Yan Yixie parked the car in the parking lot outside the design institute, insisting on going in with Jiang Ning to visit her mentor.

    The design institute is entered by swiping card.

    Although the sliding door was not high, the legs wrapped in Yan Yixie’s suit pants were straight and slender, and the long legs went in as soon as he stepped, but Jiang Ning still pulled him to the card swiping place and told the guard that he would bring a family member in.

    After explaining for a long time, the sleepy guard put Yan Yixie in.

    Hearing the word “family”, Yan Yi glanced at Jiang Ning without a trace, but when he saw Jiang Ning’s introduction without thinking, his face was calm and calm.

    There are several main buildings in the design institute, but there is only one canteen. At this moment, it is about two o’clock in the afternoon, and many employees and colleagues are walking out of the canteen in twos and threes.

    There are not many people on the boulevard, but definitely not many.

    ……Yan Yixie has been baptized by all kinds of eyes since he was young. He may not have realized that it is almost from the three-year-old girl to the sixty-year-old aunt who sweeps the floor. All the eyes of the opposite sex are focused on It’s just different from the consternation, fear, and pity of his youth, this time it is pure surprise.

    Most people in the design institute are ascetic monks. When have you ever seen such a young man with a tall stature, a cold face, an insignificantly handsome facial features, and a noble temperament?

    If it weren’t for him to follow Jiang Ning, the garden flower of the design institute, at this moment, there are definitely some people who are standing up to his cold aura that strangers should not enter.

    Jiang Ning knew this would happen, so he could not help but sighed silently.

    Yan Yixie glanced at Jiang Ning and frowned.

    What’s the meaning? Sigh?

    When he had leg problems back then, she had a reason to dislike him, but now he walks like an ordinary person, and his life and appearance are not bad. She still thinks his ugly wife is shameful?

    Yan Yixie’s expression became uglier the more he thought about it, and he sneered again and again: “Then I go?”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Three years later , Jiang Ning found that Yan Yixie had changed a lot.

    He looked the same in front of Jiang Ning. Before pushing the door of Jiang Ning’s office, he raised his hand to adjust the silver cufflinks of the suit. After entering, he looked a different way.

    He was young and handsome, with deep-faced eyebrows, personable, and easy-going. He handed his tutor Jiang Ning a business card and invited his tutor to attend the wedding banquet in a few months. In the blink of an eye, I won the hearts of my colleagues in the office.

    Everyone was surprised to hear that Jiang Ning had been married at a young age.

    They have been wondering what the fate of a beautiful girl like Jiang Ning will be. Now that they see Yan Yixie, they think “it really is so” in their hearts.

    Sure enough, the appearance of the married person went out to the stars, Gongyue, and his wealth background was also unfathomable.

    The most important thing is to return the surname “Yan”.

    There are not many people surnamed Yan in Beijing. People who know a little bit of inside information have hurriedly put down their tea cups and hurriedly walked over to talk. What I thought was that even if they had a slight relationship with “Yan”, Jiang Ning would never be with them anymore. People of the same class are not as good as those early.

    Yan Yixie shook Jiang Ning’s hand with ten fingers. The two rings touched each other. Once this happened, everyone in the design institute knew that famous flowers are in charge.

    No matter where the relationship between him and Jiang Ning is now, whether the thorn in the year has been removed, this is only a matter between him and Jiang Ning, and no outsiders are allowed to be beaked.

    Although he hated Jiang Ning’s abandonment and ruthlessness, he knew very well in his heart that from beginning to end, she was the person he wanted to protect under his wings.

    He came here, not only to cut off all Jiang Ning’s peach blossoms, whether rotten or not, but also to let everyone know that Jiang Ning is related to the Yan family.

    Many people saw Yan Yixie in the crowd from a distance, and they knew that they couldn’t be compared anyway, and they could only retreat.

    Ye Chang is also one of these people.

    Although he had never expected Jiang Ning to see him before…but his secret love is always poetry, and he will inevitably have a lot of throbbing in his heart…but now, Yan Yixie has completely cut off his thoughts.

    When he sent Yan Yixie and Jiang Ning out, he was depressed and couldn’t hold back. He asked: “A few days ago, weren’t you still chasing after?”

    How did it progress so fast?

    A few days ago, Jiang Ning also said that he was chasing this man and got married in the blink of an eye?

    Yan Yixie glanced at him and deliberately rubbed Jiang Ning’s wedding ring finger in front of him, and said, “I’m not strong enough and I was caught up.”

    Ye Chang: “…”

    Jiang Ning: “… …”

    Ye Chang went back with his head dull, and Jiang Ning continued to send Yan Yixie out of the design institute.

    Although Yan Yixie may have been holding her hand just to show it to others. But her heart was still a little airy.

    In any case, compared to rejecting people thousands of miles away and full of hatred when they first met again, the relationship between Yan Yixie and her has eased somewhat.

    Jiang Ning felt sweet in his heart and raised his head and asked, “There is still a wedding reception?”

    She meant that she was a little flattered.

    She thought that according to Yan Yixie’s current unpredictable and lukewarm attitude towards her, getting a marriage certificate might be just for the convenience of revenge. Since it is for revenge, of course there can be no wedding reception.

    But it fell in Yan Yixie’s ears, but it had another meaning.

    He let go of Jiang Ning’s hand, staring at her dark eyes like a hook with a plucked man, and sneered: “Why, I am willing to get a marriage certificate because it is just a certificate, it doesn’t matter. Wait until the relatives are announced. Friends, don’t you want to?”

