“Aunt Zheng, are you looking for Jiang Ning?” Si Xiangming returned from the canteen with a snack bag and saw Zheng Ruonan standing outside the classroom.

    Zheng Ruonan helped the armpit bag on his shoulder, turned around with a ugly face, glanced at Si Xiangming, and forced a smile: “It’s Xiangming, it’s been a long time since I saw you, you have grown taller.”

    In the past, Si Xiangming often went to Jiang’s house with Xu Mingyi and had a few times of Zheng Ruonan’s stir-fried dishes, but since Jiang Ning’s house moved, a group of teenagers in the hutong have never been to Jiang Ning’s house again. It is also difficult for Jiang Ning’s mother to remember him. Si Xiangming smiled and said, “May I call Jiang Ning out for you?”

    “No, no, no need.” Zheng Ruonan said, pointing to the direction of the office: “The office is over there, I’m looking for you. The head teacher asked about Jiang Ning’s recent situation. You don’t need to tell Jiang Ning that I have been here.”


    Xiangming said : “Okay.” Zheng Ruonan smiled absent-mindedly: “Come to eat at home another day.”

    Si Xiangming is now in relationship with Jiang Ning. It’s so average, I don’t have such a thick skin to go to Jiang Ning’s for dinner, but I still responded.

    After the greeting, Zheng Ruonan walked straight to the teacher’s office.

    I don’t know if it was Si Xiangming’s illusion. He felt that Jiang Ning’s mother’s face was a bit ugly, but Jiang Ning’s grades have not receded recently. Si Xiangming didn’t think much, but took a look at Jiang Ning and then returned to his seat.

    After a while, Zheng Ruonan came out of the school and returned to the car parked outside the school in a complex mood.

    The new intern hurriedly pushed down the car door, took the bag in Zheng Ruonan’s hand, and opened the car door for her.

    Zheng Ruonan got in and almost hit the top of the car door. The intern quickly stopped with his hand: “Boss, be careful!”

    Seeing that the female boss’s expression was a bit wrong, the intern asked the car with concern: “What? Is it because the kid is doing something at school?”

    Zheng Ruonan rubbed his forehead, feeling like a sigh of relief in his heart: “Puppy love! I just walked to the back door of Jiang Ning’s classroom and saw Jiang Ning and a boy holding hands! Jiang Ning smiled like a flower! “The

    intern couldn’t help but feel happy:” These years, children have matured early. Falling in love at the age of seventeen or eighteen is not considered a premature love, right? I will go to college soon, and my youth will be just a few years old. Now if I can talk about a good quality Object, lest you look around after graduating from university. Don’t worry, boss. I don’t think your daughter will delay studying for dating.”

    Zheng Ruonan originally thought so, although she is a generation away from her current child. , But because of her business and knowledge, she can be regarded as an enlightened parent.

    She came to school today to see how Jiang Ning is at school, and what kind of boy she fell in love with. If she is also a good character and academic, she will not care, let alone the boy saved Jiang Ning. Zheng Ruonan still feels a little grateful.

    ——But the problem is, that juvenile who is outstanding is considered to be outstanding, but to some extent he is a disabled person, right?

    Zheng Ruonan had just kept a bit of reason. Instead of going directly into the classroom to call Jiang Ning out, he went to the office of the class teacher of the first grade of high school and asked about Jiang Ning’s current situation.

    After learning about it, I learned that Jiang Ning and the head teacher had already known about their premature love, but kept one eye closed.

    Zheng Ruonan was surprised, since I knew it for a long time, don’t care? Henggao is the middle school with the highest enrollment rate in the city, and the first class is the most competitive class. You should be very concerned about students’ grades.

    However, the male teacher in charge of the class said to her embarrassedly: “It’s not that I don’t want to control, but I can’t. You can’t control it if you go to the dean.”

    Zheng Ruonan instantly understood that the school was afraid of offending the young man.

    What kind of family background is it for the school to take care of it?

    Zheng Ruonan is in a mess. No matter how difficult or difficult business matters are, it is not a problem, but she is really not sure about the education of her children.

    On the one hand, she worries that if she manages too much, it will cause Jiang Ning’s rebellious psychology, and what will she do if Jiang Ning turns back to the waywardness before the age of fourteen? On the other hand, I was also worried that if Jiang Ning and the boy were left to develop, they would be out of control in the future.

