Yan Yixie hadn’t eaten the roadside stall yet, and Jiang Ning strongly urged him to try it. Yan Yixie refused, but couldn’t bear Jiang Ning holding his arm softly.

    Ten minutes later, the boy had a dark face and asked the housekeeper to drive to the snack street near the old alley.

    Under the dim sky, the snow fell swayingly from the sky, and the snack street mixed with arowana was disorderly. The aromas of wontons, steamed buns, beef noodles, snail noodles, grilled skewers, and fried chicken mixed into the tip of the nose, in the light snow. The fog was thick, the ditch on the side of the road was still frozen, and several three or four-year-old children were cheering with their buttocks and chipping ice… it was a firework that Yan Yixie had never possessed.

    Jiang Ning grew up in a hutong, knowing this well, knowing which of the dozen skewers restaurants is the best, and pushing Yan Yixie’s wheelchair familiarly.

    The butler wisely left the time for the two to be alone, and drove the car to the square opposite the snack street to wait.

    Jiang Ning always likes to go around behind Yan Yixie to push his wheelchair. Yan Yixie is very uncomfortable, so he can’t see Jiang Ning.

    And although he is disabled, he never needs help from others. Let alone in front of the person he likes, he hopes that he is strong enough for Jiang Ning to rely on instead of being helped by her.

    He frowned slightly and turned his head back: “Jiang Ning, come next to me.”

    Jiang Ning knew that the young man had a strong self-esteem, so he quickly smoothed his hair: “I know I know, you want to come by yourself.”

    “Then you still—”

    “This path is frozen. I’m afraid of slippery roads. Let me push you over first. When there are few people in front, I will let you go.”

    Yanyi Xie Junmei still twisted his eyebrows to kill the flies, he still Want to say something, Jiang Ning quickly said in his ear: “You let me push, and I will kiss you later, if you don’t let me push, today’s kiss will be gone.”

    Yan Yi thanks : “…………”

    Jiang Ning kept walking, and said this in a low voice in Yan Yixie’s ear. The small alley was crowded and noisy, and no one heard it, but Yan Yixie’s face suddenly blushed.

    The crowd was raging, and the teenager’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

    He turned into anger and squeezed the wheelchair armrests: “Who rares this?!” Jiang Ning is really good, and now he can use this kind of thing to threaten him!

    Jiang Ning said “Oh?”, his eyes rolled around on his side, and he exaggeratedly said: “You are not rare?”

    Yan Yixie couldn’t help but glared at her.

    Jiang Ning leaned over and smiled in his ear: “That’s really gone.”

    “…” A hint of disappointment flashed through Yan Yixie’s eyes.

    A few seconds later, Yan Yixie raised his arms and turned his head back, trying to make himself look expressionless, not caring about the “kiss”: “Forget it, just do whatever you want.”

    Jiang Ning wanted to laugh. The corners of his mouth raised uncontrollably: “It’s all at the door of the store. It’s too late to make a decision. Unless you let me push on the way back, I will kiss you.”

    Yan Yixie’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. “…”

    He felt that Jiang Ning was getting fatter and fatter. Now he not only bargained with him, but also learned to make fun of him.

    Yan Yixie put her expression on her face as a barometer, and Jiang Ning had pushed his wheelchair into the skewers restaurant.

    In the past, Yan Yixie never ate out, not just because of the young master’s temper and the uncleanness outside.

    Even more because it is not convenient for him to sit in a wheelchair, he needs to move his seat no matter which restaurant he goes to.

    During this process, there will be more than a dozen strange glances.

    But today Jiang Ning and him sat down at the seat by the window. Except for other customers who looked at them, the clerk did not cast extra glances.

    There was a seat with a pot of green plants next to the window in the most corner, which also seemed to have been moved in advance, just suitable for his wheelchair to enter.

    After Jiang Ning sat down, he asked Yan Yixie excitedly: “What do you want to eat?”

    Yan Yixie has never been to such a shabby and small place, and there is no menu on the table. He glanced at Jiang Ning, cautiously Authentic: “You can order what you like.”

    “Then I’ll get a menu first.”

    Jiang Ning turned around and looked at it. The clerk was a bit busy, so she went to the front desk to get the menu by herself.

    Yan Yixie saw that she was very familiar with the boss’s aunt behind the cash register, but she couldn’t understand why the seats seemed to have been adjusted specifically for herself.

    Jiang Ning should have said hello in advance.

    The young man’s heart was a little mixed in an instant.

    After his legs became like this, he resisted other people’s special treatment of himself and was unwilling to accept others’ care. He would rather look like a gloomy and uncomfortable weird person in the eyes of others than in others’ eyes. Become a weak in the eyes.

    But Jiang Ning alone is different.

    She was kind to him, like a light from the dark and snowy sky, ironing out all the accumulation and unwillingness in his heart.

    He didn’t hate Jiang Ning’s unmarked “goodness” to him, even as if the moth wanted to get closer to the fire, but also wanted to get closer.

    But at the same time, he faintly worried that the phrase “she will be tired” came true.

    He is different from normal people. If his legs were intact, the people around would not think he was not worthy of Jiang Ning, and Jiang Ning’s mother would not be so strong to prevent him from staying with Jiang Ning. He had just passed the icy path, and he should have carried Jiang Ning on his back instead of Jiang Ning trying to reassure his self-esteem.

    Whenever he thinks of this, he feels very disturbed.

    After Jiang Ning returned from ordering food, she saw Yan Yixie and she was a little silent for some reason. She sat down and asked, “Are you still not used to the environment here?”

