Jiang Ning had never seen Yan Yixie’s father in his previous life, and he didn’t know anything about him, but after thinking about it, he knew what kind of soft-hearted person could be a person who stands in the high position of power and money through fighting?

    She realized that she and Yan Yixie were about to face the biggest obstacle.

    Although her mother disagrees, Zheng Ruonan is an ordinary citizen. Her disagreement is only to sigh, keep Jiang Ning at home, take Jiang Ning to and from school, and try to avoid contact between Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie. And because she felt sorry for herself, she would not say too much.

    But Yan Yixie is different over there. The Yan family’s disagreement would probably be a disagreement by all means. A cold-blooded person like Yan Baiang would not be worried because Yan Yixie was his son.

    ——What price will Yan Yixie pay to stay by his side?

    Jiang Ning knew that if he asked Yan Yixie and the housekeeper, he would definitely not get any results. In order not to worry about herself, Yan Yixie would definitely not give it all out.

    Jiang Ning was a little confused. After thinking about it, she looked down at the caller ID of just now, and dialed the phone back to Secretary Xiao.

    Secretary Xiao just got in the car here and set off to leave the villa.

    President Yan hit a wall tonight, his face was blue when he came out, and no one dared to join in to find death at this moment, so all the bodyguards’ cars, including Secretary Xiao, only dared to follow Yan Baiang’s car at a distance. .

    Seeing that it was Jiang Ning, Secretary Xiao connected, and the tone was respectful: “Hey, Miss Jiang.”

    Jiang Ning had just offended Yan Baiang, and it is reasonable to say that the people under Yan Baiang will treat her right now. Cold face.

    But Xiao Shen is so smooth and thinks far.

    Although it is not certain whether Yan Shao will be the future heir, he is one of the important shareholders even if he is not the heir. Even if he will break up with Jiang Ning in the future, Jiang Ning will become half the moonlight of his youth, easily Still can’t offend.

    “I’ve just had a bad attitude, sorry.” Jiang Ning said.

    Secretary Xiao hurriedly said: “Where and where, President Yan did a little too much, but I also do things for

    others , I hope you can understand.” Jiang Ning stopped talking with him, and asked directly: “Today evening. There was a car parked outside my community at the time, and then left. Do you know the identity of the person in the car?”

    Jiang Ning originally thought that the car following him was from the Yan family, but now it seems, Yan Baiang spoke with a hundred million, extremely arrogant, and should not be able to follow things.

    Secretary Xiao said a name: “Jiang Jing.”

    Jiang Ning frowned: “Who is that?”

    Secretary Xiao said: “You can treat him as a stakeholder. In fact, it’s not just the Jiang family faction, other factions hear Yan Yan. less is about to become the sole heir, will be ready for it. a few words can not explain, but you should be able to understand, Yan’s this hundred years Deep Rooted tree, deep-rooted, the internal architecture is not so simple. “

    last generation Xie Yan leave a mirage From now on, Jiang Ning never saw him again for several years, and once again heard of him, he was an unreal legend for the group of people who had grown up in the seaside city of Henggao.

    Jiang Ning knew that he would become a young power man and control the Yan family, but he didn’t know the tortuous process.

    Xiao Shen said again: “But don’t worry, Yan Shao has already announced to the Yan family to give up inheritance. Once he is no longer the heir, the Yan family will not hurt you.”

    “…give up?”

    “Yes. “Yes.” Xiao Shen said: “President Yan came personally for this.”

    Thinking that Jiang Ning might be able to say something for himself in front of Young Master Yan in the future, Xiao Shen revealed more information: “But During the conversation tonight, Mr. Yan touched his nose.”

    Jiang Ning was shocked. She had never thought that her own existence had become Yan Yixie’s weakness.

    It was because she had thought too simple before. She thought that all the obstruction was nothing but the eyes of the outside world, her mother’s disapproval, and the Yan family’s rejection.

    But where is Yan’s house?

    Longtan Tiger’s Den.

    Jiang Ning suddenly understood one thing between the lightning and flint. When I was young in my last life, I had very little intersection with Yan Yixie. Apart from his fear of him at the time, is there any reason why Yan Yixie deliberately stayed away from him?

    It was not until the few years after he went abroad that he gradually took control of the Yan family, with full wings, and there were no signs of his appearance everywhere in his life… That sum of money to fund his tuition, the dance troupe was initially He took away the important role that was inexplicably returned to his own hands in the end.

    And in this life, she approached him without hesitation, everything was rewritten. So he simply gave up inheriting the Yan family for his own sake.

    After Jiang Ning hung up the phone with Secretary Xiao, he sat by the bed for a while.

    She was confused and soft inside.

    Thinking carefully over the past three years, she actually didn’t give too much to Yan Yixie. She caught him the fireflies in summer, and pierced the balloons in winter and Christmas. They were all trivial things. Sometimes she even had accidents, causing him to fall into the water and hurt his shoulder… But whether it was in the previous life or in this life, Yan Yi Thank you for giving yourself too much.

    Since Jiang Ning was a child, his father’s love has not been mentioned, which is about zero. Although Zheng Ruonan has enough maternal love for her, because of his busy career, Zheng Ruonan’s relationship with her has not been particularly close.

