Jiang Ning had a sincere fear of the hospital. The first time she came back from abroad, she failed to see Zheng Ruonan for the last time. The second time she was taken to the hospital covered in blood and failed to get off the operating table.

    At this moment, the dazzling light was projected on the floor tiles, making people frighten for no reason.

    The smell of disinfectant penetrated into the tip of the nose from all directions.

    Jiang Ning was sitting on a bench in the corridor holding her schoolbag, her cheeks flushed with the cold wind blowing from the air inlet, she was fidgeting, standing up from time to time, and looking into the emergency room.

    But there was a blue screen pulled inside, and she couldn’t see anything when she stood on her tiptoes.

    After about twenty minutes, the housekeeper and the nurse holding the gauze medicine tray finally came out.

    Jiang Ning hurriedly went over: “How?”

    Seeing the little girl’s nose was red, the housekeeper didn’t know if it was cold or had cried, so he immediately took off his coat and asked to give it to her.

    Jiang Ning waved his hand and said, “I’m not cold.” The

    butler gave up.

    “It’s nothing serious. Fortunately, the weather has turned cold these days. You and the young master are wearing more clothes, and we came to the hospital in time… The doctor has already dealt with it, and the young master’s right shoulder is a bit burnt, the doctor said to apply a half. A month’s burn ointment will do.” At

    the moment that happened, Yan Yixie reacted extremely quickly and pulled Jiang Ning aside and threw on her. The two fell together, and the boiling water bottle smashed beside Yan Yixie’s shoulder.

    The butler called the security, immediately held down the old woman, and called the police as a mad woman.

    Suddenly, there was no time to call a private doctor, and only a hospital came to the nearest hospital.

    The housekeeper also wanted to comfort Jiang Ning, but the phone in his pocket was already ringing. He took it out and took a look and said, “I’ll pay the bill first and transfer to the VIP ward. In this situation, Master, I’m afraid I will have to live in the hospital for two days. To prevent infection. Then at the police station, I’ll go make a transcript…”

    “Okay, you go.” Jiang Ning said: “Don’t worry about me, this kind of civil dispute can be handled as you like.”

    “Then you go in, you and the young master did not have dinner, and I will give it to you later when I come back. Bring some food.” The

    nurse made a case record next to him, and said without looking up: “Your family members must be careful. Don’t let the injured eat some seafood or the like these days. Otherwise, the scars will be even worse. It’s serious.”

    Jiang Ning: “Leave scars?” The

    nurse said: “This kind of scald will leave scars for two to three years. It is inevitable.” The

    housekeeper glanced at Jiang Ning, who had red eyes, and hurriedly said. When a nurse was opened, he said to Jiang Ning: “It doesn’t matter, the young master doesn’t care about it himself. He said it’s not a little girl, it’s okay to leave a little scar. And the nurse sister also said. It will be better in two or three years. . ” “

    ah. “Jiang Ning bowed his head, wiped his eyes with the back.

    When Jiang Ning entered, Yan Yixie was sitting in a wheelchair with her back facing her, trying hard to put on her coat.

    The shirt on his right is half untied, the young man’s back muscles are sharp and smooth, and he has faintly possessed the hormones of the young man who is about to become an adult, but now the back is wrapped in gauze, layer after layer, around his neck and waist. The area is very large, with bright red oozing under the gauze.

    Hearing the footsteps of Jiang Ning coming in, he swiftly speeded up his movements, and draped his coat neatly, regardless of tearing the wound.

    Jiang Ning walked up to him, took off his schoolbag and put it aside, his chest was terribly stuffy: “What are you doing in a hurry to put on clothes? Let me see, are you bandaged? Is there anything hot but not bandaged?”

    Yan Yixie wanted to ask her why the old woman made trouble in the alley where she lived before, but she didn’t tell him-she should have told him in time for this kind of thing.

    But seeing her eyes down, her eyelashes were still moist, and the boy’s brutal words became: “It’s all bandaged.”

    After thinking for a while, he added unskillfully: “Don’t worry.”

    “What is the red one?” Jiang Ning touched the gauze on Yan Yixie’s collarbone with some trembling nails: “Blood?”

    Yan Yixie “…”

    Yan Yixie’s wound hurt, gritted her teeth and made no sound.

    Seeing that he hadn’t answered, Jiang Ning became even more anxious: “Didn’t the housekeeper say that it was just a mild burn? How could it cause bleeding?”

    Yan Yixie gently grabbed her hand and said helplessly: “How could it be blood? Red? No more ointment.”

    Jiang Ning was still uncomfortable.

    She looked at Yan Yixie’s shoulders wrapped like rice dumplings, and wanted to help a little, but she didn’t know how to share the burden.

    She looked around, and quickly poured a glass of water for the boy.

    Yan Yixie took the water and looked at her, her dark eyes slowly reflected some light.

    He could feel that she was very nervous about him.

    To Yan Yixie, this nervousness is like candy falling from his head, which makes him understand the taste.

    Jiang Ning went to turn on the heating again.

