Yan Yixie never thought that he would revisit the same place.

    For him, this city is both a place to be redeemed and a place to be beaten back into the abyss.

    When he came back again, he found that this seaside city had changed greatly.

    At the end of September, it had just rained twice in the sea city. The night temperature dropped and the neon lights flickered and looked a little depressed. Xiao Shen bet the right treasure back then and is now working for Yan Yixie. As soon as Yan Yixie left the airport, he asked the driver to drive over to pick up people.

    Yan Yixie put on a black windbreaker, put his luggage in the trunk, and ordered the driver to leave first. He drove to the destination alone.

    He went to school and also to Jiang Ning’s previous home in the alley, and finally drove the car up the mountain without any expression.

    With the development of the sea market in recent years, the government proposed to turn this mountain into a tourist attraction, but it was rejected by Yan Yixie.

    He simply bought this piece of land and circled the private forbidden area at the foot of the mountain, and no one was allowed to approach it.

    He also asked the housekeeper to help him find someone to go up the mountain regularly to clean up, so as not to turn the whole mountain into a barren hill with wild grass growing.

    But even if someone takes care of it, it will inevitably appear deserted.

    On the road driving up the mountain, a few pieces were missing, and a few cracks appeared on the asphalt pavement. It seems that I don’t know which year and month it rained heavily, and the road washed out some subsidence.

    Looking in the distance, the reed was almost one person tall, and he couldn’t see the direction of the stream at all.

    On both sides of the narrow path, a few light bulbs were lit sporadically, but the upper area was covered with dust. The person hired by Yan Yixie has not come to wipe it for at least three months.

    Yan Yixie drove the car, ran over the weeds on the road, and drove all the way to the front of the villa.

    As soon as he stopped the car, he realized that someone had already arrived.

    The gate of the carved fence was pushed open, and there were thirty-six yards of footprints on the ground. Marguerite in the yard just bloomed in this season, growing wild, some people trimmed the branches and leaves, and then stopped for a long time under the trees in the yard. .

    Yan Yixie went to the place where she had stopped, and when she raised her head, she found that she happened to see her room on the second floor.

    “…” Yan Yixie stood motionless for a while, frowning and feeling complicated.

    What is Jiang Ning doing?

    Revisit the old place, and then miss the place where he lived when he was young?

    If it weren’t for Jiang Fan’s seldom to lie, Yan Yixie would almost think that this was another method of Jiang Ning. He used Jiang Fan to trick himself into deceiving him, and then acted a soulful for himself.

    When he sinks in, she can do whatever she wants again.

    When Yan Yixie found Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning was in a daze by the stream.

    Jiang Ning picked up a stone beside him and smashed it into the stream, but after the stream rippled, another stone smashed in.

    The strength is greater than hers, and the drift distance is farther than hers.

    Jiang Ning immediately turned around and saw Yan Yixie standing not far away among the reeds, bending over to pick up the second stone, only the dim light floating from the street lamp in the distance, his legs are very long, standing there. The side figure is tall, and the shadow falling on the ground is also quite slender.

    Jiang Ning thought he had read it wrong, and quickly stood up: “Why are you here?”

    Yan Yixie was wearing a windbreaker, his face was indifferent, and he threw the second stone in his hand into the water. He glanced at her, because he looked against the light, his eyes were a little difficult to distinguish: “Some things come back and take a trip.”

    Jiang Ning was overjoyed, and walked towards him: “It’s a coincidence that I also need some information from school, so I can go home to get it. One trip, when will you go back to Beijing? Can we go back together?”

    Yan Yixie didn’t say yes or no, but just stared at Jiang Ning coldly: “Why are you here?”

    Jiang Ning was stunned for a moment. Didn’t she have already explained, “

    Get the information.” Yan Yixie: “I didn’t ask you this.”

    Jiang Ning immediately realized that for the two of them, the villa, this small piece of There are so many memories in Xi. She came back here, looking like she was unforgettable, indulging in the nostalgia of the past.

    But she is indeed cherishing her memory, there is nothing to deny.

    She sometimes wondered if there would be a better way back then. If only she could think up a better way, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

    Jiang Ning was silent for a long while, and said unreasonably or arrogantly: “I just want to eat the grass, why, can’t it?”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie gritted his back teeth and looked handsome. A thin layer of anger emerged.

    He had to admit that, deep down in his heart, he hoped that Jiang Ning would be the same as him in the matter of breaking up that year. He hoped that Jiang Ning had not forgotten him, his exclusivity hoped that Jiang Ning would only like him once, and he hoped that Jiang Ning would desperately want to redeem this relationship like him.

    But every time Jiang Ning said it so lightly, he said half a word, no, no, believe it.

    She is accustomed to manipulating people’s hearts.

    He can’t tell if she is acting or telling the truth-does she have a moment of sincerity? !

    He seemed to have been bitten by a snake once, and he was afraid of well ropes for ten years, and it was difficult to build any trust in her again.

    Yan Yixie took a deep breath and tried to suppress the anger in his heart. He stared at Jiang Ning and asked in a cold voice: “Jiang Fan said you… have been sick for more than a month, what’s the matter?”

