Zheng Ruonan’s face turned black: “This kid, I don’t know what I

    ‘m thinking all day.” Jiang Fan was still eating eggs next to him, and Zheng Ruonan couldn’t help but snapped at the back of his head: “It’s slower to eat.”

    Jiang Fan: “…”

    Jiang Ning rushed out of the community and stopped a taxi to go to school. Her heart almost jumped out of her throat. She couldn’t help pulling her scarf while on the road, and called Yan Yixie.

    After a few beeps, the other side picked it up, and the voice was a little awake: “Jiang Ning.”

    Jiang Ning asked, “Are you on the road?”

    “The housekeeper is backing up, what’s the matter?”

    Jiang Ning suddenly I got stuck – she didn’t know when Yan Yixie’s legs got better, and which doctor played the role!

    What is she going to say now? Said I was born again, according to the trajectory of your last life, your legs will be better?

    Who will believe it? !

    And once he believed it, it was even worse, Yan Yixie would know that there was a reason why she approached him in the first place.

    Jiang Ning was almost sweating, why she didn’t know anything about Yan Yixie in her last life!

    Yan Yixie didn’t hear Jiang Ning talking for a long time. He thought something was wrong, and his voice sank: “Don’t worry, did something happen? Speak slowly.”

    “It’s… I, I dreamed that your legs were healed .” “

    Jiang Ning wiped the fine sweat on her forehead with a little annoyance. She felt that what she said was the same as she didn’t. She repeated it again: “Trust me, your legs will heal.”

    There was silence on the phone . one time.

    For Yan Yixie, he has heard such comforting words no less than tens of thousands of times, including now going to the hospital for rehabilitation every Friday. The doctors and nurses will cheer him up and tell him that he will get better.

    But only he himself clearly knows how many efforts and attempts he has made, but in the end it is still not enough.

    “Yeah, good.” Yan Yixie tried his best to make his voice sound a little lighter.

    “It’s not consolation, it’s true, it’s just…” Jiang Ning also knew that it sounded unconvincing. She said to the other end of the phone, “Shall we find a way to find a good doctor?”

    Even though Yan Yi thanked her heart. Without hope, he only thought that Jiang Ning had a dream last night, and he called this call before he got out of the dream. But he still accommodated Jiang Ning in every possible way and smiled and said, “Okay.”

    Jiang Ning said, “I’ll talk about it when I go to school.”

    Yan Yixie waited for the phone to hang up before turning off the phone screen.

    The butler was lowering the skateboard on the car, and he pushed the wheelchair into the car.

    Today is the first day of the Spring Festival. The weather has turned warm. In the meager blue morning light, the boy lowered his dark eyes and glanced at his legs subconsciously.

    He didn’t want to stand up, walked into her house openly and held her hand.

    There was a traffic jam in the morning. In order to make more money, the driver chose the busiest route.

    Jiang Ning was so immersed in his thoughts that he didn’t pay attention. When he noticed, he was already stuck in a long queue of cars.

    She also didn’t mind arguing with the driver, sitting in the back with her schoolbag in her arms, trying to catch a bit of clues from the chaos.

    If she had to follow the path of her previous life, Yan Yixie had to go abroad at this point in time to be cured of her leg problems, she would be willing to go abroad with him.

    Even if he goes abroad, it doesn’t matter if she stays in the country. It’s nothing more than a long-distance relationship for a few years, and now the traffic is very convenient, and it is very convenient to go anywhere by plane. These are not big problems.

    But now she is afraid of pulling her whole body. Everything in the front had been changed under her intervention. Even if Yan Yixie went abroad in this life, he would not be able to meet the doctor who could recover his leg problems in the previous life.

    And let them take the initiative to find? Looking for a needle in a haystack, experts in the world have no one hundred thousand but ten thousand. When they can find it, they have already missed the treatment time of the previous life.

    Jiang Ning was in a mess for a while.

    At this moment, two people walked down from a black car behind, walked to the taxi, knocked on the window: “Miss Jiang.” The

    taxi was stuck in the middle of the road, unable to move, Jiang Ning lowered the window. .

    The driver was taken aback. He thought it was some kind of underworld/society, so he didn’t dare to move.

    One of the people outside was Secretary Xiao, who owed Jiang Ning in the car: “We, Mr. Yan, please come over.”

    Jiang Ning was wary and moved to the other side of the car, ready to lock the door at any time: “What’s the matter? What’s the matter? I have to go to school.”

    Secretary Xiao couldn’t help laughing: “Don’t worry, Master Yan takes you to heart. Yan always doesn’t want to turn against him, and won’t do anything to you. He It’s just that I have something to talk to you, just ten minutes, without delaying each other’s time.”

    Jiang Ning frowned, “I thought you had conveyed it to him on the phone last night.”

    Yan Baiang looked for it. What can I do? Just let myself leave Yan Yixie’s side.

