The two slept inside and outside, with bathrooms inside and outside, causing Jiang Ning to take a bath and put on a bathrobe and wipe his hair out. They found that the sliding door between the inside and outside had been closed tightly by Yan Yixie, leaving nothing behind. A little gap.

    It’s like guarding against wolves.

    And she is the wolf that needs to be guarded.

    Jiang Ning resented the thick door panel.

    ……What kind of spicy chicken hotel design, what is the difference between this and sleeping in two rooms? !

    The sound insulation of the sliding door is very good. Jiang Ning sat on the bed for a while, and couldn’t hear any movement outside. A door separated the two people into two pieces of heaven and earth. Jiang Ning suspected that Yan Yixie left in the middle of the night or tomorrow morning, and he would not be able to find out.

    She choked silently for a while, couldn’t help but walk to the door lightly, holding her breath and pulling the door open a small slit, carefully poking out a peeping head.

    Yan Yixie hadn’t rested yet, and was sitting behind his desk working on things. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows was the distant lights of thousands of houses, which made his white face extremely cold, and his dark eyes were sharp that Jiang Ning hadn’t seen three years ago.

    He heard the movement, suddenly raised his eyes, glanced at Jiang Ning, frowned: “What are you doing?”

    Jiang Ning pointed to the wall clock on the wall, and said: “It’s just after eleven.” It

    means she hasn’t reached her yet . During his bedtime, can she stay outside for a while? It would be even better if she could chat with him.

    It was a bit harsh in Yan Yixie’s ears.

    When she was still in high school, Jiang Ning always went to bed very early. If two people had the voice on, she would usually go to bed after ten o’clock.

    But three years have passed, and familiar people will become unfamiliar.

    Yan Yixie turned away and continued to stare at the computer, without looking at her, sneered: “It’s been three years, how do I know your current schedule?”

    “…” Jiang Ning was speechless for a while, and then asked without words: “What are you doing, is there anything I can help?”

    Yan Yi thanked her without raising her head, and said, “Thanks to you, go back. Being the heir, apart from a lot of things, everything else is pretty good.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Maybe this is just a little more speculative! Even the awkward chat couldn’t even make two sentences smoothly!

    Perhaps seeing Jiang Ning stiffly sticking there, but there was no sound, Yan Yixie raised his head and looked at Jiang Ning again, very rare.

    Jiang Ning met his gaze and stood busy, looking at him expectantly, waiting for him to say something.

    Unexpectedly, he said meaningfully: “Didn’t you have a fever? Ten minutes will be fine?”

    Jiang Ning: “………………”

    Jiang Ning couldn’t keep up with this, she smiled awkwardly: ” It may be that I sweated a little after taking a shower, and I feel better now…”

    I feel wrong after I say it. If I say that I ‘m all right, will Yan Yixie’s next sentence be “Alright?” Well, you can go now’?

    She hurriedly touched her forehead again and said, “But it’s not much better! Still very weak. Once you go out, you will definitely faint on the side of the road!”

    Would it be too exaggerated to faint on the side of the road? Jiang Ning hurriedly said: “It’s mainly because you don’t think it is very hot in summer now, but the weather forecast shows that it will be raining heavily, and the temperature will definitely cool down tonight. Finally, I stopped sweating. When I go out and be blown by the cold wind, it will definitely get worse.”

    … No, how come talking like this is like a green tea speech on Weibo? Jiang Ning hurriedly added another sentence: “Of course, I am not as weak as my body, I am…”

    Yan Yixie stopped working and looked at her blankly.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    “…then you have a good rest, don’t be too late.” Jiang Ning reopened the door wittily.

    But this time when he closed the door, Jiang Ning deliberately left a small gap. The gap is small, but if Jiang Ning sleeps on the other side of the bed, he can see the people outside with a slight nod.

    After Jiang Ning did this secretly, thinking that Yan Yixie hadn’t noticed, he walked in joyfully.

    Unexpectedly, after two steps, Yan Yixie’s cold voice came: “The door is closed.”

    The smile on Jiang Ning’s lips freezes: “…”

    “In a strange place, I was a little scared to sleep alone at night… …” Jiang Ning said to the outside. After speaking, she didn’t hear Yan Yi’s thanks. She mustered up the courage and said something in her heart: “Furthermore, finally reunited, I miss you so much… I want to see you more. “

    This is true.

