The next day, the person who maliciously guided the post was pulled out along the network cable. It turned out to be a boy from the end of the high school crane class who wrote countless love letters to Jiang Ning.

    The boy was dropped out of school without warning, and the desks and chairs were removed mercilessly that day.

    All yin and yang discussions on the forum were also deleted. Because the workload was too large, the school even issued an announcement to directly block the forum login channel and freeze it for half a month.

    Those who don’t know about this matter only when the school is repairing the server. Anyone who guesses about this matter is silent, and they dare not talk with much fanfare.

    It’s already the second semester of high school. Who wants to get into trouble because of the short-lived online chat?

    It can be said that the instigator who was forced to transfer played a very good role in killing chickens and monkeys, and no one in the school dared to spread some rumors publicly.

    “You can do anything wrong if you have money.” Someone in private was panicked.

    “In fact, there have always been some comments on the forum about that leg disease, but I have never seen him make such a big fire before and force people to transfer.”

    “I guess this time someone said that who talked to him was in Pong Fu Er. I just hit his minefield.”

    “Stop talking, you are looking for death by yourself, don’t want to kill me.” The first speaker made a wiping motion of his neck.

    Yan Dahang didn’t expect what seemed to him like a big enemy, it was just a trivial matter for Yan Yixie. In just two or three days, no one dared to gossip anymore.

    Those posts on the forum that cannot be reviewed are also 404 directly.

    Rao he couldn’t help but sigh that Yan Yixie’s handling of this kind of thing is so simple and rude, cutting off directly from the source, and the next signs will never develop.

    On the one hand, Yan Dahang felt that if this matter was put on him, even though he was a big boy, he might cry under the covers.

    The words are terrifying. The words on the forum seem to say nothing, but one mouthful of “disability”, “Jiang Ning is with Yan Yixie’s complicated background”, dozens of sentences and hundreds of sentences are accumulated together. , The weight is full, like a sharp knife, slowly poke into the human internal organs.

    But Yan Yixie seemed unaffected-at least on the surface it seemed unaffected.

    He seemed to have been accustomed to that kind of remarks these years, and in these few days he kept the school silent and warned Yan Dahang not to let Jiang Ning know about it.

    On the other hand, Yan Dahang felt that because of these nonsense, the instigator was forced to transfer schools. Isn’t it too cruel…

    After all, it’s the second semester of the third year of high school, and he switched from the city’s first Henggao to a regular middle school. That’s right. People must have a great influence, maybe it’s something that will destroy the fate of a lifetime.

    Thinking about this, Yan Dahang felt that he was a bit benevolent. It was obviously the guy who sprayed manure on the Internet first. He didn’t maliciously guide the post to go, and Yan Yixie would not use this method to deal with him.

    Besides, didn’t Yan Yixie also let go of the other guys who followed suit in the post?

    However, this incident also made Yan Dahang no longer dared to get too close to Yan Yixie.

    He vaguely understood that Yan Yixie, who has been gentle with people around him in the past few years, was willing to associate with him and help him—not necessarily the real Yan Yixie.

    Yan Yixie seemed to be by Jiang Ning’s side, hiding the cruel side of his nature.

    This incident was just revealed, no one mentioned it in front of Jiang Ning, so Jiang Ning naturally didn’t know.

    She thought that Yan Dahang and Yan Yixie had some teenage secrets, and said bitterly: “Is there anything I can’t know, do you even go to the corridor to talk specifically?”

    Yan Dahang has no habit of deceiving people. If Jiang Ning doesn’t ask about it, it’s okay to sew his mouth firmly. Once Jiang Ning asked, he had to make up a lie to tell Jiang Ning. His eyes, nose, and hair were unnatural, and the guilty expression on his face could not be concealed: “No, no…”

    Yan Yixie glanced at him.

    Yan Dahang instantly stiffened and blurted out: “I’ll help, help Yan Yixie go to the toilet.”

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Dahang could hardly wish to give himself a mouth. Isn’t this tarnishing Yan Yixie’s image? Can he live?

    “What are you talking nonsense?” Yan Yixie went over with an eye knife.

    “Sorry for being wrong, you helped me, you helped me.” Yan Dahang fled.

    Jiang Ning felt a little amused, and he watched Yan Dahang peeing back to his seat with his cheeks on his back: “This is a big stupid, but cute.” As

    soon as he turned his head, Yan Yixie stared at her with a black face.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Jiang Ning hurriedly said: “Of course there is a saying that cuteness is not worth mentioning in front of sexy, you are sexy to me.” There is

    nothing, how can men be described as sexy. , But Yan Yixie somehow still feels good in his heart, so he is not so upset.

    But he still snorted coldly: “Now explain, it’s late.”

    It was the time when class was over. Jiang Ning secretly glanced at the rest of the class, not knowing why she and Yan Yixie were there a few days ago. She was whispering in the classroom, and she was often watched gossip, which made her unable to perform due to many restrictions.

    But since yesterday, everyone seemed to be under some invisible restraint, and they didn’t dare to look at it again.

    Jiang Ning didn’t think much about it, but thought that everyone was not interested in her and Yan Yixie as the gossip passed.

    “It’s a bit cold.” So Jiang Ning dared to say: “Since we are lovers now, can you help me warm my hands?”

    Yan Yixie gave her a pensive look: “Cold hands?”

    “Yes .” Yes.” Jiang Ning stretched out both hands in front of him and looked at him expectantly.

    Yan Yixie lowered his eyes to look at her hand, thinking for a moment.

    Jiang Ning’s heart beats a drum.

    Are you going to put her hand in her hand to warm it up?

    ……Then the boy took out a bag of warm baby stickers from the desk, tore two pieces apart, rolled up the sleeves of the down jacket for her, and put them seriously on the sweater under her wrist.

