In the evening of this day, Jiang Ning called Chen Sen and agreed on something.

    Then, she proposed to Yan Yixie that she wanted to go to the playground.

    Holiday amusement parks are always crowded with people. Yan Yixie never goes to these places. Apart from being not interested in those boring entertainment items, he also doesn’t want to be pointed at by the children and asked their parents, “Why is that brother in a wheelchair?”

    But since he and Jiang Ning have known each other for so long, most of the time spent together has been in the villa or in the car, day after day in monotonous scenes, he sometimes worried that Jiang Ning would get bored of this.

    So he gave two hours to the playground to disperse the tourists, and after dark, he packed the entire playground.

    Yan Yixie asked the entire playground to turn off the lights for Jiang Ning.

    The two got out of the car and stepped into it.

    The amusement park in the darkness has a sense of mystery, like a quiet castle under the moonlight. The two of them are like two eloped fish that strayed into the deep sea, heading for an unknown lost way.

    When Jiang Ning pushed Yan Yixie’s wheelchair to the intersection halfway up the mountain, the neon lights all over the mountains suddenly lit up, and the entire playground was dazzlingly dotted with broken lights.

    At this moment, the first colorful firework suddenly exploded above their heads.

    Immediately afterwards, it was the second one.

    The third flower.


    Those fireworks seem to never sleep, blooming one after another in the night sky, sparks with a cooled temperature, drawn countless arcs from the navy blue night sky, and landed dazzlingly on the two of them. .

    Jiang Ning’s slender fingers landed on the back of the teenager’s wheelchair and curled up unconsciously.

    She looked up, her throat tightened.

    She knew that this was for herself.

    At the same time, the fireworks flicked the white face of Yan Yi Xie Yingjun.

    He watched the flashing fireworks earnestly and quietly.

    The fireworks leaped and burned in his dark and beautiful eyes, making his eyes sparkle.

    He felt a little embarrassed in his heart. It was a cliché to use such a method to please girls. He turned his head to look at Jiang Ning, wanting to explain something, but after his gaze fell on Jiang Ning’s face, he couldn’t help but startled.

    “Why are you crying?”

    Tears flickered at the corner of Jiang Ning’s eyes.

    He didn’t say that Jiang Ning hadn’t noticed it yet. She hurriedly raised her hand to wipe her eyes, but the boy held her hand, rubbed the corner of her eye with her thumb, and frowned, “Is something falling into the eye? “

    Jiang Ning was afraid that his voice was abnormally dumb, so he nodded silently.

    “Come here.” Yan Yixie pulled her closer.

    Jiang Ning half leaned down and looked at him like this for an instant.

    The boy rubbed the corners of her eyes with his fingers and blew gently into her eyes.

    Jiang Ning looked at him, his eyelashes trembled, and his heart trembled fiercely.

    When did the boy who was always covered in thorns learn to do these things, and when did he start to look at her with outrageously tender eyes. The years have passed without a trace in the cicadas in summer and the snow in winter. Why did it come to the time when we had to part without knowing it?


    Yixie asked softly: “Did you get it out?” Jiang Ning held back tears and nodded.

    With time running out, Jiang Ning wanted to say a word to Yan Yixie in the playground, but looking at the sky full of fireworks, her throat seemed to be covered with lead, and she couldn’t say anything.

    Yan Yixie saw that Jiang Ning was not in a high mood. He didn’t know what had happened. He only thought that something happened in Jiang Ning’s house, so he waited for Jiang Ning to take the initiative to speak.

    Outside the playground is the beach. After coming out, Jiang Ning still didn’t want to go home.

    The current Yan Yixie was very accommodating to her, and asked the housekeeper to drive and drive the two along the coast.

    The cold sea breeze was blowing, unknowingly the car drove to the seaside road where the two met for the first time.

    Jiang Ning lowered the car window, looked at the sparkling sea, and finally said, “Can you go to the beach?”

    “Okay.” Yan Yixie did not hesitate.

    He asked the housekeeper to park the car far away, while Jiang Ning pushed him to the beach.

    Jiang Ning found a piece of clean fine sand and sat down beside him in silence.

    Yan Yixie asked, “What’s wrong?… Is there something wrong with your mother’s medical report?” After

    Yan Yixie warned Chen Sen, Chen Sen did not dare to approach Jiang Ning anymore. Yan Yixie knew that Jiang Ning had gone to the hospital during the day to obtain a medical report for Zheng Ruonan. Seeing that Jiang Ning had reacted like this, he was inevitably worried.

    The sea breeze was blowing Jiang Ning’s long hair.

    Jiang Ning remained silent for a long time. She felt that not only the heart, but also the whole body was slowly tightened by a big hand, causing her bones to hurt. The sea breeze seemed to pass through her heart and couldn’t blow it.

