Jiang Ning couldn’t stay in the hospital all the time. Soon the butler finished the transcript and came back and finished the transfer to the VIP ward. She and the butler accompanied Yan Yixie to sit in the VIP ward for a while, and Yan Yixie asked the butler to send her back. Home now.

    As soon as Jiang Ning left, Yan Yixie’s cell phone rang again.

    He sat on the hospital bed, glanced at the phone number that he had hung up several times, finally picked up the phone, and said impatiently, “If you have something to say.”

    “Young Master Yan, good evening.” The phone rang. The voice was not Yan Baiang’s, but Secretary Xiao’s voice.

    Yan Yixie sneered in his heart. It was obvious that Yan Baiang made a few calls. He didn’t answer. Yan Baiang threw the phone to Secretary Xiao and asked Secretary Xiao to continue dialing until he answered—maybe only The first call was made by Yan Baiang himself.

    This is the case of the Yan family. No one has a human touch. As his biological son, even a few minutes of time are not worth letting him waste.

    “I called you once last Friday, but you may be busy with something and didn’t receive it.” Secretary Xiao said politely and respectfully.

    Yan Yixie: “You can let Housekeeper Zhou convey it.”

    “It’s better to talk to you directly. Your father originally wanted to discuss with you personally, but you don’t want to contact him.”

    Yan Yixie said calmly. “If you have a father who only uses his son as a tool to fight for family property, your rebellious period will last for a long time, and you will even rebelliously go to the grave, and you will never interact with him.”

    Secretary Xiao was speechless for a while.

    Yan Yixie said, “Tell me, he finally broke the Yan clan. Does he need my 8% of the shares?”

    Besides this reason, Yan Yixie couldn’t think of any reason for Yan Baiang. Will take the time to contact him during his busy schedule.

    After his accident that year, both the Yan family and Yan Baiang acquiesced that he could no longer be heirs, saying that he could choose a place to relax, but in reality they hoped that he would not interfere with them anymore. They need to spend time training new heirs. Body.

    The part of Yan Yixie’s shares was left to him before his death, and no guardian was specifically appointed. Therefore, this 8% of the shares have been held by the lawyers that the old man left for Yan Yixie over the years. , Which is in the hands of Yan Yixie himself.

    It’s useless for them to make ideas.

    The teenagers have been able to spend these years peacefully.

    Since he moved to the old castle on the mountainside by the sea, he has determined to draw a clear line from the past, and has not paid attention to the news of the Yan family.

    He always thought that after a few years, Yan Baiang should have given birth to new people who can inherit the Yan family with his mother or the little lovers he was raising.

    “Or, I have a new brother. I need to introduce him to him? But he has to be careful. I am not a magnanimous person. What if I accidentally choke my new brother to death?” the boy said. It was full of malicious sarcasm.

    If Jiang Ning were here, you would find that after three and a half years, the indifferent and sharp boy hadn’t changed much.

    He just learned to put on a gentle coat in front of her.

    “It’s true.” Secretary Xiao paused, and said: “Three years ago, six months ago, you did have a brother and a sister.”

    Yan Yixie’s brows slowly frowned, and he pushed the wheelchair. When he went to the window, he looked outside with a cold expression.

    Secretary Xiao: “But they all died unfortunately in their infancy.”

    No matter how calm the young man was, his words were beyond his expectation. Yan Yixie couldn’t help but be surprised: “Why?”

    “The reason Yan has not been announced to the public. The media have speculated that your father’s lovers framed each other, framed the child, and made up a palace fight drama. But the actual reason is… Mr. Yan checked it out not long ago. The sperm/child survival rate is extremely low.”

    Secretary Xiao finished this, and added anxiously: “I only dared to tell you this privately. I didn’t know it, but I just saw Yan by accident General report. You know that your father wants face. He can’t let anyone know. Moreover, this matter also involves the Yan family, and it is even less possible for him to be grasped.” When

    Secretary Xiao said this, he was sincere. NS.

    Yan Baiang is now in control of the Yan family, but he also has two half-brothers who covet family property all the time.

    He did not dare to relax for a moment.

    Yan Baiang has been working hard all these years to give birth to his own blood and inherit the Yan family.

    However, he never expected that fate made a joke with him. After he and his wife abandoned his biological son Yan Yixie, he would never have a second child.

    Yan Baiang finally determined that he would never be hopeless anymore in his life, and he could only take back Yan Yixie, who had given up in the past.

    Secretary Xiao is one of the few people who knows that Yan Shao will officially return to Yan’s house. He frankly told the news, also to sell Yan and thank him for his favor.

    Yan Yixie has no voice for a long time.

    My father lost the opportunity to have a new child unexpectedly.

    How would he feel in his heart? Having to take his son with a broken leg back to inherit the family business and become the only heir, is it tickling with hatred in his heart?

    Yan Yixie suddenly felt very ironic, and he asked coldly, “So what?”

    Secretary Xiao was taken aback. Didn’t Yan Shao understand what he meant?

    He hurriedly said: “President Yan will return from Luxembourg next month. He originally planned to send someone to pick you up next month, but he heard that you had a minor accident tonight, so he decided to let me pick you up in advance.”