    Jiang Ningdu Some don’t remember, but it just feels like a revolving lantern. The college entrance examination is soon over. She received the admission notice, and in a blink of an eye, she was already in college military training.

    At this moment Yan Yixie asked, Jiang Ning was also in a daze, thought for a while, and said: “I don’t know, resistance may have declined during that time, but it’s not a big problem…”

    Jiang Ning suddenly realized something. Eyes curled up and looked at Yan Yixie, like a fishy cat: “Are you caring about me?”

    Yan Yixie said coldly, “I don’t.”

    Jiang Ning didn’t believe it, but the corners of his mouth still raised.

    Yan Yixie sneered: “You can’t help but value yourself too much. I’m just not reconciled that you didn’t get any revenge.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Seeing Jiang Ning’s eyes lowered, a little bewildered, Yan Yixie’s heart stabbed. Suddenly he regretted it without saying a word.

    He frowned and decided not to dwell on this issue anymore.

    It was dark at night and it was dangerous to stay nearby. He admitted that he was worried about Jiang Ning’s mountain.

    “Let’s go down the mountain.” Yan Yixie turned around distractedly.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but stopped him: “Yan Yixie.”

    Yan Yixie did not turn around, but stopped in the end.

    His back is tall, giving Jiang Ning an extremely cold feeling of alienation.

    So that Jiang Ning opened his mouth and gathered a lot of courage before he said: “At that time, I’m sorry.”

    Yan Yixie did not say a word.

    Jiang Ning said, “I don’t want things to turn out like this, I…” The

    mountain breeze engulfed the salty sea breeze and moved the corners of their clothes.

    Wan Lai was all silent.

    Yan Yixie suddenly turned around and stared at her: “Then I ask you, what do you want to do now when you come to your door, move house, and approach me again?”

    Jiang Ning said, “I hope you can forgive me.”

    Yan Yixie’s eyes were gloomy, staring at her, obviously dissatisfied with the answer.

    Against the light, his handsome eyebrows were indistinguishable: “Then what if I say I don’t want to forgive you?”

    His expression gradually became gloomy: “Are you going to apologize?”

    She approached him again, just For that little guilt?

    Jiang Ning said hurriedly: “Of course not. To apologize, you can ask me to do anything for you.”

    “Anything is fine?” Yan Yixie asked coldly.

    Jiang Ning nodded firmly: “Yes, anything is

    fine .” After finishing Jiang Ning looked at Yan Yixie, a little uneasy.

    She said that, he wouldn’t really let her go to Africa to feed mosquitoes.

    With Yan Yi Xie Juixian’s character that will reciprocate, Jiang Ning suspects that he is deceiving his feelings, and his revenge is to feed the mosquitoes.

    Every time he looked at his eyes, he might even want to take his heart out with a knife.

    Yanyi Xie Dingding looked at her with a gloomy expression, as if thinking about something.

    I don’t know how long the light and shadow on his face became weird. He suddenly said, “Let’s go.”

    Jiang Ning was worried and asked cautiously: “Where to go?”

    Yan Yi Xie said Senran : “Go get your passport. “

    Jiang Ning was shocked: “What is the passport for?” Are you

    really trying to force her to go to Africa to feed mosquitoes?”

    Yan Yixie spit out three words from his teeth, almost gritted his teeth: “Go get married.”

    Jiang Ning: “……………………”

    Jiang Ning:?

    Yan Yixie thought clearly.

    Although he hated himself very much, but he really couldn’t forget Jiang Ning, or in other words, he had not let go of her at any moment in the past three years.

    Even if it is self-willing to sink, he will lock her firmly by his side.

    He stopped thinking about what she was trying to get close to him again this time.

    He only wants her to conspire for a lifetime.

    What he was worried about was nothing more than repeating the same mistakes of the past. Jiang Ning played him again between applause, and when he sank in, he kicked him down the abyss, and then fled.

    But as long as he didn’t give her a chance to escape, even if she fell into the abyss, he would stretch out a bloody hand and pull her down.

    He wants to marry her, and then spend a lifetime, forcing her to only look at him, listen to his voice, and stay beside him.

    Then even if he can’t get all of her heart, he can get her people.

    At this moment, Jiang Ning suspected that there was a problem with her ears, and these three words were like a shock to the heavens, slashing on the cover of her heavenly spirit.

    She slowly opened her eyes.

    Her heart beats quickly, and the wind cannot be heard on her eardrums.

    Yan Yixie stared at Jiang Ning for an instant, lest he let go of every expression on Jiang Ning’s face.

    Seeing Jiang Ning so shocked at this moment, it was as if he had been struck by lightning, and he felt as if he had been stabbed by something.

    He leaned down and approached Jiang Ning with hatred, and said coldly: “Why, I don’t want to? I just said that I can do anything for me.”

    “Jiang Ning, have you always been so untrustworthy… …”

    Jiang Ning interrupted before finishing speaking.

    Jiang Ning’s eyes opened wider: “Marry you? Is it really okay? Is there such a good thing?”

    Yan Yixie: “…?”

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