“You listened to what you said, would you believe it yourself?!” Yan Yi thanked her angry and cold, looking at Jiang Ning’s gaze as if she was about to delay her.

    When he first went abroad, he waited every day for Jiang Ning to call him and tell him that she had troubles. Even at that time, she said that insisting on breaking up was just an innocent joke, I am afraid that she was still a young boy who had just begun to love her. He would go back to her desperately.

    However, after two years, more than 600 days and nights have passed, but the phone has never ringed. Don’t even explain to him, there is not even a greeting.

    No matter how hot his head is, two years have passed, and he should be sober.

    So on the first day of the third year, he personally broke the phone card and threw it into the trash can.

    Reunion again, even if she made up a better reason to deceive him, and asked him to spend some time investigating, she made up a lie about predicting the future!

    Could it be possible that he has become a joke, does she really treat him as a joke? !

    His slender fingers clasped Jiang Ning’s chin like a ghost.

    Jiang Ning felt the coolness penetrate her cheeks, and couldn’t help but utter a single syllable: “

    Hmm .” Yan Yixie’s eyes fell on the light red marks on her snow-white lower jaw, as if waking up, her fingers trembled suddenly, to the end. It was the bird who let go of her with a sullen look.

    Jiang Ning felt weak in her heart.

    This is indeed the most true reason, but no matter when she said it, Yan Yixie would not believe it.

    Also, in the world, except for the experiencer himself, who would believe in the illusion of rebirth.

    She would not believe it if she changed her.

    But she waited for him for three years, and she didn’t want to lose him like this anyway. Jiang Ning’s heart was cut by a knife, and he still tried to explain: “I didn’t lie to you, what I said was true…”

    Yan Yixie no longer wanted to listen.

    He gradually calmed down, the hatred in his eyes disappeared, and he was replaced by death-like peace.

    He looked away from Jiang Ning’s face, staring at the door blocked by Jiang Ning, his thin lips opened lightly, and his tone was cold: “Get out of the way.”

    Jiang Ning looked at his indifferent profile, and his fingertips couldn’t help shaking.

    The gulf of three years has truly emerged. The gentle boy on Xue Ye’s night seems to have completely disappeared, and the popularity field in front of him is strong and extremely unfamiliar.

    In the past three years, she didn’t know where Yan Yixie was, what she was experiencing, and what she was living in.

    But thinking about it, he must be extremely difficult, gritted his teeth trying to stand up, gritted his teeth to deal with the people in the family.

    She wanted to ask, knowing all of his situation to fill the vacant period of these three years, but Yan Yixie seemed to dislike her anymore, so he didn’t give her a chance.

    Six years ago, Jiang Ning had infinite courage because he knew that Yan Yixie in his previous life liked her.

    But now Jiang Ning is like a deflated balloon.

    Because of guilt, the courage has been shaky and half vented, facing Shang Yanyi Xie Senran’s eyes, venting the remaining quarter.

    Jiang Ning reluctantly squeezed a smile: “Okay, then you have to rest first.”

    She looked at Yan Yixie reluctantly, then lowered her head, moved a step, and walked away from the door panel.

    Seeing her doing this, Yan Yixie suddenly felt hostility in her heart.

    She seems to have changed a lot. She hasn’t been stalked like she used to be. Why, didn’t she make every effort to find an excuse to explain to him? Why did she just give up after finding a reason? Could it be that after three years, there is no interest in teasing him?

    Jiang Ning stepped aside and stood aside obediently. However, Yan Yixie’s face became extremely ugly again.

    Jiang Ning: …?

    What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the escaping posture?

    Do you think she is too slow? Still think she is still blocking the door here?

    So Jiang Ning looked at his toes and moved aside wittily.

    …But Yan Yixie’s expression became more uncertain.

    Yan Yixie also realized that even if he saw Jiang Ning again after three years, he still couldn’t control himself.

    If this doesn’t work, he can’t be easily bewitched by her again.

    Yan Yixie turned around, settled down, held the doorknob again, and pushed the door in with a cold face.

    A thick door panel separates the two, as if they have become two worlds.


    The decoration of the hotel is luxurious, the corridor lighting is soft and not dazzling, and the floor is covered with thick cashmere carpets.

    Jiang Ning’s gaze fell on the tightly closed hotel door, and he was dazed for a while.

    She knows Yiyan’s temper, she probably won’t open the door tonight. It’s useless for her to wait here.

    But she didn’t want to leave like this.

    It may have been a long time apart and reluctant to meet again, or it may be afraid that once he leaves like this, he will never be seen again. He definitely didn’t want to see her, and he might avoid her in the future. If it weren’t for a chance encounter tonight and catching up, Jiang Ning wouldn’t know when and how long he would be able to meet him.

