(Three years later)

    “Are these people doing nothing all day long? Isn’t it just that someone drove a Martha to take you back to school? A post appeared on the forum saying that you have a sugar daddy, and being beautiful is the original sin “!” Yang Yinyin in the lower berth yelled while flipping her mobile phone.

    After a pause, she poked her head out and glanced at Jiang Ning who was lying on the upper bunk with her eyes closed. In an inquisitive tone: “But…is the driver really your brother? Then your house…”

    Jiang Ning had just returned from an internship in the design institute in the morning. He was so tired that he didn’t have the strength to lift his fingers and didn’t want to say anything at all.

    Without frowning, she put on the noise-reducing headphones and turned her back to Yang Yinyin.

    “…Well, you continue to sleep.” Yang Yinyin could only say.

    From the perspective of the lower bunk, you can see a white and slender swan neck and a long and straight back, separated by a layer of milky white mosquito nets, which are amazing and beautiful.

    Yang Yinyin stared jealously at Jiang Ning’s sunken waist for a while, then retracted her head and rolled her eyes.

    False innocence, I am impatient to ask a few more questions, and I don’t know where the princess’ temper comes from.

    Although she was disdainful, when Jiang Ning got off the bed in the evening, Yang Yinyin still eagerly brought a few nail art pictures she selected to Jiang Ning’s side: “Jiang Ning, you help me see, which one is closer to your nails? Color.” The

    other roommates glanced at Yang Yinyin mockingly.

    Yang Yinyin didn’t care.

    She needs to maintain a good relationship with Jiang Ning.

    Although Jiang Ning is cold and indifferent, she is very generous, and she can often be touched by a little beauty when she stays by her side.

    Tickets for various dramas, concerts, and debate competitions are often not wanted by Jiang Ning, and people from various colleges and departments send them to her. If Jiang Ning is not interested, most of these opportunities fall into the hands of the other three roommates, especially Yang Yinyin.

    When Jiang Ning first entered university, he became a well-known figure in the school. During the military training, the boys from various colleges took the opportunity of moving mineral water and rushed to the team of their architectural design department to take a peek at Jiang Ning.

    Most of the previous school flowers were performed at the Mid-Autumn Festival party or school celebrations, and they became popular in the school. But this time, Jiang Ning, a freshman in the Department of Architecture, did nothing. His beauty alone directly replaced the previous one. School flowers.

    Until now they are in their junior year, and no one can compare Jiang Ning.

    Lu Xiuran, who has graduated from school, never met Jiang Ning himself at the beginning. Someone said on the forum that Jiang Ning from the School of Architecture can make his debut as a star, and his appearance and body are not inferior to the glamorous celebrities. He still doesn’t believe it. Thought it was the navy bought by Jiang Ning.

    Until one time later, when he met Jiang Ning at the teacher’s banquet, his eyes were startled, and since then he has become the craziest one after Jiang Ning.

    But even with Lu Xiuran’s conditions, Jiang Ning never gave him any chance.

    Some people couldn’t understand why Jiang Ning even Lu Xiuran refused, so she picked out that although she looked at wearing some basic models, her bags and shoes were often tens of thousands of famous brands, and she was often sent back to school by a Maserati… Some people began to wonder whether Jiang Ning refused Lu Xiuran because he had a daddy.

    Jiang Ning explained that it was Jiang Fan, her brother, who brought her back. However, there are so many people in the school that there are so many people in the school that they can’t explain it. She didn’t bother to deal with these rumors.

    Jiang Ning glanced at the picture Yang Yinyin handed over, and pointed at it casually: “This one, the color number should be the same.”

    Another person in the bedroom was playing a game. Hearing this, he said with a “poof” laugh: “People are cold. White skin, big beauties can look good on everything, and death powder can be used directly. I advise Yang Yinyin that you should not follow suit.”

    Yang Yinyin glared at the girl: “It’s just you who talk a lot.”

    Jiang Ning was so quarreled that she walked to her desk. Before, he stuffed a stack of materials and a few books into the bag, picked up an umbrella, and left the bedroom.

    When she was in college, Zheng Ruonan bought a house for her and Jiang Fan in Beijing. However, she recently ran between the school and the design institute. She didn’t have time to go back during the lunch break, so she could only go back to the bedroom and rest for a while.

