In the following days, lunch boxes were sent to the company, but Zheng Ruonan refused to accept them, and gifts such as health care products and mutton jade were continuously sent over.

    The company’s performance reached the highest in history for a while.

    The employees in the sales team and the public relations team felt that when talking about customers recently, they went very smoothly everywhere, and it was so smooth.

    In the past, projects that had to be filled with a few kilograms of liquor to be able to be taken down were recently delivered to the door inexplicably, even without even making a phone call. Several large companies appointed their companies to make anniversary gifts for them.

    Not only that, the company was in a dispute before, and a piece of land rented was misappropriated by the real estate owner. At that time, when the contract was signed, Zheng Ruonan’s legal team was in charge of this matter. There were loopholes in the terms, and the site was able to squarely block Zheng Ruonan’s rental requirements.

    Last month, Zheng Ruonan personally took the assistant to visit, but failed to resolve the matter. After asking, she realized that she was careless at the beginning. This real estate developer is a well-known old man in the industry. Persuaded her to only learn from the boring loss.

    However, the real estate developer suddenly called to apologize yesterday, and said with trepidation that he would re-draw a formal contract. Not only would the site be returned to Zheng Ruonan’s company, but he would also pay compensation in accordance with the formal contract.

    The matter was solved inexplicably like this.

    Zheng Ruonan’s company was dumbfounded.

    “What’s going on with our company recently?

    Has it been covered by God? It’s not going well.” “Or did the boss know someone capable of it?

    Take special care of our company?” The employees talked a lot, and only Zheng Ruonan knew what was going on. Going on.

    Zheng Ruonan’s heart is extremely complicated. She feels like she has become a wicked mother-in-law who is bullying. Her daughter-in-law gets up in the morning to make breakfast for herself, and she has to find a way to solve the company’s problems for herself.

    Zheng Ruonan could send back the things that the boy sent back intact, or let the front desk refuse to accept them. But what about the problem that the other party helped the company solve? What about the continuous business brought by the partner company? She can’t sell the company and return the money she earned.

    Zheng Ruonan disagrees with Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie, and this life will never agree.

    But Yan Yixie’s move caused her to be in a mess.

    Take the hand soft and eat the short mouth, and don’t hit the smiley person with your hand. That young man helped the company so much, if she continued to embarrass Jiang Ning and him, she would avenge her revenge.

    Zheng Ruonan doesn’t have many friends, and Xu Mingyi’s mother has only known her for decades. She told Xu Mingyi’s mother about this when she was about to go out for dinner.

    Xu’s mother was a little surprised at first, and then let go. Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi’s baby relatives seemed to be unable to count them.

    She said: “In fact, you don’t have to embarrass the two children at this moment. You are confused by the authorities! Jiang Ning’s grades are the most important thing. I think Jiang Ning has resistance to this child. The more you suppress it. , The more she bounces back, and if you don’t handle it properly by that time and she fails the college entrance examination, then it’s over!”

    “But I have prepared the house and property for Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan, they As long as you are healthy and happy, I don’t think which university you go to is that important.” Zheng Ruonan always thinks so.

    Xu’s mother said: “This is just your wishful thinking. Do you think Jiang Ning will be happy if you miss a key university and become a mediocre person? I heard Xu Mingyi say that she is already very famous in school. After her performance on New Year’s Day last year, There are also scouts looking for her. She is obviously shining all over, but if she goes to an ordinary university, marries an ordinary person, walks the same way as you and me, and everyone, can she be happy?”

    Zheng Ruonan Hearing what Xu’s mother said, I was shocked.

    That night, she stayed up all night with her eyes open.

    She was indeed faint, because she was in it, because it was something her daughter was in, so she couldn’t think clearly. No matter where Jiang Ning and the boy are now, she can’t stop them too aggressively now-at least after the college entrance examination.

    Yes, what kind of road Jiang Ning has to walk is the matter of his life. Compared with this, whoever falls in love with is an episode.

    If you missed the college entrance examination, there is no way to recover it, but Jiang Ning and the boy will have time to correct them slowly in the future.

    Zheng Ruonan decided to use a postponement strategy.

    When Yan Yixie’s driver came again the next day, she asked the driver to bring Yan

    Yixie a sentence: “No more breakfast, my aunt is very grateful and won’t stop you again.” Naturally, Yan Yixie would not think Zheng Ruonan. This is the recognition of herself. She is probably procrastinating and intends to wait for the college entrance examination before resolving the matter.

    However, this is already a big step forward for Yan Yixie.

    He doesn’t need any family members, but he can’t let Jiang Ningzhong betray his relatives.

    Rescuing Jiang Ning and solving Zheng Ruonan’s company’s affairs will make Zheng Ruonan preconceived that he owes him a favor. What he needs to do now is to have enough patience to make this favor owe more and more, until one day , Auntie can no longer speak to persuade the division.

    Yan Yixie felt that there was hope.

    Even if this road will be extremely difficult until all difficulties are completely overcome, he will not shrink at all.

