Yan Baiang raised his hand to loosen the silver-gray tie, and glanced at his watch: “I don’t have much time to waste on you.”

    Yan Yi thanked him and mocked: “The door is there, you can leave directly. Is it possible that you think what kind of charity is your arrival?”

    Yan Baiang frowned more and more. After years of absence, his son’s sharpness and thorns did not cut half a point, but became more rebellious and rebellious. Yan Baiang stared at Yan. Thanks, I decided to start straight: “Why did I let Xiao Shen come to pick you up? You don’t want to go back?”

    Yan Yixie glanced at Secretary Xiao in the corner with his left light: “Xiao Shen, didn’t you convey to Mr. Yan, who is always in charge of everything?”

    Yan Baiang finally couldn’t help it, and said in a deep voice: “Smelly boy, don’t talk stingy! Haven’t your mother and I cared about you all these years? We call every year because you refuse to be thousands of miles away. No! Yes, your leg becomes like this and it has something to do with us. We are too ruthless to send you here to re-train a new heir after your leg is sick, but have you considered for the overall situation, if there is not one The new healthy heirs, the group of vampires who don’t want to crawl up my skin all the time, can you stop? Do you think you can eat good food these years, who gave it? Don’t know what is good or bad!”

    Yan Yixie sneered more and more:” Who gave it? It was given by your grandfather who was eager to sign the euthanasia agreement while still lying on the hospital bed! Didn’t Yan always ask about his finances? I haven’t spent any money on you all these years! Or you have arrived. This age has begun to be confused? No wonder Jiang Jing and the group of people are starting to move around again.”

    Yan Baiang’s expression changed slightly: “Jiang Jing sent someone here?”

    Yan Yi thanked him : “Yes, your courtesy came. You haven’t yet. If you abdicate, you can’t wait to overthrow your regime and support me in the upper ranks.”

    “You are my son, so naturally you are on my side. It is his turn to fight the Yans?” Yan Baiang said coldly, disapproving.

    “You are really confident.”

    Yan Yixie ignored him, but said to Secretary Xiao: “Did you not give it to him?” Yan Bai raised his eyebrows: “What?”

    Secretary Xiao was sweating coldly. When Yan Yixie handed him a “Confirmation of Disclaiming Succession”, he did not dare to follow Yan Yixie’s request to hand it to Yan Bai or publish it at the Yan’s internal shareholders meeting.

    For people like Secretary Xiao, the Yan family is now experiencing a silent fight for rights. After Yan Baiang confirmed that he could not give birth to other children, Yan Yixie was the only prince. In any case, as long as there is no accident with Yan Yixie, the entire Yan family will belong to him in the future.

    Secretary Xiao and many people in Yan’s family were moved to please in advance.

    He thought, if Yan Shao voluntarily gave up his inheritance and it was just a joke, if he really submitted it, something happened later, or Yan Shao repented, wouldn’t it be counted on him? Since ancient times, only new people have forced the prince to abdicate. Where can the prince give up willingly?

    But now Yan Yixie took the initiative to mention this, is it possible that he came for real?

    Yan Baiang stared at Secretary Xiao with a heavy face, and asked again: “What?”

    Secretary Xiao, sweating coldly, quickly took out the document from his briefcase and handed it to Yan Baiang: ” President Yan.”

    Yan Baiang hurriedly turned over the document, and suddenly stood up, his face was so ugly that he couldn’t be more ugly.

    In front of Yan

    Yixie, he threw the file to Secretary Xiao: “Tear it to me.” Secretary Xiao looked at Yan Baiang and Yan Yixie again, in a dilemma. In the end, he decided not to offend Yan Baiang, who was still in place, and walked to the corner with the file, and tore it to pieces.


    Yixie didn’t lift his eyelids: “It’s just a printed version.” Yan Baiang’s face was pale: “Are you retaliating against me?”

    The news that he will no longer have children in the future won’t be able to contain the fire, and it will spread sooner or later. .