    Unexpectedly, you can hear Yang Yinyin’s chatter even if you wear noise-cancelling headphones this afternoon, it is better to go back to the apartment and go to sleep.

    In the evening, it was getting dark, and the street lights on the boulevard were already on, but the weather was still hot.

    Jiang Ning was wearing a white sleeveless T and denim hot pants, white headphones, and some sweat hung on her bright white neck. Although the dress is extremely simple, there are still people turning back frequently on the road.

    Listening to the cicadas in the grass, she walked under a street lamp with a book in her arms, raised her head to look at the street lamp with a similar shape, and she couldn’t help but wonder.

    Three years.

    time flies.

    After Yan Yixie left, Jiang Ning took the college entrance examination step by step.

    Zheng Ruonan only came back from a business trip, and her daughter broke up with the boy. She was very surprised. And she soon discovered that she would rather Jiang Ning not break up-because Jiang Ning is in a bad state.

    It was so bad that I caught a cold seven or eight times in two months, almost healed, and started to have a fever again as soon as it blew.

    Zheng Ruonan had to transfer the company’s business to the deputy general manager and personally took care of Jiang Ning for two months until the college entrance examination.

    Zheng Ruonan was originally worried that Jiang Ning’s college entrance examination would fail because of this incident, but fortunately Jiang Ning was still more upbeat. Although he had a low fever the day before the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination still performed normally and was admitted to the top 2 in the country.

    Jiang Ning was actually very clear-headed. He didn’t get muddled before the college entrance examination, but worked extremely hard to solve the questions. It’s just that maybe because of low emotions, the body resistance has become very low, so the flu is repeated again and again.

    After the college entrance examination, she slept in the room with a quilt for three days. When Zheng Ruonan slept, she was worried about whether there was something wrong with her body. She had to take her to the medical examination before she left the room.

    On the day of the 18th-year-old coming-of-age ceremony, she received a gift from overseas anonymously.

    Inside are three keys and three addresses written in snow white cards.

    Two of them are the two mentioned by the seaside city Yan Yixie, and the last one is a duplex in the most expensive real estate near the university where she was admitted.

    At the time at the beach, although she returned the card to him, he still returned what was given to her.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know whether he should be sad or happy.

    The good thing is that he knows which university he has been admitted to, but the sad thing is that she rummaged through the courier, but she didn’t see a word.

    Jiang Ning sealed up the key, but the house hadn’t stepped into it. She was afraid that the memories swept too suddenly and caught her off guard.

    What happened after that was like a revolving lantern. Jiang Ning didn’t have much impression. She was not sleeping well at that time, and she slept at home with the air conditioner turned on most of the time. She didn’t even go to the graduation party. Where Xu Mingyi and others were admitted, Zheng Ruonan had been nagging in her ear no less than ten times before she remembered it.

    Like her, Xu Mingyi was admitted to the top2, but it was the opposite one. Although they are very close, the two have not seen each other in the past three years.

    As for the knots of her last life, Zhong Congshuang and Jiang Ning didn’t care where she went.

    ——In fact, Jiang Ning and his high school classmates have cut off contact.

    It wasn’t that Jiang Ning did it deliberately, but that she was not interested in anything for a while.

    She was invited to a class reunion, but she did not go. Later, after going to university, she changed her contact information. There were not many people who had her contact information. Only Yan Dahang and others were left.

    After going to university, Jiang Ning devoted himself to studying.

    She completed the research project with her mentor in her sophomore year. She started to study in the design institute in the first semester of her junior year. Although the internship salary is not much, she likes this kind of busyness, which helps her not to fall into too empty emotions.

    About a year ago, Jiang Ning asked a friend who went to Germany as an exchange student to inquire about Yan Yixie’s news.

    She was not sure whether his operation was successful, whether he was able to stand up smoothly, whether he had inherited the family business, and she did not know whether she would affect his fate if she started contacting him again. She just couldn’t hold back.

    Inquire about it, it shouldn’t matter if you don’t contact.

    But Jiang Ning, who is no longer in the entertainment circle in this life, has a simple living environment, but has no contacts in his previous life, and there are not many people who can ask for help. So in the end, her friend didn’t inquire about anything.

    …It was also in Jiang Ning’s expectation.