    With a complicated mood, Jiang Ning sat down against the wall outside the door.

    She threw the bag aside, took out her mobile phone and glanced at it. There were a few phone calls and language of Ye Chang and her instructor. She converted the language into text and looked at it. If the conversion is not clear, she put on the earphones. .

    There are also a few messages from design institutes and clubs, and a message from roommate Yang Yinyin, asking her if she can go back tonight.

    Jiang Ning’s life in the past three years has been a bit monotonous. The design institute, teaching building, bedroom, and apartment are on the front line. She seldom cares about what people around him are saying or doing, including Yang Yinyin’s little tricks. She looks at them all. In my eyes, I just didn’t care about it.

    But after tonight, the biggest heavy stone in her heart fell to the ground, and finally got a little bit of interest and returned to these people one by one.

    Finally she put down the phone, hugged her knees with one hand, and sighed in her heart.

    Although Yan Yixie seemed to hate her, she actually felt a little more peaceful in her heart.

    The thing she worries most in recent years is that even if she does that, it will be useless, and she is worried that Yan Yixie’s fate will be completely rewritten by her.

    But fortunately, this time fate finally took care of him.

    Jiang Ning also wanted to know if there were any sequelae, but only a few words tonight did not have time to ask.

    Take your time from now on.

    But, in the future… can they have a future?

    Jiang Ning was actually not sure.

    But she can’t just give up like this.


    There was no light in the room. In the dark, Yan Yixie wore a white bathrobe, combed her slightly wet black hair backwards, revealing her smooth forehead. He sat on the sofa without saying a word, his eyebrows were like ink traces, deep and sharp, and his delicate face was as cold as a sculpture, and his eyes fell on the door panel.

    Jiang Ning seemed to have not left without hearing the sound of leaving.

    A small ball of Dengying penetrated through the gap in the door panel. Yan Yixie stared at the ball of shadow. The anger in his heart seemed to be neutralized by pure ice, and finally eased slightly.

    His legs showed signs of recovery in the first year and eight months.

    When he first went abroad for treatment, he didn’t hold any hope. He only felt that the one percent probability of recovery was a complete joke. Yan Baiang agreed because he wanted a sound heir to consolidate his position. As for the failure of the operation, whether his condition would get worse, Yan Baiang probably didn’t care.

    But in the end Yan Yixie still signed, even at the huge risk of surgery.

    It is not the mentality of holding a dead horse as a living horse doctor, but a desperate and desperate attempt to stand up again.

    At that time, the young man was in despair and could only blame Jiang Ning’s abandonment on his crippled legs, so that he could survive countless long winter nights.

    He thought, if his legs were to recover, maybe without the obstacles of Jiang Ning’s mother, without the gossip and strange eyes of others, Jiang Ning might not feel tired at the time and might not let go of his hand.

    Later, his legs finally healed, and he was involved in the fighting inside the Yan family. Now that he has gained a firm foothold inside the Yan family, Jiang Jing, Chen Sen, and his father, there is no way to stop him, so he returned to the country.

    Jiang Ning probably thought it was an accidental reunion, but she didn’t know that he had known her whereabouts for a long time, and even saw a design institute named Lu Xiuran who sent flowers to her internship.

    He didn’t know what Yan Yixie wanted to do.

    Maybe just want to know an answer.

    But Jiang Ning just gave him the answer, but he felt fooled again and was extremely angry.

    Yan Yixie closed his eyes and pinched the frown that was full of dryness.

    He took out his cell phone and called the driver who had parked the car downstairs in the hotel: “Don’t leave yet, wait for someone to take her back.”

    He dialed the hotel’s internal number and asked them to adjust the elevator settings. Put Jiang Ning off the elevator without swiping the card.

    The driver and the hotel manager responded quickly.

    Yan Yixie turned off the phone, got up, walked over and slammed the door open, intending to let Jiang Ning leave.

    But when he opened the door, his expression froze.

    Suddenly poked his head out.

    The corridor is empty, where can I see people?

    Jiang Ning hadn’t known when he left.

    Inexplicably, the gloomy breath of Yan Yi’s thankful heart quickly came back, a handsome face covered with clouds.

    She just left without saying a word? Stayed outside the door for less than three minutes?

    Yes, it’s just an old lover, it’s better to find a new love after chasing him.

    Yanyi Xie closed the door heavily, the dark cloud between his eyebrows could not disperse.

    He walked over quickly, dialed the internal number again, and asked in a deep voice, “When did Miss Jiang, who came up behind me, leave?” The

    lobby manager froze for a moment and said: “She didn’t leave, she just came down. I asked for a hot water bottle.”

    Yan Yixie glanced at the thermometer on the wall. These days, Beijing has been extremely hot. The outdoor temperature is already 39. The air-conditioning inside the hotel is on. But in the hot summer, there is no need for a hot water bottle.

