Yan Yixie frowned slowly: “Why are you here?”

    He said this, but as if he hadn’t seen Jiang Ning, he walked over and opened the door, exuding a cold aura.

    Jiang Ning only felt that his tall figure enveloped him, extremely oppressive, he hurriedly turned sideways, stepped aside, and said, “You are always picky, and you will definitely not live in a bad place. The city is quiet. There are not many high-end neighborhoods, so I circled a few areas and asked a friend to help me check whether the car’s license plate number is in these places. Then you don’t like people above your head, most likely you live on the top floor. Duplex…”

    Jiang Ning’s voice became quieter as he said, and his heart became more guilty as he said… Because Yan Yixie stared at her, his face became a little difficult to look.

    She knows him as she knows herself, knowing that his preferences and habits have long been changed by her, so she can eat him to death.

    Looking at Yan Yixie’s handsome eyebrows, Jiang Ning quickly changed the subject: “I didn’t deliberately pretend to be pitiful and chose to come to you in this stormy weather. During the day, it’s obviously not raining yet, who knows that it suddenly changes in the evening. God…”

    After finishing Jiang Ning rubbed her cold arm again: “I took a taxi, but forgot to bring an umbrella. My clothes were so wet… so cold.”

    Yan Yixie glanced over her without a trace. The corners of the skirt, which was wet by the rain, frowned slightly: “Since what time have you been here?”

    “…” Jiang Ning wanted to exaggerate and say that he had been waiting here since six o’clock, and waited until midnight, enough. I waited for five or six hours, but when I thought that this kind of high-end community was not without monitoring, Yan Yixie discovered that she was seeking sympathy, but it would be counterproductive, so she honestly said: “Come here at eight o’clock in the evening.”

    Yan Yixie stared at her.

    Under the dazzling lightning that kept breaking through the night, his dark eyes looked cloudy.

    Jiang Ning was staring at his scalp numb, and couldn’t help but raise his head to meet his eyes.

    The eyes are facing each other. Yan Yixie’s gaze was like a cold hook, as if he wanted to cut Jiang Ning’s heart and internal organs to see what she was thinking. The cold made Jiang Ning develop a shallow layer of goose bumps.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly hugged his arms and lowered his head, and said dullly: “It’s not just cold, but my feet are numb.”

    With her movements, a strand of messy hair hung beside her plain face, blocking the light. Dengying fell on it, making her face smaller and whiter.

    She is pretending to be pitiful.

    Yan Yixie is sure.

    Does she think this trick has been tried repeatedly?

    Yan Yixie was upset, but she couldn’t help it.

    Without saying a word for a long time, Jiang Ning thought that Yan Yixie had already left her to enter the door. His heart was tense, and he was about to raise his head, but a suit jacket with a familiar smell of male hormones fell on his face.

    Her vision became pitch black, and her head and shoulders were wrapped in this rare and good smell, but it made her feel a sense of security that she had not seen for a long time.

    Jiang Ning took off his suit jacket happily and put it on his body with joy.

    Yan Yixie’s coat was very large, with the hem almost hanging down on her thigh.

    Both sleeves were empty.

    Jiang Ning swung to the left and right, and her sleeves flicked frantically. With a smile in her eyes, she subconsciously shouted: “Yan Yixie, look at

    me– ” Yan Yixie also subconsciously frowned and turned back.

    However, before Jiang Ning finished speaking, the words came to an abrupt end with the smile.

    She suddenly remembered that the relationship between the two people is no longer the kind of playful joke in the past.

    Yan Yixie glanced at her, obviously thinking about it with her, and his face became a little ugly.

    Jiang Ning touched his nose sullenly, not daring to relax for a while, so as not to touch the taboo that shouldn’t be touched.

    Yan Yixie went into the house without saying a word.

    He only wore a thin white shirt, changed his shoes in the hallway with a cold face, and the lights all the way came on.

    Jiang Ning was still standing outside the door, holding his suit jacket tightly in his arms.

