Among the four people in the dormitory, except for Yang Yinyin, the relationship between the other two and Jiang Ning is actually pretty good.

    The other two quickly discovered Jiang Ning’s change.

    In the past three years, in order to avoid too many suitors, Jiang Ning basically has a plain face, simple dress, and never takes care of her long hair.

    If Jiang Ning has been like a cold beauty who doesn’t hear things outside the window for the past three years, then she is suddenly much more agile today, as if she has encountered something that makes people more frustrated and courageous.

    I curled my hair before going out. My long black hair was like seaweed. I wore swaying earrings and necklaces. The palm-sized face became more vivid and vivid. I put on a peaked cap. Walking on the road, I am completely a female celebrity. There were a few more pictures that were taken secretly on the forum, and none of the classmates in the classroom could not help but stare at her.

    Everyone can’t help but sigh that there is a wall between people. Jiang Ning’s appearance is not the same as everyone’s, let alone his figure. He has a high skull, right-angled shoulders, slender waist and long legs. Now he can directly participate in the women’s team draft. top debuted.

    But Jiang Ning was obviously not dressed up for these people in the school.

    Just when everyone in the school guessed why she suddenly changed, after finishing the required professional courses, she asked Meng Xin to help her take the textbooks back to the dormitory, and she rushed out of the school.

    I felt very surprised in the bedroom.

    “Why did she suddenly dress up? Did she get a job as a model or plan to go back to the sea market?”

    “Jiang Ning has no time to pick up outside work. The internship at the design institute has kept her busy, and she doesn’t As if lacking money, as for going back to my hometown… When I went back at the end of the previous semester, I didn’t see her dressed up.”

    “Is there a handsome guy?”

    Meng Xin and Zuo Shuyao looked at each other and laughed.

    Although the two of them were gossiping, they didn’t have any malice.

    Yang Yinyin didn’t know what to say, but she was entangled and said: “But I just saw Jiang Ning order a car, and the destination is Yingzhuo Hotel… That hotel is not a membership system, is it very expensive? It is said that it is 20-30 In case of a night, even the ordinary rich second generation can’t afford it. Why would Jiang Ning go to that kind of hotel?”

    Meng Xin is unpacking the newly bought gaming keyboard, and it’s annoying to see Yang Yinyin’s hesitant to talk. So, what do you want to say? You have the ability to speak in front of Jiang Ning.”

    “I didn’t mean that.” Yang Yinyin said: “I am worried that she will go astray.”

    “Worry about yourself first, at the end of this period. Shouldn’t you have to drop the subject again!” Meng Xin came back without hesitation.


    Yang Yinyin saw that the other two people in the dormitory were busy and didn’t want to take care of her at all. She couldn’t help feeling a bit boring, picked up the bag on the table, and went to the next dormitory.

    In fact, there are already many rumors that Jiang Ning will have a sugar daddy without Yang Yinyin going to the bedroom next door to spread it.

    Some people are jealous that she is beautiful and generous, but when they think about this big money, surely it can’t be a tall and handsome boy brother. The young rich second-generation usually spends family money, and rarely has this kind of capital. Then it must be a short and fat old man.

    Thinking that Jiang Ning’s boyfriend might be the kind of old man who was half-lengthed into the soil, that part of the people was psychologically balanced, and there were even pretends to feel sorry for the architecture department.

    Only when Yang Yinyin was in the bedroom next door, gathering people to feel a pity for Jiang Ning, could he find a little psychological balance.

    Of course, these undercurrents were hidden in private, and had not yet reached Jiang Ning’s ears.

    Jiang Ning happily applied makeup twice on the road, and when he hurriedly arrived at the hotel, he was told that Yan Yixie had left the room.

    Jiang Ning was completely dumbfounded, and suddenly felt that she was lonely in makeup. She hurriedly asked: “Isn’t he a VIP customer here? Shouldn’t it be a long-term customer who will become your VIP?”

    The front desk is still polite but uncomfortable: “Madam, this is the privacy of the guests. We can’t tell you.”

    Jiang Ning said anxiously, “Then I can know how long he has lived here before and what Will you come back when you check in at that time?”

    Front desk: “There is no way to tell you about the privacy of the guest, Madam.”

