The next day, in a misty winter, the housekeeper heard movement from the second floor before the sky was light.

    Young master wakes up so early? The housekeeper was puzzled, thinking that Yan Yixie was reading on the roof, so he put on his clothes, picked up the blanket, and went to the roof.

    In the end, he didn’t see anyone.

    The housekeeper looked around and found Yan Yixie in the kitchen on the first floor.

    The boy’s ice white silk pajamas had their sleeves rolled up, revealing two smooth muscled forearms. He was raising his wheelchair and sitting next to the pool, washing the shrimp with his precious and beautiful hands.

    The housekeeper couldn’t even dream of it, and he could actually see this scene in his lifetime.

    Yan Yixie frowned, his jet-black eyelashes hanging casually, his movements were very rusty. But his unforgettable ability is also reflected in the cooking video. Even if he has never been in the kitchen before, he uses scissors to cut the shrimp back and picks the shrimp thread. The steps are correct, so he can barely be considered modest. Yes.

    The shrimp meat is almost lost after the cutting, a large pot of fresh shrimp, only a very shabby porcelain box is left after washing.


    He lifted his hand from the water, his slender finger bones glowing red.

    After recovering from the petrochemical industry, the housekeeper quickly took a dry towel and stepped forward: “You can’t come by yourself if you want to eat shrimp early in the morning. Just ring the bell to wake me up!”

    Yan Yixie glanced at him. He took a dry towel and wiped his hands. Without telling the truth, he pursed his lips and said, “I want to do something to leave a good impression on Jiang Ning’s mother.” The

    housekeeper: “…This, you don’t need to do it personally. What do you do, just let the chef do it, and then pretend that you made it yourself, and you can send it over?”

    Yanyi frowned, “I’m not a fool, so how can the chef I invited pretend to be a novice? It is also a five-star taste. Can she not taste it? It will be counterproductive then.” The

    butler said, “I’ll come?”

    “Neither can you, you are also very experienced in cooking.” Yan Yixie shook his head and continued to wash the shrimps: “I’ll do it myself. You can hold the spoon when you fry later. I hate the smell of oily smoke. “The

    young master has always been stubborn, but the housekeeper couldn’t move when he was persuaded

    , so he had to say : “Okay.” Yan Yixie learned everything very quickly. At the beginning, it was very slow to wash shrimps. He poked his hands from time to time. After washing a pot, it became more and more. Soon.

    The housekeeper couldn’t help but wash a few for him, but Yan Yixie glanced at the perfect shrimp he had washed, a little disgusted, and picked out the few he washed and threw it away.

    Butler: “…” After

    tossing all morning, I finally finished a few dishes.

    Yan Yixie called the driver, asked the driver to take him to Zheng Ruonan’s company, and then called Secretary Xiao.

    The butler did not understand business matters, but only vaguely heard that he asked Secretary Xiao to explain to several large companies in the sea market, and asked them to think of a way to actively cooperate with Zheng Ruonan’s small company, and even give Zheng Ruonan’s company a few. project.

    Secretary Xiao stayed in Haicheng for more than a week, and neither succeeded in taking Yan Yixie back to explain to President Yan, nor was he able to please Yan Yixie, Zhengshou couldn’t offer her hospitality. Seeing that Young Master Yan took the initiative to confess things to an unprecedented level, how could he not handle it? Immediately, he called the people of the project team and handled it as a major event.

    After Yan Yixie’s explanation, he went back to the bedroom to take a shower without any expression.

    Before seeing Jiang Ning, he had to wash off the smell of his hands.

    The housekeeper was holding a long shopping list that Yan Yixie gave him, and he couldn’t help but feel a little complicated.

    In fact, yesterday Yan Yixie shut himself in the room uncharacteristically and tried to stand up. The housekeeper guessed what he heard when he gave the scarf to Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning’s mother might… not very acceptable to the young master.

    The housekeeper was still thinking, with the young master’s self-esteem covered in thorns, I’m afraid he’s going to have a cold war with Jiang Ning. NS.

