Yan Yixie dragged Jiang Ning all the way to the airport. Jiang Ning pressed his body firmly against his back in the passenger seat, his fingers clenched on the seat belt, feeling that his soul was about to fly away.

    She wanted to say to Yan Yixie that she didn’t need to drive the car so fast and the windows were closed so tightly that she could not escape.

    But seeing Yan Yixie’s handsome profile face and tightly pressed lips, she closed her mouth wittily.

    If you say too much wrong, she’d better not say anything.

    When they arrived at the airport, the airline had already opened a route urgently. Jiang Ning originally thought that she would get her passport back first, but someone has hurriedly retrieved her passport from Beijing and waited respectfully at the security checkpoint for departure abroad.

    She: “…”

    Yan Yixie took the file without stopping. He didn’t say a word, strode forward, and Jiang Ning could keep up with his jacket and trot.

    By the time the plane landed in the Netherlands, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon the next day.

    Both of them stayed up all night and didn’t change their clothes.

    When the registration photo was taken, Yan Yixie’s eyes were cold, and the eyes were full of red blood. Jiang Ning was not much better. For fear that the duck in his hand would fly away, he closed his mouth tightly and did not dare to speak.

    The photographer began to suspect that the two were not here to get married, but to divorce, or that the lady was kidnapped by the man.

    After registering the marriage, I went to the local Chinese embassy immediately to complete the certification of the embassy in a hurry.

    In this way, this marriage will also trigger legal effects in the country.


    When coming out of the huge foreign building, the sun was dazzling and fell on Jiang Ning’s cheeks. Jiang Ning couldn’t help but use the information bag in his hand to cover the sun.

    Outside is a tree-lined avenue with dense green trees. The red Chinese flag is flying high. There are cars parked all around. Some walking couples are walking across the street with ice cream in the distance.

    Jiang Ning felt a trance for almost two days and one night without sleep.

    She and Yan Yixie…

    just married like this?

    Although the direction of the event was unexpected to Jiang Ning, the result of the event did make Jiang Ning happy.

    She didn’t know why Yan Yixie suddenly proposed a marriage agreement.

    It may be that as the heir of the Yan family, I need a wife, and I think she is the nearest choice, which is more convenient.

    It may also be to keep her by her side and avenge her abandonment that year, thinking that this will slowly torture her.

    It is possible that there are both. After all, the wife of the heir to the Yan family is not so good.

    But in any case, a marriage will tie the two of them together for the rest of their lives.

    This means that they still have a lifetime to slowly bridge the gap of these three years.

    Yan Yixie took the part of his own documents, put them in the information bag, and walked out of the embassy behind Jiang Ning. He was still wearing the black windbreaker from last night, and he looked a little wrinkled because he hadn’t slept all night. But despite this, he still looks slender and suave.

    Jiang Ning turned his head to see him, and a thought came to his mind that he finally became the husband who will spend the rest of his life with him.

    Yan Yixie greeted the light, narrowed his eyes slightly, and stared at Jiang Ning, coldly said: “Standing here in melancholy for so long? Regret it?”

    Jiang Ning: “???”

    What did you say, isn’t it? Lame? She regrets? She almost never laughed!

    Jiang Ning: “…I don’t regret it.”

    Yan Yixie dusted the marriage certificate in Shan’s hand and sneered: “It’s too late to regret.”

    Jiang Ning: “…I don’t regret it!”

    Yan Yixie sneered, obviously not believing her, walked over and pulled the car door, glanced at her with a slightly languid brow and motioned for her to come up.

    Jiang Ning felt that he couldn’t wash himself when he jumped into the Yellow River. He ran to Yan Yixie’s side in three and two bitter steps, and got into the car.

    Yan Yixie has been tense since last night, his face is white, and his expression is gloomy, making people wonder what he is thinking.

    Now that the registration for the marriage is over, the string he is holding tightly finally looks like it has slackened a bit.

    When Jiang Ning ran over with his jacket in small steps, he looked at Jiang Ning steadily and pressed his lips unconsciously. When Jiang Ning got in the car, his palm subconsciously blocked the roof of the car.

    Jiang Ning was taken aback and realized this.

