Jiang Ning chased into the hotel, but Yan Yixie suddenly left without a trace. She walked around the hall and hurriedly wiped the sweat from her forehead. She dresses more casually, so who is not a delicate little dress when other people come and go in this kind of occasion? As a result, although the front desk and the security guard were stunned when they saw her beautiful face, they still came to stop her: “Who is she looking for?”

    Jiang Ning sighed, and was about to say that the person who came in just now saw the tall one. The figure disappeared at the corner of the promenade.

    She didn’t even think about it, she stepped up to catch up.

    The security guard stopped her again, and her eyes were a little wary this time: “Miss, the VIP area on the left only accepts VIP members with high membership fees.”

    Jiang Ning watched as people disappear in front of her, and she was distraught. , I’m afraid that the vast sea of ​​people will never be met again. She calmed down and called the tutor.

    Fortunately, the instructor was still discussing business with the person in charge of the theater and asked Jiang Ning to give the phone to the front desk, saying that it was the person he invited, but he just forgot to bring the invitation letter.

    After repeated confirmations by the front desk and the security, Jiang Ning went up.

    After such a toss, people have been completely lost.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know which floor Yan Yixie was up to, and the front desk would not say it out to protect the privacy of the guests.

    She had to look for it layer by layer.

    During this process, her heart kept beating. I am afraid of meeting, but I am also afraid of missing out and not being able to meet. I want to see him and explain to him personally, but I am afraid that even if he explains, he will not forgive himself.

    Most importantly, she worried that there would be no possibility between the two.

    Jiang Ning went up to the fifth floor with a feeling of nostalgia.

    The Peninsula Hotel is famous for its decoration. Each box is designed as an island, connected to the central garden with a winding corridor, which ensures absolute privacy and facilitates prominent business talks from all walks of life.

    Jiang Ning naturally couldn’t open the doors of the boxes to see if people were inside. If he did that, he would be driven out by the waiter early in the morning. She can only stop in the central garden on each floor.

    After searching for about half an hour like a headless fly, Jiang Ning still didn’t see half of Yan Yixie’s clothes.

    She couldn’t help wondering if she was just outside the hotel, whether she had read it wrong.

    Just when Jiang Ning began to think about whether to find a way to adjust the hotel’s surveillance, an English sentence suddenly came not far in front: “Who is that girl?”

    Jiang Ning subconsciously raised his head.

    About ten paces away, a western man in a suit and leather shoes came out of a box, looking at him, his eyes fascinated.

    And the young man next to him turned his back to him, with an outstanding figure and temperament, even better than Western men. The light hung over the top of his dark hair, dyed a bit of cold color.

    He copied it into his trouser pocket with one hand and turned around.

    Jiang Ning’s footsteps suddenly stuck in place.

    But his brows were dark.

    He looked indifferent and a little gloomy. He glanced briefly at Jiang Ning and then looked away.

    Yan Yi thanked him: “I don’t know.”


    Jiang Ning’s body stiffened.

    Her eyes fell on Yan Yixie’s legs involuntarily. Just outside the hotel, Yan Yixie strode and the meteor disappeared in a blink of an eye. She hadn’t had time to see how much his legs had recovered now. Although you can walk, don’t you still have some hidden illnesses that are different from ordinary people?

    But obviously, Yan Yixie’s eyes looked strange at her.

    After all, three years have passed.

    This unfamiliar and unemotional look reminded Jiang Ning once again that now, between her and him, it is not possible to warmly greet him and mention the relationship of the past.

    Although embarrassed by the denial of the relationship, Jiang Ning took the initiative to walk over and asked dryly: “When did you…return to China?”

    Yan Yixie clearly heard her, but didn’t lift his eyelashes.

    The western man next to him flicked his eyes between the two. If he couldn’t see the weird atmosphere between the two, there would be a ghost. He used bad Chinese and asked curiously: “This lady seems to know you.”

    Yan Yixie frowned and said, “I’m afraid I ‘ve confessed to the wrong person.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    After finishing he took the waiter who came out of the box. The dark coat that he handed over said coldly and coldly: “I’ll take a step first.”

    Jiang Ning finally met his person, and didn’t have a contact information, and I don’t know if there will be another one. When meeting, he hurriedly asked: “Where are you going?”


    Yixie glanced at her with that kind of indifferent eyes: “Does this lady ask anyone where to go when she sees anyone?” Jiang Ning was afraid of his misunderstanding, and hurry up. Said: “No–“

    Before the words were finished, Yan Yixie interrupted him coldly: “No need to explain, it has nothing to do with me.” The

    man in the suit glanced at Yan Yixie again, and saw that the indifference on Yan Yixie’s face did not seem to be fake. , Don’t you really know this girl? In this case, it shouldn’t matter for him to get started.

    “This girl is very beautiful.” The man in the suit kept his eyes on Jiang Ning’s face, switched back to English, and said in a low voice to Yan Yixie, “If Yan Yixie is not interested, I will chase it.”

    Yan Yixie The shadow of the eyes flashed away.

    However, when Jiang Ning looked at him, the gloom in his eyes seemed to be just Jiang Ning’s illusion, turning into an indifferent and indifferent expression.