    The Yan family is mysterious and unpredictable. It doesn’t often appear in the news, and it is not something ordinary people can inquire about.


    In this way, in a blink of an eye, it is already three years later in the summer.

    In the past few years, Jiang Ning has thought about it countless times, what she should say and do when she meets again.

    Whether he believes it or not, she will definitely find an opportunity to explain clearly why he was forced to leave.

    But she thought that when he looked at her with such a bone-chilling eyes, he must have hated her, and I’m afraid he won’t give her a chance to explain.

    What she cares most about is whether Yan Yixie’s surgery was successful and whether his legs recovered after going abroad at the scheduled time as in his previous life.

    If he recovers, she thought, even if he hates himself for the rest of his life, it doesn’t matter.

    But more than a thousand days and nights, no news of the deceased came from far away.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know if he and Yan Yixie had a future.


    A trembling of the mobile phone broke Jiang Ning’s thoughts. She recovered and took out the mobile phone from her bag to answer it: “Brother.” On the other

    side of the phone, she walked to the corridor and said hurriedly: “Jiang Ning, where are you? “

    “School.” Jiang Ning was walking towards the teaching building: “What’s the matter?”

    “Can you bring me the drawing to the Peninsula Hotel? Please.”

    Jiang Ning said: “What’s the matter? You make it clear first, I am tonight. There are still classes.”

    Ye Chang said anxiously: “Do you know the theater design project that our tutor said a few days ago, that is, the one that even asked you to help draw the sketches. The plane happened to meet the person in charge of the other party’s project, and we had a meal together. The meal is not over yet, and the other party temporarily expressed interest. I am also there, so I can’t get out of it. Can you please take us? Send me the drawings quickly?”

    Ye Chang is Jiang Ning’s immediate senior brother, who has helped Jiang Ning a lot. He also helped introduce the internship at the design institute.

    He is currently working on a theater construction project with his instructor. Because he trusts Jiang Ning, he has shown the drawings to Jiang Ning. At this moment, he couldn’t ask others to help send it there, so as not to leak the information.

    Jiang Ning had to skip the evening minor courses.

    She walked quickly towards the school gate, and said as she walked: “Okay, tell me where you put it, I’ll get it.”

    “Hey, thank you.” Ye Chang thanked again and again.

    Jiang Ning took a taxi to the design institute to fetch the drawings, and then asked the driver to drive to the Peninsula Hotel.

    She sent a WeChat message, and Ye Chang hurried out from the hotel to respond.

    At the entrance of the hotel, it was night.

    As soon as Ye Chang came out, he saw the young girl leaning against the wall outside, with her left foot against the wall, casually playing with her mobile phone, the light of the mobile phone illuminating her picturesque eyebrows.

    She heard the shout, put her phone away, and looked at him.

    Even though I have known Jiang Ning for three years, I will be amazed every time I see Ye Chang.

    It’s a pity that this junior girl is a man in the school, and there are many people who pursue her, and it is not her own turn.

    Moreover, she is indifferent, if it weren’t for her to be more ordinary, and she didn’t show the intention of pursuing, she would probably not become friends with herself.

    Ye Chang smiled bitterly in his heart.

    He condensed his thoughts and quickly walked over: “Thank you so much. I will invite you to dinner another day.”

    Jiang Ning straightened up, took the drawing out of the bag and handed it to him, and said: “Let’s see if you have it. Wrong.”

    Ye Chang flipped through the blueprints in his hand, confirmed that there were a lot of them, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, turned and walked in: “I have to send it to the tutor. You stay here for a while, and I will send you back. . ” “

    no – “Jiang Ning ‘no’ yet finished, this person has been hastily ran inside the hotel.


    Jiang Ning didn’t wait for him to return, turned and walked towards the crossroad outside, preparing to call a car back to the apartment.

    At this time, more than half of the class has been taught. Even if you want to roll the call, you have already ordered it. There is no time to go back to school. Just go back and get a good night’s sleep.

    As Jiang Ning was walking along the outer wall of the hotel, a rare car in China drove slowly towards him.

    The Peninsula Hotel has strict security. If you want to drive in, you need to do a lot of registration in the front. Jiang Ning just walked over. The security guards asked her to register her name and phone number before letting her in.

    But this car seemed to have a huge background. The security guards didn’t even ask, so they let it go.