    Since the reunion, Yan Yixie has been fierce and hostile, but after a marriage certificate tied the two together for the rest of their lives, it seems that his hostility has finally been dispelled a little bit.

    Although the photographer asked him to smile a little when he was just taking the registration photo, he still had a cold face and looked impatient, but in fact he was still very cooperative throughout the process.

    …… He now feels like he has finally snatched something back into the hole viciously, less aggressive.

    Yan Yixie got into the car and forgot to wear a seat belt when he saw Jiang Ning’s eyes follow him.

    “What’s in a daze?” He frowned, leaned over, pulled his slender fingers over the seat belt, and fastened Jiang Ning with a click.

    Yan Yixie sat back and started the engine silently.

    Jiang Ning looked at his handsome and indifferent profile, and suddenly had a guess in his heart.

    She licked her lips and said to him: “Thank you, husband.”


    “Whhhh” the car almost slipped and hit the green belt next to it.

    “…” Yan Yixie’s dark eyelashes trembled, with a look of ghosts on his face, turning his head and glaring at Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning was quite at ease with his driving skills, and calmly hugged his little jacket, and asked, “Isn’t it called that way? But since I’m married, I should call it that way.”

    Yan Yi’s throat moved, reluctantly. Calm down: “It’s up to you.”

    Jiang Ning looked at his face from the rearview mirror, and saw that his handsome face was not as red as when he was a young boy. It was a pity that he smashed his mouth, like a repeater. Said: “Husband husband, husband, husband.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie’s ears are still reddening indistinctly, and I don’t know if they are angry.

    He couldn’t calm down at all.

    He drove the car slowly onto the main road, frowned and glared at Jiang Ning: “Jiang Ning, you don’t have to pretend to be this way. Behave like I am happy to be married!”

    Jiang Ning felt that he was more wronged than Dou E: ” I’m just very happy. Which eye did you see that I was unhappy?”

    Yan Yixie held the steering wheel and looked straight ahead, but his face sank and sneered: “Is it happy to plan how to divorce?”

    Jiang Ning: “… “

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help saying: “I swear, I am really happy to marry you. I don’t even have the idea of ​​divorce in my mind for a moment. Unfortunately, I can’t open my mind and show it to you, otherwise I really want you to see it.” There is absolutely no word’divorce’ in my brainwaves. Why should I divorce? I won’t get divorced if I kill me.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at her carelessly, half sarcasm and half stinging self-deprecating: “You did it back then. That’s it.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Oh God, do people who have committed crimes now can’t be trusted for anything and everything? !

    Jiang Ning leaned back in his chair, and for a while, he didn’t know how to eliminate the damage accumulated three years ago and how to untie the knot that he had planted.

    She said that she would stay by his side for the rest of her life, but now Yan Yixie has identified her as a “scum girl”, and he would not believe a word if she said it a hundred times and ten thousand times.

    Would he believe it only if he did it for the rest of his life?

    Jiang Ning, with the word “Scumbag” on his head, slowly gasped in the passenger seat.

    The car is heading to the airport.

    Except for the racing night when he came, Jiang Ning has rarely been in the same space with Yan Yixie since the reunion. She put both hands under her coat, clutching the marriage certificate tightly, not thinking about how to explain to Zheng Ruonan for the time being, her heart was full of the joy of the newly-married.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know whether to spend his honeymoon or not, but seeing Yan Yixie still had a grudge about what happened in the past, he didn’t have any plans for her honeymoon because of her frosty appearance.

    Forget it, I won’t do it if I don’t do it. It just so happens that my Nanjing project hasn’t been completed yet.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Ning turned his head to look at Yan Yixie, and asked: “Then I am going to move to live with you?”

    Asking it means hesitating. Yan Yixie felt a little unhappy, and she was indifferent. I didn’t even look at Jiang Ning’s profile. “If you want to move, move, or don’t want to. I can force you to fail?”

    Jiang Ning is also afraid that he will just get married and take a formality. Everything else is the same as before. It’s intact like that. Hearing what he said, Jiang Ning hurriedly said: “Then I want to move.”

    Yan Yixie’s mood was a little bit happy just now.

    Returning from the Netherlands is another ten-hour plane journey.

