“Can we fake a breakup?”

    Jiang Ning didn’t want any misunderstandings. After arriving at school, she told Yan Yixie about what happened this morning.

    “He actually sent someone to find you.” Yan Yixie’s expression was very ugly. He grabbed Jiang Ning’s cold hand and lifted her sleeves up. He didn’t see any injuries that shouldn’t be there, and his face was slightly awkward: ” No, I’ll pick you up in the future. I’ll let someone change a few cars to prevent your mother from being followed.”

    Jiang Ning was still obsessed with the “false breakup” method, and shook his head quickly: “No, you must not come again. I, it’s over when your father finds out. We have to maintain the state of “breaking up” until you go abroad with him and officially start treatment…” After

    talking for a long time, Yan Yixie looked up, but did not say a word, staring scorchingly. With oneself.

    Jiang Ning was frowned upon by him, and hurriedly asked: “…what?”

    Yan Yixie deliberately said: “You shouldn’t really leave through the’fake breakup’.”

    If you want to pretend to be frozen during the fake breakup , Can’t contact, can’t meet, can’t make phone calls, who knows if Jiang Ning will forget him long ago when he comes back from abroad.

    Jiang Ning helped his forehead: “When is this, talk about business, don’t eat the inexplicable vinegar you

    thought !” Jiang Ning discovered that Yan Yixie had found an expert who can treat Yan Baiang’s legs, and Not very interested, at least on the surface there is no emotional ups and downs.

    Yan Yixie stroked her hair and said, “I don’t know much about my father, he is probably lying to you. Chen Sen is a subordinate under his hand who has made suggestions and knows how to achieve his goal. He said Nothing is true.”

    Jiang Ning said: “You mean, they may not find the so-called expert?”

    “The truth is mixed.” Yan Yi Xie Man said casually: “Maybe they did find one that can perform surgery. People, but a 30% cure rate is absolutely impossible, 5% is impossible.”

    It’s not that he hasn’t sent people to search everywhere in these years, and the people his grandfather left behind have only done this thing in these years. Their search is no less powerful than Yan Baiang, there is no reason Yan Baiang can find it, but he can’t find it.

    Jiang Ning said, “But it’s not good, this time you can really heal your legs.”

    Yan Yixie said nothing.

    He thought it was almost impossible, but Jiang Ning was so excited when he heard that Yan Baiang had sought an expert, and he couldn’t bear to dispel her hopes.

    What’s more, telling Jiang Ning that his leg healing rate is very low is also a matter of stabbing self-esteem and extremely difficult to tell.

    Jiang Ning eagerly grabbed Yan Yixie Yijiao: “You believe me this time is okay, I think the expert your father found this time will definitely be useful.”

    Yan Yixie frowned slightly: ” Why…”

    Jiang Ning begged: “Please, trust my instinct.”

    Yan Yixie stared at Jiang Ning for a long time.

    The eyes are facing each other.

    Yan Yixie couldn’t bear her entanglement in the end, sighed, and replied: “Okay.”

    Jiang Ning breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Then you have to cooperate with me.”

    “Cooperate with me? A fake breakup?” Yan Yi Xie didn’t expect that she would go around here again. She laughed

    angrily and curled her eyebrows and said, “Everything else can cooperate, but this is not possible.” Jiang Ning said angrily: “You just said you would cooperate. I reasonably doubt that you will not listen to your wife after setting up a family in the future.”

    Yan Yixie heard the words “founding a family” and felt a little restless in his heart, and his throat could not help being moved.

    He couldn’t help but soften a bit, and said: “It’s not that you don’t cooperate with you. It’s just that you don’t understand Yan Baiang. He is definitely more insightful than you think. It is difficult for us to hide from the past, and I am afraid that it will be self-defeating. Furthermore, once we are threatened at the beginning, we will be passive later.”

    Jiang Ning was speechless for a while.

    She admits that pretending to break up is indeed not a very good way, and Yan Yixie’s character is very sharp, and I am afraid that she hates being threatened and controlled.

    But she couldn’t think of a better way.

    Yan Yi thanked him: “In this way, I will let the person left by Grandpa secretly check his and Chen Sen’s whereabouts and call records. Although it will take some time, I can definitely find out which experts he has contacted recently. “

    Jiang Ning thought about it: “That’s the only way.”

    Although it took a little effort, this is indeed another way, which is much better than a false breakup with Yan Baiang.

    Jiang Ning only wanted to quickly find the doctor who cured Yan Yixie in his previous life. Hearing that Yan Yixie had a way, the stone finally fell to the ground.

    Although Yan Yixie didn’t think that the expert Yan Baiang used as bait could play a lot of role, he was willing to spend a lot of time on the dream that Jiang Ning had.

    As far as he is concerned, the world will care whether his legs are getting better, and I am afraid that Jiang Ning is the only one.

    Jiang Ning’s care suddenly appeared on his long and sickly road, like a dark and humid sky shining in a little light, making his eyes fall on Jiang Ning’s face for a long time, and he couldn’t look away.

