A figure in the classroom suddenly stood up in silence and walked out.

    Xu Mingyi held on to the corridor railing and took a deep breath, feeling that if he continued to stay in the classroom, he would be out of breath.

    He and Jiang Ning grew up together and have seen Jiang Ning’s most vivid expression, but now that Jiang Ning’s mouth is up, he has never come down. It seems that he has an inseparable bond with someone, but he has never seen it before. of.

    Although he has been separated from Jiang Ningsheng for two or three years, he has long been accustomed to Jiang Ning always following Yan Yixie, but at this moment, he is still inevitably tight in his chest.

    “What’s the matter?” Si Xiangming followed, took a look at Xu Mingyi, and then looked into the classroom, hesitantly asked, “Isn’t it? Jiang Ning really…”

    Xu Mingyi was reluctant to discuss this with him, and seemed to be unwilling to discuss this with him. Like a loser, he interrupted in

    a deep voice : “Don’t be nosy.” After the Jiang Ning family moved, they became completely alienated from Xu Mingyi.

    Xu Mingyi and Jiang Ning couldn’t say a few words for half a year, let alone Si Xiangming and Tan Pengxing, who had been related to Jiang Ning in the past.

    Si Xiangming’s grades are not bad. He has been following Xu Mingyi’s footsteps, barely staying in the best class of the whole grade, and has some intersection with Jiang Ning when he goes to school every day.

    Tan Pengxing suddenly fell into a parallel class because he didn’t do well in the second grade placement exam in high school, and became a stranger with Jiang Ning directly.

    The teenagers in the Hutong area are all grown up now. Few people will be boring to tease Jiang Ning and Xu Mingyi about the two little things they did not guess.

    Xu Mingyi’s parents also knew that this was Xu Mingyi’s taboo, and gradually they stopped mentioning the Jiang family in front of their son.

    Only Si Xiangming’s long-time buddies know that Xu Mingyi seems to have let go, but in fact Jiang Ning’s inexplicable alienation has grown into the thorn in his heart.

    Of course, what Si Xiangming didn’t know was that what made Xu Mingyi more upset than Jiang Ning’s sudden career was the strange dream he had dreamed of from time to time in the past few years.

    Every time there is a car accident in my dream, Jiang Ning and Zhong Congshuang are on the way out of the airport.

    …Even under Xu Mingyi’s deliberate staying away, the things he and Zhong Congshuang have said in the past two years are so few that he can hardly remember Zhong Congshuang’s face, but in his dream, Zhong Congshuang is always in the shadows. Sitting in the back seat of the car he and Jiang Ning drove.

    It’s really weird.

    Having the same dream more often, Xu Mingyi often suffers from insomnia.

    Will struggle very much after waking up.

    On the one hand, I was immersed in the dream and couldn’t get out. I couldn’t save Jiang Ning. I felt overwhelming guilt in my heart. On the other hand, I thought it was just a dream and we must find a way to solve the problem of poor sleep quality.

    In short, I don’t know if it was the effect of this dream. Xu Mingyi has long ceased to be obsessed with restoring the relationship with Jiang Ning. Instead, when he sees Jiang Ning, he often walks around with a different expression on his face.

    Anyone who dreams repeatedly, because of his wrong choice in the dream, sent Qingmei to the hands of the god of death. After waking up, she would be sweaty all over, preferring to stay away from Qingmei.

    Si Xiangming chuckled twice: “Aren’t these two words of concern? How can I say that

    we grew up together before.” “It has nothing to do with us.” Xu Mingyi said with a frown.

    Si Xiangming thought of another thing: “In other words, do you think that Jiang Ning’s investment was successful in the past few years. Could it be that Yan Yixie has revealed something?”

    Those two years were the boom of buying houses and the hutongs. Neighbors bought more than one or two new houses as investment for almost as long as they had some spare money in their hands.

    But the result is that some people are happy and some are howling.

    Jiang Ning’s mother quickly became the home of the little rich thanks to the extra suites she bought. Now she has moved to the city center with Jiang Ning and Jiang Fan.

    Because Xu’s mother and Zheng Ruonan are close friends in their boudoirs, Xu Mingyi’s family also listened to persuasion and did not make any investment. Although it’s a pity that he didn’t get rich like Jiang Ning’s family, but fortunately, he didn’t lose much.

    However, more than a dozen neighbors have mistakenly invested in unfinished buildings, and they are still in disputes.

    Tan Pengxing’s family is one of the unlucky ones. The more than one million that he saved from a small business has been paid in. Not to mention that he has become rich by investment. Now it is not enough to pay off the bank loan. The family’s grief was bleak. This is also one of the reasons why Tan Pengxing’s grades fell after his second year of high school.

    Seeing that only Zheng Ruonan made a fortune in the Hutong, the neighbors naturally had something to say, and a few words were indispensable.

    Tan Pengxing later heard that it was Jiang Ning who urged her mother not to invest in unfinished buildings, so he wondered if Jiang Ning knew something in advance because he was close to Yan Yixie, but he didn’t disclose a word to them. The pit is lost. No less scolded Jiang Ning behind his back for not being loyal.

    A year and a half ago, Xu Mingyi and Tan Pengxing had a fight, and they became indifferent to having sex.

    Si Xiangming has always had a good relationship with Xu Mingyi, and of course he is on Xu Mingyi’s side. He did not express any opinion on this matter, but he always guessed that Jiang Ning knew in advance whether the news was related to Yan Yixie.