    Yan Yixie didn’t speak, and she didn’t know that he would let her in. But after he entered the house, he raised the temperature in the room and went straight to the bathroom. Then there was the sound of water flowing from top to bottom—the door of the duplex apartment was still open.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know if his door was reserved for him, so he was not sure. It’s not good to break in without permission.

    She stood at the door and plucked up her courage, and asked loudly, “Can I come in?”

    The sound of the water in the bathroom stopped.

    Jiang Ning asked again: “Can I come in?”

    Yan Yixie slowly put on the bathrobe, somehow feeling very unhappy, and said coldly: “You can go out and stop the car in the orange warning rainstorm. I won’t stop you.”

    Jiang Ning ignored Yan Yixie’s chilly tone and was delighted. He immediately followed up the door and closed the door behind him.

    There was still mud on her shoes, so she had to take it off first, but after opening the shoe cabinet, she found that the shoe cabinet was empty, full of unopened debris, and there was no lady’s slippers that she could wear.

    On the one hand, Jiang Ning happily thanked Yan that he should have been a member of the opposite sex and had not been in contact with him in recent years. On the other hand, he was a little worried about what he was going to wear.

    When Yan Yixie came out of the bathroom, he saw Jiang Ning standing barefoot in the hallway and hesitating.

    She put on his suit jacket and stepped on the tiles he chose.

    She was wearing a short sleeveless skirt with a suit jacket close together, and her two smooth long legs seemed to be naked, wearing nothing.

    The large and empty suit jacket contrasted sharply with her slender legs, a calm black and an almost transparent white.

    On the tile, she shivered from the cold, and her white, round, reddish toes writhed restlessly. Hearing the movement, she turned her head to look at him, with long black hair like seaweed scattered on the side of her face, with a slightly innocent expression.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie was furious: “Jiang Ning, did you do it on purpose?” After

    using up the trick of pretending to be pitiful, have you started to use other tricks?

    When has she been so seduce? So skilled, have you used it to others in the past three years?

    Jiang Ning was a little at a loss: “What is it on purpose?”

    Yan Yi Xie Han said without saying a word, walked over to take out a pair of new men’s slippers, and threw them beside the soles of her feet.

    Jiang Ning was busy putting it on.

    But Yan Yixie turned and left with a black face.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Sometimes she really suspects that men will come to the uncle too, and it will become particularly inexplicable during the days of the uncle.

    Yan Yixie wiped his hair and walked towards the study. Jiang Ning followed him like a worm in his coat. Yan Yixie opened the door of the study and stopped abruptly. Before Jiang Ning could brake, his forehead suddenly hit the young man’s sturdy back.

    She held her forehead and raised her head.

    Yan Yixie turned around. Jiang Ning was almost enveloped in his tall figure. He folded his arms and looked at her coldly from top to bottom: “There are several other guest rooms. You can pick one of them. There is a bathroom, don’t bother me.”

    Jiang Ning’s little chicken pecked at the rice and nodded: “Yeah.”

    Yan Yi thanked him: “For the sake of friends in the past, I will take you in for another night. It’s only three things, there is no next time. . “

    Jiang Ning busy:.” well, “

    Yan Xie a staring at her:” tomorrow morning you leave. “

    Jiang Ning smile:” no problem. “

    Yan Yixie looked at her brilliant smile and frowned slowly.

    If he remembered correctly, ten seconds before he arrived at the door of the house, she was still asking him pitifully in the text message if he didn’t want her anymore. But why now he asked her to leave early the next morning, she promised so without hesitation?

    Sometimes Yan Yixie really feels that the woman in front of her is the most difficult person in the world. She can’t tell which words are true and which are false, or when to give sugar and poison to him. When Qing she was approaching him, she had already casually planned to leave.

    Yan Yixie was condescending, staring at Jiang Ning with unpredictable expression.

    This kind of look that either wanted to open her heart to see what was inside, or wanted to tie her up with an iron chain, came again, and Jiang Ning’s scalp numb again.

