Jiang Ning didn’t notice Yan Yixie’s dangerous eyes, rolled over, and continued to fall asleep very sleeplessly.

    Yan Yixie stared at Jiang Ning for a while, used her cold fingers to pull her scattered hair behind her ears, and involuntarily stroked her face with her fingertips.

    Jiang Ning shivered from the cold, and subconsciously shrank into the quilt.

    Yan Yixie frowned and then withdrew his hand.

    He stood beside her bed for a long time, tucked the quilt for her, and then turned and left.

    Fortunately, what Yan Yixie never wanted was a shell, and he was not so eager to make this marriage real as soon as possible. Jiang Ning could just sleep in which room she wanted.

    It’s just that Jiang Ning directly moved all the clothes to the guest room, as if he hadn’t planned to stay with him for a long time from the beginning, as if signing the paper marriage contract was just for fun, and he could regret it at any time, which made him feel alarm bells again.

    Perhaps the thunder that year was buried so deep that his trust in her was precarious. The slightest turmoil now makes him uneasy.

    After returning to his room, Yan Yixie thought for a moment and called the wedding company: “I want to be as soon as possible.”

    Jiang Ning fell asleep all night, and even stretched his waist contentedly when he got up in the morning, but found that Yan Yixie had already left. Let Xiao Sun bring her breakfast.

    “…Go away?”

    Jiang Ning was bitterly resentful.

    He hadn’t returned when she fell asleep, and he had already left before she woke up. Why was he so busy when she went out early and returned late?

    And this kind of going out early and returning late lasted for three days.

    Yan Yixie is actually very busy with a lot of affairs. Although he has established a firm foothold within the Yan family, he is young and people who disagree with Yan Baiang are also dissatisfied with him. So it is logical that he becomes the heir of the Yan family.

    Recently, Yan Baiang had just returned to China. Although he did not want to see Yan Baiang, since they stood on the same boat three years ago, some information still needs to be exchanged.

    And Jiang Ning was busy herself.

    In the two days she went to get married, she took leave of absence from the school and the design institute, and the project team was busy catching up with the progress because she had missed some progress.

    In the blink of an eye, Friday, Jiang Ning hadn’t found a chance to spend time with Yan Yixie.

    The senior brother sent her a message and asked her whether she had paid the farewell party fees.

    Jiang Ning just remembered that tonight was Teacher Yang’s farewell party.

    This teacher Yang was a freshman and sophomore counselor in the Department of Architecture. Last year, due to some illnesses, he took a year of sick leave. When he returned to school this year, he was lack of energy, so he took the initiative to quit his job as a counselor and was transferred to the library. It is equivalent to saying that there will be no intersection with the students in the two classes of the Department of Architecture in the future. Therefore, the cadres of the two classes wanted to hold a farewell ceremony for her.

    Because of emotion and reason, Jiang Ning needs to go. In her freshman year, Teacher Yang provided her with a lot of help.

    Jiang Ning happily signed the participant list and paid the fee.

    The brother asked again: “We have been in Banqun Aite before. Because now we are about to senior year, many people are out of town and can’t come back. We are afraid that there will be fewer people attending and the atmosphere is not active enough, so if there are boyfriend and girlfriend friends, yes. You can bring it here. Do you see if you want to bring it?”

    Jiang Ning said, “I? Forget it.”

    Even if Yan Yixie was willing to come, his cold face would scare people.

    Moreover, he has been very busy recently, and the time to sleep is almost gone, Jiang Ning is also distressed.

    Yang Yinyin and a few other girls were standing next to the senior. Hearing Jiang Ning’s refusal, they hurriedly poked the senior, and gestured with his eyes to remind him that he must bring the object over.

    This senior has also heard some inconspicuous rumors in the school, saying that the reason why Jiang Ning has money to spend is because her boyfriend is a half-length old man.

    These girls hurried over and asked him to urge Jiang Ning to bring the object over, just to see Jiang Ning’s jokes.

    This senior felt something wrong in his heart. He subconsciously was on Jiang Ning’s side. After all, Jiang Ning was beautiful, but he couldn’t bear Yang Yinyin and these girls.

    So he paused, and said to Jiang Ning, “Bring it if you can. Didn’t you hear that you have a boyfriend? You can’t let everyone see you after graduation.”

    Jiang Ning said perfunctorily, “Then. Let me ask.”

    She hung up, then turned to Yan Yixie’s phone.

    She was hesitating whether to dial it, but she didn’t even press her fingertips, but she dialed it.

    Yan Yixie’s tone didn’t make any waves: “You’ve been busy.”

    During the period after receiving the certificate, although the two went out early and returned late and didn’t have much time to meet each other, the relationship seemed to have eased a little bit, at least the atmosphere was no longer so stiff that people could freeze to death. .

    So the two maintained the frequency of making one phone call a day. Sometimes it was Jiang Ning who called, and Yan Yixie also called several times, but it wouldn’t be too long, just to inform each other about the time to go home.

    Jiang Ning could feel that there was still a piece of ice between the two. Although there was still a bit of cold wind, the piece of ice was melting at a slow speed that was invisible to the naked eye.

    Jiang Ning explained: “A classmate from the school called me, and a counselor from the sophomore and sophomore period was transferred and planned to hold a farewell party for her and let me take the person.” After

    Jiang Ning finished speaking, he felt that the words seemed full. After giving up the hint, he said again: “Of course, I have already resigned, you don’t need to spend time mingling with our things.”