    His only son refused to help him at this moment, and he went down to the ground and announced with great fanfare that he would give up his inheritance rights.

    When the time comes, those all-pervasive people trying to cannibalize the Yan family will definitely take this opportunity to nominate a foreigner to become the next heir. Maybe they will use this to impeach him.

    Yan Boang is not alone in power. After the father’s death, all walks of life fell apart. Yan Baiang really needs an heir surnamed Yan to consolidate the regime-and this person can only be his own son.

    Any nephew and niece surnamed Yan is a premature jackal, recruiting one to the knee is tantamount to raising a white-eyed wolf!

    . “Do not be too self-righteous” a Xie Yan said: “I pay you to do?”

    Yan Bo Ang said: “Then you have to work against you, and I do not know that I need you back it??” “A

    few years ago no Yes, send me here, now I need it again, and must I be picked up again?” Yan Yixie’s cold intent was like a needle: “Am I a dog that is called to come and go? “

    Yan Baiang knew that he couldn’t help Yan Yixie in this matter, and said, “I can make up for it.”

    “No need. ” Yan Yixie turned his wheelchair and went to the side of the coffee table to pick up an apple parser. Get up: “I just don’t want to go to the muddy waters surnamed Yan again.”

    The identity of the heir is eager for everyone, but for Yan Yixie, it is far less important.

    Yan Yixie thought very clearly that he was still fledgling and couldn’t protect Jiang Ning from those people. Even if it is protected for a while, it cannot be protected in the long run. If he stays by Jiang Ning’s side, it will bring danger to Jiang Ning.

    However, he only needs to give up his heir status, and all dangers will disappear. When he became an ordinary person, those in the Yan family would no longer approach Jiang Ning for profit.

    Yan Baiang originally thought the same as Secretary Xiao, thinking that Yan Yixie was making trouble, and when he came to pick him up in person, Yan Yixie agreed to go with him.

    Where in this world is there to give up money power?

    What’s more, he could see that his son was full of paranoia from a young age, a stubborn stubborn swearing not to get something.

    But I never expected that in the past few years, what happened to Yan Yixie, he was less desperate, and less fragile, his ambitions had shifted.

    Yan Baiang sat down and calmed down for a while.

    After staring at Yan Yixie for a while, he slowly said, “Is it because of that girl?”

    Yan Yixie didn’t raise his eyelashes. He didn’t say yes or no.

    Everything can be investigated, and it is useless to try to cover up.

    Yan Baiang thought for a while and said: “I can let you go abroad together, you inherit the family business, and she will accompany you, okay? When you inherit the Yan family in the future, she will be able to come in and become Mrs. Yan, I think No girl in the world can refuse such temptation.”

    “Then become your puppet?” Yan Yixie disapproved: “Can I not know your virtue? Until I obey your wishes and become the heir to the face, You will try your best to break us apart. What’s more, you couldn’t protect me, who was less than ten years old, a few years ago. How can I make sure that you can protect her?”

    Yan Yixie raised his dark eyelashes and stared at me. He slowly said: “I don’t believe you, only I can be reliable.”

    Yan Baiang: “Don’t you know what it means to inherit the

    Yan family?” Yan Yi thanked

    him : “I am not you.” He wanted what he wanted. , It’s never just so little warm.

    Yan Baiang heaved a sigh of relief: “If you are worried about letting her return to Yan’s house with you, my hands will not be able to protect her. You can follow me back to Yan’s house first. After three years, you will be full of wings, and you will come back to find her again. “

    Yan Yixie ignored him.

    There are too many variables in three years.

    What if he comes back and Jiang Ning already likes others? He just wanted to stay by her side and guard her tightly like an evil dragon guarding the treasure. He didn’t want anything else.

    Seeing Yan Yixie’s softness and not eating, Yan Baiang’s forehead had faintly sprouted blue veins.