    Jiang Ning watched the two uniformed security guards hurried out of the pavilion and bowed halfway here, feeling strange in his heart and couldn’t help but glance at the car.

    From this look, Jiang Ning’s breathing was not smooth for any reason.

    The night was so dark that I couldn’t see anything.

    But she felt like she had met her eyes in the car.

    An indescribable feeling swept through, permeating the limbs.

    Jiang Ning was stunned on the spot, and his footsteps stopped in place.

    The remaining blank paper materials that hadn’t had time to pack back into the bag fell out of her hands.

    When the wind blew, she spread out, and she hurriedly bent down to pick it up.

    In such a short time, the car had already slid over.

    Jiang Ning simply stopped picking it up, with an inexplicable mood, straightened up and looked at the car.

    The car has turned a corner and drove into the underground parking lot.

    When passing in front of the Peninsula Hotel, the strong light above the hotel fell like a Milky Way curtain, causing the car to be illuminated by strong light.

    Jiang Ning subconsciously followed a few steps, and stood on tiptoe and looked over there.

    So at that moment, she could see the outline of the young man in the car-just a vague outline.

    The outline resembles an ingenious sculpture, which is not real through a thick layer of car glass. The nose of the side face is straight, the eyebrows are deep, and it exudes a somewhat gloomy atmosphere.

    Jiang Ning’s breathing suddenly rose.

    She wasn’t sure if it was because it was just a fleeting effort, and she didn’t see it clearly.

    But before sensibly making a decision, her emotions have forced her to catch up quickly.

    It’s just that she was dragged back by one hand just as she chased to the entrance of the Peninsula Hotel.

    Ye Chang looked at her confusedly: “What’s the matter? What’s going on to the underground parking lot? I didn’t drive, and the way out is over there.”

    Jiang Ning was stopped by such a block and was already lost. He didn’t see the car. Which floor of the parking lot did you go to?

    She gasped anxiously, trying to shake off Ye Chang’s hand, but couldn’t shake it off.

    ……Is it just a mistake?

    How could it happen that Yan Yixie happened to be here? According to the timeline of the previous life, he should have not yet returned to China.

    Jiang Ning’s heart was complicated and difficult to distinguish, and he stopped in the end.

    Ye Chang went over and picked up the manuscript that was blown away by the wind, and when he looked at it, he found that it was only the white paper left over from the printing. He handed it to Jiang Ning and said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you back.”

    Jiang Ning glanced over there again, without making a sound, turned around and followed Ye Chang to the other side of the road.

    But at this moment, very abruptly, the car pulled out of the underground parking lot again.

    Then stopped at the entrance of the Peninsula Hotel.

    Jiang Ning heard the movement and turned back subconsciously.

    The back door was opened, and a young man got down from the car. He was tall and daring, with a white complexion, and wearing a dark suit. His handsome facial features gave people a strong sense of oppression that could not be seen directly.

    Jiang Ning’s breath was choked.

    And the young man got out of the car, his expression was indifferent, and he didn’t even glance at this side, he went straight up the steps and walked towards the restaurant.

    Ye Chang was stunned to see, and then he looked around, where is Jiang Ning’s shadow?

    Jiang Ning had already thrown the bag in his arms and followed the other party.

    Ye Chang held the women’s bag: “…?”

    The driver in the car was also a little confused.

    When Yan Shao returned to China seven days ago, apart from going to the company and private hospital, he was asked to drive with the female college student. He thought that Shao Yan had taken a fancy to him, but Shao Yan had been just letting him follow, looking at him from a distance from the car with cold expression, but did not go down.

    ……Look at that look, is it an enemy?

    The driver thought so.

    Including just now, when she saw the girl’s information scattered all over the place, Yan Shao also asked him not to stop expressionlessly.

    But, he didn’t stop, and continued to drive over. Shao Yan saw the girl not catching up from the rearview mirror, and his eyes were a little gloomy.

    Immediately after that, a man came out of the restaurant and familiarly grasped the girl’s hand. Yan Shao’s expression changed suddenly and he asked him to go back.

    … Immediately after, Shao Yan pretended to go to the hotel as if something was going on, and got off the car without squinting his eyes.

    You must know that Yan Shao Ming is not going to the hotel, but to pass through the parking lot under the hotel and take a shortcut to the hotel on the opposite street.

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