    Jiang Ning: “Can I know his other address? Or you can give me the phone number of his driver? Yes.” The

    front desk seemed to have become a repeater, and kept repeating the same sentence: “You can’t tell you the privacy of your guests, ma’am.”

    Jiang Ning: “…………”

    Jiang Ning came out of the hotel, as expected the weather last night. The forecast was average. It was getting dark outside and there was a heavy rain.

    She opened the umbrella, pulled off the necklace on the neckline and the earrings on the earlobe, and threw it back into the bag. She looked at the big raindrops crackling on the ground, and her mood was also wet.

    Jiang Ning went to the hotel again the next day, but still did not see Yan Yixie. There was no class at school. Jiang Ning didn’t want to go back to the apartment and stay alone, so he went to the design institute.

    Ye Chang knows that a beautiful person like Jiang Ning does not lack a few love stories, but he was very witty and did not ask what happened that night, but excitedly told Jiang Ning that the project designed by the theater had signed a contract, and the instructor asked her if she was interested. Participate together.

    Jiang Ning intends to complete her graduation thesis ahead of schedule. Although the design submitted by the plan was an old industrial building renovation and renovation design, which had nothing to do with this project, she thought that she could increase her resume, so she went into the tutor’s office and told the tutor that she had little qualifications, but she was willing to help and learn. Some experience.

    The instructor gladly patted her on the shoulder.

    The project team members quickly settled down.

    The drawings still need to be perfected. The seven or eight members of the project team are divided into labor. Jiang Ning and Ye Chang are in the same school, and they are also direct brothers and sisters. The two naturally became a team and were responsible for in-depth research on the streamline.

    During this period, in addition to analyzing the flow of people and the road line of the project location, it is also necessary to fly to Nanjing to compare and reference another theater that has been completed.

    So at the weekend, Jiang Ning and Ye Chang went back and forth to Nanjing.

    During this period, she kept contacting the front desk of the hotel, trying to continue to contact Yan Yixie, but the front desk of the hotel told her that Yan Yixie’s driver never returned any information.

    She also asked herself to check the license plate number of the car that night, but there were so many cars in Beijing, and she couldn’t find a result for a while.

    Jiang Ning realized afterwards that he had lost Yan Yixie’s contact information again.

    To stay with her for one night that day, to him, it really seemed to be just taking in a past deceased.

    After Yan Yixie returned to China, it was probably just a coincidence that she met her.

    He might not want to see her at all, or rather, hate seeing her.

    She is so stalking now, is it just an annoying interruption for him?

    Jiang Ning was not sure.

    At this reunion, she has lost the courage to move forward in the past. If Yan Yixie would never forgive, she didn’t know what to do.

    In this way, a week later in the blink of an eye.

    After a few heavy rains, the hot temperature gradually improved, as if it was about to enter early autumn, and finally it was not so hot.

    Yan Yixie just got off the plane.

    Three days ago, he underwent the last fully enclosed anesthesia operation and took out the bionic bone matrix from the knee of his left leg. German doctors told him that although he can walk like a normal person in the future, he still needs to pay more attention. Some intensely stimulating projects are destined to miss him for life.

    In addition, in the future rainy days, his bones will faintly hurt.

    After the operation, he did not fully recover. Yan Yixie had already sent his private jet to wait on the tarmac.

    The doctor did not understand why he always rushed to return to China. This has been the case during the past three years, and it is still the case now. It was as if he was anxious to return to China to meet someone who was obsessive to him, and it was as if he was anxious to solve an unresolved matter.

    Although it feels wrong, he can’t stop him, so he will go.

    “Where was the driver last time?” Yan Yixie sat in the back seat of the car, staring at the new face, his expression a little unhappy.

    This time it was a young man who was driving, and he said with sincerity and trepidation: “Young Master Yan, that’s my father. Recently, he had a banquet in his hometown. He asked for leave from the company to have a wedding drink. I will take over for the time being. My driving skills are also good…”

    “I didn’t ask this.” Yan Yixie interrupted him.

    The young man closed his mouth quickly.

    As the car passed by the science and technology park, Yan Yixie suddenly said lukewarm: “Do you have any younger siblings who are in college? I can allow you to go around the road, visit them at the university, and just find a place to park.” The

    young driver I was even more shocked. When something went wrong, there must be a demon. When my father turned over, he didn’t say that the young boss was so easy to get along with. It must be to test yourself. The driver quickly said with trepidation, “I am an only child, and I have no younger siblings.”

