Maybach galloped in the light snow, tearing through the night.

    When Yan Baiang left Yan Yixie, his complexion was never good, and even the driver didn’t dare to express himself.

    At this moment, the condensed air was abruptly interrupted by a mobile phone shake.

    After taking a look at the caller ID, the subordinate in the passenger seat quickly said to Yan Baiang in the back seat: “President Yan, the call from the scientific research institute.”

    It is not early in the morning in China, but it is not early in the German side. It’s eight o’clock. Calling this time, is there any progress?

    Yan Baiang raised eyes that were still slightly angry, and said “Yeah”.

    The subordinates then picked up. After communicating a few words with there in German, the subordinates looked solemn, hung up the phone, and turned to Yan Baiang and said, “The doctor said he has a one-percent certainty, but it is very difficult and requires the co-operation of the person concerned. . ” “

    only one percent? “Yan Baiang complexion nor the slightest little Ji.

    In fact, two years ago, he realized that his body might have gone wrong in the accident, and there was no way to have other children. He began to let people around the world look for famous experts in orthopedics.

    When Yan Yixie had problems with his legs, the old man was still alive and tried his best to treat him, but even the world-renowned doctors were at a loss.

    But after all, science and technology are constantly evolving, and many bionic organs have been invented in recent years. Perhaps the problems that could not be solved back then can now be found by experts who can solve them.

    Yan Baiang couldn’t live without his heir, so in the past two years, he has put a lot of material and financial resources into this matter, and he kept sending people to Yan’s research institute to screen out a large number of incompetent quack doctors.

    But now the result is still one percent.

    “A bunch of waste.” Yan Baiang was very dissatisfied with this.

    The subordinate said: “The doctor said that although there is only a one percent chance of recovery, he and the expert team will do their best. Even if the operation fails in the end, things will not get worse. Now all over the world, he is the only one who can do this. This kind of surgery, and the best recovery time is within the age of eighteen.

    If you delay it, the probability of recovery will be lower.” Yan Baiang frowned. Two months ago, Yan Yi thanked him for his eighteenth birthday. If it drags on, the probability of recovery is indeed lower. For the present, the dead horse can only be used as a living horse doctor. He thought for a moment, and said in a deep voice: “Then let the expert

    team start preparing.” The subordinate said: “It takes two for the operation. Months, there will be a year and a half follow-up rehabilitation plan, all need the full cooperation of the young master.”

    Yan Baiang said coldly: “This is not to worry, no one wants to stand up more than himself, he will cooperate well. “

    President Yan, I mean…” The subordinates hesitated for a while before whispering: “Since no one is more eager to stand up than the young master, we can use this to coerce the young master.”

    “He is not willing to go back and support. You, you came to pick it up in person tonight, and he doesn’t want to go back. I am afraid that if the leg disease can be cured, he will not want to go back.”

    “But the eight-year voting meeting within the Yan family is coming soon. You need him. Standing behind you as the heir, you also need the shares in his hands. We must let him go back with you, even by unscrupulous means.” In the

    night, Yan Bai raised his eyebrows.

    The subordinates thought, how could President Yan not expect this level? But he didn’t intend to do this subconsciously. Could it be that although he looks cold-blooded and ruthless, Yan Yixie is his biological son, and Tiger Poison doesn’t eat children. He still doesn’t want to break the relationship to that extent?

    Yan Baiang frowned and said: “You don’t know that kid, he has always been a character

    that prefers to be jade rather than complete.” Yan Yixie hates being threatened most, I am afraid that he would rather not have this one-percent chance to treat leg problems.

    Moreover, Yan Baiang does not want the relationship with Yan Yixie to collapse completely.

    He couldn’t have other children anymore. Yan Yixie was his only bone and blood. Even if his family was indifferent, he didn’t want the evening scene to be bleak.

    The subordinates put forward another suggestion: “But if it is used to threaten the girl next to the young master.”

    No one can figure out why Yan Yixie puts the right of inheritance at hand. In the final analysis, he no longer has ambitions about wealth.

    Then if you want him to go back, you have to arouse his ambition-make him hate the girl, make him unable to be with her anymore, make him hate his inability, make him want to be in a high position. To seize something else.

    Yan Baiang couldn’t make Yan Shao go back, and he couldn’t let Yan Shao go back to inherit the temptation of Yan’s family.

    Only the girl can.

    Perhaps it was because before going to bed, thinking of the things in the previous life, Jiang Ning turned over and over again at night, sweating, and inevitably dreamed of many scenes from the previous life.

    After dying on the operating table, her consciousness floated above the tombstone for a short time.

    It is a tombstone that is specially built as a villa, surrounded by a fence, and planted with small yellow flowers. Looking around, the grass grows on the hillside and the warblers fly.

    Many people have no way of owning a square meter in an area where the land is worth a lot of money before their lives, not to mention having such a vast mountain top after death.

    At that time, Zheng Ruonan had died of illness for many years and Jiang Fan had already been in jail. Xu Mingyi did not have the financial resources, so it was impossible for them to build this tombstone for Jiang Ning.