    Like this love that is hot, desperate, and fearless to burn everything, but also to hold her hand, she has never seen it in Xu Mingyi, and has never seen it in anyone in the world, only from the two-life Yan Thanks for it.

    He is working very hard to give two people a future.

    For this reason, teenagers lay down their dignity and give up family possessions.

    Jiang Ning cherished it very much in his heart and felt that he was being held up carefully by him.

    …But because of this, she feels very distressed, is it worth it?

    Jiang Ning raised her eyes and saw the wall clock on the wall. It was already past 11 o’clock in the evening. Although she tried to control her thoughts, she would wait until tomorrow when she met Yan Yixie at school, but she didn’t hold back anymore and picked it up The phone called him.

    Yan Yixie is also trying to call Jiang Ning, but her mobile phone is always busy.

    “Who are you calling in the middle of the night?” Yan Yixie’s voice came from the other side of the phone, trying to understate and keep his tone from sounding sour.

    Jiang Ning originally wanted to talk nonsense and just say which classmate just called, but she really wanted to ask what Secretary Xiao had said, so she paused, or simply told the truth: “Secretary Xiao.”

    Yan Yi thanked me so much. Smart, I immediately understood what Jiang Ning had learned from Secretary Xiao.

    He frowned: “Xiao Shen.”

    Jiang Ning thought that Secretary Xiao had told him this to be a good favor, but when the favor was not completed, he was remembered by Yan Yixie. It was too miserable, so he hurry up. Said: “It’s none of his business, I forced to ask him.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t continue to struggle with this issue, but said in a low voice: “Jiang Ning, it has nothing to do with you. Don’t think it’s me who has lost for you. What.”

    “It’s me who insists on staying with you, it is I who insist on staying with you. I should be sorry for putting you under pressure without authorization.”

    Although there is a telephone line, Yan Yixie’s tone is serious Muffled. His voice is somewhere between a teenager and a mature man, with a kind of touching magnetism, a common sentence, but it is as serious as an oath.

    Jiang Ning’s eyes became so hot… Sometimes Yan Yixie looked like a very cold person, and he couldn’t cover it, but Jiang Ning always knew what Jiang Ning was thinking before he said anything. Taking everything to himself in one step, Jiang Ning had no worries.

    Jiang Ning thought, there is no such a person in the world.

    Jiang Ning had never regretted as much as this moment in his two lifetimes—regret that he hadn’t rushed to him hard at the beginning of his previous life.

    Jiang Ning was speechless, buried his face in the pillow, and whispered “Um” in a dull voice.

    On the other side of the phone, Yan Yixie felt that Jiang Ning’s voice was not right, and her tone became tense: “…Did you cry?”

    Jiang Ning said, “No.”

    Although moved, Jiang Ning touched his eyes and did nothing. .

    Yan Yixie couldn’t believe it.

    “Did my father say something to you again?” The chill on his body seemed to be transmitted over the phone.

    Jiang Ning was afraid that he would make up for the scene of her being bullied and crying, so he quickly lifted his head from the pillow: “No, don’t think about it. I was just afraid that my mother would hear it, so I buried my head in the pillow. , The voice is a little vague     .”     Yan Yixie

    : “Really not?”

Jiang Ning: “Really not.”

Yan Yixie thought for a moment: “Then you can send a photo here, let me see if there is any.”

    Jiang Ning: ……are you crazy.

    “I don’t want to shoot. I have turned off the lights and slapped you on the head.”

    Yan Yixie said with confidence: “Then you are crying.”

    Jiang Ning: “…” Suddenly his fists are itchy.

    “What if I didn’t cry?” Jiang Ning was inexplicably competitive, and said angrily: “You get me up, let’s video.”

    Jiang Ning hung up the phone, got up and turned on the lamp, and took out the headset from under the pillow. On, as soon as the video was played, it was immediately connected over there without any pause.

    “…” Jiang Ning then realized that he was playing tricks by himself.

    On the other side of the video, Yan Yixie leaned on the head of the bed and looked at Jiang Ning’s face carefully, confirming that she did not have any signs of crying, and then he was relieved.

    Because they meet every day, Jiang Ning rarely and Yan Yixie video, and this year the technology is not very developed, the video is very vague. But despite this, she was dazzled by the beauty in the video.

    Jiang Ning coughed, just about to say that he had beaten him thirty million. Yan Yi thanked him and said, “You keep it.”

    Jiang Ning:?

    She hasn’t said it yet, when did Yan Yixie have a mind-reading skill?

    There was little snow swaying outside the window, and the room was warm.

    The gaze in Yan Yixie’s dark eyes was deep, and he looked at Jiang Ning intently.

    It was quiet for a moment.

    He said: “Next, it may still be a little difficult, Jiang Ning.” It

    is difficult. Jiang Ning looked at him warmly.

    “But you…can hold on for a while?”

    Yan Yixie was begging. He has never so longed in his life to hold someone’s hand firmly, through the mist, and reach the other shore.

    “Of course.” Jiang Ning said without hesitation.

    Jiang Ning at this time had never thought that the two would be separated.

    After each last snow in winter, Jiang Ning would dream of that quiet night and her affirmative promise.

    There will always be dreams, when the boy stretches his eyebrows because of hearing her answer, the touch is softer than snow.

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