Yan Yixie came back, Jiang Ning really waited for him at home.

    With the TV on, she fell asleep reclining on the sofa holding two documents.

    She was wearing a navy blue long-sleeved pajamas, her exposed wrists and ankles were as white as goat’s milk, her hair draped messily on her cheeks, and her slender eyelashes were tightly closed.

    Yan Yixie stopped at the entrance, and the light fell from his tall back.

    He looked over there.

    For a moment, he thought it was a dream.

    After an unknown period of time, he settled his mind, put down the car keys, and changed shoes at the entrance. He noticed that she had bought two more pairs of slippers, one for a couple, one gray and one pink, one large and one small.

    He walked in and found flowers in the corner of his home, and the pillows became more scattered than usual.

    …It’s more human.

    Yan Yixie looked around at all of this, and couldn’t help being lost for a moment.

    Jiang Ning turned over on the sofa, and the blanket covering his waist fell down. Yan Yixie walked over, took away the materials in her hand, bent over to pick up the blanket, and put it on her again.

    “Don’t sleep here.” He supported her neck with one hand, and lifted her knees with the other. Jiang Ning woke up with heavy eyelids as he was about to lift her up. She half-opened her eyes and gave him a dazed look.

    In the past two days on the plane, Jiang Ning has not had a good rest. At this time, he is really heavy and it is difficult to open his eyes.

    She vaguely said: “You’re back, I’ll go to my room to sleep.” As

    she said, she subconsciously hugged Yan Yixie’s neck.

    The head of Yan Yi’s gratitude was like an electric shock, and it itched from his neck to his back. He gritted his teeth and stared at her in his arms, his eyes darkened unconsciously, implying a dangerous aggressiveness.

    He picked up Jiang Ning and strode towards the room.

    Then I listened to Jiang Ning half-dreaming half-awake: “Did you go wrong… this way.”

    Jiang Ning dimly pointed to the next room.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie could only turn her feet and put her on the bed in the guest room.

    After covering her with the quilt, Yan Yixie straightened up, only to find that everything Jiang Ning had said was packed, and that everything was packed in this room.

    Her clothes have been neatly hung in the closet, and things such as toothbrushes and facial cleanser have been happily placed in the small bathroom of the guest room.

    Yan Yixie:

    What does “…” mean? Calling her husband to him, and treating him as a roommate in his heart?

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