Jiang Ning finished the meeting at the design institute, and planned to go to school to pack things first.

    Coming to her senior year, she doesn’t have much time in school except for some of the professional courses she has to take.

    Therefore, there are not many things in the school, and you can move to Yan Yixie’s residence after a rough cleaning.

    Jiang Ning used to think the dormitory was noisy and didn’t like to stay too much, but sometimes she needed to rest nearby after class. She went to the dormitory more frequently.

    But now that she is going to “live together” with Yan Yixie, she hopes to increase the meeting time of the two as much as possible, and naturally plans to go back to “home” during the rest time in the future.

    She came out of the design institute with a stack of materials, and immediately drove a car under the shade of a tree not far away. The luxury models were quite eye-catching in the sun.

    Jiang Ning paused, and she knew this car, which was the one she chased at the Peninsula Hotel that day.

    A young man with an inch-length and standard facial features jumped out of the car in a panic, came over and bowed to pull the door for Jiang Ning: “Mr. Yan asked me to see you off, and I will follow you specifically in the future.”

    Jiang Ning recognized him: ” Little grandson?”

    Little grandson was a little surprised, and touched the back of his head shyly: “It seems that Shao Yan mentioned me to you.”

    Jiang Ning: “…Hmm.”

    She was embarrassed to say that Yan Yixie never remembered a person’s name. Yes, this has been the case since he was a young boy. Jiang Ning knew that his usual driver’s surname after returning to China was Sun, so he checked the registration at the hotel.

    Because of their special status, the Yan family is away from home and rarely reveal their whereabouts. This may be the reason why Jiang Ning asked a friend in Germany to check Yan Yixie a year ago, but found nothing.

    Since Yan Yixie asked Xiao Sun to send her to her from now on, Jiang Ning had no pretense to push back and forth.

    I have obtained the marriage certificate, and it seems something is wrong with me to divide you up. And after the reunion, Yan Yixie’s temperament is more uncertain than when she was young, weird and difficult to understand, if she refuses, he will inevitably think that she is planning to leave him…

    Thinking of this, Jiang Ning got into the car directly.

    At the gate of the design institute, many envied eyes for a while.

    The car was speeding, Jiang Ning leaned on the back seat, looking at the ring in her hand, the corners of her mouth could not help but raised. Although she was uncertain about the future in her heart, she was more full of expectations.

    When she was in the meeting just now, although she wrote down the main points of the next project without missing a word, her mood had already flown out of her mind.

    …Where will she sleep after moving tonight? When does Yan Yixie go home? She doesn’t know how to cook, but tonight is the first day of marriage, should she cook it by herself? It really doesn’t work, let’s go out to eat, I don’t know if there will be a candlelight dinner…

    Thinking about it, she thinks she might be thinking too much.

    Now that the estrangement has not disappeared, Yan Yixie looks at her every time as if she wants to gouge her heart out. Where is the candlelight dinner?

    So tonight…what will happen?

    The brilliant sun in the afternoon reflected on Jiang Ning’s beautiful face through the window of the car. Jiang Ning’s mood seemed to have returned to the anxiety he had before the hospital confessed it many years ago.

    She looked out the window of the busy traffic, she felt a little nervous as if she was hanging a bucket of water.

    However, this kind of tension is a kind of tension that can be called “magnificent”.

    In the conference room on this side, Yan Yixie did not calm down anywhere.

    He changed into a suit, his trousers were hot straight to fit his upright body, and his dark hair was combed back neatly. He raised his eyes and sat at the main seat of the long conference table, staring at him silently. State the subordinates in the cross-border merger and acquisition case.

    The subordinates quietly wiped out their cold sweat while giving a presentation to the shareholders. Somehow, Shao Yan’s face was not gloomy today, but he was extra serious.

    When he faced Yan Shao’s dark eyes, he had the illusion of standing in the sky, always feeling that he would be frozen in the next second, shuddering slightly.

    He originally thought that his plan was foolproof, but now he had no confidence.

    After finally finishing his presentation, he hurried down and waited for Yan Shao to express his opinions along with other shareholders. But Yan Yixie… he is still staring at the piece of glass stubbornly.

    Everyone: “…” Is it possible that you are not aiming at someone, but just in a daze?

    Yan Yixie frowned, indeed falling into his thoughts.

    He forced Jiang Ning to marry him, but he didn’t think about what to do next.

    If possible, he hopes that Jiang Ning will marry him sincerely and love him sincerely, but if she is totally unintentional, can he still force her into marriage?

    Excluding the time on the plane, today is the first day of official marriage.

    In any case, we should have dinner together.

    Yanyi thought for a moment. After the meeting,

    he asked his assistant, “What’s the schedule for the evening?” The assistant sitting next to him hurriedly said, “Your father returned to China yesterday. Tonight, there was a meeting in the old house on the other side of Shantang. For the charity dinner, I sent you an invitation a week ago.”

    Yan Yi thanked him without thinking, grabbed his jacket and got up: “No, book me another table in a high-rise restaurant with a better view.”

    “What’s the requirement? Is it?” the assistant asked.

    “Cheese truffle…” Yan Yixie said, and suddenly realized that after three years, he still remembered Jiang Ning’s preferences so firmly, it was like a brand imprinted in his mind, his complexion couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy.