    The desire to survive forced her to quickly break the rigid atmosphere: “Have you had dinner? I can give you a bowl of noodles, but I don’t know what your taste is now…”

    Yan Yixie did not answer her words, but Staring at her, slowly said, “Jiang Ning, has anyone said that you should enter the entertainment industry to act?”

    Jiang Ning:? How did he know her career in the previous life?

    Jiang Ning asked curiously: “What do you mean?”

    Yan Yixie didn’t answer, turning around and closing the study door.

    She is really a woman who can act. She doesn’t love a person very much, and she can play her love to the bottom.

    When he was young, he was deceived once, and again, he was uncontrollably stuck in it. Obviously she should be driven away, don’t believe the nonsense in her text messages, but once again failed to do it.

    Yan Yixie entered the study, while Jiang Ning was still standing at the door for a while.

    Twice, she followed Yan Yixie into his house softly and softly, but the distance between the two was still far away.

    In addition to stabbing him severely when she said that she broke up, there are still three years between them.

    The past three years seemed like an insurmountable gap. She didn’t know if Yan Yixie’s taste had changed in the past three years, and Yan Yixie also wondered if she had liked others in the past three years.

    Jiang Ning sighed slightly in his heart, turned around and hung up his suit jacket, cleaned up the room and came out.

    Yan Yixie seems to have just moved into this house not long ago. Although everything is brand new in the cabinet in the storage room, it has not been opened yet.

    The packing of the mattress in the second bedroom was not torn.

    So Jiang Ning took a lot of effort to clean up a place to sleep. After preparing the bed and quilt, she went into the bathroom and took a shower.

    It was already three o’clock in the morning when Jiang Ning sent it out.

    She changed into a men’s bathrobe, lifted the long hem, opened the door and poked her head out to see which room Yan Yixie’s master bedroom was in.

    But the living room is dark, the other rooms are dark, only the study room is still bright.

    still working?

    Because Yan Yixie has not said that Jiang Ning is not quite sure about his current physical condition, and does not know if there are any sequelae after the leg disease has recovered, but if you want to come, too little rest will definitely affect your body.

    What’s more, when he saw him at the elevator entrance today, Jiang Ning saw that his face was a little too pale. It’s just that Jiang Ning is not easy to ask, for fear of being mocked by him.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but walked towards the study lightly.

    She walked to the door of the study and cautiously opened the door of the study.

    Fortunately, Yan Yixie didn’t have the habit of locking the door in her own home, so she opened it as soon as she pushed it.

    The silver laptop on the marble table by the floor-to-ceiling window was turned on, and the phone was left aside, but no one was seen.

    Jiang Ning poked his head in a little more, and saw that on the couch opposite, Yan Yixie seemed to be just planning to take a nap, but fell asleep.

    His short black hair had no time to dry, and it was still slightly damp at this time, which made his handsome face even more white. He twisted his eyebrows slightly, with a thin, sharp feeling.

    The floor lamp next to the sofa was on, and the lonely light draped over him, and there was a circle of lonely shadows dragged on the ground.

    Jiang Ning looked at it, as if he was twisted in his heart.

    She couldn’t hold back, like lying down next to a teenager when she was a child, she walked over gently and sat down next to the indifferent young man.

    It will be fine in a while.

    Jiang Ning thought.

    Following the direction in which Yan Yixie was lying, she lay down as gently as possible, moved cautiously, and curled up into his arms.

    The familiar sense of security is here again.

    For an instant, Jiang Ning stared at the handsome face close at hand, as if he had returned to many years ago. On a snowy winter afternoon, the fireplace was burning and the custard bag was lying on the side.

    This was the most satisfying moment for Jiang Ning since the reunion for so long, and she wanted to sigh in her heart. She put her head on her palm, leaned on her side, and looked at Yan Yixie non-stop, her eyes outlined his features without concealing nostalgia.

    At this moment, Yan Yixie suddenly opened his eyes.

    The eyes are facing each other.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning: “I said it was sleepwalking, do you believe it?”

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