When Ye Chang was driven away, Yan Yixie felt much better, and the breath that was stuck in his heart eased slightly.

    No matter why Jiang Ning came to approach him this time, at least in her heart, he is much more important than that other senior.

    But then realized that he was jealous with such an ordinary passerby, Yan Yixie’s expression was not worried.

    Jiang Ning sent Ye Chang away. Looking back, Yan Yixie was still standing at the door, staring at him coldly with his arms folded. He didn’t know what he was thinking, his face was gloomy, and his expression was unpredictable.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly said: “The place I lived before was going to be renovated, and I had to find a new place to live, so I…”

    This excuse is really not good.

    There is no difference between making an excuse and not making an excuse.

    Jiang Ning simply fell the jar and said bluntly: “I want to see you, if you refuse to see me, I have to move to your house and bother you every day.”

    She said so much, as if a wolf came. Yan Yixie just treats it as a breeze, without lifting his eyelids.

    Jiang Ning said again: “It’s past seven, have you eaten dinner yet? If you haven’t eaten yet, can I invite you to dinner? I know a new one has opened nearby…”

    “Jiang Ning.” Yan Yixie’s dark eyes He glanced at her, twitched the corners of his mouth, and sarcastically said: “Do you think that if you send a bunch of text messages, please eat a meal, show okay, I will be stubborn at you like I did in the past, and you will hold it in the palm of your hand? “

    After the reunion, Yan Yixie kept talking with his gun and stick, and Jiang Ning was already used to it. He is willing to pay attention to her, it is better than pretending not to know her and turning her away.

    “A bunch of text messages?” Jiang Ning keenly grasped the key words.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Jiang Ning blinked his eyes, and his body temperature was about to infect Yan Yixie’s body: “You have seen it? Why don’t you return to me? Then would you like to eat together? When do you have Empty? You—”

    Jiang Ning asked repeatedly, but she answered with a “bang”, Yan Yixie turned around and the door closed in front of her.

    Jiang Ning touched a gray nose, couldn’t help but touched the tip of his nose, and went back to continue packing things.

    Although Yan Yixie was still indifferent, he didn’t seem to mean to move out because she moved here. Jiang Ning relaxed a little.

    In this way, Jiang Ning stayed next to Yan Yixie’s house, begging for nothing.

    Although they lived on the first floor and looked close at hand, they were actually hard to meet.

    Jiang Ning has a lot of morning classes, and usually has to leave early in the morning. After she leaves, Yan Yixie will drive out of the community. Jiang Ning came back early in the evening, but often she couldn’t stay asleep on the sofa, and there was no sound of opening the door on the other side.

    However, even though he didn’t meet people very much, at least he knew that he was on the opposite side and had not disappeared. This gave Jiang Ning some reassurance.


    A few more days later, Yan Yixie found that the opposite house was quiet. Although she didn’t see Jiang Ning’s people during this period of time, she would find ways to create some sense of existence in front of him every day. Today, however, she hasn’t moved at all.

    …… Is this going away?

    Yan Yixie tried his best not to pay attention to Jiang Ning’s whereabouts. If you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, it is best to stay away from her. But for two days in a row, Jiang Ning didn’t knock on the door as he had done a few days ago, and his mood started to get very bad…

    Yan Yixie rubbed his eyebrows, picked up his coat, and planned to go out.

    As soon as the door on his side opened, the door on the other side was just pushed open, and a figure in a jersey came out carrying a garbage bag.

    Jiang Fan’s gaze fell on Yan Yixie, and he suddenly paused: “Brother-in-law?”

    Yan Yixie: “…” I

    didn’t expect to meet him here.

    Three years later, seeing the deceased again, Jiang Fan felt a trance like years.

    Three minutes later, the two sat down at Yan Yixie’s house.

    The matter between Yan Yixie and Jiang Ning has nothing to do with others, and he has no hatred for Jiang Fan. He poured a cup of tea in his hand and pushed in front of Jiang Fan: “When did you come?”