    Different from the nervousness before going to register for the marriage, Jiang Ning is also nervous now, but it is nervous in another sense.

    She has entered into a marriage, but she has no experience yet,… will she move in together next time? Also, since we are married, is it legal to have a relationship afterwards? Will you sleep together tonight?

    Jiang Ning was in a mess, and because she didn’t close her eyes for two days and one night, her physical strength was already at its limit. On the plane, his eyelids finally became uncontrollably heavier.

    She tilted her head and fell asleep leaning on her neck pillow.

    Yan Yixie lowered his deep eyes and looked at the little head next to him with a complicated expression.

    The husband Jiang Ning shouted still vividly.

    This time, he was a bit confused about what she was thinking, why did she really agree to his proposal to get married?

    Domestically, she is still a little concerned about being married. In other words, once she becomes a legal couple with him, she really has almost no chance to escape from him.

    Could someone really pay such a high price to tease another person?

    Or is she interested in this because she inherited the Yan family?

    Or, at least at this moment, she is a little sincere towards him…?

    Yan Yixie couldn’t tell.

    He didn’t bother to tell the difference at this moment.

    He raised his hand and gently wrapped Jiang Ning’s head on his shoulders, and with an absolutely possessive gesture, he stroked her face with cold fingers.

    In short, this time, even if she doesn’t love him, she can’t escape.

    … After

    Jiang Ning woke up, the plane had landed. She and Yan Yixie went to the hotel to eat and take a bath and changed their clothes.

    The clothes Yan Yixie sent were new, but they fit her size perfectly.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but frown while changing clothes. She hadn’t had much contact with Yan Yixie since the reunion, but could it be that on the plane, Yan Yixie hugged her waist while she was not paying attention?

    Yan Yixie sat on the sofa and turned on the TV with the remote control. As soon as he looked up, he saw Jiang Ning smiling like a fishy cat coming out of the changing room.

    Yan Yixie frowned: “What are you laughing at?”

    Jiang Ning quickly constricted a smile and said, “I have to go to the design institute. There is a meeting this afternoon. I almost forgot.”

    Yan Yixie’s original plan When Jiang Ning was well rested, she took her to move. He heard that Jiang Ning had other things, like being poured down by a basin of cold water, and said: “After two days of tossing, you need to take a break first.”

    Jiang Ning packed up her bag. , Walked to the hallway to change shoes, and said in a voice of hitting a worker: “I also want to, but I will participate in this project all the way, it is not good to give up halfway.”

    Yan Yixie’s face was cold, and his tone was faint: “You were in the past. I don’t know if it is bad to give up halfway.”

    Jiang Ning almost flashed, knowing that she must be at a loss when mentioning this matter, so she had to laugh.

    Yan Yixie thought for a while, stood up, picked up the car key, and walked towards her with his long legs: “I’ll take you there.”

    He walked extremely fast and entered the elevator in a blink of an eye.

    Jiang Ning was busy keeping up.

    Jiang Ning just wanted to respond, and immediately remembered many girls in the design institute. Yan Yixie’s appearance there must be like a celebrity, I am afraid it will arouse crowds of people.

    Thinking about it, she felt a little bit sour in her heart, and said, “Don’t go, I’ll just take a taxi. It’s really impossible. You can ask any driver to send me off.”

    Yan Yixie’s face was a little dark, and she was dull. Take a look at Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning:? So what?

    Yan Yi thanked the striding meteor and quickly opened the door. Jiang Ning saw that his driver Xiao Sun had not come, so he had to go up.

    After going up, Jiang Ning was still trying to persuade: “Then you can put me on the opposite side of the design institute.”

    Yan Yixie stepped on the gas and the car drove out.

    “I’m so shameless?” He asked coldly, grabbing Jiang Ning’s hand, and looking at her coldly and darkly: “Or you don’t want Ye Chang to see this?”

    What’s up with Ye Chang again? Jiang Ning was thinking this way, and subconsciously glanced at his fingertips as he moved.

    Jiang Ning’s breathing quickened in an instant,

    and she was surprised and shocked: “When did the extra come out?” On her right ring finger, there was a circle of diamond rings that closely fitted her fingers.

    In the sun, it shines with a beautiful and moving luster, shining brightly.

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