    Jiang Ning: “…” Ask you to ask more.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly grabbed his cold hand. It seemed that the grab was not enough. Jiang Ning stopped and hugged his waist directly.

    Yan Yixie stiffened.

    Jiang Ning raised his head and said, “My husband, I am willing.”

    … Yan Yixie was a little uncomfortable again.

    He frowned and fixedly stared at Jiang Ning’s black and beautiful eyeballs, his gaze slowly went from her eyes to her mouth that was used to lying and deceiving.

    He didn’t even push Jiang Ning away for a while, as if he wanted to tell whether it was true or false, whether it was another deception or a falsehood.

    At this moment, a beautiful woman came out from the opposite building.

    When she saw the two people under the shade of the tree, her cheeks were joyful, and with a turn, she hurriedly walked over here on high heels. She hadn’t met in the building just now, so she hurried over to say hello.

    This person is Yao Xiaochang. He is not very good at the design institute. What he usually does is to use various methods to catch the second generation of the rich.

    Jiang Ning certainly has absolute confidence in herself, but after all, she and Yan Yixie have been separated for three years, and the gap has not yet disappeared. The reason why she didn’t want Yan Yixie to come to the design institute was because she was afraid that Yan Yixie would be liked by this woman.

    When Jiang Ning saw her, he reflexively loosened Yan Yixie’s waist and raised his hand to block his handsome face.

    Yan Yixie:?

    Yan Yixie subconsciously glanced in the direction Jiang Ning was looking.

    Jiang Ning had already stood on tiptoe, pinched his chin, and turned his head back.

    Yan Yixie:?

    “Let’s go, let’s go, you didn’t sleep on the plane, don’t you have to take a rest? And you have something to do this afternoon.”

    Jiang Ning grabbed his wrist and hurriedly pulled him away.

    Jiang Ning kept sending Yan a thank you to the door of the design institute and watched him open the car door and step into the driver’s seat with his long legs.

    Yan Yixie gave her a weird look.

    Yan Yixie also reacted at this time, and Jiang Ning was just thinking about urging him to leave.

    He lowered the car window, under the shade of the tree, with dark eyes fixedly looking at Jiang Ning, as if casually asking: “So, you didn’t let me come because you were worried that others would covet me?”

    “Yes.” Jiang Ning replied. Very frank.

    Yan Yixie asked, “…Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

    He thought Jiang Ning didn’t want to make it public, or thought he was shameful. So I felt gloomy all the way.

    Jiang Ning simply wanted to sigh up to the sky, choked up speechlessly, and said, “I said you don’t believe it.”

    “…” Yan Yixie put his hand on the steering wheel, let the engine buzz, and looked at her for a moment. .

    To be honest, Yan Yixie still didn’t believe that Jiang Ning was really jealous for him.

    He had fallen into the abyss for too long, and now that the life-saving straw she stretched out again, even if it seemed to be true, he didn’t believe it—or rather, he couldn’t believe it.

    Fear of repeating the same mistakes, fear of falling even worse than three years ago.

    But to get such an answer, even with the deceptive tenderness and affection, he squeezed his heart indifferently.

    Sunlight shed from among the fine leaves and fell between Yan Yixie’s handsome eyebrows.

    The gloomy hostility between his eyebrows seemed to melt away a little at this moment.

    With eyes facing each other, Jiang Ning also looked at him, feeling the satisfaction of gain and loss in his heart.

    Three years have passed, and three years of thoughts have turned into substance at this moment. Although others are still in front of me, I have already begun to miss him.

    Jiang Ning knows that freezing three feet is not a day of cold, dripping through a stone, or a day’s work. The gap between the two and the gap created by the three years of separation cannot be completely resolved overnight.

    But as long as the two are still under the same roof, sooner or later there will be a day, and everything will return to what it was in the past.

    When they first met again, Jiang Ning even thought that he would completely lose him in this life, and now, although he still looked suspicious in his eyes, it was much better than the worst result she had expected.

    Thinking of this, Jiang Ning couldn’t help but curled up his mouth: “Be careful on the old highway. See you at night, okay.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie’s throat moved. He wanted to say something, but he was instantly caught Mute.

    On the one hand, he was angry that Jiang Ning might not have much affection for him, but he was still able to play around with his “husband” without changing his face. On the other hand, he sank uncontrollably, and his icy handsome face turned red.

    He was stiff with smoke on his head, suddenly put on sunglasses, stepped on the brake under his feet, and the car rushed out directly in front of Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning watched the car disappear on the long boulevard before turning around, preparing to go in and attend the meeting that was about to begin in a quarter of an hour.

    But at this moment, the sound of the tires stopped from far to near, but the car that was going away suddenly backed back and stopped in front of her.

    Jiang Ning:?

    She turned around, wondering if Yan Yixie had dropped something: “What’s the matter?”

    Yan Yixie lowered the car window and looked at her. He didn’t take off his sunglasses, and he still looked slightly stiff.

    After staring at her for a while, he said coldly to her: “Since you are married, you can only ask me for things like moving house in the future, or other things that need help, so as not to give others the opportunity to let others. Thinking he had a chance.”

    Jiang Ning blinked his eyes, trying his best not to laugh.

    Yan Yixie looked at her like this, and somehow became irritated and said, “I am not jealous, nor do I care about who you like or approach. It’s just that since we are married, we are a community of interests. I need my reputation. You know, don’t you?”

    Jiang Ning smiled without changing his face: “I know my husband.”


    Yixie : “………………” His face was irritated, but his handsome face restrained. It kept turning red.

    He finally couldn’t stand it, and when he stepped on the brakes, the car sprinted out.

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