Jiang Ning didn’t know how she came back that night. She seemed to be caught in a self-protection mechanism, confused, her mind blank.

    Fortunately, Zheng Ruonan was away on a business trip and was not at home, but Jiang Fan had always been careless. When he saw her entering the house, his face was pale. He thought she had a cold and quickly filled her with a cup of cold medicine.

    Jiang Ning didn’t say much, shaking his hands and pouring cold medicine, tiredly kicked off his shoes, lay down on the bed, and wrapped himself in a quilt.

    “Sister, I’m outside, and I have something to call me.” Jiang Fan touched her forehead, but it was not hot, but a bone-cold.

    Jiang Ningqiang supported and nodded.

    Jiang Fan couldn’t notice the strangeness. A big straight man didn’t know what to say except “drink more hot water”. He scratched his head and walked out.

    The door was closed.

    The room was plunged into boundless darkness and silence.

    With cold hands and feet, Jiang Ning curled up uncomfortably, shrinking himself into a ball like a dried shrimp.

    She closed her eyes, tears continued to flow from the corners of her eyes uncontrollably. The salt made her eyes fiercely sore, and her headache was splitting. It really felt like experiencing a bad cold.


    Jiang Ning had nightmares over and over.

    For a while, Yan Yixie failed to go abroad as she wanted, and lost the opportunity to stand up again. Years later, when he learned that she was the butterfly wing that affected his destiny, he stared at her with the coldest eyes. Said that I would rather never meet her in my life.

    For a while, Yan Yixie finally left on April 1st in the same car as in the previous life, but when he left, she did not control herself, rushed to stop him, only stopped for a minute, and finally Let him fall into the tragic end of that ninety-nine percent.

    For a while, they didn’t break up at all, the nonsense by the beach was a nightmare, and the timeline still stayed on the day she confessed. Yan Yixie was lying on the hospital bed, with an imperceptible joy in his handsome face and indifference. He held her hand, and the two looked at each other quietly. Finally, she couldn’t control the heavier and heavier eyelids, and fell asleep with his arm in his bed.

    For a while, the young man was reluctant to break up. After waiting for her all night in the cold spring night, a layer of frost slowly condensed on his body. He was downstairs, separated from such a distance, raised his head, with such desperate eyes. Look at her.

    These broken dreams turned upside down, Jiang Ning’s temple jumped suddenly, and the limbs were coliced, but he was dragged and unable to wake up.


    When finally breaking free from the constant sinking dream, Jiang Ning broke out in a cold sweat.

    The whole bed sheet was soaked.

    She looked like a stranded fish, staring at the ceiling with her eyes open, gasping for breath.

    It was early in the morning, Jiang Ning looked at the window, and a faint gray light came through the curtains he was pulling. She actually fell asleep for several hours in the extreme chaos.

    Jiang Ning sat up with his forehead, wiped away the dry tears from the corners of his eyes, stared at the wall blankly, trying to clear his mind.

    There is no turning back now.

    Yan Yixie has suffered so much from his leg deformity since he was a child. What a proud and energetic young man who was supposed to be, but since then has to be confined to a wheelchair and bear the strange look of others everywhere. The family abandoned him, and no one loved him.

    He was desperate in falling down again and again, and no one cared about the sweat rolling down his dark forehead.

    When everyone saw him, the first thing they saw was never his background, his handsome appearance and outstanding talent, but his disabled legs.

    It shouldn’t be like this.

    Jiang Ning felt bitter.

    He should have all the best things, stand on the top position, become dazzling, take on the envy of everyone, and become a legend passed by word of mouth among the group of people in the once seaside town.

    ——This is the fate of his last life.

    And I can’t ruin these.

    Now that I have contacted Chen Sen and asked him to prepare all matters concerning going abroad, let Yan Yixie leave in the same form at a fixed time as in his previous life, so I can’t regret it or fail.

    There is not much time left.

    During this last period of time, I had to make up my mind and couldn’t see Yan Yixie again.

    Cheer up, Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning said to himself.

    But even if she was convinced that she had to use reason to overcome her emotions, her heart still throbbed, and she didn’t know when this pain would end. She buried her head in her knees, hugged her knees, and sat silently for a while.

    The darkness suddenly felt frightening, and her throat was dry as if it was about to burn.

    Jiang Ning climbed out of the bed with soft hands and feet, walked to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and took out a bottle of frozen mineral water.

    She leaned on the refrigerator, unscrewed the mineral water bottle, and poured her head up.

    The feeling of suffocation finally eased slightly.

    Jiang Ning walked back to the room holding the mineral water bottle.

    She glanced at the curtains that slightly leaked the dark sky, and she suddenly walked over, opened the curtains, and then glanced downstairs.

    With just this look, Jiang Ning froze in place, and the mineral water hit the ground.