    Jiang Fan just stared at Yan Yixie.

    Three years ago, when Yan Ge was still in a wheelchair, his flawless features were not to be ignored.

    After three years of absence, his legs have actually recovered, and now his tall figure is a bit taller than himself, and his precious aura has added a bit of fierceness, which makes people feel inexplicably stressed.

    Xie Yan heard a asking him, he suddenly recovered: “Come morning, my sister go home, let me help her clean up health Yan brother, your legs how ……”

    Yan Xie no intention of a matter Talking more, just said lightly: “It’s a long story.”

    Jiang Fan didn’t dare to ask more.

    He didn’t know why Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie separated back then, but he knew that his sister brought up the breakup. After Yan Yixie was the one who was dumped, Jiang Fan was inexplicably guilty.

    He just said that Jiang Ning was hot for three minutes…He was going to chase people in a good manner. After he caught up, he suddenly dumped them before the college entrance examination. Who can’t remember this forever?

    Jiang Fan held the tea, carefully looked at Yan Yixie’s expression, and said: “Jiang Ning said last week to move. I thought she was interested in who again. So proactive, it turned out that it was Brother Yan you returned to China. ……”

    “Again?” Yan Yixie asked calmly, his face becoming a bit ugly hard to hide.

    Jiang Fan: “…” I

    was planning to flatter, but accidentally slapped it on the horse’s leg.

    “No, I mean, she has liked you for so many years, no one else.”

    Yan Yixie flicked the edge of the cup and sneered: “Isn’t Xu Mingyi a human?” The

    atmosphere stiffened again.

    Jiang Fan coughed and quickly changed the subject: “Although I don’t know what happened to you at that time, my sister was also very uncomfortable during the period before the college entrance examination.” In terms of

    reason, Jiang Fan stood and thanked him, but emotionally, Jiang Fan was Jiang Ning’s younger brother must be crazy to say good things to Jiang Ning.

    He said: “At that time, she had repeated fevers and tossed for more than a month. After the college entrance examination, her body gradually recovered, but her mental state has not been very good.”

    Yan Yixie frowned slowly: “Jiang Ning I haven’t said this.”

    He asked people to investigate Jiang Ning’s experience in the past three years. In the report submitted, it was not mentioned that Jiang Ning was seriously ill.

    “Brother Yan, I didn’t lie to you. You know I will blush when I lie.” Jiang Fan said truthfully: “Of course my sister won’t tell you anymore. That’s all gone, she didn’t want to talk about things at the time. At that time, my mother and I I almost thought that my sister was going to

    fail the college entrance examination. Fortunately…” “I have nothing to say about these things, I just want to say… I think my sister is serious about you.”

    “Seriously?” Yan Yi thanked Sneered, noncommittal.

    Jiang Fan scratched his head and did not dare to say any more.

    Yan Yixie lowered his eyes, staring at the tea leaves floating in the cup for an instant, the emotions in his dark eyes were complicated and difficult to distinguish.

    If what Jiang Fan said was true, then he couldn’t understand what Jiang Ning thought. If she was really heartless and turned a blind eye to his pain at the time, how could she be like this after playing with him?

    If it was pretended, but he had already gone abroad at that time, what did she need to pretend?

    Or is it just because of guilt that the low-grade fever keeps going?

    After sending Jiang Fan away, Yan Yixie got up, looked gloomy and made a phone call.

    “Help me book a ticket for tomorrow morning.” The

    curtains were half drawn, and he stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking at the completely dark sky and the bright lights of Wanjia, his eyes dark and complicated.

    He lighted a cigarette and took a sip, but he didn’t continue smoking, his slender fingers flickered.

    After a while, he squeezed out the cigarette, picked up his jacket and went out, and dialed the phone number just now: “Change to tonight’s flight.”

    He had to figure out one thing.

    Not tomorrow, but now.

    For three years, he couldn’t wait a moment.

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