    “Look. Is this okay? I will leave tomorrow with my bodyguards to pick you up in the sea market.”

    Seeing Yan Yi thanked me and said nothing, Secretary Xiao said: “Of course, you can stay in the sea market for a few more days. I have already asked the airline to I opened a route alone. In the next few days, you can take off at any time according to your mood.”

    Yan Yixie: “Is that all?”

    Secretary Xiao suddenly had a bad premonition: “You–“

    Yan Yi Xie said, “I’m sorry, I have no plan to go back. You can go wherever you want to find an heir to deal with Yan Baiang.”

    Secretary Xiao thought that Yan Yixie was playing the young master’s temper and needed people to bring him back. The Yan family asked: “

    Young Master Yan, please don’t embarrass me. I just take my salary to do things.” “You can just tell Yan Baiang directly .” Yan Yixie said, “It’s his business that he can’t give birth to a son. What does it have to do with me? I still have to take the college entrance examination. I don’t have time to take over the mess. Don’t send people. It’s useless if you come. I’m not very rare of the pile of broken copper and broken iron in the Yan family.”

    Secretary Xiao said heartily , Yan The industry spans jewellery, real estate, and entertainment. How many people squeeze their heads to get a share of the Yan’s. You say it’s a broken piece of copper?

    Secretary Xiao had something to say, but he hung up the phone impatiently, and only a beep came.

    Secretary Xiao: “…”

    This is fucking over.

    Don’t want to inherit the family property? How does he feel Yan Shao doesn’t seem to be joking?

    The call here was hung up, and Yan Yixie made another call.

    He said over there, “Young Master Yan, even if you have issued an injury appraisal certificate here, this matter belongs to the category of civil disputes. Fines and locks for a few days. Of course, during the few days in the bureau, you can toss as much as you want.”

    Yan Yi’s face seemed to have a layer of frost: “It’s not necessary, then The old bones can’t stand the toss. But I don’t want to see her appear near her granddaughter again.” On the

    other end of the phone, the boy’s tone was slow, but he vaguely heard a bit of shame, and said hurriedly: “I understand. This is easy to handle. Let her disappear from the sea market immediately, and never see again.”

    “Just do it.” The boy hung up the phone and looked out the window, his handsome eyebrows seemed to be deeply trapped by some dark color. .

    It was a little gloomy.

    Until a moment later, his phone lit up.

    Jiang Ning’s “I’m home” text message sent over.

    The frost on his face melted without a trace.

    “Okay, see you tomorrow.” He replied.

    On Jiang Ning’s side, as soon as he got home, Jiang Fan threw down his schoolbag and rushed to her nervously and said: “Sister, I heard that after studying tonight, a crazy old lady poured boiling water on the students in our school. Are you okay? !” After the

    evening self-study, the lights were dim, and many students did not see clearly what happened. What’s more, it happened at that moment. She didn’t even react, so she was thrown to the ground by Yan Yixie, and the housekeeper hurried away with the security guard. Come over, suppress the old lady and send it to the police station.

    Yan Yixie asked the housekeeper to notify the school board, and asked the board to warn the students not to spread relevant information casually.

    So although the incident was raging and panic, few students knew that the old lady who caused the incident was related to Jiang Ning.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Jiang Fan. He said that Yan Yixie had the foresight to call the school.

    If this matter spreads out, there will be another big public opinion wave on the campus by then. Maybe the Jiang family’s family accident will be brought up for discussion a few years ago, maybe it will have to be on the local social news. Jiang Ning was good on her own, but Zheng Ruonan and Jiang Fan finally emerged from the shadows of the past. How could they be entangled by these things again?

    “I’m okay.” Jiang Ning patted Jiang Fan on the shoulder, and said calmly: “I’m not there. I will leave late after self-study and school. I will go to your Yan brother’s home to do my homework.”

    “That’s good .” “Jiang Fan muttered: “I heard that the perpetrators were all sent to the police station. I don’t know who was injured. I heard that it was a high school senior. It’s scary.”

    “…Okay.” Jiang Ning said. He pushed into the room: “Don’t     talk about it, I will worry about your mother later, have you done your homework?”

    Jiang Fan: “…the devil.”

Zheng Ruonan went on a business trip and has not come back yet, Jiang Ning I don’t want her to worry, but Jiang’s father will know about the old lady entering the police station tomorrow at the latest. When Father Jiang was helpless, he must have asked Zheng Ruonan for help again. It was another grumble cry and request for forgiveness.

    Jiang Ning couldn’t help but feel a headache. The original family was like a shadow that couldn’t get around.

    He killed Jiang Fan in his last life.

    In this life, Yan Yixie has prevented the disaster for himself.

    Should she think of any way to let the old lady leave the sea market from now on?

    Jiang Ning didn’t expect that something she was thinking about had already been solved for her.

    She only felt a little strange. The police station hadn’t called her to make the transcript the next day. Would it be enough for the butler to do the transcript? But it is clear that she is the client.

    However, she was still worried about Yan Yixie’s injury, and did not pay too much attention to this matter.

    When she woke up early the next morning, she asked for leave from school, cooked soup, and took a taxi to the hospital.

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