    Her brain is blank.

    It was not a dream.

    A familiar car really parked downstairs.

    The teenager in a wheelchair was wearing a scarf, covered with a layer of frost, and his dark hair seemed to be frozen.

    Unlike in his dream, he became a small black spot at such a distance. Jiang Ning couldn’t see his face clearly, and he didn’t know the expression in his eyes. He just found it hard to breathe.

    At this moment, as if feeling something, Yan Yixie suddenly raised his head and looked towards the window.

    At a loss, Jiang Ning hurriedly drew the curtains, slid down against the wall, and sat on the cold ground.

    Jiang Ning didn’t dare to look any more, so he sat on the floor until the light came in from the gap in the curtain.

    This long night passed.

    The sky was finally bright.

    In the past, in order to avoid the sight of the people working in the community, Jiang Ning would not let them look at Yan Yixie with strange eyes. He would go downstairs and jump into Yan Yixie’s car at 6:30, and occasionally slowed down, at the latest at 7 o’clock. She would also go downstairs, but this morning she was daunting until eight o’clock.

    Yan Yixie didn’t know if she understood her silent refusal. When it was past eight o’clock, Jiang Ning mustered up the courage again, went to the balcony and looked down, the familiar black car finally disappeared in place.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know whether he could go to school in this state.

    She asked the head teacher for a day off.

    Inside the car.

    The phone vibrated and finally broke the frost that had condensed all night.

    Yan Yi Xieku sat all night, with no blood on his face. He stared at the ringing cell phone, unpredictable, and didn’t know what he was thinking.

    The housekeeper didn’t know what was going on. He thought that the two had quarreled again, but they had never quarreled so fiercely before. The young master waited silently downstairs all night.

    He glanced at Yan Yixie hesitantly, and said in a low voice: “Master, cell phone…”

    Yan Yixie was like a sculpture without expression, and only then did his eyelashes tremble slightly.

    He looked like a patient waiting to be sentenced to death, and finally reached out and picked it up.

    “Young Master Yan.” said over there.

    “Say.” Yan Yixie said solemnly.

    He hesitated over there, and then said: “I found it out. Jiang Ning hasn’t seen anyone in the past few days. Indeed, neither Chen Sen nor your father have visited her again. Besides, her mother and her brother also There is no sign of any threats. The only different activity trajectory for her on weekdays is to go to the hospital, but we cross-examined the responsibility of the medical examination. The other party said that Jiang Ning’s mother’s medical examination report did not have any health risks… By the way, Jiang Ning also saw someone in the hospital.”

    Yan Yixie held his breath: “Go on.”

    “This person is Ouyang Bo, a university teacher, and he accompanied his new wife to the pregnancy checkup. It should be an old friend of Jiang Ning’s mother. Nothing. Especially. Jiang Ning met him, from the hospital monitoring, it was just a few words of ordinary greeting.”

    “…This way, no one has threatened Jiang Ning…”

    The man’s voice fell, only to hear that. Bian seemed to be choking. After a while, a beep sounded and Shao Yan hung up the phone.

    Yan Yixie held the phone firmly, his finger bones turned green, as if to crush the phone.

    His face was originally ugly, but now it was even more pale, and there was a sense of brokenness in his whole body that was on the verge of collapse.

    So what Jiang Ning said was true…

    not because of threats, nor because of anything else.

    It’s just… her likes are very shallow, which is not enough to make her walk with him.

    In this case, why should we give him hope in the first place, and why should we give him a promise.

    Give him a life-saving rope first, pull him out of the abyss, then let go, watching him fall heavily, is it fun?

    If it hadn’t been for having tried so hard to hold Jiang Ning’s hand and walk along, and was given hope, Yan Yixie wouldn’t be so desperate at this time.

    He thought he was like a full harlequin, people just made a joke for only three minutes, but he thought it would be a lifetime, dreaming of giving her the best life, and repeatedly begging her to hold on for a while on the phone.

    Yes, he has crippled legs.

    Who in this world really wants to go with him.

    The past few years have seemed like a big dream. Jiang Ning has given him enough. When he was the gloomy and weird teenager sitting in a wheelchair on the second floor of the villa, he wondered why he was so bad, why Jiang Ning was still willing to accompany him even if he was hurt by the stabbing all over his body. By his side, it now seems that he has already consumed his luck too much, so now is the end.

    Yan Yixie lowered his head and stared at his crippled legs.

    Butler hesitated to speak but stopped.

    He whispered: “Go out and let me be alone.”

    When finally there was only a young man left in the car, he gritted his teeth to prevent himself from showing any signs of fragility and collapse, but his eyes Still uncontrollably scarlet slowly.

    He felt like he had fallen back into the abyss again, feeling the bone-chilling cold.