    But who knows, there is no cold war, no despair, before he can react, the young master has digested himself.

    The young master is real. He really wants to hold Jiang Ning’s hand and walk down together, so that he can do these things that people would never do before.

    Will these things done by the young master work?

    The housekeeper almost wanted to rush to Jiang Ning’s mother and persuade her.

    After the day was completely lighted, Yan Yixie asked the housekeeper to drive the car outside Jiang Ning’s community as usual.

    This car is really eye-catching.

    This community is located in the most expensive part of the city center. There are many rich people who live in it. But at first sight of such an expensive car, several car owners who passed by couldn’t help but be speechless. They lowered their windows and looked over here. .

    Zheng Ruonan had heard the residents downstairs say in an exaggerated tone that a luxury car often enters and exits the community, and I don’t know which building the residents are.

    She didn’t think much about it at the time. The sea market has developed rapidly in recent years, and there are more and more wealthy people. Maybe this community really has billionaires who can afford that kind of car.

    Even after passing by the car several times in the previous two years, she just glanced at it.

    But what still don’t understand now?

    Under her nose, the teenager took Jiang Ning for three years. Even Jiang Fan knew of his existence, but he didn’t.

    The more Zheng Ruonan thought about it last night, the more unpleasant she felt. The more she felt that she was busy with business and neglected Jiang Ning, which made her fall in love with a disabled teenager.

    What kind of psychology is Jiang Ning? Mu Can? But Xu Mingyi has always liked Xu Mingyi since she was a child, and she didn’t see this sign.

    In the morning, during breakfast, she asked Jiang Ning: “From today until the college entrance examination, I will take you to and from school.”

    “Mom, are you enough.” Jiang Ning was thanked by Yan Yi’s voice in the evening. Healed, but when I woke up in the morning, my upset rose from the bottom of my heart: “Even if you send me to and from school, I will meet with him at school. You can never let me transfer.”

    Zheng Ruonan put down his chopsticks: “I know, I’m a small businessman and I can’t let him transfer. Henggao is the best high school in the city, and I can’t transfer you. I can’t stop you two from meeting.”

    “Then what is your picture? “

    Zheng Ruonan’s eyes suddenly reddened: “At least let you see a little bit less, the feelings are a little bit weaker, maybe you can break up when you go to college.”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Fan was eating next to him, without saying a word. Dare to say, for fear of getting into trouble, Zheng Ruonan found out that she was also in a puppy love.

    Jiang Ning was found to be fine, and Brother Yan was rich. If he was found out and all his pocket money was deducted, he would not be able to survive.

    Jiang Ning was about to laugh at Zheng Ruonan’s logic.

    In desperation, she got into the toilet, locked the door, and sent a text message to Yan Yixie: “Are you at the gate of the community?”

    “Here, where are you.”

    Jiang Ning was full of apologies and lied. “I soiled the best looking down jacket early this morning. I have to wash it and dry it before going out. Don’t wait for me. You go to school first. See you at school.” In the

    car, the teenager was holding his mobile phone. , Qingjun’s profile was reflected on the brown frosted car glass, and his lips pressed into a straight line, appearing strangely silent.

    The steward reminded: “Master, do you want to urge Jiang Ning? We have been waiting here for half an hour. The car has been parked for too long for fear of occupying the parking space.”

    Yan Yixie closed the phone screen, closed his eyes, and said, “Let’s go now. “The

    butler was surprised: “Jiang Ning is not coming?”


    “Is the car too eye-catching?” The housekeeper gave Yan Yixie advice: “Or we should change to a Volkswagen? One hundred thousand one.”

    Yan Yi thanked: “It’s not the problem of the car, I Thinking, her mother will send her off.” The

    butler instantly understood.

    But even if it knew what was going on, there was nothing to do.

    The butler sighed in his heart and turned the car around.

    Jiang Ning was in a low mood and was sent to the school gate by Zheng Ruonan, speechless all the way.

    As soon as the car stopped, she put her schoolbag on her back, opened the door, and ran away.