    “Does dating in high school usually last for a long time?” Zheng Ruonan asked an intern who had just graduated: “I mean, is the chance of a first love breaking up?”

    “It’s pretty big,” the intern laughed, “Nine percent Ten of them broke up as soon as they graduated from high school, not to mention that if they were admitted to a different university and went to a different city, they would break up almost 100%.”

    Hearing the intern said this, Zheng Ruonan settled a little.

    Nowadays, young people falling in love and breaking up are the same as playing house, maybe she doesn’t need to be too strict at all. Jiang Ning broke up soon. Jiang Ning was always hot for three minutes.


    That night the school was out of power and did not go to study at night. Jiang Ning went home earlier, and was sent back by Yan Yixie as usual.

    The car slowly drove into the community, but at Jiang Ning’s request, it did not drive to the apartment building where Jiang Ning’s house was located, but turned to the shadow of the tree in the corner of the flower bed.

    “I’m going back.” Jiang Ning made a call gesture with his hand to his ear.

    Yan Yixie stretched out his hand to wrap Jiang Ning’s down jacket and nodded. He watched Jiang Ning carry his schoolbag and trot all the way around the flowerbed to go back. It felt like the two of them were in an underground romance.

    Yan Yixie couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

    The housekeeper was about to restart, and suddenly saw a pair of fluffy gloves sitting behind him. He reminded: “Master, Jiang Ning’s gloves have fallen into the car. She hasn’t gone far yet. I will send them to her?”

    “I will send them. “Yan Yixie quickly opened the door and let the wheelchair slide down.

    “I’ll turn around and wait for you.” The butler couldn’t help smiling.

    After getting along for a few years, he can easily perceive the ups and downs of Yan Yixie’s emotions.

    For example, just after separation, the young master watched Jiang Ning leave, obviously not in a high mood, but now there is a reason to catch up and see you for a while, the young master’s mood seems to be clear again.

    Jiang Ning has already walked downstairs to the apartment with his schoolbag on his back. He met Zheng Ruonan who was downstairs to take out the trash. He was a little surprised: “Mom, why are you back so early today?”

    “The company is fine, so I’ll be back early .” Zheng Ruonan threw away the trash, wiped his hands, glanced at Jiang Ning, and stopped talking.

    Was it because I had spent most of my energy on my career before, and because of the lack of the role of father, Jiang Ning had a lack of emotion, so he fell in love early?

    She paused and asked: “You are also in the next semester of your third year. At the most critical time, I will collect the company’s business for a while and concentrate on going home and staying with you for a while?” The

    two walked up the stairs side by side. Go up.

    “Okay.” Jiang Ning was happy, but she also felt a little strange in her heart: “Why did you suddenly decide like this? My grades didn’t drop. Mom, if something happens to the company, don’t worry too much about me. Wait for Jiang Fan to take the college entrance examination next year. It’s time to accompany him.”

    Zheng Ruonan said: “Jiang Fan’s grades are just like that. If you don’t accompany you, you can still get up. I’m more worried about you.”

    Jiang Ning couldn’t laugh or cry.

    Jiang Ning also wondered when she could introduce Yan Yixie to her mother-she was a little hesitant.

    Jiang Ning hadn’t thought about the right time to bring it up, Zheng Ruonan couldn’t help it first, and suddenly said quietly: “When will you bring the boy who saved you home? I want to see you. See him.”

    Jiang Ning Yixi, isn’t it? Listening to her mother’s tone, why does it seem to have accepted her and Yan Yixie’s early love?

    Jiang Ning asked tentatively: “You don’t mind…”

    Zheng Ruonan said, “I don’t mind, your kids are nothing more than learning pressure, fresh pictures, and early love. When your mother was young, she didn’t do nothing. Yes, don’t think of me as an antique…”

    Jiang Ning looked at Zheng Ruonan in disbelief. He was about to say that you are too open-minded, which makes people a little caught off guard, so he listened to Zheng Ruonan and said: “Anyway, if you go to university, you are not in the same school, so you have to divide it.”

    Jiang Ning: …?

    “What does it mean to be not in the same school?” Jiang Ning heard that Zheng Ruonan’s tone did not seem to be what he thought, and couldn’t help but stop: “We both have very good grades. We can definitely enter the same school.”

    Zheng Ruonan wrinkled She frowned, she never expected Jiang Ning to be so caring and thinking so far.