    Jiang Ning did not go to school that day, did not go to the next day, and still did not go to the third day.

    She turned off the phone and took three days off.

    Every evening, the black car will appear downstairs and will not leave until dawn the next day. Jiang Ning knows this. Even if he doesn’t know, Jiang Fan will bring her the words, but she still hasn’t gotten off once. building.

    Yan Yixie was unwilling to accept the reality and was still waiting for her.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know how a teenager with such a strong self-esteem waited one night after another downstairs. He knew that she had given up on him, and she didn’t want him. He still put down all the sharpness and stubbornly hoped that she would change her mind.

    One night it suddenly rained heavily, and Jiang Ning could not sleep through the night listening to the pouring rain.

    Yan Yixie came downstairs to wait for people day after day. Of course, Jiang Fan also saw the clues. He stuffed Jiang Ning with an umbrella and asked her to hurry down and give it away. However, Jiang Ning locked the door of the room and escaped. Hiding in the bed. Jiang Fan didn’t even understand. Sister Yan was obviously the person who liked Brother Yan the most. Why would she be so cruel once she became cruel. He was so embarrassed that he was overwhelmed, and hurriedly ran downstairs with an umbrella, persuading Yan to thank him or go back first.

    Jiang Fan promised: “Brother, it’s not a problem for you to wait any longer. Once my sister wants to drive, I will tell you immediately.”

    But Jiang Fan did not expect that he did not wait to help Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie to reconcile . Chance.

    On the fourth day, Jiang Ning finally cheered up and went to school, but the seats next to him were empty.

    The housekeeper called a few times, begging Jiang Ning to take a look at Yan Yixie.

    “You can’t do this, Jiang Ning.” The housekeeper choked and said, “Master, he…has locked himself in the room for a long time. He was caught in the rain and had a fever. He locked me out and refused to take medicine. He said indifferently that he never wanted to see you again, but I know he still wants to wait for you, can you come, even if you lie to him for a few days, let him take the medicine…”

    Jiang Ning was lying on the table. Going up, she felt the dagger repeatedly pierce her heart. She listened silently, but did not go.

    When Yan Yixie finally recovered, it was already a week later.

    The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time. The boy came to school again. The whole person was reduced for many years. His fair skin became paler and abnormally. The darkened eyes became more and more lifeless, as if the light didn’t shine. Go inside.

    Jiang Ning reads, writes homework, and takes exams as usual, but still avoids him.

    Jiang Ning didn’t know how he came here during that time.

    Time flies slowly, every minute and every second is suffering.

    The winter jasmine blooms in the campus one after another, and the weather is getting warmer as the spring begins, but the withered and haggard leaves that have been hanging on the treetops in the deep winter have been blown away by the wind.

    The sky is still gray, and there are not many signs of spring, but there is no life everywhere.

    Yan Yixie’s self-esteem was trampled on Jiang Ning’s escape day by day, and his heart gradually faded away.


    Jiang Ning applied to the head teacher for a seat change, and no longer had any contact with him. He saw it from afar in the corridor and turned around and left.

    The first person in the class to find something wrong between the two was Xu Mingyi. Xu Mingyi remembered that he saw Jiang Ning crying while walking back on the beach. Jiang Ning might not have noticed that day, but he discovered that there was always a black car with him. In the back, until Jiang Ning was sent home.

    Now that he has matured a lot, Xu Mingyi thought that Jiang Ning might want to find someone to talk to him. He tried to talk to Jiang Ning as a friend.

    But Jiang Ning did not want to talk to him more.

    Every bit of the matter between her and Yan Yixie seemed to her like a treasure cherished in a box. She took it out and wiped it carefully, let alone mentioned it to others.

    In this way, day by day passed.

    The withered trees grew new leaves, and the yellow fallen leaves were swept into the garbage dump by the cleaners and thrown away. The school is no longer just gray, but the color of trees and flowers.

    But for some people, the real spring has never come.

    On April 1st, Jiang Ning got his wish and watched Yan Yixie leave in the crowd.

    That day, Yan Yixie’s shirt was straight, his face was handsome and white, and his expression was indifferent. When he got into the car, Yan Baiang called.

    “Welcome back to the family, son, and hope to have a good cooperation.”

    Yan Baiang said in a cheerful tone, but the young man held his mobile phone, but his expression was cold and cold: “You better not regret your welcome.” The

    car and Jiang Ning rub shoulders. And pass.

    The young man’s eyelashes were drooping, and although he tried his best not to let himself go to see Jiang Ning again, he still raised his head uncontrollably, his icy gaze stuck firmly on Jiang Ning’s body.

    In the crowd, the two looked at each other.

    The black Pagani inadvertently overwhelmed the winter jasmine at the school gate.

    That day, did Jiang Ning come after him. She let go of his hand after all.

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