    Zheng Ruonan: “…”

    Zheng Ruonan’s face is almost black, but there is nothing to do with Jiang Ning.

    The same is true for Jiang Ning, there is no way with Zheng Ruonan.

    She intends to delay it first, and when she and Yan Yi have thanked them for 20 years and cooked rice and cooked rice, can her mother be able to beat the mandarin ducks hard? Of course, she couldn’t say this to Yan Yixie. Yan Yixie’s innocent energy would scare him to death.

    Jiang Ning sneaked in through the back door stepping on the class bell.

    She hurriedly stuffed her schoolbag into the desk, pulled the scattered hair behind her ears, and then poked the expressionless teenager next to her: “Where is my soy milk?”

    Since moving out of the alley, Jiang Ning has no choice. I went to my favorite soymilk stall. Fortunately, Yan Yixie came to pick her up every day. When passing by, he asked the housekeeper to stop and buy two cups.

    Yan Yixie glanced at her, saw her face close at hand, and said coldly, “Forgot to buy it.”

    “I don’t believe it, you must have bought it. Take it out soon.” Jiang Ning smiled and stretched out his hand to open his desk, but Yan Yixie caught his hand.

    She stretched out her other hand again, and the other hand was also caught by the boy.

    Jiang Ning looked up at Yan Yixie aggrievedly, and Yan Yixie also looked at her without expression and fluctuation.

    Jiang Ning then began to use his own assassin-acting like a baby. She only had her head left to move, so she rolled her face on the boy’s shoulders, and quickly rubbed off a layer of white cream on Yan Yixie’s black down jacket. Jiang Ning: “…”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Jiang Ning raised his head and said awkwardly: “Cough, I didn’t mean it, maybe I didn’t apply the cream evenly this morning.”

    Yan Yixie looked like he wanted to raise the corner of his mouth. , But resisted again, his Jun’s face still looked deserted, he let go of Jiang Ning’s hand, and took out two cups of soy milk from the desk.

    Then put both cups on Jiang Ning’s table.

    “Brother Yan is the best.” Jiang Ning immediately became happy, picked up the soy milk, bit the straw, and opened the book.

    Yan Yixie almost didn’t shake his hand, squeezing the cup of soy milk and spilling it on the table.

    Looking at Jiang Ning again, he was okay, as if sultry words were readily available anytime, anywhere.

    Yan Yixie couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.

    He glanced at Jiang Ning, his gaze fell on Jiang Ning’s clean down jacket, and said, “This is your favorite one?”

    Jiang Ning said without even thinking: “Yes.”

    Yan Yi thanked me profoundly. Asked: “Dirty? Has it been washed?”

    Jiang Ning felt a little in his heart, and quickly said: “Yes, the cuffs are just splashed with milk, rinsed with water, and dried with a hair dryer. It’s very fast. “

    So that’s it.” Yan Yixie said lightly.

    His eyes moved from Jiang Ning’s cuffs to her face, but there was no sneer in his tone, but a bit of pampering.

    Jiang Ning swallowed a large mouthful of soy milk. While feeling guilty, he was inexplicably numbed by Yan Yixie’s eyes, and his heartbeat accelerated.


    On Zheng Ruonan’s side, for some reason, the company’s business progress today is unexpectedly smooth.

    The few customers who had thought that they couldn’t eat it all gave up the rival company and cooperated with her instead. In addition, several project teams also won their first battles and won several larger customers.

    Zheng Ruonan was extremely busy all day.

    I originally planned to withdraw from the company’s business in the past few months and take care of Jiang Ning. But looking at the current situation, how can I get away?

    At noon, Zheng Ruonan was busy until one o’clock in the afternoon before eating.

    Seeing the front desk handed her a bento box, she was a little dizzy and couldn’t hear it clearly. She thought it was a takeaway, opened it straight, and gobbled up a grain of rice without leaving it.

    After eating, she heard the front desk say who brought it. She was stunned and the spoon fell directly on the ground.

    She said, what kind of silver-inlaid bento boxes would be used for takeaways?

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