    Jiang Ning was stabbed by his indifference and began to wonder if he really didn’t recognize himself.

    What kind of leg surgery can cause memory loss?

    But what happened to Yan Yixie in the past three years, Jiang Ning didn’t know at all, what kind of Longtan Tiger’s Den could be the Yan family? Did something unexpected happen?

    Jiang Ning was still thinking about it.

    Yan Yixie did not say a word, turned around with his coat in his hand and left.

    After walking a dozen steps away, before he heard anyone follow him, Yan Yixie’s expression began to become extremely different.

    At this time, Jiang Ning came back to his senses. Yan Yi thanked for his long legs and strode a lot. Jiang Ning was afraid of losing it again, so he quickly followed in small steps.

    Yan Yixie didn’t look back, he heard the sound of sneakers trotting on the floor, he sneered in his heart, but his face was slightly softened.

    There is a pity in the hearts of Western men. There are many Chinese beauties, but they are so beautiful and can be a star. He has seen him for the first time in months. If Yan Shao is not present, he might still have a chance.

    He couldn’t help but followed Jiang Ning a few steps, and asked inquisitively: “Young Master Yan said that he didn’t know you, but you knew him. Can you take the liberty to ask, what is your relationship?”

    Jiang Ning stared at Yan Yixie’s back. For fear of being lost, where is the mind to answer his gossip? Anyway, Yan Yixie couldn’t hear him. Jiang Ning casually said: “He’s chasing him.”

    “…” The

    man in the suit was like hiding from some scourge, and he hurried his back to the wall and was three feet away from her.

    Goodbye, the person who has the courage to chase the Yan family, can it be an ordinary female college student, he should not provoke him.

    Yan Yixie, who had already stepped into the elevator, formed a layer of frost on his face. He almost laughed when he heard the following sentence. The words she said about breaking up back then were still carved into his bones, and he always took it out to warn him not to chase down the past. , But how can she be so unavoidable?

    If it hadn’t been for knowing that Jiang Ning would be the most warm and abandoning people, he would still think that she was chasing them now, saying this is to continue the front line.

    With the foreign man present just now, Jiang Ning couldn’t explain anything to Yan Yixie.

    She watched him enter the elevator, and suddenly rushed past her feet in a breezy manner, thinking, no matter what the address and mobile phone number must be one of them, otherwise according to Yan Yixie’s current state of rejection of her, if not this time By chance, she might never meet him again.

    Before the elevator doors closed, Jiang Ning squeezed in panting.

    The elevator door sensed it and opened it again.

    The tall and handsome man raised his wrist and glanced at it. There was obvious discomfort between his eyebrows, as if Jiang Ning was wasting his time.

    Jiang Ning moved to him, not far from him, and whispered: “The elevator is not yours, I can go down together.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t lift his eyelids, as if he was too lazy to care about her.

    The elevators of high-end restaurants have a huge space, but even so, Jiang Ning still has a feeling of being cramped, probably because of the frosty aura of the people around him.

    She quietly raised her eyes, and looked at the man who was in the same space as herself but who felt very far away.

    Compared with the boy back then, Yan Yixie’s forceful aura is now even stronger. Standing there with cold eyes, it makes people feel like they are in the same room with ice, so cold that they can’t breathe.

    Jiang Ning wanted to ask how the past few years have been, but he couldn’t tell.

    She sighed in her heart.

    Seeing that the elevator was about to stop on the first floor, she finally gathered the courage and took the initiative to speak: “Can you give me your mobile phone number?”

    Yan Yixie didn’t look at her, sneered, sarcastically: “Why, After three years, Miss Jiang wants to lie to me again?”

    Jiang Ning raised his eyes in amazement: “You just said you didn’t know me, I thought you had amnesia!”

    Yan Yixie’s face was as dark as a pot.

    At this time the elevator door opened, and he took his coat and strode out without hesitation.

    Jiang Ning kept hitting the wall in a short time, but he was not discouraged, and quickly followed, like a bastard.

    Thanks to Yan Yixie, the security guard thought she was with Yan Yixie when she went out, and did not check her again. The front desk and the security guard bowed all the way and sent Yan Yixie away.

    Jiang Ning watched Yan Yixie walk faster and farther and farther, and he felt relieved that his legs seemed to have healed at least 90%, while feeling a little sad. Now he wants to know the condition of his legs. , But he won’t pay attention to himself.

    The black car was still waiting outside the hotel. Yan Yixie never stopped and got on the ground without turning his head.

    Jiang Ning was unable to get the mobile phone number, nor could he take this opportunity to explain clearly, he was anxious and couldn’t help but trot. But when she rushed out of the hotel, the car galloped away in front of her.

    Jiang Ning watched as the car went into the underground parking lot in a blink of an eye and disappeared. He couldn’t help but curse a thousand knives in his heart. He walked so fast when his legs were good?

    Ye Chang had been waiting for Jiang Ning at the entrance of the restaurant. Seeing Jiang Ning came out, he hurriedly poked his head out of the taxi and shouted, “Jiang Ning, this way!”