    This feeling is like Ling Chi.

    She worked very, very hard to make herself calm.

    Jiang Ning, now is not the time to hesitate. If he loses the opportunity to stand up again because of you, you will never forgive yourself in this life.

    Yan Yixie saw Jiang Ning’s silence for a long time, and his expression gradually became serious. He held Jiang Ning’s shoulder and tried to make her believe in herself, so she could tell herself whatever she encountered.

    But at this moment, he heard it.

    Very abrupt sentence.

    “I want to break up.”

    Jiang Ning’s voice was floating in the sea breeze, and it felt a little unreal.

    Yan Yixie’s expression changed, thinking that he had heard it wrong.

    But then, Jiang Ning slowly raised his head, looked at him, and said again: “Let’s break up.”

    This time Yan Yixie heard it clearly.

    He stared at Jiang Ning, his pupils shrank suddenly without saying a word. Are you kidding me?

    But how can this kind of thing be used as a joke?

    Yan Yixie retracted his hand and stared at Jiang Ning uncertainly. His heart beat faster and more anxious, and his blood ran straight up on the top of his head.

    Moonlight shone on the two of them, and the sea was rough.

    Yan Yixie still didn’t make any sound, but the jaw line tightened immediately, gritting his teeth.

    The air was silent for a while.

    Then he heard Jiang Ning say: “Break up.” The

    third time.

    This time Yan Yixie finally confirmed that he had heard it right, and Jiang Ning was not joking.

    How can anyone tell a joke three times?

    I don’t know why, perhaps because he always felt that the happiness during this period was too illusory. He was always worried about gains and losses. One day Jiang Ning would leave. At this moment, the nightmare he had made finally became reality. He was not surprised, but just It’s just as expected, like a falling ice cellar.

    It’s like, I’ve been worried about being beaten back to hell, and that day really came without warning.

    Yan Yixie’s face gradually turned ugly, and his eyes were almost fierce.

    “Reason.” Two words popped out of his teeth.

    Jiang Ning tried his best to make herself look careless: “There are so many couples who broke up after graduation in the third year of high school. What else is there.”

    Yan Yixie grabbed the phalanx of the wheelchair arm and turned white.

    He didn’t believe it.

    Yes, Jiang Ning had no reason to break up suddenly.

    She obviously promised him, and she promised him that she would walk with him… It was obviously that she told him in person that she didn’t want to be a relative, nor a friend, and wanted to be a lover with him… How can she go wrong now.

    Yan Yixie asked with great difficulty, “Isn’t it, Yan Boang threatened you again?”

    Yes, it must be.

    The young man suddenly reacted, his tone was fierce and anxious: “Jiang Ning, give me a little more time, I will let him—” But

    Jiang Ning interrupted him, his tone a little irritable to deal with: “No Threat.”

    “Don’t you understand? I’m tired.”

    Yan Yixie became stiff.

    Jiang Ning lowered his eyes and looked at the ground: “It’s just very tired. All of this makes me very tired… My mother doesn’t agree at all. I am caught between you. I am very tired. If you are destined to be unable to be together in the future, why continue now? Between you and your family, I will definitely choose your family…”

    No, it’s not like that, but she can’t help it.

    She must force him to leave.

    Jiang Ning tried his best not to tremble in his voice: “Also, I know, everyone in the school said that I was with you for money. Why should I be insulted by this for no reason? When ordinary people are together, these things won’t happen at all…”

    Yan Yixie stared at Jiang Ning, feeling hard to breathe.

    He never thought Jiang Ning would think so. No, he has thought about it—isn’t this the thing he has been most worried about after hearing the wind change during this period of time?

    He was not worried all the time that Jiang Ning would feel tired.

    He can block other people’s mouths, he can find ways to deal with Jiang Ning’s mother, he can give up his heir status, but he can’t control Jiang Ning’s heart.

    These three characters are like thorns, they have been stuck in Yan Yixie’s heart all the time. He doesn’t know when this land/mine will explode. Until this moment, the thorn becomes a dagger and stabbed in, even if he did it in advance. After preparing, he was still stabbed to blood.

    Are all his efforts still useless?

    Yan Yixie tried his best to calm himself down, he said dumbly: “Jiang Ning, I know you are in trouble, I know it, I promise you, I will let this end as soon as possible, can you…”

    Still no , So that he will not leave, he must be made to hate himself.

    Jiang Ning took out the card, threw it back into his arms, and interrupted him: “Return this card to you. If you don’t return this card for 30 million yuan, it will be treated as a breakup fee. For a person like you, the breakup will be generous. “

    Yan Yixie froze, slowly raised his eyes, staring at Jiang Ning in disbelief.