    But Yan Yixie’s tone didn’t contain any emotions: “Jiang Ning, do you think I still believe anything from you?”

    Jiang Ning was silent.

    After a while, she dropped her head and walked over and closed the small gap.

    At this time, Yan Yixie’s side finally became clean, and he couldn’t hear any movement on Jiang Ning’s side.

    But the disturbed lake water has rippled, no matter how you suppress it, the ripples still spread out in the heart, making people feel a little dry.

    The night is very long.

    Jiang Ning curled up into the thin quilt. Days of internship at the design institute made her feel exhausted, and she couldn’t hold her eyelids. But she was afraid that once she closed her eyes and fell asleep, when she woke up again, the people in the outside room would have left.

    She supported her eyelids with her fingers, trying to keep herself from falling asleep.

    An idea suddenly popped into Jiang Ning’s mind. Yan Yixie didn’t want to tell him his contact information. Could he secretly use his mobile phone to make a call to himself, so that he could know his phone number?

    Although it would be a shame to do so, Jiang Ning had no other better way after thinking about it. It’s better than losing contact in the crowd.

    Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but get off the bed lightly, barefoot, and moved in small steps toward the sliding door.

    After walking to the sliding door, he first lay on the ground and looked outside through the crack of the door. At three o’clock in the morning, there was no light outside. Yan Yixie should have been asleep.

    Then slowly open the sliding door.

    When the sliding door was pushed, the buckle made a crisp sound, the sound was not loud, but it was very clear in the silent night.

    Jiang Ning was taken aback, and quickly closed his eyes.

    But no ironic words came from outside. She opened her eyes and saw that the person on the big bed did not seem to be awakened.

    Jiang Ning breathed a sigh of relief, and once again moved slowly in the dark with the faint moonlight coming in through the curtains.

    Finally, she carefully fumbled to Yan Yixie’s bedside.

    She stared at Yan Yixie for a while. In the moonlight, his handsome face looked as unkind as the day even when he fell asleep, his eyebrows were slightly twisted, and the corners of his lips were unhappy in a straight line, as if he were not happy in his sleep.

    Jiang Ning had the urge to stretch out his hand to smooth his eyebrows, but fortunately, she still had her sense of reason and didn’t do that.

    Jiang Ning looked around, looking for his mobile phone.

    There was no near the bedside table, nor on the desk… Jiang Ning saw that his mobile phone was next to his pillow.

    Jiang Ning was overjoyed, moved lightly but moved very quickly to the other side of Yan Yixie’s bed, and leaned over to get his mobile phone.

    But at this moment, the handsome man in his sleep suddenly turned over.

    His left hand just hit the pillow and landed on the phone.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and shook it over his tightly closed eyes, and the shadow of the slender five fingers fell on his face.

    And he didn’t move, his crow-feather-like eyelashes didn’t even tremble, and he didn’t seem to be awake.

    Jiang Ning let go of his heart a little, and gently twitched his mobile phone.

    Unexpectedly, at this moment, Yan Yixie suddenly moved again, and his slender fingers seemed to unconsciously squeeze the phone together.

    “…!” Jiang Ning was frightened, blood rushed to his brain, and immediately squatted down on the spot.

    are you awake? Wake up!

    This is awake!

    … Another moment passed.

    There was still silence in the air.

    Jiang Ning could only hear his heart beating so fast because of the guilty conscience.

    She took a deep breath and didn’t hear any sound. Then she dared to slowly poke her head out to see if Yan Yixie was awake.

    Look at it this way.

    He met a pair of handsome eyes.

    Yan Yixie sat up halfway with his pillow, eyes down, looking at her with no expression on his face.

    “…” Jiang Ning lost his soul and fell back on the carpet.

    I didn’t care about the explanation, and even ran and fled back to the room.

    “Kang Dang!” The sliding door was slammed shut by her.

    Yan Yixie stared at the door, and slowly raised his eyebrows, wondering where Jiang Ning was making trouble again.

    In fact, he didn’t fall asleep for a second all night, she was in the room, and it was strange that he could sleep. He just lay quietly in bed thinking about something.

    When she opened the sliding door and walked out lightly, he heard it, but calmly wanted to see what she was doing.

    Who knew she went to get his cell phone.

    Jiang Ning is not short of money, so he doesn’t want to use his mobile phone to empty the shopping cart. Yan Yixie can only think that she wants to see if there are other women’s contact information or records in his phone.