    When there is an obstacle, he removes one. As long as Jiang Ning does not let go of his hand, one day, he will let all these obstacles disappear, so that he and Jiang Ning can stand in the sunshine. .


    Zheng Ruonan’s attitude has changed, how can Jiang Ning not feel it?

    Zheng Ruonan still watched her talk and stopped, and forcibly took her to and from school, but for several days he didn’t argue with her about Yan Yixie, and even took the initiative to avoid mentioning it.

    Jiang Ning is a little bit confused about the reason for this change-her mother has always been a stubborn and strong person.

    As soon as he learned that Jiang’s father had derailed, he was going to get a divorce. Zheng Ruonan was a person who couldn’t rub the sand in his eyes.

    Jiang Ning thought that there would be a few quarrels in the next big and small, and then she and Zheng Ruonan would take a step back temporarily.

    Who knew that there was no quarrel, Zheng Ruonan took a step back.

    This day was the last day of February. The gloomy sky was a little blue with crows, and light snow gradually fell on the ground.

    This should be the last snow of the year, and after this snow, it will be spring.

    In the previous weekend, Zheng Ruonan was basically away from home. Jiang Ning would stay in Yan Yixie’s villa for two days, and Jiang Fan would occasionally go there to play.

    But since Zheng Ruonan found out that Jiang Ning was in love, the time she stayed at home became longer, and many meetings were taken home to deal with.

    On Sunday afternoon, she was sitting in the living room for a meeting. Jiang Ning could not go out, so she had to stay in the room to do homework.

    Jiang Ning was itchy in his heart as he watched the last snowfall drifting down in the late winter. This kind of snow covered in silver is the most suitable for eating roasted sweet potatoes. If you don’t eat it, everything will recover in spring and it will be boring.

    She dressed lightly and neatly, put on a scarf and furry hat, opened the door, and glanced outside.

    While Zheng Ruonan went to call on the balcony, Jiang Ning slipped to the hallway quietly.

    Zheng Ruonan noticed when she opened the door of the room.

    As soon as he turned his head, the security door clicked, and Jiang Ning had already slipped away.

    “…” Zheng Ruonan was a little helpless.

    Jiang Ning realized that he had guessed right, Zheng Ruonan really took a step back-even sneaking out, did not teach himself.

    Jiang Ning felt strange. After going downstairs, he met Zheng Ruonan’s assistant who was driving downstairs.

    “Jiang Ning?” The assistant poked his head out of the lowered car window, and raised the document in his hand: “I have a document to send to Mr. Zheng, can you bring it up for me?”

    Jiang Ning finally escaped. Out of the tiger’s mouth, how can I go back, wave your hand quickly: “You send it up, I just want to go out if something is going on.”

    “Oh, I thought you were going downstairs to buy things, then I’ll go up there.” The assistant had to push the car door down. , Trotting downstairs while blocking the snow with his hands.

    Jiang Ning took two steps, thought about it, and then turned around and asked: “What file?” I

    don’t know if it was her illusion. How do you feel that Zheng Ruonan’s company has been particularly busy recently? Project after project came, overwhelmed.

    The assistant smiled and said, “You have to ask your boyfriend.” When

    Jiang Ning was taken aback, the assistant had already entered the elevator.

    Jiang Ning is not a fool either, her mother suddenly took a step back without reason…

    But how did Yan Yixie know her mother’s opposition?

    Jiang Ning suddenly remembered that some time ago Jiang Fan came back and said that she saw Yan Yixie downstairs, but she was stunned with Zheng Ruonan, and Yan Yixie also looked normal the next day, nothing unusual. , She didn’t think too much… but did Yan Yixie hear something that day?

    …I heard her mother said he was disabled?

    Jiang Ning’s face became paler the more he thought about it.

    At that time, she couldn’t bear those words, and her eyes were red after returning home. What would Yan Yixie think after hearing those words?

    But that day, he pretended to be nothing, read “Pride and Prejudice” to himself and coaxed himself to sleep. The next day he brought himself soy milk…

    Jiang Ning thought, and walked towards the gate of the community. Because I was a little confused, I didn’t even notice that I forgot to bring an umbrella when I went downstairs.

    Xiaoxue kept drifting into her neck with the wind, melting around her neck, and the ice made her shiver.

    There is a car parked outside the complex.

    Jiang Ning sent a text message saying that he wanted to eat roasted sweet potatoes, and Yan thanked the housekeeper to drive over.

    Jiang Ning clasped his arms and walked to the front of the car unconsciously.

    Yan Yixie sat in the back seat of the car and kept staring at her as she walked over. She was in a daze when she saw her so far away. When she got to the car, she couldn’t stand up even more stupidly, so she couldn’t help but open the car door and pulled her directly. Come in.

    “What do you think? Frozen stupid?” Yan Yi thanked him and laughed, handing over the roasted sweet potatoes he had bought, and raising his hand to remove the snow from Jiang Ning’s hair.