    Assistant: “…” The

    assistant glanced over the extra ring on Yan Shao’s finger, naturally knowing in his heart, and asked quietly: “Do I need to arrange a rose or a violin?”

    “Whatever.” Yan Yi thanked. He strode out of the meteor, suddenly he paused, his face was a little unnaturally added: “If you have to arrange it, it’s not impossible, but notify the restaurant in advance so that they can say it is a celebration event.”

    Assistant: “…” Are your rich people so complicated in their dealings?

    Jiang Ning climbed down from the upper bunk holding some of his own discs. After packing up his things, he spoke to Meng Xin and left.

    After she left, the bedroom couldn’t help but discuss the ring that she had just held.

    Zuo Shuyao poked her head out of the upper bunk and asked curiously: “Is this engaged or married?”

    Meng Xin played a game and said, “It should be a proposal. The ring wears a ring finger. I was embarrassed to ask her about the ring. Which designer designed it, it’s too beautiful, probably very expensive.” It

    is false to say that you don’t envy, Jiang Ning is good-looking and destined to be different.

    But there are some things that can’t be envious.

    For example, Jiang Ning has been drawing pictures day after day in the school, design institute, and apartment over the past year. Before leaving school, her instructor has already taken her seriously and has taken her to participate in many projects. Suffering is not something they can eat.

    Yang Yinyin was sour in her heart, she couldn’t help but squeeze gossip: “She won’t really want to marry the legendary old man? That would be too miserable.”

    Meng Xin and Zuo Shuyao: “…”

    Here comes again .

    It was said that Jiang Ning approached a rich old man who was about to fall into the ground half of his body and did not know where it came from. Recently, the rumors have become more and more popular, and they are almost reaching the ears of the instructor.

    The two looked at each other and shook their heads, both ignored.

    Yang Yinyin felt even more unhappy when the two of them ignored her, feeling that she was isolated in the dormitory.

    She stared at Jiang Ning’s bed for a long time, and suddenly a thought came to her.

    She opened the class group chat, found the senior brother, and sent a message to the other party: “Brother, isn’t it Teacher Yang’s farewell party in a few days? We have to make the farewell party lively in order to show our sincerity. But our inmates are like this. Less, let alone a lot of people go to other cities for internships, no matter how lively it is.”

    “I suggest that those who attend the farewell party, and those who have objects, bring their own objects to participate, adding to the interactive atmosphere, how about ??”

    Jiang Ning received the news from the class group, took a cursory glance, and didn’t take it seriously.

    The current relationship between her and Yan Yixie has to be described as “walking on thin ice.” She feels that Yan Yixie will definitely not participate in this kind of gathering of people.

    Xiaosun helped Jiang Ning put the materials she had brought over in the trunk, opened the door, and let Jiang Ning get in the car.

    After Jiang Ning got in the car, he took out his mobile phone and wanted to send a text message to Yan Yixie, asking him if he would come back for dinner at night.

    When he typed the line “Are you coming back at night, and what time?” Jiang Ning was in a daze. There was an illusion that he and Yan Yixie had actually entered the marriage life, and a bit of sweetness was unconsciously breeding in his throat.

    But immediately remembering something, she quickly deleted the unsent text message verbatim.

    She had to ask Xiao Sun first, if Yan Yixie had something to do at night, she would not be “gentle and considerate” by sending a text message to disturb her.

    “Do you know Yan Yixie’s schedule tonight?” Jiang Ning raised his head.

    Komago Quick replied:. “This I do know, Yan little back to the kingdom of his father yesterday, a week before he seemed to give less Yan has sent the invitation, let Yan little in the past to participate in what will be, yes, a charity,”

    he Looking back at Jiang Ning, seeing that Jiang Ning’s phone was still stuck on the text message page, he said kindly: “Do you want to have dinner with Young Master Yan? Why tomorrow, I remember he can spare time tomorrow night. Tonight He may not be free.”

    “…Okay.” Jiang Ning said angrily.

    Jiang Ning was busy all afternoon, and he was hungry at the moment. When Yan Yixie came back from the charity meeting, I didn’t know what time it would be at night.

    If she kept waiting, it would be like a bitter drama, Jiang Ning would not be hungry for her character.

    She said: “Then you just open to a restaurant in front of you, put me down, I’ll have dinner first.”

    Xiaosun nodded, “No problem.” After

    dinner, Jiang Ning returned to Yan Yixie’s door.

    When she moved earlier, her things had already been packed up, and there were still many things that were packed in boxes and could not be taken apart in the future, so this move is much faster, and she only needs to transfer the daily necessities to the house next door.

    It’s just that Yanyixie’s family needs a password.

    Jiang Ning planned to try to open it first.

    She leaned down and entered Yan Yixie’s birthday first, but the password lock beeps three times, indicating that the password was wrong.

    Then she entered the bottom six of Yan Yixie’s mobile phone.

    Still Dididi.

    Jiang Ning frowned, somehow, she almost subconsciously, between the sparks and flints, a thought came to her mind.

    She lowered her eyes again and entered her birthday.

    “Dee—” The

    door opened.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

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