    Damn it.

    Yan Yixie couldn’t even figure out what she wanted to do.

    It was her who didn’t want him at the beginning, but now it’s her who approaches him again and pretends to care about him.


    sky will light soon.

    Neither of them slept well, and Yan Yixie was even worse. When he left, he was black and gloomy, and the hotel manager downstairs who tried to say hello to him directly closed his mouth wittily.

    Jiang Ning barely fell asleep for a few hours.

    When she woke up, she couldn’t tell where she was for a moment. Her long hair got up from the bed in a mess, and then suddenly remembered what happened last night, she put on her clothes and opened the door and rushed out.

    As a result, as expected, the outside was empty and people had already left. The hotel even came to do cleaning, the white big bed and marble desk have been cleaned up, and there is no half of the temperature left.

    Jiang Ningzheng pulled the slippers and stood there, feeling a moment of loss in his heart.

    She changed her clothes, packed up her things, and planned to leave there. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of two things placed above the shoe cabinet at the outer entrance.

    Her heart jumped, thinking that Yan Yixie had left her contact information.

    Who knows, it’s a mobile phone charger and some cash.


    Jiang Ning flipped through the cash and found a piece of paper, penetrating the paper with forceful words with three cold words: taxi fare.

    Jiang Ning: “…” It’s

    not as good as prostitution. This way it’s a little closer.

    Jiang Ning thought for a while, took the charger and cash, and went downstairs. Although she still doesn’t know Yan Yixie’s contact information, she remembered the license plate number of the car last night. And this hotel, he should be a permanent residence. Come and see for yourself tomorrow, he might still be there.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Ning felt that it was not without progress, and he felt much more relaxed.

    She passed the front desk with her bag on her back, and couldn’t help but leaned forward, and asked the front desk to convey a “Thank you for staying” to Yan Yixie.

    Then he left his mobile phone number to the front desk and told the front desk if Mr. Yan had anything to say, please convey it to yourself in time.

    The front desk should have the contact information of Yan Yixie’s driver, which can be passed to Yan Yixie’s ears.

    Jiang Ning still has classes and can’t stay long.

    At noon, she received a reply from the front desk.

    “Mr. Yan said: No thanks. As you said, it’s just a matter of helping a friend of the past, so don’t think too much about it.”

    Even if the front desk intimately changed “you” to “you”, it still couldn’t hide it. Live Yan Yixie coldly.

    Although Jiang Ning felt a little lost in his heart, he knew that this was about a long battle, and he did not give up. Make persistent efforts to ask the front desk to help convey: “Help me ask if Mr. Yan is free tomorrow. To be grateful, I want to invite him to dinner.”

    Front desk: “Okay.”

    After a while, the front desk said: “Mr. Yan explained that it is not free. “

    Jiang Ning asked:” day after tomorrow “?

    Front:” acquired did not empty. “

    Jiang Ning perseverance:” significantly the day after tomorrow “?

    Front:” never acquired much empty. “

    Jiang Ning:” …… it next month The

    front desk: “I won’t be free next month.” During

    class, Jiang Ning frowned while staring at the phone screen full of refusing words.

    The professor who was lecturing seemed to glance at her, and she quickly put away the phone.

    Although the college class is not very particular about playing with mobile phones, everyone is sleeping and playing games are playing games, but Jiang Ning’s graduation thesis selected this professor’s subject. She has always been attentive, and the professor has a better impression of her. . She didn’t want to lose her impression points, and was no longer distracted in the next two classes.

    And over there, the meeting room.

    When everyone saw Yan Shao’s driver calling, Yan Shao frowned.

    But a full two hours passed and he didn’t see the driver calling him again, but he was not only upset, but his face was directly clouded.


    What is this for?

    People who didn’t know thought he was getting ambiguous with the driver.

    In the last class, the phone in Jiang Ning’s denim skirt suddenly vibrated.

    She took it out and lowered her head and glanced at it.

    The front desk unexpectedly asked her: “What do you want to do when you ask so much?”

    Is this the front desk or Yan Yixie?

    Jiang Ning couldn’t tell the difference for a while.

    She felt that Yan Yixie would not take the initiative to ask herself questions. This should be asked by the front desk guy.

    So Jiang Ning quickly typed the keys: “Chasing him.”

    “Thank you, brother, I will invite you to dinner when it’s done.”

    … The

    temperature in the conference room seems to be not so low.

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