    “You can fall in love. As long as your grades don’t drop, no accidents happen, and you have a sense of measure, I won’t stop you, but you will break up when you get to college.”

    Jiang Ning felt baffled: “Why are you so

    scumbag .” Zheng Ruonan

    Said : “You can’t go on for long.” Jiang Ning hasn’t had such a big disagreement with Zheng Ruonan in a long time. Although he guessed that Zheng Ruonan would not agree to her being with Yan Yixie, he never expected Zheng. Ruo Nan didn’t even see Yan Yixie’s face, so he said so preconceivedly.

    Also, since I don’t intend to prevent her from falling in love early, why do we have to let the two of them break up in the future?

    “That won’t happen, I will marry him in the future.” Jiang Ning said without hesitation. On the one hand, I was being taught a bit of rebellion, and on the other hand, I tried to test Zheng Ruonan’s meaning: “When you go to college, it will not affect your studies. What do you mean by that?”

    Zheng Ruonan said angrily: “It is not an influence It doesn’t affect your studies! As I said, as long as you and Fanfan are healthy and happy, academic performance or future success is not a matter at all.”

    “You haven’t met him yet, how can you know that I’m not happy in the future?” “

    Do you have to make it clear, Jiang Ning, I’ve been to your school today.”

    Jiang Ning was stunned and reacted, what happened.

    It’s getting dark in winter and under the blurry street lights. Zheng Ruonan held Jiang Ning’s hand with a serious expression: “You are still young and don’t understand. I fully believe what you said, that boy is a very good person, so he directed at He saved you, I can’t go down and warn him to leave you in private. But if you are more mature, you will know that you can’t go on for long. You can run and jump, but he can’t. How much will happen in life later that he can’t. The matter of protecting you? I won’t talk about it. You will refute me. He has money in his family and can do anything with a beckoning hand. But besides these, there are more? Later you find a job, he Can you take you to the door of the company? If you take you to the door of the company, are you sure that you can bear the strange look of your colleagues? Can you bear it for a month, a year, or a lifetime? Disabled lovers are usually psychological The situation is unstable. What emotional value can he bring to you? You don’t believe your mother now, and you will get tired sooner or later.”

    Jiang Ning listened to what Zheng Ruonan said, but how could she be because of these unknown sufferings? , Give up Yan Yixie?

    She hadn’t been able to accompany him on that muddy road in her previous life, and in this life she couldn’t wait to accompany him on all the roads.

    But Zheng Ruonan would not understand.

    Jiang Ning thought that he might not get Zheng Ruonan’s support, but never expected the opposition to come so quickly.

    No matter who it is, there is still a longing for the support of relatives emotionally. If you don’t get support, it means that the future is already a harder road than ordinary people, and it will be a little more difficult.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated.

    She gently brushed away Zheng Ruonan and held her hand, trying to hide it with ease, and said with a smile: “That said, many people still say that you can’t find a single-parent family child to have a relationship, because the children of a single-parent family are emotional. Unstable. People don’t dislike me as a single-parent family.”

    Zheng Ruonan could hardly control her anger: “Are single-parent families and disability the same thing? Why are you so stubborn?”

    There happened to be people living in the same building. The neighbor went downstairs and saw that the mother and daughter were about to quarrel, and persuaded: “It’s cold outside, go home.”

    Jiang Ning was sore in his heart, his eyes were reddish, and he went into the building without saying a word. Zheng Ruonan frowned and followed in silence.

    In the deep winter, a few leaves fell from the tree in the dim evening.

    Jiang Fan was returning from school with a basketball, and he saw a figure that was about to freeze on the corner of the flower bed.

    “Brother Yan.” Jiang Fan hurried forward three steps and made two steps, and asked excitedly: “Why are you here? I’ll call Jiang Ning down for you.”

    “No need, you take–” Yanyi Xiezheng To pass Jiang Ning’s gloves to Jiang Fan, let him take them with him, after a second thought, he took them back.

    He seemed to be a little hard to breathe, and said with difficulty: “Forget it, no, don’t say I’ve been here.”

    “Oh.” Jiang Fan responded, touched his head, and smirked: “You borrowed my game card for me. Can I pay you back next week?”

    “I’ll see you off.” Yan Yixie finished speaking and pushed the wheelchair away.

    Jiang Fan looked at Yan Yixie’s back with a little wonder. Any fool could see that Brother Yan was not in a good mood. He had a fight with his sister?

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