    Sometimes he couldn’t imagine what his life would be like if he hadn’t met Jiang Ning three and a half years ago.

    Jiang Ning made an appointment with Yan Yixie, and he came to find the doctor, and she didn’t care about Yan Baiang’s nonsense.

    Chen Sen might have been warned by Yan Yixie, and then he dared not approach Jiang Ning again.

    After school that day, Jiang Ning passed by Chen Sen at Yan Yixie’s villa. Chen Sen looked at Jiang Ning’s eyes somewhat meaningful-probably because she thought she was not threatened, and told Yan Yixie about the matter as soon as she turned around. It seems to be true as she said, she doesn’t care if Yan Yixie lives forever. Disability.

    Jiang Ning didn’t care what Chen Sen thought.

    From the last life to this life, she and Yan Yixie have experienced too much to be together. Those meaningless misunderstandings can be saved if you can save it.

    Although the road ahead is misty and the end is not clear, as long as two people hold each other’s hands tightly, they will eventually walk over.

    However, even though he thinks so, Jiang Ning’s heartbeat is always a little flustered these days.

    Her eyelids kept twitching, as if she had a bad premonition.

    In the past few days, taking advantage of the effort to buy snacks at the canteen after class, she couldn’t help staying around the school gate a few times, trying to recall the day when Yan Yixie went abroad in her previous life.

    After a few more turns, she barely remembered the scene at that time.

    At that time, there seemed to be some winter jasmine flowers on the fence next to the school gate. In the scene in her mind, the black car Pagani overwhelmed the flowers in the corner.

    Then the commissary was holding a three-day buy one get one free event.

    She remembers this very clearly, because she usually doesn’t like to join in the fun and doesn’t go downstairs often. The reason why she would go downstairs in the break and watch the black car leave with other classmates was because a friend took her to buy snacks. That day was the first day of the event.

    And now—

    Jiang Ning walked around the fence wall next to the school gate, and didn’t see where the winter jasmine bloomed.

    It means that it hasn’t been the time in the previous life, Jiang Ning breathed a sigh of relief.


    Having another school exam, in a blink of an eye, at the weekend, Jiang Ning changed clothes and went out and went to the hospital to get a medical report for Zheng Ruonan.

    In recent years, under her advice, Zheng Ruonan went for a physical examination every three months. This week, Zheng Ruonan and two managers went on a business trip. Jiang Ning felt that it was not good to trouble the assistant on weekends, so he volunteered to take care of it. She went to fetch it.

    Jiang Ning took the report from the window and came out. Suddenly an uncertain voice stopped her behind him: “Jiang…little classmate?”

    Jiang Ning turned around, but he didn’t expect to see Ouyang Bo here.

    Ouyang Bo was looking at her uncertainly, not sure whether the tall and fair-skinned girl in front was the little girl from three years ago.

    After three years, Ouyang Bo hasn’t changed much.

    More than that, he looked like a spring breeze, but he was not as haggard as his shaggy beard three years ago.

    “It’s me.” Jiang Ning laughed suddenly, turned and walked in front of him: “Why are you here?”

    “Come to the hospital for a checkup.” Ouyang Bo exclaimed, “God, your little girl has grown a lot taller. It’s also a lot more beautiful, I almost didn’t recognize it.”

    “It’s also embarrassing that you remember.” Jiang Ning smiled.

    In this life, she no longer walks the same way in her life, and has nothing to do with Ouyang Bo, and she recklessly found the fate of his home when she was a child.

    Ouyang Boxin said, how can I remember this, the little girl’s watery eyes at that time were simply impressive.

    “What check? Are you still healthy?” Jiang Ning asked with concern.

    She remembered that Ouyang Bo had already achieved academic success at this time in her previous life, went to study abroad, and had initially become well-known at major summits. Why is it still in the sea market?

    “It’s not for me to check.” Ouyang Bo smiled: “It’s my wife. She is pregnant.

    Come with her for routine checkups.” Jiang Ning was taken aback: “Are you actually remarried?”

    Ouyang Bo looked at Jiang Ning confusedly. , I was a little surprised at her reaction, and said amused: “Why, you don’t need to be honored when you grow up? Don’t be called Teacher Ouyang? Teacher, I am in my 30s, why can’t I remarry?”

    Jiang Ningru was struck by lightning.

    How could this be?

    After the divorce of Ouyang Bo and his ex-wife in his previous life, in order to provide medical expenses for his son who was admitted to the intensive care unit, he was so busy with several jobs that he had no intention of finding new people. Later, I was desperately publishing papers in order to make more money, and my career went up all the way.

    In Jiang Ning’s impression, this old friend had never remarried at all—he was still a single professor until his death.

    But what’s going on now? Not only did he remarry, he even had a second child?

    What about career? Could the fate of becoming an internationally renowned professor in the last life be changed?

    Jiang Ning asked very hard: “

    Where is the Chao Chao?” Chao Chao is Ouyang Bo’s sick eldest son, Ouyang Chao.