    Yan Yixie: “

    Where are my friends ?” “There are no friends around here either.” Go wherever you want to go. When you don’t need a car, I will never use a car privately! The matter of driving a boss’s luxury car to pick up girls will never happen to my little grandson!”

    Yan Yixie: “… …” The

    driver reacted: “Or do you want to meet someone?”

    “Do I look like I want to meet someone.” Yan Yixie Yince said: “Keep going.”

    Sun: “… “

    Yan Yixie looked out the window, and after a while, as if carelessly, he asked casually: “Your father… these few days, is there nothing to pass on?”

    Xiao Sun was a little puzzled, and hurried around in his mind, what does this mean, is there any instruction that he doesn’t understand? But for a long time I didn’t expect what my father told me when he handed over to me, so he had to say: “No, no.”

    “No one asked him to convey something to me?”

    Sun: “…”

    “Nothing? “

    Xiao Sun said: “…No way.” Father is just a driver, is it possible that someone asks him to connect the business?

    The handsome young man in the back seat suddenly turned gloomy.

    He pursed his thin lips, stopped talking, his face looked like wind and rain.

    “…” The

    monk Zhang Er Xiaosun couldn’t figure it out, and drove the car in fright, becoming more cautious.

    The car drove into Yan Yixie’s private residence, which is surrounded by mountains, quiet and private, with lakes and bridges, and a golf course not far away.

    But Xiao Sun felt that Yan Shao came back here, but he didn’t seem very happy.

    All around was silent, and the bodyguards at the sentry box seemed to be afraid of making noise to the people in the car. They just bowed without making any noise. Only the car will make a little noise when it presses over the asphalt road.

    The driver Xiao Sun carefully glanced at Yan Yixie from the rearview mirror.

    The young man had an overly handsome face, no expression on his face, but his deep black eyes seemed to have fallen into something in the past.

    “Does Mr. Yan think it’s too quiet?” Xiao Sun tried to hold on to this precarious job.

    Yan Yixie raised his eyes and glanced at the new driver.

    He was guessed right.

    In the past, Yan Yixie was in a wheelchair and hated all strangers. He had a gloomy personality and only liked being alone. It’s better to be more quiet, and only occasionally hear the sound of a few fallen leaves falling.

    But people’s habits seem to change.

    He now feels that this empty villa is a bit too quiet. The housekeeper got his grandson a year ago and went back to hold his grandson. Now he is the only one left, living alone in such a big place, empty and lonely.

    During his entire teenage years, there was no scene that was not related to Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning rushed toward his face like a fire. Changed his habits abruptly.

    The sentence “Your house is gloomy, I don’t like it very much, and I want a house full of life” was remembered by him for so many years. It was carved into the bones and penetrated into the marrow. It became his vision of the future and his vision. .

    When he sees bullying on the road again, he will tell the driver to stop and help, and when he sees the poor people again, he will set up a charity organization to do his best.

    He is no longer the same boy by the sea six years ago.

    But the person who changed him abandoned him halfway.

    Yan Yixie hates Jiang Ning.

    After hating her for not thinking about it, he approached him heartlessly. I also hate her for being hot for three minutes, giving up halfway and turning back.

    What she hates most is that she doesn’t like him that much.

    It was easy to say a breakup back then, and it’s the same now.

    She reunited with him, caught up with him, and tried every possible means to get his contact information, but she didn’t want it, that was all. She told others that she wanted to chase him. No matter what the purpose was, the text message disappeared after only one day.

    He should have known her nature long ago. Is it not enough to be deceived once? Is it possible that you want to repeat the same mistakes again? What is he expecting?

    Yan Yixie felt a tingling pain and was upset.

    He closed his eyes and simply stopped thinking about it.

    After returning to the private villa, he really wasn’t used to it. The next night, he drove alone to another residence in the city center.


    People will send in custom-made furniture from abroad in another two days.

    Yan Yixie drove past the Design Institute and Jiangning University several times, but just stared at it unpredictably for a while, then drove away with a cold face. He didn’t want to see the scene where Jiang Ning left him behind, chatting and laughing with others, he didn’t want to make himself embarrassed again.