    Yan Yixie glanced at him sarcastically: “I have made up my mind. It’s you, instead of wasting time on persuading me, you might as well go back and find another way. If there is no heir, the next shareholder meeting will elect a new chairman. It’s not so easy for you to get an overwhelming number of votes.”

    Yan Baiang stared at Yan Yixie, knowing that his son was paranoid, and he would not change easily any decisions he made since he was a child. It’s as difficult as the sky.

    So, what about that girl?

    Without looking back, Yan Bai stretched out his hand to Xiao Shen and said, “You have that girl’s phone number, please call me.” Yan Yixie’s

    face suddenly became dark: “I advise you not to try to start with Jiang Ning. ! Otherwise, be careful of my jade and stone. I still have 8% of the shares in my hand. Do you want me to hand over to Yan You or Yang Mingxiao?!”

    “I just help you prove one thing.” Yan Boang raised his hand and gestured. I didn’t want to die with Yan Yixie: “I believe you also want to know.”

    Secretary Xiao pressed the dial button.

    The call is connected quickly.

    Jiang Ning had just come out of the bath, because he saw the people of Yan’s family, and felt a little restless. Seeing that the caller ID was Secretary Xiao, he connected without thinking about it.

    Secretary Xiao’s voice came over the phone: “Jiang Ning? This is Xiao Shen.”

    Jiang Ning said “Um”: “I know.” I

    saw it in Yan Yixie’s villa before.

    “What’s the matter?” Jiang Ning asked, wiping his hair.

    She was guessing what happened, when she heard Secretary Xiao say over there: “I just said straightforwardly, Mr. Yan is now in the sea market, I hope you can leave Yan Shao.”

    Jiang Ning:? So direct?

    Jiang Ning said: “He told me to leave and I will leave? Am I not very shameless?”

    Secretary Xiao glanced at Yan Baiang and wiped the sweat from his forehead: “One hundred million. If you want, you will call your account tomorrow, but the prerequisite is that you have to break up with the young master.”

    Yan Yixie wrinkled. Brows, he wanted to snatch the mobile phone in Secretary Xiao’s hand.

    I heard the decisive voice over there: “Yes.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Jiang Ning’s voice came from the phone: “I think it is possible. You can call 30 million to my card first. balance due as well. “

    Yan Xie a:” …… “

    Yan Yan gave a faint smile Baiang Xie look, eyes a little compassion. I thought that the girl my son liked was so special, but the one hundred million was lost.

    Secretary Xiao was in a cold sweat and didn’t know what to do. Wouldn’t Jiang Ning at least cry and stalker? He agreed so without hesitation?

    Yan Baiang nodded to him and said, “Transfer from my personal account.” After

    Secretary Xiao called and asked someone to do it remotely, Jiang Ning, who was still waiting patiently on the other side of the phone, said: “Transfer, you Take a look.”

    Now Secretary Xiao feels a little bit worthless for Yan Shao, why Yan Shao is even willing to give up her inheritance rights, but she abandons Yan Shao for the sake of a mere 100 million?

    Jiang Ning cut out and took a look at the text message, and indeed received a text message worth 30 million yuan.

    She carefully counted the zeros at the back, and said to Secretary Xiao: “I have received it.”

    Secretary Xiao said: “You will fulfill your promise?”

    Jiang Ning’s voice was slightly cold, and from the other end of the phone: “I will transfer.” Jin Yan thanked Kari. Please tell Mr. Yan in your mouth that he owes Yan a thank you. As for the bloody plot like I want to leave him with money, don’t think about it. TV dramas didn’t exist five years ago. That’s it.”

    After speaking, Jiang Ning hung up the phone.

    The air in the villa was silent.

    The sweat on Secretary Xiao’s forehead slowly dripped.

    Yan Baiang, who lost thirty million inexplicably, said: “…” Yan Yixie took

    a bite of the apple and chewed slowly, trying not to make himself laugh, but the corners of his mouth still rose sharply.

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