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    No, will this person fall in love?

    “Where did you get such a big bag of warm baby stickers?” Jiang Ning asked strangely, holding two wrists that were stiff as if they were plastered.

    “Is it still cold?” Yan Yixie had to tear two more pieces, and put her hands on the back.

    She withdrew her hand quickly: “No, it can’t be done.”

    Yan Yixie then stuffed the bag back into the desk, frowning: “I asked the housekeeper to buy it last night. You always refuse to wear a sweater under your down jacket. Can it be cold? I’ll prepare it in advance. If it’s still cold later, I can paste two more pieces, and I can go to the toilet on the waist and let the female classmates help you paste it.”

    He felt that he was doing pretty well, even though he had never eaten pork. I have never seen a pig run, but Sheng is thoughtful and should be able to add points.

    But Yan Yixie, a person who had never done these things before, was struggling to learn at this time, as if to please, he felt a little awkward.

    So after I finished speaking, although I tried my best to be expressionless and make myself look a little colder, the roots of my ears were already reddish.

    Jiang Ning was so angry that he said, “Wrong!”

    …Is it all wrong? Yan Yixie had a sudden heart attack: “What’s wrong?”

    Jiang Ning said: “Isn’t the normal operation to put the girl’s hand in the palm? What is the operation of you taking out a large bag of warm baby stickers? You see I am now pasted like rice dumplings.”

    Yan Yixie stretched out his hand, boy His hands are even, white and slender, strong and stable, much larger than Jiang Ning.

    He touched Jiang Ning’s neck with his hand, and Jiang Ning shivered and almost jumped up.

    Yan Yixie frowned and said, “Are you sure?”

    Jiang Ning: “…”

    Yes, why did she forget that Yan Yixie’s body temperature was colder than normal.

    Yan Yixie suddenly raised her eyebrows, stared at Jiang Ning, and asked displeasedly: “Didn’t you say that you have no experience, why do you understand that?”

    Jiang Ning: “…” Why does

    she lift a rock every time? Always hit your own foot?

    “Then this way, I’ll warm you up.” Jiang Ning had a clever move, and reached out to hold Yan Yixie’s hand.

    Yan Yixie’s heartbeat speeded up suddenly, and he began to rush in his chest uncontrollably again. He couldn’t bear to lower his voice: “Still in the classroom!”

    Jiang Ning could not catch the young man’s hand, and muttered dissatisfiedly: ” Without disturbing others, what’s going on with people holding hands? You don’t pay attention to others. You don’t know how many puppies are in school. People often kiss on the horizontal bar after studying next night.”

    She lay back on the table. Picking up the pen again and scribbling on the draft: “Little old-fashioned.”

    Yan Yixie didn’t know whether “old-fashioned” was a neutral term or a derogatory term in Jiang Ning’s. In short, it was not a commendatory term.

    A young man with a high temperament, he is the least willing to lose to others, nor does he want to be looked down upon by Jiang Ning.

    He forcibly resisted the redness on Jun’s face and stretched out his hand to Jiang Ning extremely slowly: “Come on then.”

    Jiang Ning wanted to laugh, and he wanted to hold Joe on the surface, turning his shoulders and thanking Yan with the back of his head. Responding to the two words he had just said: “It’s late! I don’t want to warm you up now.”

    “Jiang Ning.” Yan Yixie almost squeezed these two words from his teeth, and said in anger, “Come here.”

    Jiang Ning pretended to reluctantly raised his head and glanced at Yan Yixie.

    The young man tried his best to restrain his blushing, abruptly grabbed her hand, shook it, and hung it under the desk.

    Jiang Ning just posted the baby warming film, and the palm of his hand was already warming up. At this moment, Yan Yixie’s hand was suddenly iced, and it was so cold.

    But this time the young man held her hand tightly and said nothing to let go.

    There was noisy noise everywhere between classes, except that there was a little quiet between the two.

    The two intertwined their fingers under the desk. Jiang Ning continued to write homework with the right hand. Yan Yixie freed up his left hand to flip through the book.

    As if hiding a secret joy together, both of them were a little unnatural on their faces.

    After a while.

    Jiang Ning’s little tail fingers restlessly circled the palm of Yan Yixie mischievously, and the tingling feeling was like ink dripping into the water, spreading along the palm to the wrist and to the chest.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    “Can you rest a bit?” Yan Yixie said in a low voice and fiercely. He didn’t know that he had said this hundreds of times since he knew Jiang Ning.

    “Okay, I’ll rest a bit.” As he

    said, Jiang Ning changed his position and gently rubbed the tiger’s mouth in the palm of Yan Yixie’s palm.

    The feeling of electric shock hit the sky.

    Yan Yixie: “…”

    Yan Yi and Xie Jun flushed and stared at Jiang Ning unbearably. Jiang Ning was like a stinky sister who pulled a girl’s pigtails in high school, with trembling shoulders, suffocating a smile, and writing homework without raising his head.

    Yan Yixie originally wanted to reprimand her, but it was obvious that the corners of her mouth that was madly uplifted were startled, and she couldn’t help but pursed the corners of her mouth very slightly.

    In the past few days, the mood that has been densely clouded seems to have been so much more relaxed.

    He knows what others will think.

    But he finally held Jiang Ning’s hand, as if he had grasped the only light in his life, how could he let go of the eyes of the outside world?

    Even if everyone opposes, everyone disagrees, and is not optimistic, he will hold her hand tightly and lock her firmly by his side.

    Perhaps very selfish…but he wanted to cover Jiang Ning’s ears and not let her hear anything that would shake her.

    Yan Yixie was not afraid of anything, I was afraid that Jiang Ning would waver and regret it.

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