    But the heating in the emergency room seemed to be broken, and she couldn’t start it for a long time.

    Yan Yixie’s line of sight has been following her, as if a little greedy for this moment.

    But she has been fighting against the heating switch and has not been able to stay by his side.

    The boy finally couldn’t help it.

    He said: “Jiang Ning, come here. Don’t bother. I’ll transfer to the VIP ward later. The heating there should be good.”

    Jiang Ning snapped the heating switch twice.

    Yan Yixie was angry and funny: “Jiang Ning, come here.”

    Jiang Ning just came back and asked: “Then are you cold? Or I will get a blanket from the car? I should have gotten it when you were applying medicine in it, but I was a little panicked. Outside Liushen Wuzhu…”

    Yan Yi thanked her and shook his head: “It’s not cold.”

    “It’s really not cold?”

    Jiang Ning rubbed his hands, sighed his hands, and went to visit Tan Yan.

    Yan Yixie ‘s forehead: “Isn’t it infected?” Yan Yixie stared at her for an instant, until the back of her hand fell on his forehead, his expression suddenly changed a little.

    “No, I have to ask the doctor.”

    Jiang Ning said, turning around and going out.

    But as soon as there was a movement, her wrist was gently clasped, the coldness of the whole body was dissipated, and the warmth came up.

    Jiang Ning was stunned before realizing that she was pulled back in front of the wheelchair.

    Jiang Ning lowered his eyes, the two of them were very close, and the young man also lowered his eyes, and put his hands together in silence.

    His hands were warm, and his slender finger bones firmly held Jiang Ning’s hands together.

    “What about you, are you cold?” Yan Yixie raised his eyes.

    When he asked, Jiang Ning felt a little trembling.

    She was in the corridor just now, not knowing whether it was the cold wind pouring into the collar or the rest of her life. She couldn’t help but tremble all over, her hands and feet were cold, but she didn’t feel anything.

    At this time, both hands were brought into his arms by him, and it was gradually warming up.

    He over-exposed his temperature to Jiang Ning.

    The blood finally ran through Jiang Ning’s body again.

    “Relaxed a little bit?” the boy asked.

    Jiang Ning sniffed and whispered “Um”.

    Yan Yixie opened her lips lightly, and used a tone that sounded softly: “I’m fine, Jiang Ning, don’t apologize, it has nothing to do with you.”

    “It’s just a small burn.”

    Jiang Ning said “But the nurse said just now that scars will be left. It will take at least two or three years to get rid of it.”

    “So what? I’m a man, it doesn’t matter. It’s better than you hurt. You love to wear skirts in summer.”

    “…I When is it stinking?”

    Yan Yixie raised his eyes to look at her and raised his hand to her.

    Jiang Ning thought it was something stained on his face, was taken aback, and slightly lowered his face to look at him.

    Yan Yixie used two fingers to

    prop up the corners of her mouth : “Don’t be depressed, it’s really ugly.” Seeing the corners of her mouth being propped up by him, a slight smile finally appeared in his eyes.

    This reminded Jiang Ning of his fifteenth birthday when he used the furry bear claws to prop up the corners of his mouth.

    For some reason, Jiang Ning’s changes were wonderfully comforted by the teenager’s changes.

    “Is it cold?” Yan Yixie asked, took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to the driver below, asking him to bring a blanket when he came up.

    Jiang Ning shook his head: “It’s not cold, it’s better.” The

    two were very close. Yan Yixie’s firm and warm body temperature passed from his palm through the fabric of his clothes, making Jiang Ning panic. Then it dissipated a lot.

    Jiang Ning could feel that this was the temperature unique to Yan Yixie, always cold and cold, but when she needed it, she would never turn back.

    Looking at Yan Yixie’s handsome face, Jiang Ning’s heartbeat suddenly missed a second.

    Not sympathy, not sympathy.

    Jiang Ning thought, maybe at first she wanted to repay him for the kindness of her last life, but in this life, she didn’t know when she became inseparable from him.

    It may be that she joked with him and jumped into the water regardless of the severity, but he did not hesitate to jump down.

    It could also be when the drone shone on the sky that night like a meteor.

    Or maybe it’s every lively moment that has been piled up in the past three years.

    “What are you looking at?” Yan Yixie raised his head, just in time to meet Jiang Ning’s gaze.

    Just as the nurse just came in, Jiang Ning quickly looked away: “It’s nothing.” The

    nurse couldn’t hold back a glance at the two.

    Yan Yi paused, and suddenly felt something wrong with the air. He found that he was still holding Jiang Ning’s hand tightly, almost pulling Jiang Ning into his arms.

    At such a close distance, it was almost like hugging each other, Jiang Ning’s breath fell on him.

    No wonder the nurse has to look at them that way.

    Yan Yixie’s heart is inexplicably dry.

    He quickly let go of Jiang Ning’s hand, pushed the wheelchair back a bit, and said unnaturally: “It’s late, I will let the butler take you back?”

    Jiang Ning touched his right hand with his left hand, and said to his heart. , I’ve touched my hands, so it’s so easy for you to touch it or let it go?

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