    During this period, Jiang Ning never heard from him.

    Yan Yixie gradually gave up.

    It seems that this time the so-called “going to chase him” is also a bad joke.

    This night was heavy rain again, torrential rain raged in the city, and several orange warnings appeared throughout the country.

    It didn’t rain during the day, and after the housekeeper left, no one would remind Yan Yixie of the weather. Yan Yixie did not expect heavy rain to come at night. He drove back from the airport alone and suffered severe pain in his left leg and leg along the way.

    When he slowly drove the car into the parking lot and stopped, his face was already pale, and his finger bones holding the steering wheel faintly showed blue veins.

    He drew the car key, turned it off, sat quietly in the driver’s seat, swallowed the painkiller roughly, and tried to wait for the sharp pain in the bone to ease.

    I don’t know how long it took, the painful nerve was finally slightly paralyzed, Yan Yixie only then took the phone and car key to go upstairs.

    The phone turned on suddenly.

    Yan Yixie frowned and glanced, connected.

    The driver there, Xiao Sun, was sweating profusely: “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, boss, I don’t know if my father has delayed your business. You said you don’t need me to drive in the past two days, so I went back to my hometown. I found…” The

    faintly painful leg bones made Yan Yixie very impatient: “Say the point.”

    Xiaosun quickly said, “Yes, yes, the point is, my father’s phone is broken, and I haven’t received any text messages during this time. Today I hurried to the repair shop, and it cost more than a thousand yuan before…”

    Yan Yixie’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot: “Key point.”

    “Only recovered the message.” Xiao Sun wiped the sweat from his forehead, not daring to breathe, for fear of losing his job: “I will forward it to you now!”

    Yan Yixie hung up directly. Get off the car and enter the elevator.

    In the elevator.

    In chronological order, Xiaosun sent over the short messages that were not received in these days.

    Yan Yixie’s inbox is quickly 99+.

    Since the hotel was separated that day, there has been a lot of information almost every day.

    Jiang Ning asked him where he lived after checking out from the hotel, whether he had bought a house in the city, and where he should go if he wanted to find him. She didn’t want to be unable to contact him like these three years.

    Jiang Ning also asked how his legs were. She couldn’t talk about it that night at the hotel, but she was actually worried, really worried, and wanted to know.

    Jiang Ning asked what he could do to forgive her. She wanted to start again. She asked if it was still possible. She also said that even if there is no such possibility, she will not give up.

    She said she would not let him down this time.

    Five days ago, she said that she had to go to Nanjing to participate in the design of an architectural project, but she would continue to send him messages when she went to Nanjing. She said, Yan Yixie, don’t you know? I am now an intern at the Design Institute, and I actually work in an industry that I didn’t even think about when I was in my senior year of high school.

    She told him three days ago that she had returned from Nanjing by taking the high-speed rail and had duck blood fans in Nanjing.

    She also said that she was very embarrassed to keep sending messages to his driver. She is not as thick as she used to be.


    It turns out that Jiang Ning didn’t give up halfway this time.

    Yan Yixie turned down one by one.

    The last message is ten seconds ago.

    “Aren’t you, don’t you want me?”

    Seeing this line of words, Yan Yixie’s eyelids jumped suddenly.

    At this moment, the elevator door opened and Yan Yixie walked out of the elevator.

    Without taking two steps, he suddenly stopped.

    The incandescent lamp in the corridor was dazzling and pale, and at a distance of more than ten meters from him, a familiar figure was sitting there holding a mobile phone and a power bank on his knees, rubbing his bare arms.

    It was a storm outside, like Tianhe broke its bank, and the rain was heavy and violent, hitting the glass soundproof windows.

    Lightning suddenly illuminated the night.

    Seemingly aware of the elevator movement, Jiang Ning raised his head, his face covered in makeup. Seeing that it was him, she stood up immediately, her eyes full of surprises that could not be concealed.

    For a moment, it seemed to be back many years ago.

    At this moment, Yan Yixie actually gave birth to an illusion of self-willingness to sink.

    Perhaps this time, Jiang Ning is serious.

    His dark eyes were dark and heavy, and there was no expression on his face, but the fingers holding the jacket shrank imperceptibly.

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