    Secretary Xiao gave a lot of face, and still leaned respectfully: “President Yan has found an expert who can treat Yan Shao’s leg problems.”

    Jiang Ning’s brows jumped.

    It happened to be at this time…

    Could it be that Yan Yixie’s leg disease was cured in his previous life? It was related to the expert that Yan Baiang found now?

    After a while, Jiang Ning followed Secretary Xiao to a high-end private hotel, where she met Yan Yixie’s father for the first time.

    Yan Baiang was sitting on the sofa and was reading a document. He was holding a glass of vodka with pure ice cubes in it. Although he was middle-aged, it was impossible to accurately judge his age.

    While Jiang Ning was looking at him, he was also looking at Jiang Ning. There was a sense of ruthlessness in his eyes. Even though Jiang Ning was used to looking at him, he felt a little oppressive at this time.

    Jiang Ning bite the bullet and walked in.

    Yan Baiang seemed not interested in talking to a little girl in person. He glanced at Jiang Ning, received a call, and left with a few bodyguards.

    The hall suddenly fell silent.

    A subordinate in a black suit and glasses remained.

    The subordinate smiled slightly at Jiang Ning and gestured to the sofa: “Miss Jiang, sit down.”

    Yan Boang could only use Yan Yixie, and Jiang Ning didn’t have much respect for him and the people under him.

    Jiang Ning took off the schoolbag on his shoulders and sat down on the opposite sofa.

    The subordinate in the black suit poured her a cup of tea and pushed it in front of her. Seeing that she didn’t react, he smiled and asked, “Or do you want to drink Coke? Sprite? Soda?”

    Jiang Ning said with no anger, “No trouble. The

    subordinate in the black suit said: “Then I’ll be straightforward, Jiang, you have already collected the money, and Yan always needs you to leave his son.”

    Jiang Ning frowned, “You said that 30 million?”

    “Not enough?” The subordinate in the black suit smiled and said, “Although Mr. Yan has no interest in intimidating a little girl, I am personally thinking about you, and I still advise you not to think about putting a long line to catch a big fish.”

    Jiang Ning knew that no matter how he behaved, he would never get it. This kind of favor of a capitalist who thinks that others only covet his family’s property and power, not to mention that she does not need the favor of Yan Yixie’s father and his subordinates. Yan Yixie and his family have no affection at all.

    Jiang Ning went straight to the subject: “Secretary Xiao said that Yan Yixie’s father found an expert who can treat his leg problems. What is the chance of a cure?” The

    subordinate in the black suit pushed his glasses and said, “Thirty percent.”

    Jiang Ning didn’t believe this number very much. If there was a 30% chance of successful operation, Yan Yixie would have found a doctor who could perform the operation a long time ago.

    But she knew that no matter what percentage it was, it would be cured in the end, because Yan Yixie’s legs did heal in the last life-she didn’t know how much he recovered, but at least it was okay to stand up and walk.

    But since Yan Baiang found an expert who could be sure, why didn’t he tell Yan Yixie? Instead, find yourself first.

    Jiang Ning suddenly reacted to the intention of today’s conversation, and his face became difficult to look: “You President Yan, can’t you use this to blackmail me?”

    “You are smarter than imagined.” The subordinate in the black suit looked surprised. Gave Jiang Ning a look.

    The anger in Jiang Ning’s heart was ignited: “That’s his son! You President Yan threatened the people around him to leave him with the important thing of treating his leg problems?!”

    How could there be such parents in the world? ?

    “The angle from which you stand is different, you naturally can’t understand it.” The subordinate in the black suit looked at her: “If Shao Yan refuses to go back with President Yan, he is only a shareholder holding 8% of the shares to Yan. , And even threaten Mr. Yan. What reason does Mr. Yan have to provide assistance to someone who threatens him?”

    “But as long as Yan Shaoken goes back with Mr. Yan, the experts we find will immediately prepare him for surgery. “

    Yan Baiang forced Yan Yixie to go back with him, in order to bring back a puppet who obeyed him. But Jiang Ning knew that Yan Yixie was the ultimate leader in his previous life.

    Does this count as shooting yourself in the foot?

    Of course Jiang Ning would not remind the other party of this at this time.

    She took a deep breath: “What if I refuse?”

    The subordinate in the black suit shrugged and said, “That’s very simple. President Yan will not embarrass you. You can continue to live with Young Master Yan here.”

    Jiang Ning frowned.

    Sure enough, there is the following.

    The subordinate in the black suit said, “But at the same time, Yan Shao, who does not want to return to the family, has no right to enjoy any help provided by the family. After all, he has no value after leaving the family. He is disabled for the rest of his life and is the price he should pay.

    ” Shameless.” Jiang Ning clenched his fist and gritted his teeth so as not to let himself scold more ugly words.