    Yan Yixie: “No, it doesn’t exist, I ‘m very used to it.”

    Jiang Ning smiled and said: “Don’t dislike it, the environment is a bit worse, but the alley is so deep, have you ever heard of it, taste it, it tastes very good!”

    A qualified boyfriend should change his diet for his little girlfriend Habit. The teenager frowned: “I said that if I don’t dislike it, I don’t dislike it.”

    In order to show that he doesn’t dislike the dirty place where Jiang Ning often comes, he tried his best to prevent himself from showing a repulsive expression, cruelly, put his elbows on the table and used his sleeves. Wiped the desktop vigorously.

    Jiang Ning: “…” Not necessarily!

    The table was indeed a bit dirty. She didn’t even put her hands on it. Yan Yixie’s down jacket was useless.

    Yan Yixie put his thumb against her lower lip and looked at Jiang Ning calmly for a while, then slowly took out something from the pocket of the down jacket jacket and pushed it towards Jiang Ning: “Yours.”

    Jiang Ning took a look. Cards.

    Jiang Ning: “?” There was a

    noisy earth-flavored love song in the skewers restaurant, and time was flowing quietly.

    Yan Yixie, in order not to make herself look like a stunned young man in love, settled and said in a deep voice, “This is the deposit, and the password is the last six digits of your ID. In addition to these, I also include the villa. According to last year’s net income financial statement for the 13 properties, and 8% of Yan’s shares, last year’s dividend was 1.3 billion. They are all handed over to you.”

    Jiang Ning: “???”

    “There is also This.” Yan Yixie took it in his arms, but found that he had forgotten to bring it out. So I had to turn on the phone and handed a copy of the information to Jiang Ning.

    “What is this?” Jiang Ning’s hand holding the bank card shook slowly.

    She felt that she was going to develop.

    When I reached the peak of my career in my previous life, I didn’t have so much money.

    “When your family bought a house three years ago, didn’t you say you wanted to buy Jingxiu’s real estate? I just bought two sets and let people decorate them. I originally planned to give it to you when you were 18 when you were an adult, but ……”

    Jiang Ning: “……”

    Handy? Casually?

    Jiang Ning swallowed unconvincingly.

    Yan Yixie couldn’t say that he was always worried about gains and losses, Jiang Ning ran away, and wanted to get out of the tray ahead of time to tie her up: “But I thought about it, since I’m your boyfriend, the two suites will serve as a birthday gift for the 18th birthday. It seems to be a bit short.”

    Jiang Ning: “???” The

    two suites are still a bit short?

    Are you talking about human words? Are you sure you are showing off your wealth?

    Not long ago for Yan Yixie’s eighteenth birthday, she gave a building block music box. There were no two houses in the bigger building block box.

    Are you sure you are not ridiculing her?

    Jiang Ning herself had forgotten the idea of ​​the future home she had said. After thinking about it for a long time, she finally remembered that three years ago, one afternoon, she played with the silver zipper on the neckline of Yan Yixie while talking about herself. If you want to live in a place full of fireworks, downstairs is a food court with floor-to-ceiling windows and a few cats.

    She just complained casually and never thought that the teenager would remember it in her heart.

    Jiang Ning suddenly noticed a problem keenly. She licked her lips, and her heart jumped quickly: “You remember what I said at that time, did you–“

    Yan Yixie: “Is it something?”

    Jiang Ning The corner of his mouth grinned to the temple: “Did you have a crush on me a long time ago?”


    Yanyi Xie Wanwan didn’t expect to lift a rock and hit her in the foot, her ears became hot, her handsome face turned black, and she denied: “I do not have.”

    “It doesn’t matter if you have it, just as if you have it.” Jiang Ning smiled triumphantly.

    Yan Yixie saw her curled up smiling eyes, and she didn’t know why she was a little restless in her heart: “Less narcissism–” Before she

    finished speaking, Jiang Ning took advantage of no one in the skewers shop to notice, and suddenly got up, and was separated by one. The not-so-wide table gave him a sip on his handsome face.

    Jiang Ning said, “Thank you, I accepted the card.”

    She won’t mess around with flowers. The reason why she accepted it was that it might make Yan Yixie feel safer.

    So Jiang Ning smiled and added: “You and I will accept it, and I will not return the goods.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yixie became stiff, and his heart was filled with joy, irritable, and he coughed. With a sound, he turned to look away, propped his face with his hands, and rubbed the place where Jiang Ning had kissed without a trace, pretending to be angrily: “Can you pay attention to the influence?”

    “No.” Jiang Ning as always. Fucked face.

    The dishes came up quickly, Yan Yixie took out two pairs of chopsticks, broke them apart, and handed them to Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning took the chopsticks, sniffed the aroma happily, and started to eat.

    Yan Yixie suddenly glanced at Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning didn’t notice.

    So Yan Yixie looked at Jiang Ning several times.

    Jiang Ning:?

    Jiang Ning really didn’t have the skills to read eyes, felt that he still had something to say, and asked, “What?” The

    boy looked at Jiang Ning a little unnaturally, and Xue Guang cast a light and light shadow on his side face.

    He hesitated for a few seconds before speaking with a cold face: “The kiss you just kissed, shouldn’t be counted as the promise you made before entering the store.”

    Jiang Ning:?

    Yan Yixie went out and said in anger, “Do you have to make up later?”

    Jiang Ning:?

    Who is it that is not paying attention?

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