    Jiang Ning took the roasted sweet potato, looked at him, and noticed the small cut on his finger.

    The juvenile’s fingers are slender and the joints are distinct, and a little scratch is quite obvious.

    “How did you get your hand?” Jiang Ning frowned, put the roasted sweet potato to his side and grabbed his hand.

    Yan Yixie curled up her fingers in a natural way, but Jiang Ning hadn’t curled her hands before, and Jiang Ning grabbed her hand.

    Jiang Ning said frankly: “You are all mine. Let me see what’s wrong with your hand?”

    Yan Yixie was so shocked by her words that she couldn’t speak for a long time. He subconsciously looked at the driver’s seat and looked at the rearview mirror. With a pair of smiling eyes from the upper housekeeper, Yan Yi Xie Bing’s indifferent profile suddenly became a little bit unstretched, and he became red.

    “I don’t know, it may have been stabbed by flowers.”

    Jiang Ning was not convinced, and this answer was too perfunctory. Where did the flowers bloom in the winter?

    Besides, Marguerite is planted in the courtyard of the villa, not roses. Where are the thorns?

    Fortunately, he didn’t say that he was bitten by a bug, otherwise he would be perfunctory.

    In fact, Jiang Ning vaguely guessed something.


    don’t know why, if Yan Yixie’s reaction is to damage her self-esteem and get angry with her after hearing those conversations between herself and her mother, she feels better in her heart.

    But he didn’t, it’s not like him…

    He was trying his best to walk towards her, trying to prevent her from being stressed…

    The young man who had always taken pride in his life even let go of his self-esteem, just to hold her. Hand to the future.

    Jiang Ning’s chest pained abruptly while pulling his heart.

    She concealed and hurriedly took out two band-aids from her schoolbag and carefully applied them to the two biggest wounds on Yan Yixie’s fingers.

    The air in the car is very quiet.

    Yan Yixie was a little helpless: “Such a small injury, it has been healed long ago.”

    Jiang Ning did not say a word. Her eyes were hot, because she was afraid that her eyes would be red in front of Yan Yixie, she did not dare to raise her head and kept her eyelashes down. .

    She bit the tip of her tongue, trying to keep the surface calm.

    Yan Yixie looked at her head, which was about to fall to her waist, and noticed something strange.

    “What’s the matter?” Yan Yixie tried to pull his hand to support Jiang Ning’s shoulder, “Is it…”

    Yan Yixie originally wanted to ask if his aunt scolded you again, but soon realized that Jiang Ning was planning to hide from him. Ruo Nan didn’t want to see him, so she changed her words again: “…Did something happen at home?”

    “No.” Jiang Ning shook his head, not only did not raise his head, but also buried his head in Yan Yixie’s neck. Office: “It’s…”

    “I just want to hug it.”

    Yan Yixie was taken aback for a while, and then Qingjun’s face turned a little unnaturally, staring at the butler who was watching the two of them.

    The housekeeper couldn’t help but laughed, got out of the car under the umbrella, and left a long way away, leaving the solitary space for the two of them.

    Yan Yixie slowly put his hand on Jiang Ning’s back and stroked her head.

    The white snow rose from the crow-blue sky, and on the dim roadside, the street lights were on, and the car dropped a dizzy yellow shadow on the ground.

    The shadows of the two embracing fell on the car window, forming a silhouette.

    “You know I like you very much.” Jiang Ning lowered his eyelashes, hugged Yan Yixie’s neck tightly, and said seriously: “No, I don’t like it, it’s a little more than I like it, I love you very much.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t know why Jiang Ning said such words off guard.

    He stiffened suddenly, his face was scorched with fire, and he gave a low “um”, clinging to Jiang Ning even more forcefully.

    Jiang Ning was also a bit shy, but she didn’t know what to do to convince Yan Yixie that her belief in accompanying him was also very firm.

    He was working hard, and she was not lazy.

    If two people work together, the distance between reaching each other will always be shortened, right?

    After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he was a little embarrassed and closed his mouth.

    Yan Yixie waited for a while, but didn’t wait for the next sentence, and couldn’t help but feel a little dissatisfied.

    He hugged Jiang Ning so that Jiang Ning could not breathe, and gently pinched Jiang Ning’s waist through the down jacket, and asked, “What else?”

    “Do you still want to listen?” Jiang Ning snorted twice. “It’s so greedy.”

    She felt that Yan Yixie seemed to want her to confess nine hundred and ninety-nine sentences in one day.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie did like it, or greedy Jiang Ning when he said something like this.

    He is often insecure. He is concerned about gains and losses, like a bottomless pit. Only Jiang Ning’s eyes, smile, and company can fill it up.

    “Then let me say one more thing.” Jiang Ning allowed him to ask and ask, and said in his ear: “Thank you, Yan, I swear, I will not leave you.” The

    young boy’s eyes finally showed a bright smile.

    He whispered again. It’s like taking a drug to understand it.

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