    He was hanging up suspiciously when there was a knock on the door outside the room.

    It’s Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning has gone and returned.

    Yan Yixie’s mood didn’t seem so bad anymore.


    Half a minute later, Yan Yixie opened the door expressionlessly, looked down at the person outside, and asked with a cold face, “Why haven’t you left?” After

    a while, Jiang Ning’s white forehead was hanging. There were beads of sweat, the hair on both sides of his cheeks was soaked, there was a sickly blush on his face, and his lips were bloodless.

    Even if you don’t reach out to touch her forehead, you can feel her forehead radiating hot heat.

    Jiang Ning held the bag and looked up at him, pitifully showing weakness: “I…maybe blowing in the wind while chasing you, and now I have a cold.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    If I didn’t know Jiang Ning accidentally He borrowed a hot water bottle from the front desk. He might really think that the abnormal heat on her forehead was from her body.

    How can a normal person put a hot water bottle on his head and pretend to be sick in the summer? !

    But Jiang Ning has not been a normal person since he was a child.

    Yan Yixie folded his arms to look at her, and said mercilessly: “Don’t touch porcelain, what do you have to do with me?”

    Jiang Ning saw that he didn’t care if he had a cold, and was inevitably lost. He tried to close the distance: “Right, milk. What happened to Huang Bao and Housekeeper Zhou?”

    Yan Yi thanked her face as frosty: “What’s your business?”

    Jiang Ning almost failed, so she had to turn the topic back to flu and fever, otherwise she would be afraid of the temperature of her forehead later. It was blown out by the air conditioner, and it was time to die socially in front of Yan Yixie when it was seen.

    “We really broke up.” Jiang Ning said slowly.

    Yan Yixie’s heart pierced and looked at Jiang Ning mockingly.

    Jiang Ning continued: “But anyway, we are also childhood sweethearts…”

    Yan Yixie said indifferently, “You unilaterally think.”

    “Then you are a friend who has a relationship…you can’t die. Right.” Jiang Ning held up the automatically turned off mobile phone to show him: “My mobile phone seems to be out of power, and now I can’t get a taxi when I go out. Your driver has already left. I think, if you can, can you… …”

    Yan Yixie categorically said: “No.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    If Jiang Ning three years ago, Jiang Ning six years ago, would probably be cheeky and directly pretend to be angry as if gossamer fell into Yan Yixie’s arms, forced Until he hugged himself.

    But now Jiang Ning has lost that reckless energy.

    She lowered her head slowly, although she tried to pretend to be okay, but her eyelashes were still somewhat helpless.

    The light fell on her cheeks, and two strands of hair were blown by the air-conditioning, making her look like a snow-white kitten driven out of the house.

    Yan Yixie stared at her, even more upset.

    I know her clearly, knowing that she pretends most of the time, once she gets the bait, she doesn’t know when she will be pushed into the abyss again.

    But at this moment, his hateful heart softened.

    Yan Yixie squeezed her finger bones, and her veins faintly jumped.

    He suddenly gave way.

    The two stood alone in the bright corridor and the other in the darkened room. Yan Yi thanked for such a concession, half of his body was hidden in the darkness, Jiang Ning raised his head in a daze, unable to see his expression.

    Yan Yixie’s expression was not very good, and he had to close the door when he

    raised his hand: “Get out if you don’t come in.” ” Go in.” Jiang Ning quickly walked into the room holding the bag.

    As soon as she came in, she said: “Why don’t you turn on the light?”

    After she finished speaking, remembering that the two are not in a relationship where they can talk casually, she quickly fell silent.

    In the darkness, Jiang Ning couldn’t even see Yan Yixie’s back. She decided to please someone under the eaves. She said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t turn on the lights. I don’t like too bright! You sleep first, it’s okay. , I can sleep on the floor and hit the floor!”

    Yan Yixie turned on a lamp, turned around and sneered: “I don’t have the habit of abusing people. You will leave me at dawn.”

    Jiang Ning finally saw that his face was cold. look, micro-shock: “…… you mean, you and I can sleep in a bed !!?”

    Yan Xie a: “……”

    this is the presidential suite, the master bedroom there is room, more than a bed , Yan Yixie didn’t mean that at all.

    But somehow, seeing Jiang Ning’s air-conditioning look at this time, he was extremely unhappy.

    His eyebrows darkened, and he said coldly: “Go to the room inside and don’t bother me.”

    “…oh.” Jiang Ning was not surprised at this time, but the disappointment on his beautiful face was unobstructed.

    It almost didn’t say “I want to sleep in a bed, I want to sleep in a bed”.

    Yan Yixie: “…?”

    Is this trying to turn his head back or is he trying to seduce him again? He couldn’t tell the difference.

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