    Jiang Ning’s legs were straight and he walked quickly towards him. past.

    In the night, Jiang Ning’s skin was so pale that she got into the car without squinting.

    Ye Chang’s eyes kept falling on her face, his heart beating fast, and his mouth became dry.

    “I thought you wouldn’t give me a chance to give you…” Ye Chang handed her her bag and said.

    In the past few years, no one chased Jiang Ning at the university. Jiang Ning would not give anyone a chance, including the talent. Although she was willing to help him, she refused to let him send her back.

    Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Jiang Ning said to the driver: “Keep up with the car in front, hurry!”

    Ye Chang: “…”

    Jiang Ning was beautiful, and the driver’s first reaction thought it was where there was a camera. It was random. Looking for a passer-by to film a scene of bravely stealing the wallet back, I rushed out without thinking about it.

    When the car followed the luxury car in front to a stop in the parking lot of a six-star hotel with outstanding decoration, the driver and Ye Chang were a little messy in the wind.

    ……It turned out to be just with people.

    Ye Chang looked at the one of the few domestic luxury cars in front, and began to wonder if the rumors that Jiang Ning had been bagged before were true, and this would not be a car that ordinary rich second-generation cars could drive. And Jiang Ning looked like he was hurriedly catching the rape.

    “You go back first, and you will explain later.” Jiang Ning had no time to say more, pushing the car door and rushing into the hotel.

    Ye Chang: “…”

    This time it went smoothly. Jiang Ning caught up with Yan Yixie at the door of the hotel room.

    There is only one presidential suite on the first floor of this hotel. After she said the floor, she was seen at the front desk that she was good-looking and outstanding. She thought she was with the handsome man who went up earlier, so she went up without much thought. elevator.

    “You haven’t given me your phone number yet.” Jiang Ning followed Yan Yixie and said persistently.

    Yan Yixie saw Jiang Ning, and the hand that drew the card to open the door frowned, “How did you come up?”

    Before Jiang Ning could speak, he raised his eyebrows: “I haven’t seen you in three years, it seems you have it again. New boyfriend.”

    Jiang Ning was stunned for a moment before realizing that he should have seen Ye Chang waiting in the taxi. She said, “It’s not what you think. That person’s surname is Ye Mingchang. He is my direct senior. Tonight he I was seeing the counterpart of a theater project with my instructor, so I couldn’t get away, so I asked me to send me a document…”

    Yan Yixie heard everything that should be heard before interrupting blankly: “You don’t need it. Explain to me, it has nothing to do with me.”

    Jiang Ning was speechless.

    With a “di”, the room card in Yan Yixie’s hand opened the door.

    He held the door handle with his hand.

    Jiang Ning’s heart jumped, fearing that he would open the door and never come out again when he entered. He moved a step in time, pressed his back against the door, and blocked the door: “Don’t go in yet.”

    The distance between the two suddenly became very close.

    Yan Yixie held the doorknob with his right hand, and the tall figure completely enveloped Jiang Ning. From the distance in the corridor, he almost seemed to have surrounded Jiang Ning with his right hand between the body and the door panel.

    The familiar but unfamiliar breath of the young man was invading Jiang Ning. Jiang Ning looked at him, his breathing began to be disordered and he was no longer dominated.

    He stared at Jiang Ning with low eyes, as if staring at some poison. The dark eyes were a bit unpredictable, and the light did not come in, making it impossible to distinguish whether it was a revenge look or a reunion coldness.

    “Let’s talk, what do you want to do this time?”

    His voice was so heavy that he could still hear his teeth gritted.

    Jiang Ning: “

    I— ” “I want to repeat the same thing for three minutes?”

    Jiang Ning took a deep breath and said in a blast: “You can’t help but listen to my explanation and sentence me to death. “

    Yan Yixie sneered, looking like a sharp knife, slowly cutting across Jiang Ning’s eyebrows, cutting Jiang Ning’s eyes, and stopping on her lips.

    He straightened up, let go of the hand holding the doorknob, and said coldly: “Well, you explain.”

    He was a few inches away from Jiang Ning, and the oppressive feeling a little bit weaker.

    Jiang Ning breathed a sigh of relief, and said: “I said I can predict the future, do you believe it? Just half a month before you went abroad, I learned that I am like the butterfly with the butterfly effect. It will change your destiny. You could have been The recovered legs may lose the chance of recovery because of me. In order to make you like an older generation…like my dream, going abroad at a fixed time and under fixed conditions, I have to…”

    Jiang Ning The words were sincere, and I thought it could be clear, but who knows that Yan Yixie’s face is getting colder and colder.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Yan Yixie was almost mad.

    He felt that he was crazy, and when Jiang Ning said that he could explain, his heart suddenly clenched, thinking that she really had some difficulties back then.

    Who knows that she actually used such a ridiculous nonsense to perfuse herself.

    “Are you?” Yan Yi Xie stared at Jiang Ning awe-inspiringly, with a handsome face approaching, pinching her chin, and saying every word, “Think I am a fool who can be played by you between applause?”

    Jiang Ning was slapped. Squeezed into a beeping mouth:………………

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