    It was raining in the dream, and the man in a black suit held a black umbrella and stood silently in front of the tombstone for a long time.

    Like many times before, Jiang Ning’s eyelids were heavy in his sleep, and he couldn’t see his face clearly. He could only look at the precious and powerful wrist holding the umbrella.

    But Jiang Ning, who was half awake and half awake, knew that this was Yan Yixie, and felt extremely relieved. He did not struggle to wake up, but was quietly indulging in his dreams as if reminiscing about the irretrievable past.

    Time passed, as if looking at each other across time and space.

    I don’t know how long it took, and the crackling rain gradually diminished. The man raised his hand, gently picked a fallen leaf on the tombstone, and looked at Jiang Ning for a long time before turning and leaving.

    When Jiang Ning watched his back drift away, he woke up from the dream.


    alarm clock rang, Zheng Ruonan knocked on Jiang Fan’s door outside: “It’s time to get up.”

    Jiang Ning rubbed his forehead, stretched his hand out of the quilt to touch the alarm clock, and looked at the time. It was six o’clock in the morning.

    She lifted the quilt and got up, but there was a sudden pause in her movement.


    previous memory is not very clear, and the dream is also a vague segment after waking up. This time the dream is clearer than before.

    The man in the dream walked away from the hillside.

    In other words, did Yan Yixie’s legs return to health at the end of the previous life?

    Jiang Ning hurriedly closed her eyes and tried to continue her dream. She had to see if there were any traces of bionic bones on Yan Yixie’s ankle.

    But if I close my eyes, I can’t remember it.

    Zheng Ruonan pushed the door in, and saw Jiang Ning sitting on the bed with his eyes closed, and he came and urged: “Hurry up, I’ll be late later.”

    This was completely interrupted, and the scene in his mind no longer appeared. .

    Jiang Ning glanced at her mother bitterly and got up from the bed.

    Jiang Ning had been distracted during breakfast, not sure whether this was just a dream he had last night, or the real sight of his soul wandering near the tombstone before rebirth.

    After her rebirth, her memory was a bit vague, and now that it has been three years after all, the memory of her previous life must not be so clear.

    But she is more inclined to the real scene.

    Because she was indeed wandering near that tombstone after her death in the previous life.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t hide his excitement-so after that, Yan Yixie must be able to stand up again because of an opportunity. She had to go to school immediately and tell Yan Yixie about it.

    With two pieces of bread in his mouth, Jiang Ning almost wanted to carry his schoolbag and rush out immediately.

    Zheng Ruonan pushed her back to the chair and said, “What’s the hurry, I’ll see you two after eating.”

    Jiang Ning was about to say that he could take the bus, but he thought it would be better to behave lately, otherwise Zheng Ruonan would definitely think that She was anxious to go to school to see Yan Yixie, but she was unhappy.

    Jiang Fan sat opposite and drank two cans of milk in one go. He is about to turn seventeen years old, and he has been fast in the past two years.

    Zheng Ruonan seems to be in a good mood today. Jiang Fan took out the report card last night. He rushed into the top 100 in the whole grade in the most recent monthly exam. This is his best time in the exam. According to his class teacher, if this score is maintained, although there is no way to go to Qingbei, at least he can go to a very good key university.

    Jiang Fan was also a little triumphant and asked for a gift from Jiang Ning: “Why don’t you give me something to praise me?”

    Jiang Ning casually said: “Give you a pair of shoes, pick them yourself, and send them back to the shopping cart.”

    Jiang Fan beamed his

    heart with both eyes: “Sister, you are so kind .” Jiang Ning was a little disgusted, but he was also happy in his heart. It seems that the fate of her family has completely changed in this life. Jiang Fan will go to university smoothly and will not fall into a tragic ending like in his previous life. Their own existence is like butterfly wings, inciting their destiny.

    But –

    Jiang Ning suddenly thought of something, and the whole person suddenly froze.

    Yes, she changed the fate of Jiang Fan and Zheng Ruonan, so what about Yan Yixie, will his fate be completely rewritten by himself?

    In his previous life, Yan Yixie left the city before the college entrance examination. He got on the black car at the school gate and passed by himself indifferently. After that, he inherited the Yan family. No news came in a few years. . In the end, he stood in an unattainable position. It may be a coincidence that his leg disease was cured.

    But now, because of himself, he didn’t go abroad, didn’t pass by the school gate, didn’t inherit the Yan family… He will stay in the sea city safely and move forward with him.

    Could it be that there is no chance for a cure for leg problems?

    Jiang Ning’s brain buzzed.

    Time flies and flies like a white band of light, Jiang Ning knows which link is different, and it will eventually lead to a different ending.

    She broke out in a cold sweat and slammed her chair away to stand up.

    “What’s the matter?” Zheng Ruonan was taken aback by Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning’s face turned pale, and her breathing was rapid: “Mom, I remember that I still have homework to make up, it’s too late, I’ll go to school first.”

    After that, she picked up her schoolbag and rushed out.

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