    Jiang Ning: “…After all, I have spent three years with you. It is also more than a thousand days and nights of youth, worth thirty million.”

    Yan Yixie’s expression gradually became difficult to look, and he said solemnly: “Jiang Ning , Do you know what you are talking about?”

    Jiang Ning grabbed his trembling hand and squeezed out a smile: “I know very well that I was originally a three-minute heat. When I like you, I really like it, but it’s also true that I’m tired.

    You’re tired.” “With you, you will be under much pressure, you must know. Why should I make myself so tired.”

    Yan Yixie’s heart seemed to be pierced repeatedly by a dagger, even the belt tendons were sharp. Tingling.

    “Yan Yixie, go abroad.” Jiang Ning took a deep breath: “You can’t protect me at all, and I don’t want you to give up the heir because of me. That would make me feel very burdened.”

    Yan Yixie worked hard to find Jiang Ning Excuse: “So, you said that because you wanted to force me to go abroad for treatment. We didn’t say it…”

    Jiang Ning said in a cold-blooded tone: “It’s not because of this!”

    No matter what, Yan Yixie grabbed Jiang Ning’s hand. The strength caused Jiang Ning’s joint pain. He stared at Jiang Ning stubbornly and said: “If you want, I will go, but you and me Together.”

    He seemed to embed Jiang Ning’s hand in his palm, and Jiang Ning couldn’t pull it away: “I can’t be with you.”

    “Then I will stay.”

    Jiang Ning gritted his teeth and said angrily: “You Can’t understand people? I don’t want you anymore.”

    Yan Yixie breathed heavily, and for a moment, blood rushed to the top of his head, and he could hardly see anything.

    He was about to calm down.

    He clung to the armrest of the wheelchair, telling himself over and over again that Jiang Ning had a reason, and only in this way, he felt that he could survive the bitter words.

    “Reason, tell me the real reason.” The boy tried to calm down, but his voice was already a little trembling imperceptibly.

    Jiang Ning squeezed his palm with his fingertips, forcing himself not to cry or reveal any flaws.

    She broke Yan Yixie’s hands one by one, and tried her best to speak the most ruthless words in the calmest tone: “I’ve been thinking about it in the amusement park today. I may have been hot for three minutes. After calming down, , I think it’s too difficult to be with you. My liking for you doesn’t seem to be enough to support me to go so far.”

    “My liking for you is no different from the liking for Xu Mingyi.”

    “So, I don’t want to persist. I’m sorry.”

    Ye Feng howled.

    As if whimpering.

    The sea is smashing and the waves are raging, constantly beating against the shore.

    for a long time.

    The despair, unwillingness, tingling, and helplessness in Yan Yixie’s eyes faded completely, or it was wrapped in the self-esteem of a young man and hid in the abyss.

    His forehead was dancing wildly by the sea breeze, his red eyes stared at Jiang Ning, and his expression gradually became unpredictable.

    “Is it because of Xu Mingyi?” Yan Yixie’s voice was hoarse.

    Under the scouring of the sea water, even with a bit of coldness: “So, are you teasing me during this time?”

    Jiang Ning closed his eyes and broke the can: “Yes.”

    If you think so, you can. Let him return to the line of fate in his last life.

    There was a dead silence.

    The whole world seemed to be still at this moment, Yan Yixie’s eyes were dark and cold.

    “I’ll go back first.” Jiang Ning was also cold all over, she couldn’t stay any longer, she couldn’t continue to stay with Yan Yixie’s desperate eyes.

    She turned around in a hurry, while the teenager was sitting in a wheelchair, still in place, like an abandoned sculpture.

    As soon as Jiang Ning turned around, tears flowed down, and he didn’t raise his hand to wipe it until he left Yan Yixie’s vision.


    Jiang Ning felt nothing when the car followed Jiang Ning.

    Xu Mingyi came out with the medicine. He didn’t expect to meet Jiang Ning here. After Zheng Ruonan moved with Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan, Jiang Ning hadn’t been back here for a long time.

    In the moonlight, Jiang Ning’s face was full of tears. Xu Mingyi had never seen Jiang Ning cry like this. He thought something was wrong. He felt tight and walked quickly over: “What’s the matter?”

    The car following Jiang Ning stopped a short distance away. Did not keep up.

    The people in the car seemed to be frozen by frost.

    At that moment, Yan Yixie looked at the two people not far from the car window, feeling like a joke, a complete joke.

    The two met again and talked and laughed, and he could only sit in a wheelchair, looking from a distance, like a clown.

    During this period of time, he was always thinking about how to eliminate all obstacles and be with her forever, but what she had been thinking about was how to abandon him and when to abandon him.

    The most damning thing is this.

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