    Who expected Yan Yixie in a chilly tone: “Why, do you think I’m shameful again?”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    “Who said you shameless? Who said that, come out to me, I promise not to kill him.” Jiang Ning said sincerely: “I’m not afraid of you being surrounded by female classmates.”

    Yan Yixie sneered: “This excuse has already been used at the design institute that day, not to mention your department. If I remember correctly, the male to female ratio is eight to one.”

    “…” Jiang Ning sighed and said, “I just saw you. I’m busy lately, I want you to rest.”

    Yan Yixie disapproved: “This is a good excuse, the first time I use it.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Realizing that the cynicism has unknowingly turned into a bickering, Jiang Ning couldn’t help but smile. you. She said: “Come on, then.”

    Yan Yixie frowned on the phone again: “Come on, right, so reluctant?”

    Jiang Ning was stunned, crying without tears: “Then you come! Please come!”

    Yan I thank you for saying: “You will definitely not have fun when I go. Let Xiao Sun take you over for dinner first. I have a meeting in the evening. I will pick you up after you are over.”

    “Okay.” Jiang Ning understood. , Yan Yixie did have something tonight, but he was not reconciled not to show up in Jiang Ning’s school, so that the suitors of Jiang Ning’s school would also retreat. So do everything possible to squeeze out time.

    After hanging up the phone, Yan Yixie’s eyes fell back to the posts on the computer webpage, with a gloomy expression: “Who spread these rumors?”

    “How many people are more active, all of them are Ms. Jiang’s classmates, but the one who posted the first , If it is correct, it should be Miss Jiang’s roommate with the surname Yang.”

    Yan Yi thanked him, “Why did you find it now?”

    The humanity below: “It was just a few sentences before, and most of them were directly by the moderator. Deleted. That is, in the last few days, this kind of remarks has only increased. It may be related to the ring that Miss Jiang is wearing, and the car that you asked Sun Zhang to pick up and drop off her recently.”

    “Go and deal with it. Click.” Yan Yi thanked: “I don’t want to see this kind of rumor again.”

    Yang Yinyin was still enthusiastically posting an anonymous post, saying that Jiang Ning, the architecture department, might bring her mysterious boyfriend tonight, and he was determined to leave. Seeing whether it was the rich generation of the old man, or the second generation of the short and rich, she blinked an eye. The post was 404, and her account was deleted directly.

    If Yan Dahang were here, he would presciently advise Yang Yinyin not to play with fire.

    It is a pity that Yan Dahang is not there.

    Yang Yinyin only thought that the internet was not good, so she cursed the internet violently and went to the library with her notebook in her arms.

    The farewell party in the evening is very lively.

    In recent years, Jiangning University has not made many good friends because of absent-mindedness and no focus on interpersonal relationships, and they have not made as deep as they did in high school.

    But because she is beautiful and generous, her popularity is still very good, and people come to her to toast and talk.

    Jiang Ning went to Teacher Yang to say a farewell speech. Teacher Yang had tea. In order to show respect, she had to drink and drank another small cup.

    Jiang Ning’s drinking volume is actually not very good, especially when the music in KTV is noisy and the lights are dazzling. After a while, she feels a little dizzy.

    So she went back to sit down next to Meng Xin and started texting Yan Yixie.

    As soon as the door of the box was pushed open, someone suddenly roared, and someone laughed and said, “Jiang Ning, who is here?”

    Jiang Ning thought it was Yan Yixie, and when he looked up, he saw that the person was Lu Xiuran.

    Jiang Ning frowned suddenly.

    Lu Xiuran is the school grass, and also the one who has chased Jiang Ning the most aggressively in recent years. With him in line, many people who chased Jiang Ning were daunted.

    On a certain level, he did block most of the trouble for Jiang Ning.

    But this person is a great trouble in itself.

    He was still sending flowers to the design institute last month, and narcissistically told his colleagues at the Jiang Ning Design Institute that he would follow Jiang Ning.

    I don’t know how many people he has said such things, and people in the school often put Jiang Ning’s name and his name together. Booing at the sight of the two.

    …In short, not a reliable person.

    Jiang Ning has a principle of making friends. She avoids people like Yang Yinyin and Lu Xiuran directly, at most because of the affection of being in the same dormitory. Only people like Meng Xin and Ye Chang who are more sincere will interact more deeply.

    As soon as Lu Xiuran came in and saw Jiang Ning, his eyes lit up and he wanted to come here.

    At this time, Jiang Ning’s phone rang, and amid the noise, Yan Yixie asked her the box number.

    “306.” Jiang Ning said, and walked to the door of the box.

    During the previous meal, everyone had not seen the person Jiang Ning said came, and thought that the other person was not coming.

    This made Yang Yinyin and the others even more convinced that Jiang Ning’s so-called boyfriend and fiance would definitely not be able to do it.

    In this short period of time, Jiang Ning couldn’t hire one, so Jiang Ning has been perfunctory.

    Unexpectedly, at this time, the meal was over, Jiang Ning really looked like someone came to pick her up. Everyone was stunned, and they all stretched their necks, wanting to see what the other party looked like.

    Someone whispered to Yang Yinyin: “What you said is true? It’s really that kind of old man——”

    Before finishing speaking, the box door was pushed open from the outside.

    The figure who came here was tall, young, against the light, with an unbelievably handsome outline, eyebrows like ink lines, deep and noble temperament.

    Vaguely with a cold and aggressive aggressiveness that is not close to anyone.

    The exquisite tailored suit and trousers fit his upright body, and he wears a famous watch on his wrist, making the person sitting near the door and seeing clearly take a breath.

    Jiang Ning stumbled.

    The young man held her back.

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