    The subordinate in the black suit was not angry. Instead, he twitched his lips and said, “Actually, the Yan family does not have much demand for a married woman. The young master’s mother is not a celebrity, but a star of the last century. Jiang Ning, you didn’t It is necessary to be obsessed with being with the young master at this moment.”

    The man in the black suit leaned forward slightly and handed Jiang Ning a business card.

    Jiang Ning didn’t answer, he put it on the table, Jiang Ning glanced, and saw that this person was the general manager of an important subsidiary of Yan’s, whose name was Chen Sen.

    Chen Sen continued: “Why don’t you cooperate with Mr. Yan at the moment and find a way to get Shao Yan to return to Yan’s house? That would be more beneficial to you. In a few years, you may be the fiancée of Yan’s heir. And, in order to be grateful to you at the moment, Yan will always pay you a large sum of money, enough for you and your family to live a good life.”

    Jiang Ning said coldly: “Since you have been with Mr. Yan for many years, you should I know that Yan Yixie is a stubborn person. He doesn’t want to return to Yan’s house. It has nothing to do with me. I can’t persuade him. And I respect his choice and don’t intend to persuade.”

    “Who asked you to’persuade’?” Chen Sen laughed and said: “Since it’s a deal, it must be obtained by both parties.”

    “You and Yan Shao got the opportunity to be treated. After the treatment, what should you do if you leave and return to China? Who will compensate Yan for an heir? Isn’t it always a chicken fly?”

    “The deal we made with you requires you to’force’ Yan Shao back to Yan’s house.”

    Chen Sen fixedly looked at Jiang Ning: “Yan always needs you to break up with Yan Shao, you take the initiative to break up.”

    “If you didn’t take the initiative to break up. , Even if he is taken abroad, he will find ways to come back.”

    Jiang Ning smiled angrily: “To bring him back, you really took a lot of trouble.”

    Chen Sen shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m not afraid to tell you. Mr. Yan is now in crisis, and the Yan family’s eight-year vote is about to begin. He needs an heir recognized by the Yan family to stand behind him. Now Young Master Yan is not willing to even lie and blame Yan for you, so just stop blaming Yan.

    She’s always unscrupulous.” Jiang Ning calmed down for a while, and decided not to follow the drill set by the other party.

    The most important thing in negotiation is not to reveal what you care about.

    She leaned back on the sofa and said, “Have you ever thought that you can’t threaten me. I don’t care if Yan Yixie’s leg is disabled.”

    Chen Sen stared at her and frowned slowly.

    Jiang Ning sneered: “I forced him to return to the Yan’s house. It’s hard to say whether he can reconcile with him in the future, let alone marry into a rich family. What you said about marrying into the Yan’s house is just a blank check.”

    “But on the contrary, I am. Hold him firmly now and let him stay by my side. His current wealth is enough for me to squander. What reason do I have to lose my immediate benefits for a bad check?”

    Chen Sen’s face sank: “You are like this. But it will make him a lifelong disability. After adulthood, the probability of cure will become smaller and smaller. His legs cannot be dragged.”

    “What does that have to do with me?” Jiang Ning said blankly.

    Her indifferent look actually really bluffed Chen Sen.

    The other party raised her eyebrows in confusion. Judging from the information found, the little girl should be sincere to Shao Yan. The money last night didn’t make her leave–but is it true that she was really just for money Just stay with Yan Shao? The move last night was also to put a long line to catch a big fish?

    “If there is nothing else, I will go first.” Jiang Ning picked up his schoolbag and walked straight to the door.

    Chen Sen was shocked, but didn’t stop it.

    Jiang Ning left this private hotel just like that.

    Secretary Xiao drove a car and waited outside. Seeing Jiang Ning coming, he quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Jiang Ning.

    Secretary Xiao’s attitude is a bit vague. He probably wants to grant Jiang Ning’s small favor in advance, so that in the future, when Yan Yixie takes the lead, he will get some benefits.

    It seems that he is putting the bet on Yan Yixie’s side.

    When Jiang Ning talked with Chen Sen, his attitude was cold, as if he only regarded Yan Yixie as the gold master.

    But once she left that room, endless worries flooded her heart.

    What should she do now? If she really refuses Chen Sen’s request, will Yan Baiang really be so cold-blooded that Yan Yixie will live or die?

    Jiang Ning was about to bite his lower lip and bleed.

    No, she couldn’t agree to Yan Baiang’s condition. It was not easy for her and Yan Yixie to walk all the way here, and she would never let go easily.

    She couldn’t imagine how Yan Yixie would react when she let go of her hand at this time, he would definitely hate her.

    There must be other ways.

    The expert Yan Baiang found was used to blackmail her and Yan Yixie, and he would certainly not let them know who and where the expert was easily.

    If they want to find it on their own, it is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack. Judging from the timeline of the previous life, Yan Yixie’s legs can’t be dragged.

    So, is it possible to act in a play, pretend to agree, and after knowing who the expert is, then break away from Yan Baiang’s threat?

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