    Xu Mingyi was very impatient. Si Xiangming mentioned this again: “I regret not going to hug that boy’s thigh three years ago, and getting rich? Go now, you will have time to go to the front and back of the horse now.”

    Si. Xiang Ming touched his nose, knowing that Xu Mingyi was in a bad mood, so he closed his mouth.

    Xu Mingyi looked into the classroom again, and saw that Jiang Ning was still smiling and talking to Yan Yixie, he couldn’t help frowning.

    Not jealous. He knew that Yan Yixie was different from Jiang Ning. When the relationship between myself and Jiang Ning was the best, it was impossible to completely conditioned to push Jiang Ning away when the crisis came, and let the water bottle hit his shoulder. So Jiang Ning will eventually like Yan Yixie. Although Xu Mingyi was unwilling, he had to admit that he had lost.

    But he still felt that there was no room for optimism between Jiang Ning and Yan Yixie.

    ——Does Jiang Ning know what kind of family the Yan family is? People in the school saw that Yan Yixie had many privileges. The gymnasium and several buildings were also named after Yan’s name. They only thought that Yan Yixie’s family was a rich man with assets of more than 100 million yuan. But when Xu Mingyi used the chairman of the student union in his second year of high school, he went to the school to check the information and knew that the Yan family was definitely not an ordinary rich man. Such a complicated family, Jiang Ning’s family is an ordinary business, can it handle it?

    Also, although Jiang Ning is already very low-key, she is a school girl in the school, and her every move attracts attention. Even Si Xiangming can see that she and Yan Yixie are in love. The school will not take long. Immediately spread it?

    Xu Mingyi was not sure how much Jiang Ning knew about the Yan family, and wanted to remind a few words, but he was afraid that Jiang Ning would think that he was trying to provoke discord. So in the end he frowned and hesitated for a long time, after all, he didn’t interfere much.


    Xu Mingyi’s conjecture was not wrong. About a week later, a related post appeared on the school forum.

    “Crying, after chasing that person for three years, she may have not remembered my name, and the love letter has not been opened and read. Some people say that she is in a relationship with that person recently. Is it true to ask for the truth? So that my brother can give up my heart. . “

    “? who are those who who is “

    ?.” upstairs do not know the Council side should curry favor with the people, words can only hint here of the “


    quickly asked:” Why is she so take things too hard, Fig.

    What ?” “What picture? It is said that the two have known each other for a few years, and they knew each other when they were in junior high school. Besides, who is also very handsome? In everyone’s field of vision, there should be a lot of sneak shots of him.”

    Then there was a line: “Handsome is handsome, but he is disabled.”

    As soon as this floor appeared, the atmosphere of the whole post, Taowei, and others seemed to be frozen. The same.

    It was scared to replies: “. LS, you are not a number, and quickly apply myself to delete it, if the deity is seen, you die do not know how to die,”

    “will not it, the fact that people do not say “

    Maybe the school spends money? After all, whoever buys her will be fine for the next life.” He

    quickly replied, “Is anyone from Beijing transferred to school? Can you tell me what background is the family? What’s the background, why can’t it be searched on Baidu Encyclopedia, but it seems that everyone is secretive ==”

    “I don’t know, how can ordinary people know about that circle.”

    “So rich? Actually…the body is a little bit. Small problems are not big problems, and I am willing to change them.”

    “What you said is like school spending is for money. It is said that school spending at home also has a bit of money.”

    “Upstairs, how can assets be equal to hundreds of billions?”


    The following words are getting more and more ugly.

    Whenever the level of words such as “handicapped” and “wheelchair” is mentioned, the moderator will delete it profusely, or even delete the post altogether, but still can’t stop the emergence of new posts. Discussing obscure words.

    Some people are even very dissatisfied: “We didn’t say anything, discussing and discussing gossip, this should also be deleted? It is indeed the’school director’.”

    Neither Jiang Ning nor Yan Yixie would open the forum to read such boring gossip posts. people.

    But Yan Dahang will watch.

    After Yan Dahang flipped through the posts that day, the cold sweat suddenly fell. On the one hand, he went to the student council to urge the moderator in charge of the campus forum to delete all the posts as soon as possible. On the other hand, he called out Yan Yixie.

    This kind of gossip has sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and just because of his relationship with the student union, it is not clean to delete, only Yan Yixie can completely solve it.

    At the corner of the stairs, Yan Yixie took Yan Dahang’s cell phone, and read the comments one by one. His face is getting more and more ugly, and his eyes are almost lagging behind the screen of the phone.

    Yan Yixie didn’t say a word, his whole body exuded a chill.

    After he turned off the screen of the phone, he didn’t know what he was thinking.

    “Thank you for telling me.”

    After a while, Yan Yixie handed the phone back to Yan Dahang.

    Yan Dahang dare not respond.

    Yan Yixie had no expression on his face, but Yan Dahang felt a little creepy in his heart.

    “No, it’s okay, everyone is friends.”

    Yan Dahang cried secretly, knowing that he shouldn’t talk too much. Otherwise, the gossip might disappear after a while, and Yan Yixie, the person who never paid attention to these boring things, would not know about it.

    He always felt that this time, Yan Yixie knew that those who participated in the discussion would not be able to end it.

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