    Ouyang Bo didn’t even wonder that Jiang Ning would know his son’s name. He only thought that the little girl had seen it on the medical bill three years ago. She had a good memory and kept it in mind. He was still a little moved in his heart. I have to thank your mother for her help. After she helped me, my stress has alleviated a lot. Chao Chao is not completely better now, but the situation is much better than it was three years ago.”

    “I’m still here now . I teach in the old place, and my wife is a nurse in a public hospital.”

    Jiang Ning understood that he asked Zheng Ruonan to help Ouyang Bo relieve the pressure. After Ouyang Bo did not have the economic pressure that he could not breathe, he did not desperately publish papers, and naturally there was no need to go abroad for further study.

    And he met his current wife in the hospital arranged by Zheng Ruonan…


    Jiang Ning didn’t know what to say for a while.

    It is enough to change the fate of Jiang Fan and Zheng Ruonan.

    She never thought – never thought that she was just intervening in one thing, not even interfering, just asking Ouyang Bo to do her a favor, she inadvertently completely changed Ouyang Bo’s destiny, let him Life has embarked on the opposite road.

    Jiang Ning looked at Ouyang Bo, his face slowly paled.

    She didn’t know, if Ouyang Bo knew that he had changed his life, would she be to blame.

    Seeing the little girl’s face a little ugly, Ouyang Bo asked hurriedly: “Are you okay? I think you seem to be a little unsteady.”

    “It’s okay,” Jiang Ning muttered.

    Jiang Ning remembered the movie “Butterfly Effect” that he watched many years ago. Every time the protagonist changes a little detail, he will eventually go to a different ending.

    ——Even if it just changed the placement of a pen.

    It’s like a stream, even if you don’t do anything, just throw a small stone, it is no longer the original stream.

    In the dark, if you get the gift of fate, you will surely be taken away by fate.

    It suddenly occurred to her that the doctor’s probability of success was not great. The successful treatment of Yan Yixie’s leg disease in the previous life might have been lucky for that one percent.

    And in this life, even if you find that doctor, but you don’t get that one percent lucky, what should you do?

    Moreover, in the previous life, he went abroad passively, and in this life he took the initiative to find someone to treat him. In the last life, it was closed treatment. During the one and a half years of treatment in this life, Yan Yixie would definitely return to China for her many times because of concern.

    ——All this is completely different from the previous life.

    The placement of a tiny screw will affect the ending. Not to mention so many differences.

    How to do?


    Jiang Ning’s temples and heart beat suddenly.

    If this life will make the teenager lose the chance of recovery, Jiang Ning would even rather have not rushed to stop him at the beach three years ago.

    Ouyang Bo said: “No, your face is wrong, is it low blood sugar? Something will happen on the road, I will help you sit there for a while, or take you home?”

    Jiang Ning reluctantly recovered and waved his hand. As soon as he was about to speak, the phone’s ringtone suddenly rang.

    Yan Dahang said over there: “Jiang Ning, didn’t you let me stare at you to see if the winter jasmine blooms on campus? It’s on. It rained last night. I just came to school to play basketball and saw the school. The one at the door opened. The yellow one, do you need to pick a few or

    something ?” Jiang Ning asked him to stare at him a few days ago. Yan Dahang felt that it was inexplicable. He just wanted to buy winter jasmine flowers at the flower shop. ? Have to stare at the school gate.

    But girls, maybe they are more literary. He doesn’t understand the meaning of this even as a straight man.

    Jiang Ning’s heartbeat quickly jumped out of her throat, and she asked with difficulty, “Where is the canteen, you can help me to see… Forget it, I will go by myself now.”

    After that, she hung up the phone and hurriedly said goodbye to Ouyang Bo , Rushed out of the hospital and jumped into a taxi.

    Thirty minutes later.

    Jiang Ning rushed to the school and saw the aunt in the canteen writing on the board, “Buy one get one free” activity, starting on the 1st of next month.

    Today is the fifteenth, and half a month before the first of next month.

    The dazzling sunlight fell on the small wooden board exactly the same as in the impression, and Jiang Ning seemed to see his changed destiny jump out to show his teeth and claws.

    Yan Yixie’s departure date in his last life turned out to be the first day of next month.

    Jiang Ning stood there with cold hands and feet.

    At this moment, she realized that it had nothing to do with Yan Baiang’s threat, and nothing to do with anything.

    She must let Yan Yixie leave, return to his family, inherit his family business, and treat his leg problems as he did in the previous life.

    Can’t wait for the Yan Yixie faction to find out who the expert Yan Baiang contacted.

    Even if it is investigated now, it is of no use, because it is different from the previous life. Who can ensure that this will not fall into the end of the ninety-nine percent miserable failure?

    She has changed too much now, and there is no way to turn things back to the track of her previous life.

    The only thing she can do is to make the conditions of the incident as close as possible to her previous life-to force Yan Yixie to leave on April 1st, Pagani, black suit and white shirt, closed treatment, and do not come back to see her.

    Then pray.

    Pray that this time fate will also fall to that one percent.

    Pray that fate will take care of her boy.

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